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Jun 23, 2008

A politically plausible scenario we can envisage


This is my reply to Mark Lynas's blog (link above)

Thanks for an urgent alert. It sure looks gloomy. But there's still some hope; I'm able to share that there are indeed some politically plausible scenarios we could take as our road-maps, and foremost among them is Plan B 3.0 - Mobilizing to Save Civilization by Lester R. Brown from Earth Policy Institute

The Plan B-scenario, in which we mobilize our resources, mental and material, at next to war-time speed, is more likely than even ”step change” to keep the warming at its lowest (we'd better envisage steep change, shouldn't we!) ...

Lester R. Brown, too, envisages that Kyoto-rounds are far too slow. He says that we, among other things to save civilization, must cut emissions 80% by 2020. Relying on heaps of profound research Brown shows that the whole comprehensive plan is doable with the help of existing and successfully tried technologies, and at a cost that is equal to just a sixth of the world's military budgets. In other words, it's a technologically and economically viable plan for a new economy, based on renewable energy, responding to all major threats humanity and the planet now faces , from a nestor among environmentalists.

How to make it politically plausible? Surely there will be denial, opposition, obstacles, you name it – there always has been, when real progress was due, can't be helped when ”the times they are a-changin'.”

How to make it politically plausible among people who long to give a helping hand? That's a much more fruitful question. A matter of awareness, of consciousness-raising... it too is doable, given we - the already environmentally conscious and climate-aware - not only have the Internet, but also have achieved to get main-stream media attention, very much thanks to writers like yourself. Grassroots and decision-makers at the top of society alike, can be made aware of the things we are able to do, and must do, and eventually of our wide-spread insights into what's factually possible if not actively hindered; and so the agree-and-ignore-types can't deceive us with their ”There's nothing to be done!”.

Plan B is a road-map of hope. Let's keep doing what must be done and let's keep a keen eye on any favourable synergy effects that might well be under way.


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Posted: Jun 23, 2008 2:12am
Apr 2, 2007

Thanks for a very timely and important submit, C2-member Daniel D.! I’m referring to
I agree with and support the analyses Daniel puts forth in his comments! (Here I’ll transform my comment to a share.)
Who am I to agree with Daniel, a retired army major, you might think, and of course I'm just a grassroot among many, and a mother, who loves children and peace with all her heart, a social scientist and a language-teacher, born in Finland and currently a Swedish citizen, a life-long pacifist, etc. My life-experience is that WAR IS THE WORST FORM OF TERRORISM AND THE WORST FORM OF ENVIRONMENTAL DESTRUCTION.
The case of Finland is very special and revealing - you might not know, that the Sovietunion played that age-old trick on Finland, that they arranged some shooting at the border that was to look like an attack from Finland's side on the much, much bigger Sovietunion, to "justify" their "hitting back" on the little alleged aggressor - and some six years of war followed, during which that small country forgot about internal strifes, united and defended itself (without aid from US, Sweden, UK or any other country that you would have supposed would have helped a Western democracy in trouble) - Finland fought not totally successfully, but not totally unsuccessfully, either; some territory was lost, but not the country's independence. Finns are still proud of that. Would the USA like to be following in the foot-steps of the Sovietunion, taking them as their model?
What is the lesson? A people knows when it is attacked, and all soldiers know when they are aggressors and when they are defending their homes - even the ground on which the fighting takes place TELLS them, all the time, whether they are defending their own beloved country, or not, and this awareness is true for both sides; and whether soldiers defend or attack makes a lot of difference in the morale... After all attacking is a crime according to the supreme law in most countries, including the USA.
If the Iranians would have battleships etc, say: in the Golf of Mexico, surely the whole world would see that the Iranians would be the aggressors - so what when the USA have troops equally far from their home?

