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Jun 12, 2009

I just discovered that 653 people went to the photo of Larry Neal at this article thinking they were reading my article.  They were not.  They only had access to the photo and my first draft.  None of the updates or comments are at the photographs I post.

Until I caught this bit of cyberstalking, the photo carried the name below, so almost 700 people thought they had reached my article when all they had reached was a 1st draft.
Handicapped Tennessee Man on Death Row Despite Strong Likelihood of Innocense! by Mary Neal


In other words, people who should be accessing my articles off the Internet are only getting a photo that was posted to the actual article and whatever may be written underneath the photo - not the complete article in most cases, no updates, and no comments.

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:  It is far wiser to reject my submissions than to allow me to publish work thinking that it is available to be read in the same way that other writers' work is available when that is not the case.  Anything that is done different with my work is very unwise indeed.  That includes not allowing the DISCUSSION items to show to the public on AIMI (only the billboard and host and group announcements).  Yes, I filmed it.  I never write anything without having proof first.  I am a woman of patience learned from being treated as I have.  But do not confuse "delayed" with "forgotten."  Folks did that already a couple of times.  Ask them about it.

HERE IS THE ARTICLE THAT SEEMS TO BE SO INTERESTINT IT IS APPARENTLY HIDDEN THESE DAYS.  YOU MAY HAVE READ IT.  IF SO, SHARE IT WITH OTHERS.  I have learned to gauge what is important by my cyberstalkers' reaction to what I write.  When they interfere a good deal, I know that news is important. 


Attached is an article about a man on death row, and despite the high court ruling that he is probably innocent, important folks apparently intend to have themselves an execution!

Multiple sclerosis victim, Paul House, remains on death row two years after the Supreme Court has determined that if information available now had been available at the time of his conviction, he would likely not have been found guilty.  In discussions regarding Mr. House's current justice issues, it is prudent to consider two other Tennessee cases that resulted in death to incarcerated persons.  In both instances, Ex-Chief Medical Examiner O.C. Smith, of Memphis, Tennessee, played an important role.

Philip Ray Workman - EXECUTED
Dr. Smith seemed to go to great lengths to cast doubts on his sworn testimony in the trial of Philip Ray Workman, a man who had received the death sentence largely off Dr. Smith's testimony regarding bullet trajectory.  In 2005, time was running out for this Tennessean who was facing the death penalty for murdering a policeman.  The accused man claimed the victim was actually shot by another policeman while Mr. Workman was trying to escape police after a botched robbery attempt).  (See links below.)  Other witness testimony used to prosecute Mr. Workman also lost its ring of truth during the years following his murder conviction.

With Mr. Workman's execution imminently pending, Dr. Smith is alleged to have staged a kidnapping -- of himself.  Dr. Smith allegedly wrote notes (which he claimed were written by his kidnappers) accusing himself of lying during Mr. Workman's murder trial!  Despite Dr. Smith's alleged antics (which may have been geared toward withdrawing his own testimony against Workman without coming right out and saying "I lied about the bullet trajectory"), Mr. Workman was nevertheless executed in 2007.  

If Dr. Smith did indeed stage his own kidnapping, no one can say that he did not try to cast doubt on his testimony against Mr. Workman and save the likely innocent man.  If Dr. Smith did what his federal indictment alleged, he even went so far as to tie barbed wire around his head and strap explosives to his person along with notes wherein the good doctor ACCUSED HIMSELF OF LYING TO FAVOR POLICE in Mr. Workman's murder trial.  Although Dr. Smith was indicted by the feds for charges related to his alleged faked kidnapping, etc., he was not sentenced.  See his indictment on the website regarding the alleged wrongful death of Larry Neal at  It is under the DOCUMENTS tab.  Reports said that several USDOJ attorneys who tried to prosecute Smith were dissatisfied with the outcome of his conviction and quit the DOJ after these events.

Interestingly, Dr. Smith was also Chief Medical Examiner in 2003, when Larry Neal’s body went to that facility for autopsy.  Larry, a mentally ill heart patient, died in the custody of Shelby County Jail, where he had been held under secret arrest for approximately 18 days until death by heart attack, presumably without his heart drugs.  Since Larry's family has been denied all reports and any investigation in the ensuing 4.5 years, this writer cannot say definitely what was done to Larry Neal, 54-year-old mentally ill heart patient.  His family feels strongly that there cannot be an acceptable explanation for Larry's secret arrest and jail death, or reports and an investigation would not be withheld from his family.  If the Ex-Chief Medical Examiner is found to be a man who lied in favor of police (as it would appear he may have done in Mr. Workman's case), should Larry's autopsy report say, "Death by Taser," or "Death by Restraint Chair" or "Death by Strangulation," or "Death by Starvation and Dehydration," or just plain "Murder"?

