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Nov 1, 2010

I wish to introduce Tommy Young.
The almost 3-acre Arkansas Native Plant and Wildlife Center w
as founded by Tommy Young for his injured animals while they are recovering.  The Center is also equipped for breeding and serves as an educational center for visitors.
He is state and federally certified to do what he does.
They receive no state or federal funding.
They depend upon donations to do their vital and important work..
This center and the wonderful work they do can be read about here

This year has been extra hard on the animals and the Center due to less visitors because of the economy.  There has been a drought in our area and many of the native plants that feed the local animals have been damaged and will not be available for food in the wild as they normally would.

This center requires animal food to help feed the animals in the coming winter.
If you can help by money donation go here

Here is a list of food needed for injured wildlife at the Arkansas Native Plant and Wildlife Center in Mena, AR:
10% Sweet Feed - 40 bags, 40lb each = 1,600 lbs
Fancy Scratch -     24 bags, 40lb each =    960 lbs
Dog Food, dry -     40 bags, 40lb each = 1,600 lbs
Meat - chicken or other; 40lbs per day X 182 days = 7,300 lbs.
The Center has mountain lions, cougars, bears, raccoons, otters, alligators, skunks, deer, eagles, hawks, falcons, rabbits, beavers, deer, possums, snakes and other reptiles, etc. who have become injured and require rehabilitation before being released back in the forest. In some cases, the injuries are so severe the animal cannot be released but are cared for throughout their lives in a kind, a suitable environment.  The Center has cared for thousands of wildlife over the past two decades, but this winter promises to be especially rough because of the summer drought.  A poor economy and high unemployment in the area have slowed contributions to the Center.
They need help now.
Thank you!


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Posted: Nov 1, 2010 11:06am
Sep 22, 2009

Yesterday evening I was listening to the news and they as usual were speaking about the swine flu and the vaccine being available soon.

It is difficult for me to listen to the news these days.

There is so much misinformation sensationalistic reporting going on over our TV sets.

I can not help but wonder what would have happened last year if the News had reported every time someone died from the flu,or from pneumonia,or from a severe upper respiratory ailment.

 Would they have made us all take the Flu Vaccine of the time?

Why wasn't every one of these deaths reported like they have been doing with the Swine Flu? Why wasn't every infection reported?

Is it just me or does all this hype regarding the Swine Flu seem odd to ya'll?

Infants and children die every year from severe viruses that attack the lungs.

Why did we not get a number count daily of the people who were infected?

Perhaps we should send this to newspapers and other media outlets and ask a simple question,,, WHY? Why this flu and not the others?

The others have been just as deadly and in many cases more so.

So whats the deal?

From the CDC website

Seasonal Influenza What is seasonal influenza (flu)?

Seasonal influenza, commonly called "the flu," is caused by influenza viruses, which infect the respiratory tract (i.e., the nose, throat, lungs). Unlike many other viral respiratory infections, such as the common cold, the flu can cause severe illness and life-threatening complications in many people. The best way to prevent seasonal flu is by getting a seasonal flu vaccination each year. In the United States, on average 5% to 20% of the population gets the flu; more than 200,000 people are hospitalized from seasonal flu-related complications, and; about 36,000 people die from seasonal flu-related causes. Some people, such as older people, young children, pregnant women, and people with certain health conditions, are at high risk for serious flu complications.

If we do not spread this information beyond the Internet all is lost.

BE the News,tell your neighbors ,your friends, your co-workers. Don't be long and drawn out just state a few facts and ask a few questions like I have asked above,get them to think. Write a letter to your editor. Call your Congress person and ask them why? Call your local news channel and ask them whats the deal or e-mail them and ask. Please do not sit idly by while they do this fear mongering daily. If we do not do this we are all going to wake -up vaccinated whether we like it or not,want to or not,and our world will have changed for the worse. One more human right gone with the wind.

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Posted: Sep 22, 2009 9:32am
Sep 21, 2009

Today Is a Good Day to Die - Part I

By Lee Standing Bear Moore as told to Takatoka


I cannot remember when it was the first time I heard the Indian phrase, “Today is a good day to die.”  The phrase was used in the context of a warrior’s desire to die an honorable and brave death.  For many decades I accepted this idea, but as age and death-threatening ailments became commonplace, my idea of its meaning changed drastically."