My opinion: Stop the war, start the reconstruction and reconciliation process immediately - As history shows: all wars have to stop! All wars have indeed ended as long as there have been wars, so better stop them earlier than later...
Daniel D touches the situation of the veterans, who are deprived of their rights, on dubious grounds. And indeed, I'm so sorry for the veterans. You see, it is a peculiar fact, that the same people who were against the enlisting of our children for wars, were the same people who consistently were for bringing them home and stop the fighting, and were the same again who feel compassion with the veterans whose lives have been ruined because of the war. On the other hand we have got those very same people, who gladly see children enlisted (and every human being is somebody's child, that's the view of children I take here, regardless of age), especially enlisting the children of other people, and those who want to have the soldiers deployed for years and then don't care a dime about the suffering of the soldiers afterwards, not ready to give out a penny for proper healthcare and retirement benefits etc for vets. It is so obvious that the very same, who were so eager to send them out to war and in harm’s way, are just as eager to forget about these victims of war, who by surviving the war only remind the warmongers of being all wrong about war in the first place... it is the same sad story in country after country...
So a word to all vets: welcome to the club, welcome among us who are against war, but who also have compassion for a special group among the victims of war, the war-vets, as well as compassion for all other victims of war, the deserters, "enemies", orphans, widows, widowers, homeless, hungry, refugees, the raped, the tortured, the mutilated, the broken-spirited, the mind-shattered, the abandoned, the dispersed...
Welcome to the world-wide club: we are all deceived by those who think war could be a solution for any problem, whereas wars actually worsen any problems.
Imagine peace - there are peaceful solutions to any problem, always!
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Posted: Apr 2, 2007 3:54pm
Mar 25, 2007
Is there really a need for one more peace-group? For you, for me? I joined this one, called upon my friends and even invited new Care2 member Dennis K to it, because it is about some vivid positive real life display of the feelings and imagination and creativity that peace inspires in people. It seemed so do-able to get people to gather for peace in the capitals, celebrating peace, evoking peace, demanding peace!
Activism in the 51 capitals of the US - that is something that will resonate world-wide and even make main-stream media wake up and notice the will of ordinary peace-loving citizens.

As I see it, this group makes no other groups and their brands of peace-activism superfluous, but will complement them in one aspect only: the 51-capital-march-group will provide opportunities to post about events and tips for real-life activism in a somewhat more coordinated, selfregulating manner. I'm looking forward to seeing all peace-group-hosts open threads about the real-life activism planned within their groups respectively.

Happy meet in the sign of PEACE!

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Posted: Mar 25, 2007 3:51pm
Feb 2, 2007
Dear friends and friends of friends!
What's wrong when nearly 7 million people in nearly a year only has the capacity to come up with 1,115 signatures to a very worthy petition (from the start 11 May 2006) - IT'S UNBELIVABLE that there are so few signatures when we are so many... it's my friend Sophia Dalle who has put it up and it makes her exasperated to think people don't care at this site, either, ... she just wrote something like giving up Care2 , if...
is it that bad that there aren't signers enough around... can it be?
- or doesn't the word spread... then this should be the right site to reach 7 million caring people, shouldn't it?
....or tell me what you believe is the thing that goes wrong, please!
... don't you believe in petitions, or what's the problem?
I think we really should try to find out!

Let's also help Sophia to help... PLEASE, if you haven't yet, give this petition and the children it wants to help ONE MORE CHANCE... Love, peace, action!

And I'm also really serious about these questions, and I'm asking you sincerely, as a friend among friends: why do so few sign when we are so many - PLEASE comment with any idea or guess that comes to your mind that you think could help explain that this petition and others as worthy, put forth by trusted Care2 members, don't receive signatures... if we do something in the wrong way, we should correct those ways, shouldn't we ...

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Posted: Feb 2, 2007 7:50pm
Oct 8, 2006
Please sign and/or forward! Thank you!

We need signatures by tomorrow Oct 9 2006

We, the Undersigned, endorse the following petition:

Petition to End War

Target: Kofi Annan, Secretary General, United Nations
Sponsor: Edwin Purcell

Signatures: 1,066

We call up on the leaders of all the countries of the world to end the violence and bloodshed. It is time for war to cease and for mankind to move forward into a new era of respect and cooperation.