Unfortunately, Larry's family contracted with the (Johnny) Cochran Firm as their wrongful death attorneys following Larry's demise, and the managing partner of The Cochran Firm's Memphis office was himself a Shelby County Commissioner.  The law firm kept that secret from Larry's family members, of course, and conducted no discovery regarding Larry’s death, which would have necessitated an explanation by Shelby County Government regarding what happened to this life-long mental patient, which the jail had falsely denied having incarcerated until his death.  When Larry's family attempted to sue this law firm, bringing suit in Georgia Superior Court, Judge Wendy Shoob dismissed their fraud case against the law firm, upholding a Motion to Dismiss filed by the advertised Atlanta office of The Cochran Firm wherein it denied being any part of the (Johnny) Cochran Firm!  However, neither this representation in court nor Judge Shoob's order ever stopped this Atlanta law office from being represented as an office of The Cochran Firm to the American public.

Below is a link to a radio show with Larry Neal's sister, Mary Neal, as the guest speaker.
Real Talk with Brothas Keepa BlogTalk radio broadcast
http://www.blogtalk nbbta/2008/ 05/28/Real- Talk-With- Brothas-Keepa

Links to news articles below give information regarding Dr. O.C. Smith -- perhaps a doctor with a delayed sense of justice (unless, of course, there really is a mad, kidnapping bomber at large)


. . . it was front-page news when Smith was brutally attacked by a phantom assailant as he was leaving work in June 2002. Now, as Correspondent Troy Roberts reports, the medical examiner is at the center of a bizarre mystery that would puzzle Memphis for years.

A witness, an ex-convict named Harold Davis, said under oath that he had lied when he testified at Workman's trial that he saw Workman fire a .45 at Lt. Ronald Oliver.  Also, fresh ballistics information surfaced that suggested one of the two other officers who answered the restaurant's silent alarm had accidentally shot Oliver.

. . . the attack on O. C. Smith is the ultimate Memphis cold case.  But it shouldn't be. The case, which was once the top priority nationally of the BATF, should be reopened because only two conclusions are possible, and neither is acceptable: Either Smith was attacked by a mad bomber who is still at large and apt to strike again against Smith or some other public official. Or a medical examiner who gave key testimony in hundreds, if not thousands, of criminal cases had severe mental problems, sent investigators on an expensive wild goose chase, and endangered the lives of the men who disarmed the homemade bomb around his neck.

A man, handicapped by multiple sclerosis, remains on
's death row TODAY despite strong possibilities of his innocence!

TN man on death row despite High Court ruling

The Associated Press
Wednesday, May 28, 2008; 2:51 AM

CROSSVILLE, Tenn. -- Multiple sclerosis has Paul House in a
wheelchair. A tenacious prosecutor has him on death row, deemed too
dangerous to be released two years after the U.S. Supreme Court said
he likely isn't guilty.


5/28/08 7:40 p.m. EST --- UPDATE

By ROSE FRENCH, Associated Press Writer
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A federal judge has ordered prosecutors to retry or free a death row inmate who, the U.S. Supreme Court concluded, no juror would have found guilty based on evidence that emerged years after his trial.

UPDATE – June 25, 2008

Associated Press
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - The Tennessee Supreme Court announced Wednesday five inmates have been removed from the state's death row.

Death Penalty Information Center
May 12, 2009

 The state of Tennessee has dropped all charges against Paul House, a death row inmate first convicted in 1986. House was accused of the rape and murder of Carolyn Muncey based largely on circumstantial evidence. DNA evidence used against him at trial was later found to belong to Muncey's husband. In House v. Bell, the U.S. Supreme Court considered the new DNA tesing and questions about blood stains on House's clothes. In 2006, the Court held that no reasonable juror would have found House guilty based on this new evidence, thus entitling him to raise constitutional issues that led to a reversal of his conviction.
In 2008, a Tennessee judge ordered House released from prison, pending a new trial.

Read more at the link above.


Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva Unversity
100 Fifth Ave., 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10011

 After 22 Years on Death Row, Paul House is Cleared


Paul and Joyce House


Paul House’s name has finally been cleared, bringing to an end two decades of struggle for freedom after a wrongful conviction in Tennessee. House (pictured above with his mother, Joyce) served more than two decades on Tennessee’s death row before the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2006 that he was entitled to a new hearing. He was freed last July, but was under house arrest facing a new trial until charges were dropped May 12.