I was born at the Bell Mission near Los Angeles and the product of a family forced to move west from our ancestral home in Arkansas.  In the 1940’s, many Indian and poor people of Oklahoma and Arkansas were “encouraged” by the government to relocate to the west coast to fill wartime jobs.  The mass relocation was similar to the Dust Bowl days of the 1930’s when the dispossessed were drawn west from Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arkansas.  As John Steinbeck wrote in his 1939 novel The Grapes of Wrath:

"…families, tribes, dusted out, tractored out. Carloads, caravans, homeless and hungry; twenty thousand and fifty thousand and a hundred thousand and two hundred thousand. They streamed over the mountains, hungry and restless - restless as ants, scurrying to find work to do - to lift, to push, to pull, to pick, to cut - anything, any burden to bear, for food. The kids are hungry. We got no place to live. Like ants scurrying for work, for food, and most of all for land."


I learned the meaning of death as I grew up in gang-infested areas of Los Angeles County. There was little honor or bravery associated with the senseless deaths I witnessed as a youngster. The first time I experienced death was in 1956 as I sat in the emergency room of the Studebaker Hospital awaiting stitches from a bicycle accident.  A boy from our school brought Jerry in with the hook of crow bar planted in his head.  There was little doctors could do for him.  As a 10-year old, the experience of seeing a schoolyard buddy bloodied from head to toe with gore was horrific.  Jerry laid on a bench not three feet from where I sat and as I stared into his eyes blood streamed down his head across gang tattoos on his arms and dripped into a pool on the floor. He died holding my hand. As my formative school years past, shootings, stabbings, and bludgeoning deaths were nearly everyday occurrences. My heart and brain were anesthetized to death by the age of fifteen.       


After I entered the U.S. Army at the age of nineteen, I became intimately acquainted with death. As a platoon sergeant during the Vietnam War, I knew death was always an inch away during the many firefights and major operation battles.  As months passed in the steaming jungles, an awareness of death consumed every moment. Friends dropped like flies. A single breath often separated my consciousness from death.  As a matter of self-preservation and sanity, I was forced to become a friend of death and even welcomed it on several occasions. 


On May 13, 1968, a mountaintop signal site called Nui Ba Den where I was temporarily stationed was overran by two regiments of North Vietnamese Regulars.  The nearly 100 defenders were slaughtered.  If not killed outright, many were tortured and some taken prisoner.  


After the short battle was over, I wandered alone on the mountain for several days searching for food and water and removing booby traps from the bodies of dead comrades. At one point, when NVA patrols came dangerously close to my position several times, I was ready to give up my life.  I felt like there was no hope for rescue and the prospects of being tortured was consuming me.  It was then that I stood against the horizon and roared at the top of my lungs, “Take me now!  Shoot me now!  Today is a good day to die!”  My screams were heard on echoes across the 6,000-foot mountain but by the grace of the Creator the enemy had no ears.  Strangely, the enemy did not take my life but allowed me to live.


It was NOT a good day to die.


Obviously, I was among the survivors but the gruesome memories haunted me for years and the faces of death are often seen in my dreams making me a life-long causality of that unnecessary and brutal war.     


As years passed, I knew death many times.  Family, friends and co-workers crossed life’s threshold due to illness, accidents and sometimes circumstances that were not always brave or honorable.  


Regardless of my close experiences with death over the years, the meaning of the term “Today is a good day to die” eluded me.  That is until just recently.


During the past four months, I had three close encounters with death because of a bad heart and blood ailments received during the war.  My heart was shocked back into rhythm during the last hospital visit.  I knew during these encounters that death would not take me.  Over the years, the Creator of All Things visited me many times.  One time as I stood in the fire circle on the sacred Manataka Mountain the wind swirled around my body like a small tornado and the night sky opened to a voice that gave many instructions.  Other voices sang many songs.  And finally the time of my death was spoken.  I have not completed all the instructions and thus my crossing time has not arrived.  Each day I am allowed to continue my path and quest is a gift. 


I do not think I have ever feared death.  I steadfastly hold the ways of the Beauty Path in my heart and thus fear of death is insignificant.  The depth and breadth of Indian philosophy and spiritual belief has always served me well in times of crisis.  Just as the water of life is not distressed by its many changes, from liquid to solid to vapor in the eternal circle, I am not afraid of my body changing into spirit.  After all, the same water that appeared a the time of Creation remains on earth today.  The idea that my spirit will one day join with those of my ancestors and other loved ones is an appealing thought.


My opinions and hard-won beliefs about the Beauty Way have become rock solid over the years.   However, my idea of the meaning of the term, “today is a good day to die” has changed.


