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Aug 3, 2009

Bravo! It is amazing that the economic "crisis" is over, Hats off to the American people for bearing down  and believing in the new administration and those who had the foresight to back us up in congress and other arenas. WE ARE strong. I hope WE CAN continue taking the necessary steps that will secure our economic future and avoid a relaspe into a full-blown depression, I believe we have learned from our mistakes.

        What do we do now?, as we fully recover? The People have demanded a new economy, one with transparency and accountability. Are folks in Congress and other places working arduently on the new foundation that being built? WE must capitalize on this  opportunity to rebuild America and frankly i don't see enough cooperation and too much silly bickering from folks who would have us believe that business as usual will still work, not logical= not believable. Resisting the change that is here NOW, in this new millenium does not serve us individually or as a peoples. The world awaits OUR leadership......

         It is reassuring to see the American people making the adjustments and changes that are critical in getting us THRU this period of turmoil, both for the economy and the environment. It is great to see that the people understand the interdepence of clean energy and a healthy new economy, it would be nice to see that expressed in some areas of congress. The peoples voice will not be silenced by corruption and fraud any longer, period.

         Are WE and OUR leaders making enough headway on promoting and implementing the new green economy that has emerged WORLDWIDE?  Is the bickering on both sides of Congress slowing down Americas opportunity for advancement for OUR green energy future? I am constantly reading how Europe and China, etc. are more committed and already more heavily invested in what is an obvious New green energy economy and are setting higher and more responsible goals in combating Climate Change. Why is This??? This is not the will of the people. 73% of the people want serious legislation and are willing to do what it takes to protect themselves and their families from climate change and have taken the personal steps towards sustainability.

         It should be obvious to everyone participating in THEIR democracy, NOW, to see who is for the people and who is not. Comprimising with corruption and fraud weakens us as a peoples and a planet. We all know what is good and for the best of the majority, why is it that some still believe that we cannot have what we choose in this day and age? Is it the negativity that has built up from years of lying, fraud, corruption and abuse of power? I say it is time to put our foot down and do what we all know serves us in the longterm as well as now, in a just , open manner.

        No more comprimises, we cant afford them, OUR children cannot afford them! Comprimise , simply means non-committment to the truth, and avoidance of personal responsibility. There is NO strength or fulfillment in comprimise, only an illusion of flexibility that leads to resentment and dissatisfaction on other levels, because the underlying issues have not been resolved.

       Lets  all put OUR heads together and share our ideas and CHOSE where we want to go as a Nation, under God, and a world. And then lets just GO THERE. Time is of the essence. The time of comprimise is over, the time of truth and change is upon us. No more comprimises. The time of unity is here- it is about power WITH, not the old idea of power OVER. The old Paradigm is crumbling and is obselete......

        We do not have another chance, it is a blessing that we have this one, we must get it right this time , i cannot stress the importance of this enough. It is OUR duty and obligation to the future generations and evolution of the Planet.  I have great faith that Humanity will act accordingly, I call upon the people to act Now, in whatever capacity your heart leads you......

        It is reassuring to see the amount of people already helping us all so much in all areas, I have decided to re-double my efforts. Always remember the power of Unity......

        WE ARE Powerful!!!!!!

 "All ways and always be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle" - Plato

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Posted: Aug 3, 2009 3:34pm
Feb 26, 2009

I thought I would share this message of unity by clarifying our countries "past' so that WE CAN continue to move in the direction that WE ARE presently on.

To Whom it may Concern :
                                        Here is a excerpt from a book-  Author Neale Donald Walsh. I just had to share this with everyone. This book ( Conversations with God) has answered so many questions about OUR life and world, it has given me a peace and understanding that has touched me deeply.  I thought I would share the wealth and hope to inspire you ALL at this great moment  in OUR  Nations and worlds transformation back to all that is and shall be again......

- " The Earth Nation you call the United Staes, for example, has long thought of itself to be a Nation " Under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL".  It is not a coincidence that this nation rose to become the most prosperous on Earth. It is also not suprising that this nation is gradually losing all that it has worked so hard to CREATE- for this nation seems to have lost its vision.
             The terms " under God, indivisible", meant just that- they expressed the Universal Truth Of unity; Oneness : a Matrix very difficult to destroy. But the Matrix has been weakened. Religious freedom has become religious righteousness bordering on religious intolerence. Individual freedom has all but vanished as individual responsibility has disappeared.
            The notion of individual responsibility has been distorted to mean " every man for himself'.  This is the new philosophy that imagines itself to be harkening back to the Early American tradition of rugged individualism.
            But the original sense of individual responsibility upon which the American vision and the American dream was based found its deepest meaning and its highest expression in the concept of Brotherly Love.
            What made America great was not that every man struggled for his own survival, but that every man accepted individual responsibility for the survival of ALL.
            America was a nation thatb would not turn its back on the hungry, would never say no to the needy, would open its arms to the needy and the homeless, and woul;d share its abundance with the world.
            Yet as America became great, Americans became greedy. Not ALL, but many. And, as time went on, more and more.
            As Americans saw how good it was possible to have it, they sought to have it even better. Yet there was only on way to have more and more and MORE. Someone else had to have less and less and LESS.
            As greed replaced greatness in the  American character, there was less room for compassion for the least among the people. The less fortunate were told it bwas their " own damn fault" if they didn't have more. After all, America was the land of opportunity, was it not?  No one except the less fortunate found it possible to admit that Americas opportunity was limited, institutionally, to those already on the inside track. In general, these have nots included many minorities, such as those of certain skin clor and gender.
          Americans became arrogant internationally as well. As millions starved accross the globe, Americans threw away enough food each day to feed entire nations. America was generous with some, yes- but increasingly her foreign policy came to be an extension of her OWN vested interests. America helped others when it served  America to do so. ( That is , when it served Americas power structure, Americas richest elite, or the military machine that protected thos elite _ and their collective assets.)
          Americas FOUNDING ideal - Brotherly Love - had been eroded. Now, any talk of being " your brothers keeper " is met with a new brand of Americanism - a sharp mind toward what it takes to hold to ones own, and a sharp word to any among the less fortunate who would dare ask for their fair share, for their greivances to be redressed.
         Each person MUST take responsibility for herself and himself - that is undeniably true. But America - and your world - can truly work only when every person is willing to stand responsible for ALL of you as a WHOLE. "