Petition to End War

We, the people of the world, come together to tell the leaders of all countries that war on this planet must come to an end. If we are to survive as a species, we must stop wasting our limited reserves on killing one another and use them for our common survival. For far, far to long, we have sacrificed the precious lives of our fathers and mothers, our daughters and sons on futile attempts to achieve peace and prosperity through death and destruction. The time has come for all responsible people to say enough is enough. The insanity must end. All of the inhabitants of this small planet now speak in unison and you have no choice but to listen. We can, we must and we will put a stop to the slaughter. If you cannot lead us to a world where we expend our wealth and energy on feeding, housing and educating the generations to come, you must step aside. We will have many challenges in the days and years that lay before us. We will not squander our opportunities in an endless sea of blood. This is the time for us to become worthy of the name homo sapiens. Both our intellect and our intuition tell us peace is the only way forward.
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Posted: Oct 8, 2006 7:45pm
Jul 4, 2006
Wouldn't this be a perfect day for IMAGINING all the people, living life in peace....

A petition has come up to make a John Lennon Day, Oct 9, his birthday - I personally think Lennon's "Imagine" is a song that is as inspirational as King's speech "I have a dream..." if you think so, too, please sign here:

(Thanks to Sofia Ringo, sponsor!
- I can't find you Sofia to thank you, hope you see this, though! )

Lennon contributed to the inspirations behind the alert below that I wrote after a creative brainstorming with friends here at Care2 - please, join and share freely (no copy-right!):


Everyday at noon, please, stop for a short moment
and imagine the joys of peace....

That's all!

Just take a few seconds to imagine all soldiers abandoning their weapons and going home to their welcoming families and friends. Imagine the feasts...
Imagine the relieved turning back to ordinary life and things that really matter.Imagine the caring and collaboration. Imagine a decent life for everyone.

Imagine all this and concentrate for a little while on the essence of joy for you. - In your mind's eye see the joys peace brings, in vivid realistic pictures. Breathe deeply, peacefully ... relax.

Imagine the joys of peace...

Fill your heart with the joy of peace...

That's all!

Imagine peace at noon:

Please make it a daily practice, or prayer, meditation, visualization, blessing, call it by any name.

Imagine and join people world wide at noon in this peaceful and effortless peace-movement for everyone. You can do it alone or in groups, where ever you happen to be. You can also do it when it's noon in another time zone. Just imagine it vividly!

Imagine the joys of peace at noon!

Thanks and all the best to you!

(Now I also do this visualization with LT Watada on my mind, sending him my full support - you can sign up, too, here:
to send him much appreciated greetings...)

Please note for a tremendously awesome message, to make the celebrations on Oct 9 known everywhere!
Thanks to my friends Launi and Edwin!
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Posted: Jul 4, 2006 5:43am
Jun 26, 2006
June is torture awareness month

...but every month should be awareness month for the work against torture! Nothing prevents a better world to become reality as torture!

Sometimes I wish that wise men and women, like Desmond Tutu, Joan Macy, Marianne Williamson, The Dalai Lama, Prince El Hassan bin Talal... (there is no lack of them) were our world leaders instead. I can hardly stand to read all the negative news and reports, and when I do, they haunt me day and night... especially torture and terror, which come with wars and dictators... history is full of examples enough to teach us for eternal times...

I've signed the petition (below) against torture, too, on 10. of June, and I'm sad there are yet less than 400 signatures, still I'm grateful for those that have signed, they are my heroes...
In a comment today to a news submitted to the News Network, I wished for a new round of Nuremberg trials, for those responsible of Guantanamo and more... but I don't know if trials are so helpful in the long run, I think of the reconciliation process in South Africa, or as the Vietnamese monk said: "There is no way to peace, peace is the way" ... but how to live that wisdom?
... people are afraid... I don't blame anyone who is, I'm no miracle of courage myself... I'd hate to see my loved ones under threat... I often feel small and helpless, powerless... the problems seem immense and overwhelming...

If there wasn't torture the world would have been a wonderfully just and peaceful place already long ago (in comparison with the present), everything people could have done to make life better for their fellow-beings would have been done...
Two thousands years ago, they didn't invent the torture of nailing a person to a cross expressly for Jesus, but used this old means because they didn't like his vision of universal love and sharing, and he and his followers weren't afraid enough of simply dying for their cause... Today there are many people as visionary and brave as Jesus, some of them not Christians at all, naturally...
... without threats and atrocities, how could peace, justice and compassion have possibly been hindered? Just imagine how different a world without torture would be!

