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Dec 16, 2011

note to self: cadence of the night before christmas

i was sitting there doing just normal stuff,

when i heard what sounded like a muffled "pluff".

i turned and i saw an unusual sight, a tiny sprite elf in kind of a plight.

she sat on the floor, disheveled and slight.

i laughed and i watched this wee tiny sight.

she looked at me first with a small bit of spite,

then giggled and wiggled at her own little plight.

jumping up in the air with her little wings flapping,

feeling joy all around in our own fit of laughing.

her tiny wand twitched,

then my laughter and awe

reached a new pitch.

two little stars appeared and they twinkled,

then four, then more. blinked into the air.

amazed and delighted, i clapped and i stared;

she gave me a curtsey with florish and flair.

then off she flew off

and i knew in that moment

one thing for sure,

i had just seen a creature

who was loving and pure.

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Posted: Dec 16, 2011 11:56pm


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