I put this up because I believe and Know that WE have the golden opportunity right NOW to once again UNITE and become " Our Brothers and Sisters Keepers". WE ARE on the path as much work is still to be done......

 I think during these economic times this might help some :
     The incentive to suceed, make the most in ones life, should not be just economic or material reward. It is misplaced there. This mis-placed priority is what has created all these problems we are now seeing worldwide.  It would serve us all well, individually and collectively, to re-member WE ARE ALL ONE.
         " If WE all decided " we are all one" we would cease treating each other the way we do.

         " Theres ENOUGH FOR ALL -  If we decided that there was enough, we would finally share everything with everybody.

        It is ALL very simple, just not easy, lol, we are on our way, I beg you ALL to participate any which way YOU CAN. Thanks! )

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Posted: Feb 26, 2009 2:13pm
Jan 22, 2009

To Whom it may Concern :
                                        Here is a excerpt from the book-  Author Neale Donald Walsh. I just had to share this with everyone. This book has answered so many questions about OUR life and world, it has given me a peace and understanding that has touched deep.  I thought I would share the wealth......
"God" speaking through out this excerpt:
"Life is a creation , not a discovery."
You do not live each day to discover what it holds for you, but to create it. You are creating your reality every minute, probably without KNOWING IT.
      Heres why that is so, and how that works.

1- I have created you in the image and likeness of God.

2- God and you are creating (both Creators)

3-You are three beings in one. YOU CAN call these three aspects of being anything you want: Father, Son, Holy Ghost: mind, body, and spirit : Id, ego, super ego. superconscious, concious, subconscious

4- Creation is the process which proceeds from these three parts of your body. Put another way, you create at three levels. The tools of creation are: thought, word and deed(action).

5-ALL creation begins with thought ("Proceeds from the Father") ALL creation then moves to word)" Ask and you shall receive, speak and it shall be done unto you") ALL creation is fulfilled in deed (" And the word was made flesh, and dwelt among us")

6- That which you think of, but thereafter never speak of, creates at one level. That which you think of and speak of creates at another level. That which you think, speak, and do becomes manifest in your reality.

7-To think, speak and do something which you do not truly BELIEVE is impossible. Thererfore , the process of creation must include belief or KNOWING. This is absolute faith. This is beyond HOPING. This is knowing of a certainty(" By your faith shall ye be healed") Therefore, the doing part of creation always includes knowing . It is a gut-level clarity, a total certainty, a complete acceptance as a reality of something.

8- This place of knowing is a place of intense nand incredible gratitude. It is a thankfulness in advance. And that , perhaps, is the biggest key to creation: to be grateful before, and for, the creation. Such taking for granted is not only condoned, but encouraged. It is the sure sign of mastery. ALL masters KNOW in advance thatthe deed has been done.

9- Celebrate and enjoy ALL that you create, have created. To reject any part of it is to reject a part of yourself. Whatever it is that is now presenting itself as part of your creation, own it, claim it, bless it, be thankful for it. Seek not to condemn it( "God damn it") for to condemn it is to condemn yourself.

10- If there is some aspect of creation you find you do not enjoy, bless it and simply change it. Choose again. Call forth a new reality. Think a new thought. Say a new word. Do a new thing. Do this magnificently and the rest of the world will follow you. Ask it to. Call for it to. Say " I AM the life and the way, follow me."

THIS is how to manifest God's Will " on Earth as it is in Heaven".

I love these books. They can change your life, NOW. This works for all of us, Either consciously or unconsciously, YOUR CHOICE?

