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Oct 1, 2011

The Council of Canadians, which does not accept corporate or government funding, works "to protect Canadian independence by promoting progressive policies on fair trade, clean water, energy security, public health care, and other issues of social and economic concern to Canadians."


Canada - Schedule 2 redefines healthy lakes as dump sites for toxic mining waste.

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Stop Tar Sands

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Tar Sands Invasion

Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare - Canada

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End the Canadian Commercial Seal Hunt:

End the Horse Slaughter in Canada

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Posted: Oct 1, 2011 2:26pm
May 15, 2010

I could easily write a book on my feelings regarding the intrinsic value of wilderness to the human soul, but I will do my best to condense my thoughts. As a child, if you had asked the place I most wanted to experience, it would not have been Disney World, but Alaska.


In those long ago days, I would frequently take my dog and a book and head into the woods. Sometimes it was because I craved solitude, the quiet broken only by the songs of birds, and other times it was a refuge from that which troubled me. The books I took with me were often about the Great White North, notably those of Jack London and Farley Mowat. These books taught me about the inherent beauty in untamed creatures, about forces larger than man and the innate need for us to have relationships beyond our own species.     


In the course of my life, I have bottle fed orphaned wild life and cleaned those slicked with oil. The experience I’ve chosen to share is how a group of conservations officers, a veterinary clinic, the Humane Society and the Police department united to save an injured deer.  


The deer in my story had crashed through the windows of a school and had numerous open wounds as a result. Two of us rode in the back of a pick up truck with her, as she was rushed to a veterinary clinic, to have her wounds stitched. While the vet treated her, we laid on the floor of that pick up, doing our best to protect her from further injury, and reassure her we meant no harm. To prevent her becoming overheated, others were flooding the pick up bed with icy cold water. When the vet was done, we sped down the highway, led by a police cruiser, siren wailing, to a forest where we could release her.


When she was lifted from the truck, I took off her blindfold and she bounded away into the forest. As I stood there soaking wet, covered in her blood, my body aching with exhaustion, I experienced an overwhelming sense of being part of something larger than myself, a fleeting sense that everything was right with the world and that all things were possible. And I would say that the rescue of that one little deer symbolized something greater.


I say this because the small group who saved her that day, collectively represented the powers of conservation and protection, the power to heal and provide refuge. Anyone experiencing such an endeavor, one not based in logic or fiscal analysis, can not remain untouched. And any person, who rescues animals, rather than destroying them, knows exactly what I mean.


So as an adult I did travel to Disney World, to West Virginia and to Colorado. I would wish for everyone the experience of standing at the edge of a vast ocean; or on a mountaintop, with nothing in sight but endless forests. Space Mountain lasts but a few moments; these experiences resonate for a lifetime. They are the rightful heritage of our children, the inspiration for our future poets, and musicians and artists.     


Although I have never been to Alaska in person, I have traveled there in spirit through books and through the music of John Denver. So why should we preserve the Arctic  Refuge? I believe there are places on Earth which we need to commit, right now, to leaving untouched. The preservation of wild places is not only for wildlife, but for ourselves. We must protect these vast areas of wilderness, a refuge for the human soul, even if we visit there only upon the wings of our imagination. 

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Posted: May 15, 2010 7:40am
Mar 28, 2010


Once Upon a Time… When Man Walked the Earth


Once upon a time man walked the Earth and the Earth provided for man.


Plants sprang from the Earth for man to eat. Trees grew which provided him with fruit, shade from the sun and air to breathe. Clean water flowed from mountaintops and springs for man to drink. 


As man began to travel, he discovered the many wonders of the world. He  built motorized vehicles, which used coal and oil from the Earth, so he could reach these wondrous places more quickly.


The men who dug into the Earth and the sea, for coal and oil, accumulated great wealth and became the barons. Realizing how many wondrous possessions they could have, they forsake the land and their love of mankind to devote their lives to the acquisition of money.    


The barons harnessed the rushing water and used it to operate indoctrination cubes for the villagers. They filled the cubes with stories of their wonderful lives and visions of possessions the villagers needed to be happy. They told the villagers they did not need to toil from dawn until dusk. If they sold them their land and worked for them, they too could live as barons.  


The villagers loved their children, and wanted the best for them. So they  sold their land, packed up their children and moved into boxes in the giant smoke filled cities. The barons did not live in the cities, but in the country, on lands they had not yet destroyed.  


The barons gave money to the villagers, who had not left the lands, to dig into the Earth and work in their factories. The poisons filled the air, earth and water and the villagers became sick. They tried to raise their voices in protest, but, weakened by the poisons, they could not be heard. Soon they were no more. 


There was a group of wise men known as environmentalists. They tried to warn the barons and the villagers of the dangers, but they did not listen. The barons felt immune to these dangers, as they had money to protect themselves. Most of the villagers did not listen; as they had become dependant on the possessions they received working for the barons. The villagers that did listen; felt there was no hope of defeating the barons. So they did nothing. 


One of the creatures of the Earth was called a dog. He considered man to be a God and would lay down his life to protect him from harm. The barons were fond of their dogs, as they did their bidding. But the dogs walked upon the poisoned lands and licked their paws and then were no more.


There were great bodies of water called oceans, which contained many wondrous creatures. One of these creatures was called a dolphin. Dolphins were intelligent and gentle creatures that would swim with man and protect him from sharks. The barons dug deep underneath the ocean floors and spilled the oils into the sea. They also filled the seas with the poisons from the land and the dolphins were no more.   


There were many creatures on Earth that were stronger than man. Some hunted to survive and feed their young. They had no wish to be amongst man, but would fight to protect their families, if man invaded their land.The barons could not stand any creature being stronger than they were. They hunted down all the great creatures of the land, from a safe perch in the sky, and mounted the heads on their walls, foolishly thinking it a display of bravery.   


Earth tried to warn man that he was destroying her. She set off many tremors which shook the lands and killed many men. She sent great tidal waves which flooded the lands and killed even more men.  But the men she killed did not have any money, so the barons did not listen.      


The Earth became hotter and hotter, as the trees and oceans could no longer absorb the poisons. The rains came and burned everything they touched. The barons stayed inside their climate controlled fortresses and did not worry.The Earth had no money, so the barons did not listen. 


When it was too late, they began to listen. They put the scientists to work to build spheres which would orbit Earth. They built these spheres in remote places, so the villagers would not know what they had done.


A day came when, throughout the lands, volcanoes erupted, giant tidal waves poured forth and the Earth shook and split open. The barons took their families and the scientists and left the planet they had destroyed. They took the scientists, hoping that they would cure the cancers, which had now rendered them and their children as sick as all the villagers before them.      

Fiction or Prediction? Ask the wise men of the Earth.

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Posted: Mar 28, 2010 11:27am


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