House, who suffers from multiple sclerosis and is confined to a wheelchair, is looking forward to a trip to California for his grandfather’s 90th birthday. He was 23 when he was sent to death row and is 47 today. "This gives me a life,” he told CNN last week. “The only life I had was prison life, and that was nothing to be happy about."

The Innocence Project has worked with House’s attorneys on forensic issues for several years and filed a brief in his Supreme Court case. Innocence Project Co-Director Peter Neufeld said House’s exoneration highlights the need for courts to look closely at appeals based on new evidence of innocence.

"The Supreme Court was right to make sure all the evidence was fully considered in this case," Neufeld said. “The five justices who ruled in Paul House’s favor had the wisdom to recognize that there was enough evidence of his innocence to allow a full hearing and more investigation which ultimately proved he did not commit this crime. This is a profoundly important legal principle, but it also saved Paul House’s life. This case should give the Supreme Court great pause, and it should cause them to look more closely at cases like this.”

Read more about House’s case here, and read below for more on other clients around the country seeking access to DNA testing to prove their innocence.


If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. ~ John 8:36


Posted by Karen McCormick  (unverified)


Mary Neal

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill
Visibility: Everyone
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Posted: Jun 12, 2009 10:41am
Nov 21, 2008

Because of much computer interference, I am posting my letter to my congressman, Hank Johnson, here in my Care2 Sharebook.  That way, I can hope that he actually receives it, unlike much of the mail that I post to my YahooGroups and others.  We experience much censorship in the ongoing quest for justice for America's mentally ill citizens and seeking justice for my brother, Larry, Neal, a mentally ill heart patient who was secretly arrested in mid-July until his death in Memphis/Shelby County Jail on Aug. 1, 2003, while the jail constantly denied having this sick man who needed heart drugs for survival.  Larry's death was then followed by an apparent fraud and conspiracy of cover-up by many higher-ups in the U.S. government, The Johnnie Cochran Firm, a court, and mainstream media. 

The secrecy has now evolved into a determination to harass Larry's family and likely to do bodily harm in order that we desist from this quest for open disclosure of records regarding his arrest and death and a public airing of how acute mental patients are treated in the U.S.A. But we will not.


November 22, 2008

Hello Congressman Johnson and Staff:


Congratulations on your appointment as regional whip for the 111th Congress.  Most Americans are looking forward to the new administration with confidence that one of the main changes in Washington will be a return to at least a semblance of equal justice for all citizens.  This has been sorely missing for some time.


No case exemplifies the failure of our current administration to address equal justice issues as well as the ongoing denial of investigation by the USDOJ to bring accountability regarding the secret arrest and wrongful death of my mentally ill brother, Larry Neal, in Memphis/Shelby County Jail.   Sometimes I feel as though I have left 21st Century America and stepped behind the Iron Curtain in the 1940's, when mental patients were loaded by their government on trains and taken for extermination.  The families of the unfortunate handicapped people in pre-WWII Germany could have met with no less support from their neighbors and authorities than the Neals have met in our quest for "public" records and justice for Larry. 

Of course, with the conviction of Vice President Cheney and former Attorney General Gonzales as private prison profiteers, the nation understands better why America has imprisoned 1 in every 134 citizens, two-thirds of whom are incarcerated for non-violent offenses. It is also clearer why 1 in every 31 citizens is either an inmate, a parolee, or on probation (either in jail or under the threat of jail). 

Private prison profiteering also explains why half the prisoners in the USA are mentally ill, like my brother was.  Most of these dysfunctional citizens should be in hospitals or receiving treatment as outpatients, depending on their offenses.  While not enough money is allocated for their treatment, no expense is spared to criminalize psychiatric patients when they violate laws they may not even understand due to mental dysfunctions. Treatment is withheld in order to deliver them into the hands of prisons so that private prison profiteers can milk taxpayers for exorbitant amounts of money and keep disabled citizens in often inhumane circumstances, such as solitary confinement, gassing them, tasering them, and using often deadly restraint chairs for control (punishment) during psychotic episodes. 

Up to $230,000 per year, per sick patient has been ordered for California’s taxpayers to pay to warehouse its most vulnerable citizens in prison, although in most cases, a $40 prescription for the patient under mandatory treatment provisions would have avoided that exorbitant expense and prevented whatever crime the patient committed to be criminalized in the first place. Sometimes the patients present a grave danger to society or to themselves while untreated, although it is more often the vulnerable mental patients themselves who are endangered by lack of treatment as they face homelessness, prison, or death by police during failed arrest attempts.  