Bright Blessings To ALL

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Posted: Jan 22, 2009 8:04pm
Nov 8, 2008

I AM elated and in a state of gratitude. The Change WE have chosen is here, NOW. This Election , on ALL levels, was huge for humanity. WE ARE empowering ourselves by awakening and becoming aware of what is occurring in OUR COUNTRY AND OUR WORLD. THe United States and the world has woken up from what seemed like a slumber to me, and is now CONSCIOUS( aware). The change WE desire so strongly has caused the shift in Consciousness WE ARE experiencing. WE changed OUR minds first, then our president, congress and the senate changed.
            It was the power of OUR COLLECTIVE THOUGHT focused on the one and the same thing that won this historic, shocking for many, presidency and election. The Power  of our collective thought ( consciousness) coupled with resolve, action and an open heart will change and transform OUR WORLD. WE ARE doing it right now, lets US not waver and doubt in OUR TIME.
             It is a magical time of hope, sisterhood and brotherhood and balance felt around the world by ALL. LOVE is replacing fear, Apathy is out and Hope is in. Let US unite in OUR neighborhoods, in our countries, in OUR world. WE all have the same home, its called Planet Earth, so lets all help nuture and love OUR EARTH and OURselves so that we may heal OUR planet and OURselves. WE CAN FINALLY acheive what many, many past generations have been striving for and suffering over ; A peaceable world with abundance and promise FOR ALL.

             It is a time of healing and joy for many......A time of truth and cleansing......A time of unity and sharing......A time of responsibility and firm resolve. A magical and exciting time where ANYTHING WE CHOOSE is possible, really! It is up to US. WE CAN AND ARE CHANGING THE WORLD.
             Yes WE did take back OUR Govrenment from the scoundrels who trounced on OUR constitution and OUR nation. WE must continue to help OURselves by many staying involved and focused in all levels of State and Federal government, NOW, and of course maintaining and starting more GRASSROOTS movements. It is a PERFECT time to re-build, a perfect opportunity to mold our country into what WE CHOOSE to be as a nation, as a people, as a shining beacon of light and hope for ALL of Humanity and the World.

              There is a plan, a subtle and simple one, and EVERYONE is in it. This plan is for the highest and the best good of ALL, everywhere , NOW and ALWAYS. A plan I (we) KNOW will succeed no matter what.  The focused help of many and more people is speeding up the process, thankfully. There will be times ( even now for some) when it may seem like it is not a good plan to some, that is the time you(me) must trust in the plan even more as hard as that may seem at the moment. WE MUST ENDURE and have resolve. Things WILL NOT get as tough as some who thrive on fear predict. Staying conscious and being responsible for yourSELF is more important now than anyone will ever KNOW. Stay Aware and don't watch, OBSERVE, if you please.
              I AM 100% in my certainty and KNOWING that the people of the EARTH will have the new world they have strived for.  It will be a new world chosen by All the people. OUR time is now, ALL should see, that we are the change we have been looking for, NOW.  I CAN honestly say there is NO-ONE or NO GROUP that can stop the change that IS HERE.
             The people have "spoken", god has answered. Let's let our souls experience something new...... A time of truth......
              Believe and know that there is a divine plan unfolding, and YOU ARE A POWERFUL PART OF IT.
              Good riddance to fear, bye!!!!!!


P.S.- Things to Re-member:

1- Change your mind(thoughts) = Change your mood(feeling)


3-Always choose or you will always want

4- Create (soul), don't react (mind)

5-Do not take no for an answer

6- There is nothing more powerful, than the conscious mind(thought) on Earth, except two minds......or more gathered in his or her ( God, higher power, all that is, source, whatever you choose ) name

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Posted: Nov 8, 2008 4:18pm
Sep 11, 2008

I write this message to my fellow americans for the highest and best good for all concerned:


Lets get REAL about this election!!!!!! I'll be the first to admit that I was tricked like many others and backed Bushes Iraq "War" and the war on" Terror". I believed him and the Gov't and thought  that there were WMD's. It was not till two-three years ago that i finally started realizing that something was very wrong, they were obviously lying to all of us. I felt angry and stupid for believing them, and God only knows the damage I(we) did in our support of these crooks and liars. It was hard for me to face up to the facts and start taking personal reponsibility to help correct this situation. I and MANY others have done our best  to let people know that we were duped, and it was hard not to be duped at the time. The country(we) needs to move on and heal after this ravaging of America by Bush and his cronies and Our unintentional participation. Its time to take our country back.

        All this has left me with a bigger distrust for the Gov't(which i always had and still have for good reason) and wondered if i should even bother with this election. Will they rig it again? will we LET them?

        Then I look at McCain running, who voted with Bush 95% of the time because we let them. And he keeps popping up on my TV and computer screen telling me he is for change, its really starting to piss me off, so now i am involved in the election for the first time in my mostly apathetic life. I don't know about you, but i can't stand a guy lying in my face, not to mention all of America's. Its an insult to OUR intelligence and a disgrace to this country for this guy and his ilk to come on OUR screens and flat out lie to us. I don't care how many others have. Enough is enough. No Fear, this is still America.

        He is so obvious in his tactics(Bush/Rove tactics). Then he hires Palin to take the press and everyones attention off of him and his horrible voting record and love affair with Bush. Its a slap on the face to the Hillary supporters, at least she is a woman who made sense. The picture of McSame hugging Bush so fiercely should be enough for nobody to vote for him, seeing as Bushs approval rating is the LOWEST ever. McSame, given the chance, would continue the same war-mongering, unsustainablity and fear-tactics of Bush, that should be obvious.

       This blatant slap to the face that McSame is giving America is disturbing and way too much at this point. We are not as stupid as they think we are, we are not falling for it again.Lets not let McSame intimadate us with his lies and fear tactics again. Lets not make the same mistake, we cannot afford another four years of the MCSAME.