(Share based on my post in a Peace think tank -thread 26 juni 2006 )

Please sign if you haven't:
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Posted: Jun 26, 2006 3:09am
Jun 24, 2006

Dear friends, I fully support the petition below, that is a positive suggestion on how to enforce the excisting rules of conduct on Care2. All members here should feel free to peacefully express their opinions, bring news and promote their causes, in accordance with the declared Care2 program (quote from the News Page): "Forward-thinking. Relating to a more peaceful, just, democratic and environmentally sustainable society. Possessing the vision and determination that the "powers that ought to be" can prevail over the "powers that be". Important. Fascinating. High quality."
No members should be attacked here when contributing to that goal to the best of their ability. In a community of 6 million adults there has to be laws and rules, that's only normal.
Let me take an example of the need for clear rules from my experience as a teacher of adults. Sometimes when I've have had to insist upon the rules surrounding an important test or exam, some students have protested against the rules as unnecessary or bureaucratic or childish (or the like), and they've argued that the exams could be managed reliably even if they (all) could bring in their mobile telephones, dictionaries, note-books, literature, own writing pads, winterclothes, bags, and have such things within reach and be allowed to use them freely; they've also argued that they could borrow things from their pals during the exams and talk with them, too, as long as they don't talk about the questions put in the tests, etc. They wouldn't cheat anyway... They were probably not all aware of how many cheaters we teachers have found out using exactly these things as devices...
If you ask students anonymously there is one thing they demand of exams and tests, and that is that they be fair and no cheaters be rewarded with passing them, where others have had to work hard for them.
In these discussions I've argued for that we'd follow the rules in every detail and refrain from augmenting the chances for cheating and getting away with it, as no people who have no intention whatsoever to break a proposed rule can have much against the existence of a rule, that they wouldn't break themselves or wouldn't wish anybody else to break. In society we have many such "just in case"-rules, and I think it is indeed fine that we can refer to them if needed. Chaos and arbitrariness are not signs of freedom in my eyes.

I think the petition contains a suggestion that will clarify the situation, as it contains nothing people who want to debate decently wouldn't be inclined to do anyway. On the contrary it would, if accepted, help to create a debate-culture that is decent, safe and free, such as I think most of us would like to have in all our groups.
I hope you'll sign, too, if for no other reason, then in solidarity with those who might need this rule as a protection more than you've needed it yourself - I did it, just in case!
I'm happy to be here on Care2, caring and sharing with you, and as always I think there are peaceful solutions to everything, and in my opinion this rule that would apply equally to every one around is such a solution!
Greetings and all the best,
(PS Note to my new friends: I use a bigger font, because it's more friendly to the eyes, as this is helpful to many people, so it's not about shouting, not at all! )

Message from Eric S:

Eric has received 155 new, 1670 total stars from Care2 membersEric has been awarded 233 butterflies for taking action at Care2Eric has 3 Golden Notes. Eric S.
"Sign petition to get rid of Care2 troublemakers

Feel free to send via email and cross post on other groups."

My share above is written:
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Posted: Jun 24, 2006 5:09am
Jun 8, 2006
In a thread in the new group on Global Warming Randy suggests a list of steps, of which my husband and I have taken some:
- we've moved to a small two-room flat instead of living in a house, and that reduced the energy-bill a lot,
- we chose it to be situated near the railway (10 min walk),
- we have downsized our electricity and warm-water use,
- we are working on getting the whole condo to economize with electricity and change to a green supplier,
- we are on a healthy diet based on mostly vegetarian and locally produced organic food, else organic and fair-trade,
- we have no car anymore and we almost never fly,
- we support charities and take action in many small ways to make politicians and friends and relatives aware of global warming (even strangers who say: "nice weather" or the like, -"yes", we then often reply, "sure, it is, but isn't it a little strange for the season?"... and then we suggest it's caused by global warming and just listen... no preaching!)
- we have measured our ecological footprints with different tools on the internet and one of the more interesting results was that we now are equaling half the footprint of an average African, and that all people on earth could have the same high living standard as we have got and it would still be sustainable... and I think I have got an excellent standard of living! No bragging!!!