It does not have to be this way. I was informed by a member of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill that her paranoid schizophrenic mother received a once-a-month shot that she was tricked by her doctor and family into believing was an allergy shot.  The AIMI member said that shot kept her mother lucid and out of jail.  This nation needs to come to its senses about mental illness and start treating, not punishing, folks for being sick.  Congress should enact laws to save taxpayer money and behave more humanely toward this very common and highly treatable health problem that one in every five Americans have to some degree – mental illness.  Deliver the mentally ill from being kept in dungeons like the 1400’s, eliminate overcrowding in prisons, save billions of dollars every year, and eliminate the need the public prisons now have to use private prison profiteers’ facilities to warehouse citizens for mental illness and petty crimes.


In addition to profiting off American taxpayers by charging between $40,000 for prisoners in the general inmate population and in the excess of $200,000 for sick prisoners, private prison profiteers also use prison labor to further enrich themselves by forcing prisoners to manufacture goods that are sold in interstate commerce.   Most of those being criminalized are black or brown and poor.  America has effectively returned to slavery through its unjust justice system.  Hopefully, that issue will be addressed in the 111th Congress, and early, before the private prison profiteers can lobby the notion of freedom and justice for all right out of our newly elected representatives. 

Please let me know what legislation is currently before Congress that we who are concerned about these unjust circumstances can support.  Many Americans would like to see legislation passed to eliminate mandatory sentencing, reduce the number of citizens being incarcerated for non-violent crimes, and divert mental patients from prisons and into enforced community care or hospitals.   American taxpayers certainly need a break from paying out of the nose for problems that should be addressed more humanely while saving billions of taxpayers' dollars annually.  Our present prison budget is approximately $185 billion, and about half of that is unnecessary expenditures that go against the public interest.


Below are links to articles I hope you find time to read and will share with your fellows in Washington.  Additionally, here is a link to Treatment Advocacy Center, a mental health advocacy agency with a national presence that has the right idea about addressing severe and chronic cases of mental illness, and the organization my family founded, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill, whose main Internet home is at  I invite you and other representatives to view our posts and consider the issues presented there for public view.

Treatment Advocacy Center:

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill:

I do not write to you as a psychiatrist or a psychologist, Congressman Johnson, but as a family member who had a mentally disturbed relative who was criminalized and likely euthanized in jail.  Many more constituents across America have similar challenges with mentally dysfunctional loved ones, and we look for this new administration in Washington to immediately stop our elected officials’ mercenary and illegal affiliations with private prison owners and represent the people.


Indicted: VP Cheney and former Attorney General Gonzales - Private Prison Profiteers


Schizophrenic Oregon Man Murders His Sister


Private Prison Torture of Mentally Ill American - Nine Months Solitary Confinement in Filth and Naked – No Exercise, No Doctors, and No Baths 


Is America's Prison System Legalized Slavery?


I assume there is something you may be able to do about the denial of a judicious investigation into the secret arrest and wrongful death of my brother, a mentally ill heart patient in Memphis/Shelby County Jail on August 1, 2003, after the jail falsely and repeatedly denied to his social worker and family that he was incarcerated.  This is an outrage and an affront to everything America represents, as we supposedly wage wars to protect the human rights of people in other nations. 

Address my denial of Emergency 911 services by DeKalb County, Georgia when I was cornered in a neighborhood Chevron station by four vehicles and a US DOT truck recently.  Address all of this censorship and monitoring of my computer usage that is ongoing and curtails my freedom of speech.  Address the death threat I received by way of posting a morbid video about a dead woman to my videos on Y! Video.  Americans should never live under the threat of violence for using their First Amendment privilege to redress their grievances to our government.


We the people are hopeful that with the change of administration in our nations’ capital, there will be established in the USA a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, as is our right – ALL the people, not just the rich prison profiteers who can afford to lobby congress.


Again, congratulations on your return to Congress for another term and your selection for the important position of trust.




 Mary Neal

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill


My page
My articles:



NOTE: If any links fail to work, please copy and paste same into your web browser. We experience much interference as Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill achieves higher visibility for our quest to decriminalize mental illness in America. Our eventual success will be quite expensive to some people, considering that half the prisoners are mentally dysfunctional citizens who should never have been imprisoned. Delete any extra spaces that appear in the links above - that is another common tactic used to impede our progress. Sometimes nonsensical items are added to our posts, and data is deleted, leaving large gaps like those on my Care2 page. I have no idea whether these interferences are all being accomplished from outside or inside the sites we use to advocate for mentally ill prisoners.  I was told by Microsoft that it could not add additional firewalls, because I am not the administrator of my computer - it is controlled via remote access.


Content and comments expressed here are the opinions of Care2 users and not necessarily that of or its affiliates.


Mary Neal
, 5, 2 children
Atlanta, GA, USA
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