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Jan 8, 2012

should you receive duplicate cards today, i apologize...meantime, LET'S GET FUNKY!!! AND LAUGH!!

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Posted: Jan 8, 2012 3:24pm
Dec 21, 2011

if i could remember what it was that i was looking for, there's a slight chance i'd know what to do with it when i found it..

i'm always delighted to open the microwave and find a forgotten cuppa that just needs heating..

it's a gift to know where the car keys are at..

a dog's love allows him not to care that a person put his pants on inside out..a cat, on the other hand, might feel differently about it..
apologizing to furniture when we bump it either means complete insanity or divine knowledge..i accept either one..
socks lost in the dryer aren't coming back..give up waiting and get some new ones..
don't get upset when thoughts disappear in the midst of a conversation..they are with the socks..

divinity is either a state of being or candy, both are lovely..

how is it that 10 pound dogs and 100 pound dogs take up the same amount of room in a bed..

my diet is mainly based on eating healthfully and mindfully, but i try to balance it out with pie..

my grandchildren are all perfect, no matter what they may do..

procrastination can lead to a great sense of calm.. 

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Posted: Dec 21, 2011 8:04am
Dec 20, 2011

one of all time favorite authors. sometimes i feel as if i'd listened to him really speak when i watch hal holbrook playing him. (hal holbrook, another great man) his use of sarcasm and satire, wit and wisdom, love and passion are gifts he was given and used to the most extreme extents. he lived his purpose and destiny all his life. so i'm just going add some of my favorite quotes of his to refer back to often. the A's of mark twain....

There are no accidents, all things have a deep and calculated purpose; sometimes the methods employed by Providence seem strange and incongruous, but we have only to be patient and wait for the result: then we recognize that no others would have answered the purpose, and we are rebuked and humbled.- "The Refuge of the Derelicts" published in Fables of Man

It is always the way; words will answer as long as it is only a person's neighbor who is in trouble, but when that person gets into trouble himself, it is time that the King rise up and do something.Personal Reflections of Joan of Arc

 ...the citizen who thinks he sees that the commonwealth's political clothes are worn out, and yet holds his peace and does not agitate for a new suit, is disloyal; he is a traitor.A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court 

I am silent on the subject because of necessity. I have friends in both places.- quoted in Mark Twain, His Life and Work, Will Clemen

Praise is well, compliment is well, but affection--that is the last and final and most precious reward that any man can win, whether by character or achievement. Affection speech, 1907tion speech, 1907 
Of all the animals, man is the only one that is cruel. He is the only one that inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it.- "The Lowest Animal"

It is just like man's vanity and impertinence to call an animal dumb because it is dumb to his dull perceptions.What is Man? 

..armaments were not created chiefly for the protection of the nations but for their enslavement.- Letter to Baroness von Suttner, 2/17/1898 (quoted in Carl Dolmetsch, Our Famous Guest)


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Posted: Dec 20, 2011 11:44pm
Dec 19, 2011

DEAREST ONE, i celebrate YOUR song today,

with breathe and song and prayer.

and through this transformation, LORD,

YOU'VE known of my despair.

and through YOUR love and greatest care,

YOUR angels all surround,

to help this poor lost wanderer,

again upon this ground.

YOU led me places i didn't know.

i reached out in my grief.

and found my GOD had sent relief

with souls of like belief.

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Posted: Dec 19, 2011 11:08pm
Dec 18, 2011

who am i? what am i supposed to be doing? why am i here? why so few connections with like people? i really don't understand these things. and i 'd truly like some answers. but i've found there are so few. it's not like i can look around and just find someone like me. i can't just ask somebody hey, what is my purpose? i  know. i've tried. and when i try to search, absolute lack of trust and a feeling of vulnerability are overwhelming. when anxiety and panic exist before even trying to figure out how to find someone, searching farther is not going to happen. so i just try to avoid the dark feelings and stay level.

the dark is not where i want to be.

though it's pull can be quite strong.

one could sink there,

some say, effortlessly.

but that feeling is very wrong.

it is a bad place for those like me,

who live within the LIGHT.

for those who live with empathy,

and feel vibrations all day long,

it wears upon my conscious.

it wears upon my soul.

it makes my ears ring with thunder,

it makes my eyes see lights.

always praying that the GREAT ONE

will keep me aways in HIS LIGHT.

it's hard to stop the feelings,

the skin crawling, the skin tingling,

the skin feeling way too much.

the thoughts processing so quickly,

they may as well be gone.

the troubles of another,

weigh upon me night and day.

so i ask the SPIRITS once again,

please stay.

i ask my GOD please love me

even when i lose the way.

i'm not sure i like this one. i do feel a sense of just a little lightening.

