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Jun 19, 2012

I turned 50 today June 19th please tell me good things.


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Posted: Jun 19, 2012 2:10pm
Nov 9, 2009

Yes we need to look at women, but men too are raped, and both boys

and girls are abused.

We need to broaden our mission to include all,

Otherwise we are missing part of the equation.

Abuse is always wrong, and we need to fight back when it appears.

We need to reach out to all survivors.


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Posted: Nov 9, 2009 1:26am
Mar 13, 2008
Ok now that I got your attention, I hope everyone is doing well.
It is sometimes tuff being gay bi or what ever we are.  Remember to say hi to eachother from time to time, esp say hi to the new guys.



Always Friends
I accept you in confidence,
I listen and admire your wisdom.
We are one when we are together,
You and I will always be friends.

When you are angry,
I am there to sooth your aggression.
When you are sad,
I am there to cheer you up.

We understand each others thoughts,
Words with us aren�t needed.
We have a trust that is very rare,
You and I will always be friends.

What we enjoy doing together comes natural,
We accept life and move ahead.
I am your shadow and you mine,
We are inseparable if only in mind.
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Posted: Mar 13, 2008 10:21am
Jan 11, 2006
Current Landscapes

The snow has covered everything
the air is crisp, and the wind is blowing.

My mind is distracted, but it is current
no flashbacks of the past. Just getting ready
for christmas and new years, and more snow.

I am Looking forward to seeing beautiful
landscapes appear before me,
and watching life as it unfolds around me
like a warm hug from a friend.

Each season flowing to the next,
and people coming and going in my life.
Noticing life and appreciating it more,
But being current is the key.

Looking out the window at the current
landscape keeps me present.
Being in touch with daily life and what is current
keeps me from dwelling in the past.

I have more time for myself and others
while putting old things where they belong.
In a box marked delt with.

I am Looking forward to viewing
majestic landscapes as they they appear.
Watching the world change as it surrounds me.
I am looking forward to being myself and
time being with my friends loving life together.

The snowflakes are gliding through the air
and landing softly on the ground.
I hear a loud noise and my mind is distracted,
but it is current.

Watching the sun rise and set with
brand new eyes.
With eyes that see a new world and
all the new colors within that new world.

More snow has covered the landscape
outside my window.
The air is still crisp,
and the wind is still blowing.
Trees are colored with bright lights,
and an old woman is walking her dog.

By Michael Joseph
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Posted: Jan 11, 2006 7:47am
Jan 10, 2006
The floor in this Picture is painted on the bathroom floor.  It is not real.  I am a gay man 43, I was married and hid being Gay from myself.  Being Gay has its struggles, feel free to share here any that you have or have had.  This is all about being open and trusting, and getting to know each other.  A safe place to grow and learn.  It is not easy being Green. (Kermit the frog)  It is not easy being Human either, gay or not.  Welcome men.  Your fearless leader.
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Posted: Jan 10, 2006 5:35am


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