I'm happy to share my experiences of this more simple life and everybody is welcome to contact me directly, too, to discuss any fears or issues, or to get my more detailed tips - here are some points to start with:

First: one is not compelled to make all changes at once as a change step by step is mostly much easier, especially when it comes to things like food, clothing, electrical things and holiday-trips.
One is not compelled to take steps like those Randy and others here suggest and feel alone and unhappy about them, either, you can first mull them thoroughly through, and then get some heartfelt support from some-one - my husband started to give me his full support when we had calculated all our costs in very great detail... - you can get both intellectual and emotional support here on Care2 - for example if the wife is an ENFP and the husband is an ISTJ they are not going to be impressed by the same reasons for change, but can still move in the same direction, by looking at things from many angles...
If you feel that it would be difficult to make the changes in eating habits and electrical equipment etc, because you fear it would become too expensive for you, then try to consider if you couldn't downsize in one huge step and get it done with - a smaller home or just one or no car is such a great step that makes a lot of room for other smaller changes and gives you a chance to indulge in some luxuries, too.
I prepared for the skipping of having a car by always pointing out (not nagging, but with a laugh) that you can afford to buy a new bike every month for the cost of having and driving a car
- if it is an old and ramshackle car you can buy a second-hand bike,
- if it's a new and top-trim SUV, you can get a new exclusive bike every month for the money you put in the car...
so think of selling the car and of buying all the bikes you could need to have in stead; for example one bike in each end of the train you'll take to your job... and on the bargain you will have money left to buy organic virgin olive oil and ecological wine and bed-linen from Anna Sova, so you'll feel rich!
The same goes with downsizing your home - for the cost of those extra bedrooms etc you really don't regularly need, you can take extra holidays on a nearby organic retreat hotel or afford to invite friends to come and visit you staying at a bed and breakfast at your expense - you'll feel rich!

On my profile picture you can see that I'm in a small boat - that's our little sailingboat, no motor in it - it's a great holiday-enjoyment if you live near enough to water (tip: many sailing clubs have a club-boat for members to use...) - we often take our tandem (!) down to the harbour (40min by bike) - great fun, we can chat while pedalling along, and people brighten up when they see us... So tandems, kayaks, tents, etc are things you can afford to own or hire when you skip taking trips by air and car. You don't know how much there is to explore within 50 miles from your home, I was astonished... and delighted !
If I were younger I would immediately go on a holiday with the woofing system - working on an organical farm... google that!

If you can: arrange for good bikes (and a spare one) and take a day or two to find out about the best public transport options and promise yourself that you can afford to take a taxi or rent a car for days when it is really difficult to manage without one, then try it out for month, then you'll see if you need to move closer to your job or to a smaller home, or if you can do without a car, and save a lot of money, too.
But remember, it's better still to go only for a convenient, rich and cosy life, even when you downsize your ecological foot-print, as you'll inspire nobody to live a simpler and more ecological life if you aren't happy with yours, so arrange things so that they suit yourself perfectly, and don't care a iota if others think you have nothing to brag about - perhaps you'll get the best quality of life of all the people you know? That's exactly what I think of our life... no bragging !!!
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Posted: Jun 8, 2006 5:24pm
Apr 27, 2006
Name: Nazanin Afshin-Jam
Type: Tribute (for the living)
To Honor: Individual(s)
Location: , Canada
I want to celebrate courageous and caring Nazanin Afshin-Jam who created and wrote the petition for Nazanin in Tehran that now over 90,000 people have signed. Nazanin is a beautiful, intelligent, talented woman, a singer, Miss World Canada and an ambassador for worthy causes. Born in Iran, exiled with her parents, brought up in Canada and having taken her education seriously, she has now decided to make a difference. Please read more about her on her homepage where you also can sign the petition for the unhappy victim  of rape-attempt and government-oppression Nazanin in Tehran, if you haven't signed it yet!
Nazanin in Canada strenghtens my hope and encourages me to make a contribution to a better world.
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Posted: Apr 27, 2006 8:29pm


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