       So, as the system crumbles anyway, I believe and know it would be better for America and the world to have a different president this year. I have never voted in my life and im 45 years old, but this year I'll be voting for a guy who says change has to come from the people as well as the Gov't. Someone who knows that we all have to take personal responsibilityfor OUR lives to enact REAL CHANGE. Someone who will help us if we help ourselves. I believe and know WE CAN CHANGE for the better, I'm ready to do the work, I vote for us, , I'm voting for Obama. Its not a republican thing or a democratic thing, a white or black thing, a man or woman thing, ITS AN AMERICAN THING.

       I've had enough of the Oil Wars, I've had enough of the oil-backed politicians. Enough of the large Corps. corrupting everything and everyone with their greed. Enough of the bullying and lying to the American people and Families and the world. I know voting for Obama and getting him in office is not going to solve everything, but i do know the guy is for REAL. Thats enough for me to go out and vote for the first time. Never mind the past, WE can Change anytime WE want. Are you ready?

       It is my belief that ALL our good intentions and thoughts combined can and is effecting THIS election. Lets face our fears and see if this really still is  America!  I'm in, Lets elect Obama and light up the darkness for a fresh start. Peace to all!!!!!!

 Ooops,I almost forgot, heres my 6 cents :

 I beg any politicians who are corrupted to please retire, leave or switch to "our" side. All will be forgiven. I feel real sorry for ANYONE and ALL who take an oath to uphold the constitution and use fear, lies and bullying to control my descent and good-natured fellow americans again, EVER. Enough is enough. I promise our votes will count this year one way or another- I'm not voting this year as a victim asking for help from a broken system, I'm voting to empower ourselves and a guy that beat the odds and somehow got nominated in a Bush America, I want to see WHY, don't you?


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Posted: Sep 11, 2008 12:34pm
Sep 3, 2007

Dear SacredFriends,
        Please take the time to read this highly informative article.  It is one of the best pieces I have received this year and will help you wake up and see reality with greater clarity.  If enough of us wake up from the Matrix we can create a quantum shift in the consciousness of our beloved humanity.  This is where our true power lies. 

We are truly in a war. It is not the war we imagine we are in, which is the way our true adversaries want it. It is not a foreign war against a foreign enemy. It is a war on consciousness, a war on our own minds. The global war on terror that is being fought around the world is an embodied reflection in the material world of a deeper, more fundamental war that is going on in the realm of consciousness itself.

We have the most criminal regime in all of our history wreaking unspeakable horror on the entire planet, while simultaneously waging war on the consciousness of its own citizens - US. If we aren't aware of this, we are unwittingly playing into, supporting and complicit in the evil that is being perpetrated in our name.

A government's war on the consciousness of its own citizens is by no means unique to the Bush administration. Abusing power over others so as to limit their freedom is an archetypal process that has been endlessly re-enacted by governments throughout history in various forms. With the Bush administration, however, the pathological aspect of this process has become so exaggerated and amped-up to such a degree that it is just about impossible not to notice its staggering malignancy. With the Bush administration, the underlying evil that has played out in our government over many years is becoming overwhelmingly obvious for all to see. With the Bush administration, the underlying evil that informs systems of government that are based on "power over" instead of "liberty for" is coming out from hiding in the shadows. Instead of being acted out underground, our government is acting out this evil above ground, in plain sight, for all who are courageous enough to look.

Impeaching Bush and Co. ultimately won't change anything unless we deal with the corrupt powers which control and direct them. George Bush is just a finger-puppet of the hidden hand which animates him. Bush only has apparent power, as he himself is a minion of far more powerful predator-like forces whose nefarious interests he serves. Whether we call it the illuminati, the global elite, a shadow government, or a secret cabal, there is no doubt that there are darker, self-serving forces that have insinuated themselves into and taken over our government. The terrorists that we should be worried about are domestic terrorists who are actually implementing their agendas from deep within our very system of government itself.

The United States Government itself has become a "front" for the underlying military-industrial-financial crime syndicate that animates it. This is not to say that there aren't many good, well-meaning people in our government. They are simply prohibited, by the very nature of the corrupt system they are in, from reforming it. Our system of government is rigged in such a way so that there is no way to transform the system within the system itself.

The underlying core of our government has become rotten such that the entire operation simply feeds into and is an expression of the same underlying corruption. All of the scandals continually coming out are like the superficial skin rash of a much deeper systemic disease, like a cancer that is infecting the greater body politic. Citizens who are not aware of our government's insidious intrusions into our lives are unwittingly feeding the corruption they are looking away from-- in their very act of looking away.

The "powers" that have taken over our government have become concentrated and centralized in just a few elite hands, proving how easy it is for the few to control the many. They almost completely control all the levers of power: financial, political and judicial. In this war on consciousness, these powers-that-be are using the most advanced mind-control technology that our world has ever known to make their takeover complete. The essence of mind-control is information control, which is one thing our overly secretive current administration is very good at.


The private interests that control our government have an incredible mind-control/propaganda machine at their disposal in the form of the mainstream media, which if not quite fully owned and controlled, is certainly under their "influence" enough to serve their underlying self-serving agenda. George Orwell once said that omission is the greatest form of lie. This perfectly describes the corporate-owned media of today which is nothing other than the propaganda organ of the state. The corporate world and our government are becoming indistinguishable, which is one of the hallmarks of fascism, or more accurately ­ corporatism.