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Posted: Dec 18, 2011 11:36pm
Dec 17, 2011

it is so frustrating that i can't make some additions on my page or change things there! i know they're working on it and i very much appreciate the email. for once in this life, it was NOT me or the computer.

having some issues. it's holiday time, go figure. no money. social security disability has not reimbursed the money they have taken and are taking out of my check for the simple reason someone did not do his job in the first place. i say his  cause it is him who screwed up months ago. and hearing don't worry they'll get it to you does not help one iota. aaaannnddd, ug, big family event for christmas. just our bunch of about 16 i think. but that's more than enough to set off panic attack just thinking about being there, much less being there. all the feelings rolling around in the air is so too hard to handle. and i hate the feeling that there is never enough even the times there is enough. but i do NOT want to miss it either.  my old lawyer for the work comp stuff thought it odd i had anxiety attacks in public, home alone, or in public places. he wasn't judgemental because he had them too, just mostly about money issues he had had in his life. he had said he went to the hospital often when starting his practice. said the ER called him their frequent flier patient. i only was to the hospital once because it  came on so quick and so hard i though i was dying.

don't know if story or poetry will appear, but here goes a try.

with a profound sense of grace,

she stepped into that place,

where wheat was gold

and goats were sold,

and no one knew her face.

she blended in quite literally

as if she wasn't there.

and no one noticed this quiet girl

with the smile on her face.

she had just come here to

check things out

and wandered gracelessly.

cause in this place 

of time and space

was not quite of her own.

an angel sent from GOD above

for mankind yet to see

this angel of grace

here in this space

had never meant to be.

a man walked by

and shook his head

and never looked her way.

and yet she saw a willow's face

in this man so tall.

who never looked

and never cared

and angel he had with he.

nor did he know

that in the flow

his life had been bestowed.

her face still covered by

her clothing, nothing

for anyone to see.

and still she walked

amongst the men

who knew not she was there.

there stood a man

dealing with another man,

a bird upon his shoulder,

yet neither man did see

the angel as she glanced at them

as she passed so quietly.

the bird did see

and when he saw

he bowed his head in grace.

and when he did

a deer did fall,

kneeling on the ground.

then a pig, a goat, and all the rest

new they had been much blessed

to see this angel of much grace.

her face now cleared of all she wore

a smile bright as LIGHT,

lit up beyond the heavens

had anyone bothered to see.

but the men's eyes were busy

with selling of their wares

and so they missed

the sweetest bliss

of the angel walking by.

she traveled back to heaven,

as is what was meant to be,

and told the LORD of all she saw

as she sat beside HIS knee.

a smile perched upon HIS lips,

a small twitch now and then.

for the smallest of HIS creatures

were the smartest of them all.

they never fought or feuded.

they never cursed HIS name.

they never harmed another

who did not believe the same.

and yet HE gave his MERCY

to mankind in the world below.

for someday they would join HIM.

and never be the same.

omgosh. that was so hard to get to. had to get all the negative doom and gloom clutter out and really pray for help. and i am so so pleased with this outcome. and i feel so much lighter now. thank you, i adore you GREAT ONE.

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Posted: Dec 17, 2011 10:46pm
Dec 17, 2011

the straight lines are sung, the italics are spoken:

come, they told me, pa rum pa pa pum

does anyone think about the songs abraham, martin, and john

mary, did you know

one tin soldier

angels we have heard on high

in the ghetto

angels from the realms of glory

the sounds of silence

it came upon a midnight clear

in my life

joy to the world

both sides now

oh holy night

sounds of silence?

didn't they affect your soul?

didn't you vow to help make change?

bless the beasts and the children

nothing has changed.

please, live your vow......

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Posted: Dec 17, 2011 12:09am
Dec 16, 2011

note to self: cadence of the night before christmas

i was sitting there doing just normal stuff,

when i heard what sounded like a muffled "pluff".

i turned and i saw an unusual sight, a tiny sprite elf in kind of a plight.

she sat on the floor, disheveled and slight.

i laughed and i watched this wee tiny sight.

she looked at me first with a small bit of spite,

then giggled and wiggled at her own little plight.

jumping up in the air with her little wings flapping,

feeling joy all around in our own fit of laughing.

her tiny wand twitched,

then my laughter and awe

reached a new pitch.

two little stars appeared and they twinkled,

then four, then more. blinked into the air.

amazed and delighted, i clapped and i stared;

she gave me a curtsey with florish and flair.

then off she flew off

and i knew in that moment

one thing for sure,

i had just seen a creature

who was loving and pure.

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Posted: Dec 16, 2011 11:56pm
Dec 16, 2011

