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Sep 9, 2009

Free speech dances with anti-xenophobia
Each thought... from across the political spectrum
is part of a diverse multicolored mandala of perspectives
Every unique section an important part of the kaleidascope.

An exchange of ideas 
blossoms the expansion of thought
creating the ability for all sides to grow...

As we co-create the wheel of thoughts that makes the whole of "us" ...
more beautiful with every unique idea ...
and far-reaching with its scope ...
there are no winners or losers.

Jan 1, 2009
Greetings to all of you!

I know that I have been somewhat absent from cyberspace... I have been devoting much of my pan-family energy to helping people with their own connections to cyberspace, the protection of the things that are important to them, and education about cyberspace through my last job, where I took the approach of "consciousness-based" technical support..

I have had to leave that place now, due to the company's economic straints... a temporary increase in "time" is going to be one real blessing, and I would like to take advantage of this re-strengthen the connections I have with each of you. I have never left any of you, individually or collectively. Let us all send out some positive energy to the universe on behalf of this upcoming cycle.

. .
. . . .
Kaleidascope Mandala

Continually Growing new sprouts of Reality

PS - An especially warm chant-out to any of you who have lost their source of financial security... here's to your spiritual strength... and much love & positivity as you journey though challenges... regardless of external circumstance, we are all going to grow... every challenge is an opportunity for the growth of positive energies into new directions... remember our consciousness is stronger than anything that happens in the external realm- and through any negative or challenging event, we can always find a way to grow.
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Posted: Jan 1, 2009 12:33am
Sep 11, 2006
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Let there be respect for the voice of the public ...

Thank you ...
Each and every one
for exercising your voices

Let us hope
that into the future
respect for democracy will reign
that every idea will matter

that the voices of the downtrodden
will not be silenced

Thanks to brave individuals
for exercising their consciences
and being willing to sacrifice financial gain
for the betterment of humanity

you are an inspiration to us all

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Posted: Sep 11, 2006 3:03am
Apr 29, 2006
New cycles
at every moment.

An opportunity
for the transformation
of consciousness

the diversity
of all form
and ideas

each unique spoke
in this wheel
to the strength of Love

healing all
that needs to be healed
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Posted: Apr 29, 2006 11:10am


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