In addition to information, our government is adept at putting out dis-information, whose purpose is to create distractions and confusion so as to cover its tracks and hide its true intentions. It will purposely leak stories that are not true simply to cover-up what it is really doing. By putting out misleading information, the government hides behind its self-generated smokescreen like an octopus squirting ink.

Quite often, right at the moment when people's focus is moving towards some area of criminality in the White House, the administration will even create a diversionary event for the public to put their attention on. Memories of those color-coded terror alerts that always seemed to happen right when something bad was starting to happen for the Bush administration come to mind. In creating distractions, our government is able to steer our collective attention in directions that allow it to successfully accomplish its malevolent goal of grabbing all the power it can get.

In a diabolical ploy, the administration will even feed stories to a compliant press, and then reference these stories as justification for enacting its pre-planned agenda. One glaring example is when the administration fed Judith Miller of the New York Times stories about Iraq's 'weapons of mass destruction.' Once this propaganda appeared on the front page of the NYTimes, the administration was only too happy to use it as evidence for why we should go to war.

WMD could easily stand for "Weapons of Mind Deception", as our own government is continually trying to "Deceive" our "Minds", which is the battlefield in which the war on consciousness is being fought. We are all on the front lines in the war on consciousness, whether we know it or not. Instead of shooting us, our government is using cutting-edge mind-control technology to psychically emasculate us. In order to be able to deal with the evil that the Bush regime is perpetrating, we first have to become acquainted with that very same potential evil in ourselves so as to be able to recognize it in the outside world. The way to vanquish our adversary is to be found hidden within the very nature of our own awareness, which contains the key to its own freedom.

The corporate-mainstream media "captivates" our attention, capturing a part of our self-reflective, discriminative awareness, thereby restricting the range of our conscious awareness, which is what hypnotism is all about. Once the attention of the masses becomes mesmerized, the corporate/government media can then "play with" our collective mind. This unholy trinity of corporate/government/media can create an obsessive fixation on certain superficial events that "seize" the collective psyche. For example, it feeds the masses sensationalized stories such as Anna Nicole Smith ad nauseam so as to divert our attention from the evil that is being done behind the scenes in our name.

Ex-CIA director Allen Dulles used to say that the most effective way to disguise a secret is to pretend to openly share information. The Bush administration isn't interested in solving problems as much as creating good PR (Public Relations) for itself. With one hand the Bush administration will try to appear like it is openly sharing information and being transparent, while with its other hand it will be actively obstructing the very process it is seemingly supporting. A vivid example is the government's 9/11 commission, whose aim was allegedly to shed light on what happened on 9/11, while covertly ­ behind the scenes ­ the Bush administration was doing everything it could to hinder the commission's inquiries (see, for example, 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions, by David Ray Griffin). All one has to do is investigate the numerous ties to the core cabal of the neocon Bush administration that the members of the 9/11 commission have and the degree to which it was a deliberate operation to obscure the truth becomes apparent. It was the White House investigating itself; the foxes truly guarding the henhouse. The 9/11 commission and its report, just like the Warren Commission and its report on the Kennedy assassination, was a façade, a show, a display in which it appeared like our government was giving us what we needed, while actually being part of a deceptive game of smoke-and-mirrors. It is like  magicians have hypnotized us, and are stealing what's in our pockets while they have us under their trance in which we believe they are serving us.

As if by a perverse JEDI mind-trick, the Bush administration has bewitched us into believing that it controls the national dialogue, when in a democracy the opposite is actually true. One of many examples: ­ when confronted with overwhelming evidence that we have been torturing our adversaries, Bush responds by saying he "rejects" that claim, and the conversation stops right there and moves on to other, more superficial topics. Our government is supposed to represent us, which is to say that they are our employees. Bush has turned this around and put himself in the role of the dictator with us as his subjects. And somehow we have allowed him to get away with this. There is no escaping our individual and collective complicity in this sad state of affairs.

One difference between what is happening in our country and the state-controlled media of the old Soviet Union is that in the Soviet Union, most people were quite aware that what was being presented to them by their corrupt government as news was nothing but mind-warping propaganda. Many Americans have fallen so under the spell of the Bush regime's criminal lies that they don't even know they are being lied to. It is like we are living in a land of state-controlled zombies who think they are free citizens of a free country.

It is as if millions of our fellow citizens have fallen asleep, as if they have become hypnotized and brainwashed by the powers-that-be's incessant "managing" and "massaging" of reality. These powers simply manipulate an already gullible and highly suggestible public into a game of "divide and conquer." They get rich off of other's blood--they incite conflict, and covertly support both sides, as they themselves reap the massive economic benefits of the conflict they have started.

The corporate war machine, which is co-dependently entangled with our government, profits wildly from our invading other sovereign countries. The government-military-industrial complex's solution to the very problem that they created by instigating wars ­ is more war! It's completely sick and totally insane. And we, in our dulled denial ­ like hypnotized sheep - simply go along and allow the whole parasitic enterprise to be fed by offering our sons and daughters as fodder. To the extent that we are not shedding light on the utter criminality and insanity of what the Bush administration is doing and saying "No," we are all complicit in feeding our own genocide.