I now know that this term does not necessarily refer to an action such has bravery or define some abstract ideal of honor.  In my mind, the term does not have anything to do with the designs of mankind, but instead acknowledges the will of the Creator in a good way.


“Today is a good day to die” means that we are ready in our mind, heart and spirit to become one with the Eternal Spirit of the Creator.  It means we are prepared to enter the never-ending and timeless River of Spirit to float forever. The Creator may later require our energy and spirit in the form of another creation so we may become the fodder and substance of something entirely new, return as fragment of another being or some other transformation as the will of the Creator may dictate.  Who can say otherwise?


In keeping with the nature of all creation, energy and spirit never die as they are simply reformed repeatedly in a perpetual sacred symphony conducted by our Great Grandfather in heaven.  


This definition of the term, “Today is a good day to die” is yet another example of the tremendous spiritual growth we have experienced because of the gift of knowledge and practice of the Beauty Path of the Indian.


Today IS a good day to die.



Today Is a Good Day to Die - Part II

By Takatoka


Today, R. Lee Standing Bear Moore is a peaceful warrior -- a rainbow warrior.  He rises up on two legs with arms stretched wide only when his family, friends or sacred mountain are threatened.  Most days he spends quietly talking with members and visitors, performing ceremony, counseling those in need, or walking peacefully on the Manataka Mountain.


But, there was a time when peace and quiet were not a part of his vocabulary.  Bear was a real warrior who risked his life in combat for the sake of his brothers.   After leaving the military nearly forty-years ago, Standing Bear was a successful concert and event promoter who brought entertainment and laughter to crowds across the country.  But, battles with performers, agents, record companies, venues, stage workers and vendors consumed over twenty-years of his life.  Then, he founded a drug and alcohol abuse awareness organization that spread across seven states and helped thousands of families recover from the ravages chemical abuse.  But, battles with drug abusers, enabling families, treatment institutions, law enforcement, politicians and others were constant. 


If this were not enough, Standing Bear fought more insidious battles against personal fears and anger for many years. He

finally won -- to a large degree. Nowadays, it is difficult to ruffle the fur on the back of his neck.  The journey from angry warrior to a man of peace is a fascinating story.


He prays often throughout the day giving thanks to the Creator and seeking further understanding of life's secrets.


Bear has suffered the pain of many battles.  He has learned the good path of life from experience and many trusted elders. He has devoted his life to helping others.   He has earned the knowledge and wisdom it takes to help others achieve inner-peace, peace in the community and world peace.   Read "Standing Bear's Formula for Peace"


Next month, Today is a Good Day to Die - Part III will take our readers on a journey to discover how Bear made a successful transition from being a angry warrior to a man of peace.





Standing Bear emerges from a mountain-top firefight in Vietnam
By JERRY CARROLL/Staff writer



  After his long-range reconnaissance patrol was nearly wiped out in an ambush, the commanders didn't know where to put PFC R. Lee Moore when he got out of the army hospital, so he was assigned in 1968 to a communication base atop a spooky sacred mountain called Nui Ba Den, a place of wind and fog a few kilometers from the Ho Chi Minh Trail


"The name means Black Mountain Lady," Moore said the other day at his home in east Hot Springs. "Chinese emperors made a pilgrimage to it once in their lifetime."


It was honeycombed with ancient tunnels of mysterious purpose and the growth was so thick soldiers sometimes discovered they were walking on the second canopy of the rain forest.


"The branches intertwined and dirt piled up on them over the years. Then you'd come to a crack in it and see the ground way below."


The North Vietnamese Army used the lower slopes and deep caves of the 6,000-foot mountain as a staging area and a place to rest its troops.


Despite his name, Moore family is of the Kituwah, a part of the Cherokee nation that  arrived in Arkansas as early as the 1690s. He was a skinny 20-year-old old and his dark hair had grown to shoulder length in the hospital, but no one on the base seemed to care.



R. Lee Standing Bear Moore



He was different in another way. "I was the only trained infantryman there." A draftee, he had been a sniper with the 25th Infantry Division - the Wolf Hounds - before his transfer to the 125th Signal Battalion.


The other 100 men were communications technicians or support troops with no combat experience, including the captain who commanded the base. One day he ordered a water hole poisoned. Both sides had been using it in one of those unspoken agreements which makes life easier in war.


"He said we'd never be attacked because they couldn't survive without local water," said Moore. He told the captain poisoning the water was inviting trouble. Moore was ignored.


Moore prowled everywhere around the base and beyond its perimeters, learning the ground. Things he saw and sensed began to worry him. He stopped sleeping at night to watch and listen.