a young man stood outside in the back of the small building looking up to the sky. if people had seen him standing there, they might have assumed this young man was admiring the view or contemplating life. but he wasn't. he was just there.  it was so dark but the yellow lights from the windows and the open door illuminated the area just a bit. there was an inch or so of snow on the ground and the snow was gently falling around him in slow big flakes. he had rolled up shirt sleeves. he didn't need a coat. he didn't feel  anything anymore but the intense pain of being alone. alone, so alone. he didn't  know why he had to have this intense burning pain. but it was there. always there. he used to wonder why he was so alone. he wasn't a bad person. he didn't do bad things. there were people around him at work. or in groupings where he was included. but deep inside, he was only alone. so alone. he had given up questioning himself and the why's and wherefores so long ago, he just lived in his aloneness, all alone, with that intense burning pain. he continued to stand there, though he shifted his view a bit for no reason. his mind wasn't thinking of anything, he just shifted a bit. put his right hand in his right pants pocket and now looked at the ground seeing nothing. feeling nothing but alone. time passed, he didn't know or care to know how much. a scruffy little dog came prancing toward him. he looked toward it out of the reflex of knowing it was coming toward him. nothing else. when the little dog got a small distance away from him, it sat down, cocked it's head, and looked at him. they were like that a while, he standing looking at the dog and the dog with it's cocked head looking at him. he figured the dog was lost or wondering, maybe wanting a little human contact. he'd never been a mean or cruel person. so he sighed squatted down and talked to the dog with the little words that a person says to most any dog. the little guy cocked his head a few different ways as he talked, but just sat with him, not approaching or giving anything of it's thoughts away. he sighed again, deeply, reached his hand out and patted the dog's head. the dog gave no indication that this might be what he wanted. he just continued to sit with him. and he continued to talk to him about nothing much. he talked until he finally asked the little guy outright what he wanted. great, he thought, he was losing his mind now along with the rest. then he chuckled, patted it's head again and froze. just froze...a chuckle? where had that come from? why? could he even chuckle anymore? obviously he could and did. he wasn't really looking at the dog as his introspection was happening, so the dog lay down where he was and continued to look at this man. sometime during his pondering the man realized he was speaking out loud to the dog once again. and that he had just told a little dog of his life and his deep pain. a sigh from the depth of his being escaped his lips. and somehow he knew  something had changed inside him. he didn't know how or what it was and it scared the heck out of him for a moment. well, longer then that. but he still just sat with the dog in that bit of snow a while  longer.  his gaze shifted to the skies again and he noticed the snow had stopped and the stars were shining brightly. and as dogs will  sometimes do, it shifted his gaze upward where the man was looking. the man noticed and laughed. not a chuckle, a laugh. he figured if his mind was gone he'd just ask the dog another question. one he used to ask quite often. in for a penny, in for a pound, his gramma used to say. is there anything out there? he asked looking at the dog. the  dog, again sitting, was looking back at him. of course, the little guy didn't answer. imagine that, he thought. and then, he heard a far away voice, say I AM. oh  my gosh, he thought, someone heard him and thought he wanted an answer. but try as he might, he couldn't see anyone. now he was worried. what if someone else needed help. so he said more loudly, is anyone out there? a bit stronger now, a voice said I AM. the dog just sat and watched him with no judgement either way as to his insanity or the need of a person calling for help. he noted that with a kind of panic as he was aware now that someone needed something. he cupped his hands to his mouth and yelled loudly, are you there? where are you? i can't see you! and this time the voice was deep and loud, I AM HERE, and he realized the voice was all around him, and inside him! and he felt. he felt so much so quickly that there was no reaction, just feeling. feelings of glory, kindness, joy, strength, acceptance, compassion, love, warmth, so many, so fast and so deeply, that there was no time to isolate so many more feelings. no time to question. and in that very instant, he knew..he knew and accepted the voice of I AM. he, as just a man, had one more question, a question he used to wonder quite often, and it came out with the expectation of an answer...where have you been when i needed you so much? I AM AND HAVE BEEN ALWAYS WITH YOU. and somehow his very soul realized that one voice was so much more. that voice contained the voices of past, present, and future. that it was the truth, a truth he could not yet fully explain to himself. amazingly, didn't need to. this man that he was, was new and the same. joyful, peaceful, calm. if people saw him now, with his newness and sameness, with this little scruffy dog, they would see a happy man and his little friend...the dog! he flipped his head to again see the little guy still just sitting with him contently waiting for something. so, he asked, you wanna new home? now the little guy stood and yipped and the man laughed loudly and happily as they trotted through the door into his home. and the angels stayed laying and sitting and strumming and humming all around and upon his house where they had always been..............

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Posted: Dec 16, 2011 4:32am
Dec 15, 2011

well hot dog! yesterday's post finally showed up. that was so frustrating! to top that off, i happen to have a eyes/ears/throat/nose thing going on..with just a bit of nausia thrown in to keep it from getting boring...and i've slept about 2 hours in the past 40+ hours so thinking is becoming a duzy of a task...yep, a great day  to be alive...and thank you GOD for one more day...

LORD give me the words to help any other

in every possible way.

bring them through my soul

through my fingertips

through this keyboard

to bring your LIGHT  to this world i pray.

let the words i speak be TRUTH.

and let those words never harm SEEKER.

let hearing your TRUTH give serenity to those who hear.

let hearing your TRUTH give strength.

if you need blessed LORD, let me roar your

TRUTH from the mountain top. 

and that roar grow and grow

until YOUR WORD is heard.

and when it is heard,

help me to stop roaring.

to allow each his own choice

to accept or not accept

to  bring YOU and your LIGHT

into his/her own TRUTH.

again i ask you dearest ONE 

surround me in your LIGHT and LOVE.

surround me with angels and guides

to know what to do when.

what to say when.

let the earth humble me with YOUR glory.

let me help YOUR small and large creatures

with this site.

let me hear the needed calls of those gone to YOU.

and please bring me wisdom and peace in my soul

blessed ALMIGHTY.

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Posted: Dec 15, 2011 10:34pm


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