Bush and our Congressional leaders are mouthpieces for the advertising campaign of distortion and falsehood that is being "bomb-barded" into our psyches on a daily basis. Our "leaders" repetitive slogans and incantations brand and imprint themselves deep into our unconscious, where many who do not have enough psychic resistance fall under the spell. (please see Chapter 8 ­ "Breaking Bush's Spell", in my book The Madness of George W. Bush: A Reflection of our Collective Psychosis). People's ability to discern truth from fiction has been rendered inoperative by our own government's pattern of routinely taking liberty with the truth. Government propaganda has inverted the perception of what is actually happening, as lies are presented as truths, and up is portrayed as down in a truly Orwellian universe of confounding doublespeak. Through the "Big Lie" ­ which is based on that the bigger the lie, the harder it is for people to see the truth - the government has transformed myth into seeming fact, and has achieved its goal of muddling our minds so as to dis-empower us.

Many of us haven't developed the psychic immunity to be able to fully ward off the toxic effects of our government's covert, fear-based psychological warfare. An expression of the success of our government's psy-ops against US is the fact that there's so little awareness about the government's assault on our minds that it's hardly even a part of our national dialogue. The insidiousness of the government's covert manipulation of our minds is even found in the very term "Global War on Terror". "The Global War on Terror" is a crazy-making, self-contradictory statement, as we can never stop terror with a war. ­ On the contrary, wars induce terror! This term carries with it a false and self-negating premise that if we accept it, we've already given away our power. If we leave this underlying assumption unquestioned, we unwittingly allow them to frame the agenda on their terms. We have then already fallen under their spell without knowing it, as our capacity to think and respond creatively is undermined. Our inability to creatively respond to the war on our consciousness is an expression of being immobilized by fear as if frozen in trauma. The 'war on terror' is really a war on our psyche. The 'war on terror' is ultimately about complete control ­  of our minds.

What Bush and our Congressional leaders are doing is so morally outrageous that it is literally off the charts of accepted, "normal", ethical, sane human behavior. In the words of French poet Andre Chenier, Bush and Co. are committing "crimes that make the laws tremble!"  They are covertly undermining our very legal and political system itself. The corruption that has infected our body politic is like a 'virus' that is exploiting weaknesses in our political immune system so as to feed on and spread its own pathology.

Those of us who are somewhat sane can easily lack the imagination for the depth of depravity that the Bush administration regularly acts out in the world. Our lack of imagination works to the government's advantage, as it allows them to continue to act out the darkness in a manner which is incomprehensible to us. This is why the great doctor of the soul, C. G. Jung, counseled us to develop an "imagination for evil!"  We must be able to imagine the scope of evil that human beings can fall prey to and act out. This cultivated ability of imagining evil in others empowers us to see that vast range of evil some humans can inflict on other innocent humans  clearly and thereby help us to deal with it more effectively.

Our government's lying and criminality is so pervasive that we have become desensitized to their corruption. Their evil has become so "normalized," that just like someone watching TV becomes numb and anesthetized to the violence, we have become desensitized to the horror of what Bush and his cronies are doing right in front of our very eyes day after day. We've learned ­ or, shall I say, become programmed--to accept the fact that the Bush administration is almost always lying, for, as we are told: "All governments lie".


Bush and Co., with the help of the US Supreme Court and the approval of Congress, rigged the 2000 and 2004 elections (see, for example, Fooled Again by Mark Crispin Miller). Then, with the help of the corporate media which is dependent on the good graces of military and government budgets and operations, Bush and Co. put out mind-numbing propaganda that no such hostile takeover had even taken place, to the point where after a little while most people forgot that anything out of the ordinary had occurred. The government's propaganda machine plays with our minds, putting us in a somnambulistic state so that we eventually begin to accept the version of reality (in our example, that Bush has been "elected" to be our president) that serves its underlying agenda.

Once the office of "perception management" convinces a critical mass of people of a particular viewpoint, there is a "consensus" or "agreement" that is reached among the masses as to what is objectively true. The agreed upon version of reality takes on a "weight" and becomes the established dogma of what is collectively imagined to be really happening. Like a "religious" truth, it is irrationally believed like an act of faith by its card-carrying members, even if overwhelming evidence points to the contrary. Anyone who doesn't buy into the arbitrarily established story is marginalized and demonized, and either called crazy, a conspiracy theorist, or even a terrorist ("You're either with us or you're with the enemy").

If only one person believed the propaganda-created consensus version of reality, they'd be thought of as crazy. If a small group of people believed it, they'd be thought of as a cult. When a certain critical mass of people irrationally believe this fictionalized version of reality (in our case, that Bush has been "elected" by the people) to be objectively true, however, they are considered normal.

Mass psychology then becomes the order of the day, as our species, animated and inspired by fear ­ which Bush and his regime are only too happy to cultivate - reverts to the primitive psychology of the herd. A collective amnesia ensues, continually fed by a self-generating web of endless denial, as the manufactured consent is recreated anew every moment. A field of force which literally resists conscious reflection becomes conjured up around those who have fallen under the seductive spell of the agreed upon and artificially constructed consensus reality. Anyone reflecting-back their unconscious condition is considered to be the enemy. Dissociating from their own darkness, they fight with it outside of themselves as it is projected into and reflected back by the world. Believing the agreed-upon fantasy, they collectively fall into their unconscious together and reinforce each other's delusions in a self-perpetuating feedback loop, which is another way of saying that they have fallen into a collective psychosis.