"I went to the captain and said we're being probed and infiltrated. He was a signal officer and didn't seem to think that was important."


Early one morning around one or two, Moore hurried to him. "I asked for permission to open up with the .50 calibers, but he said, "Wake up the camp and I'll have your ass.'"


Looking back, Moore says he wishes he had gone over the captain's head. "I knew what Charlie was planning." He did take his misgivings to as many people at the base as he could. "They pooh-poohed it."


He heard the first mortar shells come out of their tubes when the attack began sometime after midnight. "Fumpf." Moore was about to earn a Silver Star to go with the Bronze Star and Purple Heart with three clusters he already had.


The base generators exploded when the first rounds landed and then the enemy was through the wire and dropping satchel charges outside the bunkers where Americans sat bolt upright in their cots wondering what was going on.


Dark from the sun, barefoot and wearing only black silk skivvies with his dark hair down to his shoulders, Moore thinks the two North Vietnamese he saw assumed for a split second he was one of them when he opened the door of his hootch with AR-15 cocked and ready. The hesitation was fatal for them.


He also thinks his appearance helped as he dodged through the battle, helped by his knowledge of the ground. "I wasn't wearing boots, I was skinny and dark. The Army figured afterward they hit us with two regiments - 400 men." The captain died early in a firefight that turned out to be part of the Tet offensive.


Moore never saw an American with a weapon in his hands during the firefight. He saw three being tortured but was powerless to help, and found eight or 10 Americans, weaponless and hiding under a rock overhang. "I told them to stay there and play dead."


Moore never found out what happened to them.


He made his way to an ancient pagoda on the top of the mountain used as a base command post. "Everyone was already dead." He had taken a M-79 grenade launcher and two bags of grenades off a body and climbed to rocks where he could look down on a helipad where the NVA had set up a mortar position and command post.


Firing directly would have given away his position, so Moore fired the grenades straight up into the air. The first of the 30 or so grenades he got off killed the colonel leading the raid and two lieutenants. The enemy fired wildly at the rocks hiding him.


"There was a lot of confusion going on with them." Then they melted back into the jungle.


Daylight came and the realization that, as far as he could see, everyone was dead and many of the bodies booby-trapped. "I resigned myself that I was going to die." Moore sang his death song and found a high place and screamed for the enemy to come and get him.   "Today is a good day to die!," he roared at the top of his lungs.


Later after hearing of this, five American Indian brothers gave him the warrior's name by which he is known today - Standing Bear.


Another day and night passed without food or water before the wind and clouds lifted and choppers could land with hundreds of troops to retake the base. A handful of survivors - Moore heard there were 18 - emerged from caves.

The North Vietnamese were long gone. By then, he admits, "I was pretty much crazy in my mind."


They found Moore on the other side of the mountain top. "To them, I must have looked like something out of a nightmare." He begged not to be transferred off the mountain and doesn't make any claim this was rational. When an officer agreed to this, he moved his bunk to the middle of an ammo dump. "I said to myself, if Charlie comes again, they're not torturing me."


Craziness began to show in other ways.


Once he leveled his M-16 for 30 minutes at a bird colonel in shiny boots and a starched uniform with razor creases who flew in and criticized the dead men and the poor showing they had made.


"I told him he was eating and drinking and lying in bed with two women while men were dying on the mountain. The noncom with him started to reach for his .45, but I told him he'd be a dead man. Afterward, my top sergeant smacked me in the mouth and said I was going to Leavenworth Prison, but nothing ever happened."


After several months, they got him off the mountain on a ruse and refused to fly him back. "The first night in the middle of a base with 14,000 men and all these tanks around me, I shook in my cot because I was scared. They thought I was nuts."


After he got back to the United States, Moore married, had two daughters and a career as a concert promoter, handling shows from Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty to opera and gospel in the south and midwest.  The bottom fell out of that market in the 1980s because of rising insurance costs and stars deciding to do their own concert promoting.


So Moore founded a non-profit drug and alcohol awareness organization with $17 and says six years later it had an annual budget of $1.4 million.


"I worked seven days a week for seven years without a day off before I burned out." He knew it had happened when a client came in and Moore knew the whole story even before he opened his mouth. "I'd become hard."


He has had bad health in recent years and hasn't been able to work. His heart acts up and he's got diabetes. There is still shrapnel in his body working its way out and he thinks he suffers from the effects of Agent Orange.


Still, he does a lot of volunteer work - he recently advised a national organization of chaplains on Native American spiritual beliefs - and looks like a man who had gone through the storms of life and come out the other side pretty much intact.


"I owe everything to the Creator," he said.

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Posted: Sep 21, 2009 10:38am
Apr 30, 2009

I have over 23 years herbal experience -currently becoming certified.

I am Native American and my Ancestors were herbal healing people.

I  proudly carry on that linage in honor of them.

One more thing-

The place I get my herbs from --those that I do not grow myself--- does not give me any kind of monetary compensation or any kind of compensation for me advertising for them -I advertise for them because it is truly the least expensive site I have ever found and the most reliable.In my opinion it is simply the best.


Ok here we go-

I get my herbal supplies that I do not grow myself from go to site list and look under bulk herbs

U will need 1/2and/or 1 oz.of each herb

Her herbs are so fresh -when I open the box I can smell them through the sealed baggies they are in-

Now the herbs needed will be

Mullein--thins mucus so that the body can bring it up easier has mild antibiotic anti-viral effects

Hyssop,--natural decongestant

licorice root-natural immune system enhancer -anti-viral

Chamomile-good for soothing stomach and easing the stress

catnip-also good for the stomach and eases body stress

Elder berries-known and used worldwide for it's outstanding anti-viral effects

Elder flowers-known anti-viral

Echinacea root or GoldenSeal root-Immune system stimulants and both have antibiotic-antiviral properties.

Now once You have these get 1 good pinch each of the  herbs and place herbal combination in a coffee filter- when U have placed a large pinch each of each herb listed above in the coffee filter-tie the top of filter with thread to seal up the herbs-you now have a herbal tea bag-put the coffee filter/now a teabag- in a large coffee mug-pour water U have brought to a boil and turned off for a min.over herbal teabag in ur cup-cover with a saucer and let steep till cool enough to drink-add honey to sweeten-then keep a cup handy sippin on it through-out the day.The goal is to consume at least three cups a day. start this at the first sign off any viral symptoms-(My kids,my mom,and others tell me this tea tastes fairly well)

Laws and AMA/FDA make me say this little "jewel" below-

(Do go to the doc if and when U feel U need to to make sure it is the flu or a virus) (This herbal support is only intended to support the body through a flu/virus and is not intended to substitute for medical advise)

 Now common sense makes me say this---If U are on any medications do check for contraindications before using ANY herbs.although No known contraindications have I ever seen regarding these herbs but do check for I do not know nor have I seen everything. If a contraindication is found you can use homopathic formulas instead of herbs without fear.



 However I personally have used this formula with out a doctor and seen it's beneficial results on the most worst cases of flu types. My mother is a Christian scientist and will not go to the doc so this herbal formula is how she recovered from the flu.

Homeopathic flu remedies are real good as well along with Olive leaf.

Get plenty of vitamin C of course rest and eat light .

astragalus is a good immune system strengthener-but do not use if U have a fever-( if taken during a fever it will make the fever go higher)this herb can be added to soups or stews and helps BEFORE u get ill

 Also You can take one or more of these daily to keep U well  Acai berries  wheatgrass,Spirolina, and Royal Bee jelly together or separately these provide excellent nutrition and boost the immune system-I personally take acai and spirolina along with astragalus on a regular basis throughout the year.

Last and certainly not least-I take Collidial silver from Herbal healer .com (and No I have never turned blue) I will not buy it anywhere else besides because I know and trust herbal healers rigid high standard for purity and potency. hope this helps .Many Blessings

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Posted: Apr 30, 2009 12:27pm
Apr 23, 2009

I honor the people here at Care2 for NOT sitting in Apathy


Spiritual Elders, Medicine People, Shamans, Mystics, Light Workers, Rainbow Warriors, and Earth Activists

 A Special Message From Lee Standing Bear Moore

It Is Not Going To Happen This Way

Spirit workers of this age are wasting a their time and energy sticking their collective heads in the sand waiting for some cataclysmic event of the cosmos that will somehow mystically transform our earthly existence.  We are not helping creation by wandering around in empty illusory space chanting, channeling and chortling bits of energy at each other.


We must not stray too deeply into the realms of Light, just as we should not wander into the dark places.   We live in reality of this time and space and must work in both worlds.  We must learn to unite the two – light and reality.    If we continue this one-sided path of oblivion, disregarding the real problems of Mother Earth, we risk… everything.  


It is good to pray and call upon great powers of loving energy vibrations to heal the Mother.  However, we must also become active in reversing the tremendous crisis least we become a part of the great apathy that consumes most of humankind.   We must become a part of the solution.