Bush was not elected by the people. The military-industrial-financial crime syndicate's minions and operatives had already insinuated themselves into key positions of power so as to accomplish their long-planned for covert takeover of the government. Some of their cronies had already infiltrated the Supreme Court, where they literally derailed the democratic process and decided, with no basis in law, to unconstitutionally invest themselves with the authority of bestowing the election upon Bush. Bush's seeming "election by the people" was in fact a strategically implemented political coup d'etat. Very few even noticed this act of violence because of the criminal syndicate's control of the mainstream media. Their propaganda machine succeeded in managing our perceptions just the way they wanted, which is a polite way of saying they successfully pulled the wool over most of our eyes, or pulled the rug out from under us without too many of us even noticing.

In a diabolical feedback loop, the underlying crime syndicate, by putting out propaganda (that Bush has been elected president) creates the very situation (Bush becoming president ) which confirms the truth of their propaganda, like in a self-fulfilling prophecy. Being in a position of power, they are tapping into how they can shape the world in their own image, which they are imposing on the world through forceful means. They have in some perverse way gained  access to how they can seemingly manipulate and create "reality".

Because of their position of power, these sick few can control the masses by manipulating events in the world, as well as playing with our perceptions. They are tapping into how in managing our perceptions, they can literally create events, and in creating events, they can manage our perceptions. This is a divine secret, but in tapping into it with an impure heart, where power is prioritized over love, it is always destined for failure. In the end, these black magicians will ultimately self-destruct!  There is no question about this whatsoever. It is simply a question of mitigating the disaster as they create their own ruin.

Another example of our government's attack on our consciousness: After the 9/11 attacks, there is only one thing certain, ­ the official story put out by our government, itself a conspiracy theory, is not true! There is no question about this to any thinking person who has even minimally studied the evidence. (see, for example, The fact that our own government is not telling the truth to us about what happened on 9/11, as well as actively obstructing any investigation into what actually did happen, is a huge red flag. Why would our own government be lying, and covering up their lie? Who knows (maybe the shadow knows) at this point whether 9/11 was a false flag operation, covertly perpetrated by our own government against us, or whether they knew about it beforehand but simply allowed it to happen so as to gain political advantage? Something's very fishy about the whole thing. The fact that our country, except on the margins, is not even having an open discussion about what really happened on 9/11; ­ that the official version put out by the government is blindly accepted by millions of people as the objective truth; is another expression of our government shaping our dialogue, both nationally and within our own minds. The government's distorted story about what happened on 9/11 is itself an expression of the deeper and more general underlying conspiracy of our government to defraud us of the truth.

The last thing this criminal enterprise wants is for us to see what it is doing. These criminal war lords want us to believe that we live in a democracy. For example, in a diabolical sleight of hand, we are given the illusory stage-show of free elections, while there is overwhelming evidence that the elections were rigged. Even to be in a position to run for president you have to be able to raise hundreds of millions of dollars--this itself is the entrance fee to the game. In addition, the only people who would be allowed by these robber barons to be in a position of power such as "Commander-in-Chief" is someone they control. Barack or Hillary? It's an illusion of choice, a stage-managed distraction from what's really going on. We are left with the appearance, and a misguided belief, that we live in a government run "by the people and for the people." In a very real sense, the Democrats and Republicans are simply various factions who are fighting for the right to represent the underlying military-industrial-financial crime syndicate that owns and operates our government. Those who control "our" government want to keep their operations covert, beneath our conscious awareness. For if enough of us become conscious of the evil and depravity that they are perpetrating in our name on the entire planet, their gig is up.


The powerful ones who have taken over our country will do anything in their sorcerer's bag of tricks to distract us and keep up the illusion that they are protecting us so that they can maintain their power. These behind the scenes banking and corporate pirates are willing and more than ready to intimidate, buy off, or destroy any reporters, politicians and all  critics. It is important for us to realize the depth of evil we are dealing with here. ­ They are willing to kill as many people as needed to continue accomplishing their aims. It is shocking to realize that the very entity that is supposed to be protecting us--our government--is the very thing from which we need protection. It is shattering to realize that many of our career political leaders are genuine psychopathic criminals who are working in league with the plutocrats and are trying to take over our planet, impose full-spectrum dominance, enact a new world order and centralize power and control. Instead of this being a conspiracy theory, the evidence is all around us, it is everywhere we look if we have the eyes to see beyond the carefully crafted lies and disseminated evil spell that is being perpetually woven all over the globe
What is happening in our world has more the "feeling" of an invasion from a parallel universe than a physical coup d'etat. This is because the intrusion is taking place on the plane of mind, and only secondarily on the physical plane. If we could stop this covert incursion into our minds it would be much easier to mitigate the outer wars that plague our world.