This world is not an illusion as we have heard many of our brothers and sisters say.  Others say we are living in the “end times” or in between worlds, or this reality is not real, but a dream.  They say there is little that can be done to revive the Mother, so they spend their time preparing for the dimension. Is this some sort of psychotic response to the terrible crisis mankind now faces?   Are we attempting to save ourselves while the rest of creation goes into the dumpster?   Is this some kind of lunacy?   


The world of Light is not separate from the reality of this world.   We cannot separate creation from the Creator.   We cannot separate ourselves from the reality of our four-legged cousins who suffer near extinction.  We cannot live in clouded numinous worlds of light and not see the beautiful standing ones turn brown from chemical pollution.   We can no longer sit by and watch our relatives who swim and fly die by the millions in the name of progress.  The insects needed by plants; birds and fish to survive are drowning in pesticides, while we sit smugly in our ceremonial circles waving sage to purify our sanctimonious butts.


If we believe the Light is sacred then we must also believe creation is sacred to be respected and honored.   


Disrespect for nature began when organized western religions canonized the false idea that man has dominion over the earth.   The demigods of western religion demonized nature and considered her less than man for man they say was created in the image of God.    Man does not own this garden called earth.  Our purpose here is not to capitalize on her resources and abuse her beauty.   We are given the privilege of tending the garden so that it may give us sustenance and the greater glory of this work is given to the Creator.   


Light workers believe in the visions, energies and powers gifted man by the Creator and the omnipotent powers of the Great Mystery.  Light workers understand that man is but one small grain of sand in the universe and part of the greater whole of creation.  We are made of the Mother and when we seek to desecrate, plunder and destroy her, we destroy ourselves.    


Earth Activists Are Dying

We give thanks to the activists who have fought so long and tirelessly to call our attention to the dire circumstance of earth’s present condition.   They have endured years of attacks from mega-national corporations, government bureaucrats, organized Christian churches, and the right-wing media.  They have suffered at the hands of an apathetic public.  


Moreover, do-nothing Spiritual Elders, Medicine people, Shamans, Mystics, and so-called Light Seekers are adding to the weight of their burden as they sit motionless staring at the clouds spewing out beatitudes.   


After years of achieving but meager gains, the activists now feel desolation and are desperate for relief.   They are frantic with grief knowing they are losing the battle to save Mother Earth.  Their spirit wanes and financial resources are drying up.  Many have lost hope.    


Unite Now or…

Will The Last Person On Earth Kindly Turn Out the Lights?

Spiritual Elders, Medicine people, Shamans, Mystics, and Light Workers must become more passionate and active in the battle to save Mother Earth.   We must ground ourselves in the reality of today’s world and bring the strength, power and energies of spiritual awareness and wisdom into the fight to honor and respect our Mother Earth.   We must stop talking about it and get busy giving assistance to the activists.   


The activists must learn they cannot do it alone.   They must ask for Divine Intervention, Divine Knowledge and Divine Wisdom.  They must move away from the idea that they are saving the earth simply for the sake of future generations of consumers.   The activists must acknowledge that this is a spiritual battle and not just a fight over land use, economics or esthetics.   They must bring energies of the Light to bear against the greedy forces of darkness that subject the Mother to unspeakable horrors.  


These two forces must become one on a massive worldwide scale.   Anything less leaves the outcome in doubt.   


When these two groups fuse into one, the battle will no longer be fought in boardrooms and courtrooms.   The confrontation will be moved to a higher plane where justice, respect, honor, and love conquers all.    The warrior grounded in reality of the dark with the sword of light at his side becomes a powerful, fearless and outright irritation to those in power.


©"Attention: Spiritual Elders, Medicine People...," Story of Manataka by Lee Standing Bear Moore, all rights reserved, 2004.


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Posted: Apr 23, 2009 7:35am


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\\n\\n \\\"Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.\\\"  (Matthew 5:5)Who are the meek?  I guess it depends who you ask, but I think the meaning implied in the passage above has somehow been lost over the years.  Perhaps t...
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I feel Care2 members should KNOW about the \\\"work from home\\\" ads, RECRUITING \\\"MULES\\\" TO CARRY OUT ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES. Just like the Drug Cartels do... A person who was recruited unwittingly by one of these ads, was given in a arti...
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\\nEvery week or every other week, I send a Message to the President and to my Representative and Senators. This is the text of my latest:\\r\\nI have just sent the following message to President Obama; and I believe all Congresspersons need to hear it a...