These criminals clearly have far more power than we do in terms of guns, tanks, media and technology, but they are no match for us if we activate the inherent brilliance of our consciousness--a force with unlimited potential. Part of the spell they are casting is that there's nothing we can do, that we are powerless to stop them from doing whatever they want, like when Cheney mentioned, " doesn't make a difference what Congress or the American people want, this administration is not going to be stopped from sending more troops to Iraq."

The Bush regime's worst nightmare is for us to wake up to how we've been manipulated, hoodwinked and played by them like fools. The last thing they want is for us to access the natural intelligence inherent in being consciously aware, and connect with each other through the open-heart of lucidity. The powers-that-be's greatest fear is for us individually, as well as collectively,  to connect with our intrinsic God-given power to create.

Once we clearly see what is being perpetrated in our name, we can come together and "conspire to co-inspire" so as to awaken ­ and mobilize ­ our collective genius, which is a power greater than any weapon of mass destruction. In actuality, our connecting in shared-lucidity is the antidote to all WMD's ­ it is what I call a WMC ­ a "Weapon of Mass Consciousness". It is what becomes activated when enough of us come together and see (C. ­ i.e., become Conscious of) what is happening.

Connecting with each other is crucially important, as the more of us  who consciously associate with each other - as if re-membering (putting our "members" back together to form a unified body) - the stronger the field of unified force that we are able to generate. Once enough of us sync up, we become more able to collectively invoke and channel through our expanded awareness a power that is able to dis-arm any WMD: the Power of Consciousness infused with wisdom and compassion. Genuine compassion can be very fierce, however, as it both demands and empowers us to come together and say "No" to the evil being done in our name. We can step out of the fear-based reality in which we appear to exist--separately--at any moment and consciously connect with each other through the open-heart of lucidity.  When we are truly serving what is best for everyone ­ a world-changing power becomes available to us.

The solution to winning the war on consciousness is for us to RECOGNIZE the nature of the war we are in, which can only happen through the agency of our consciousness. Realizing that the true war we are in is an assault on our own minds is the expansion of consciousness which is in and of itself simultaneously the solution. From a deeper, more expansive perspective, the war on consciousness is itself the very catalyst and instrument for consciousness to awaken and cure itself.

It is our turn to come together so as to render powerless these sick criminals who have been terrorizing us. We can help each other to access our intrinsic heart-centered power and collectively turn the light of truth upon them so that they have no where to hide from their lies and corruption. For "truth", to quote the infamous Nazi Hermann Goerring, is "the greatest enemy of the state." Bush, and the private interests who keep him in power for mayhem and who profit richly from their control of his actions, are absolutely terrified of one thing--the truth. As the late Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis said, "Sunshine is the best disinfectant."  It is like pouring water on the Wicked Witch of the West in "The Wizard of Oz."  When the true light of awareness is shed on what Bush and the real powers behind him are doing, their illegitimate power over us is dis-spelled as the heinous illusion it always was.

Paul Levy is an artist and a spiritually-informed political activist. A pioneer in the field of spiritual awakening, he is a healer in private practice, assisting others who are also awakening to the dream-like nature of reality. He is the author of The Madness of George Bush: A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis, which is available at his website  Please feel free to pass this article along to a friend if you feel so inspired. You can contact Paul at  he looks forward to your reflections. © Copyright 2007.

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Posted: Sep 3, 2007 7:18pm
Aug 13, 2007
Amazon Deforestation Drops Sharply - Brazil Govt
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BRAZIL: August 13, 2007

BRASILIA - Deforestation of the Amazon rain forest in Brazil fell by about a third in the 12 months through July to the lowest rate in at least seven years, the government said on Friday.

More controls on illegal logging, improved certification of land ownership, and economic development projects that preserve the forest were driving deforestation down, authorities said.

An estimated 9,600 square km (3,707 sq miles) of the world's largest rain forest were cleared in the year ended July 31, compared to a revised 14,039 sq km (5,417 sq miles) the previous year, the environment ministry said.

The findings are based on a preliminary study of satellite images and have a margin of error of plus or minus 10 percent. The final report is expected by November.

"It's a great achievement for Brazilian society. It reflects a new environmental governance," Environment Minister Marina Silva told a news conference in the capital Brasilia.

It is the lowest deforestation rate since 2000. The highest recorded was in 2004, at 27,429 sq km (10,590 sq miles).

But ministry officials say a revision of historical data using new methodology will show it to be the lowest in three decades.

"It is the lowest deforestation rate since the 1970s," said Joao Paulo Capobianco, executive secretary at the environment ministry.

Environmentalists agreed progress had been made but said a rise in commodity prices this year could fuel renewed destruction.

"Awareness and policies improved in the federal and state governments, but the real test is if rates fall during a commodity price rally," said Paulo Moutinho, coordinator at the Environmental Research Institute of the Amazon.

"I'm optimistic but it's too early to celebrate," he added.

Rising grain prices in 2003 led farmers to expand their planted areas, pushing the agricultural frontier deeper into the forest.

Brazil has repeatedly had to fend off criticism by its main competitors that some of its leading farm exports are contributing to destruction of the Amazon.

The government of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva increased police raids on illegal logging and expanded protected areas while also building roads and hydroelectric plants in the region, which conservationists fear could increase deforestation in the long term.

Story by Raymond Colitt


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Posted: Aug 13, 2007 2:26pm


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