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Jul 7, 2009
Taser Torture In America - Please Sign the Petition

A Call For Congressional Hearings

The petition language:

Dear Senator Reid, Speaker Pelosi and Congressional Black Caucus:

We call on our Congress to speak out and organize public hearings on the systemic human rights violations occurring with Federal funding against black, Latino, Native American and other Americans.

While there continues to be considerable media and congressional attention to torture in Guantanamo, there is comparatively little attention to the mounting evidence of human rights violations in the streets of America by a number of police departments across America, including torture and killings of black children, women and men through-out the United States through the use and abuse of Tasers.

We want Congress to stand up with us against the police pre-trial electrocution of black children, women and men by taser.

We believe that few Americans support spending our tax dollars on torture, which violates our moral, religious and legal traditions.

Most Americans expect an American policing policy that ensures the rights of all individuals regardless of race, greed, color, national origin, sex, disability or political or religious affiliation.

We believe most Americans would favor Congressional hearings as to whether our own U.S. police, policing policies and actions violate Federal and International laws prohibiting human rights violators.

Evidence of widespread police abuse of tasers is more than enough to warrant our concern and justify a congressional inquiry.

We propose that Congress undertake serious oversight into the extent to which our taxes are funding human rights violations and torture by tasing, and provide an alternative roadmap to the restoration of our democratic values. We want Congress to make sure that police pre-trial electrocution of black children, women and men by taser stops.

1. We are calling on the U.S. Attorney General and the Justice Department to aggressively fulfill its most basic mandate of enforcing the law. Torture by tasing is a crime, and the Justice Department is the right place to initiate an independent top-to-bottom investigation of the torturing of black children men, women and children by local police jurisdictions throughout the United States. It's important that the general public understand the 'use of force continuum' used by law enforcement officials, and how it is abused by many in the law enforcement community. (See the use-of-force-continuum provided by the blog Electronic Village) Note: Although there is a Justice Department Review of TASER-related Deaths the on-the-spot pre-trial electrocutions continues.

2. Congress should investigate whether US police tasing policies violate Federal or international civil and human right laws, including the U.N. Convention against Torture, and international covenants against cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of citizens even in cases of so-called "state emergencies".

3. Congress should require the effective regulation of Taser use and require police/ citizen review panels by Federal, state and local police and security agencies, including strict adherence to international human rights standards, or act to defund all such Federal, State and local police and security agencies who violate taser use regulations that would be established by Congress. No Federal stimulus dollars should be used to purchase tasers.

We ask the Congress to hold congressional hearings to reach its own conclusions regarding the use and abuse of tasers, particularly as it relates to minority group members such as blacks, Native Americans and Latinos.

As you know the UN's Committee against Torture has declared that Taser use can constitute a form of torture, while USA: Amnesty International has an on-going concern about the use of tasers on American citizens. With all the conversation about the Bush torture memos and torture in the United States, we the undersigned bring up the issue of torture of black Americans at the hands of police in the United States. We urge you to stand up against the police pre-trial electrocution of black children, women and men by taser.


I added text to my letter:

Amnesty International reported in Dec. 2008 that the Taser death toll was 334. But Dr. Kohler, Chief Medical Examiner of Summit County, Ohio, was ordered by the court to change her determination of the cause, manner, and mode of death in autopsy reports for three men who died during confrontations with law enforcement and delete all references to death by Taser. She appealed and lost. Therefore, MEs across America were taught that courts will not tolerate them reporting Taser deaths. Dr. Kohler was ordered to change the cause of those three deaths from "homicide" to "accidental" and "undetermined." They would have broght the official Taser death toll to 337 before New Year's Day 2009. Read about this case of the judge overruling the medical examiner at

The Ohio courts' ruling put MEs across the U.S. on notice to downplay Tasers' role in deaths. Furthermore, MEs are on the same county payrolls as police officers. Some MEs have been caught lying about deaths involving law officers and were prosecuted.  Because many judges, medical examiners, and politicians own Taser stock, suing for death by Taser is like suing those people personally. The same is true of trying to sue jails and prisons since the advent of private prisons.

If there are Congressional Taser hearings, demand to see the stock portfolios of all judges and medical examiners who have input in Taser-death trials, as well as their spouse's and children's portfolios. Also check the portfolios of the congresspersons on the hearing panel. Only if this is done will families of Taser victims be compensated fairly for such deaths. To know how far courts and politicians will go to protect police in the wrong, read about THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD online.

Thank you for all you do to uphold justice.


Here is a beautiful waterfall that reminds me of AIMI and all Care2 members - a series of waterfalls all coming together to make something lovely!

Not only are waterfalls beautiful to look at, but they are powerful, too.  Have you ever heard a waterfall roar?  What a strong sound!  The waterfall applies constant pressure to the hard rock, and it is capable of eventually changing the rock formation! 

Remember, elected officials care about what voters care about, and voters cannot care about problems they do not know about.  Inform someone today!  Please grab the link to this petition and send to your friends.

Unfortunately, mental patients are probably tasered more than any other group.  Tasers are not non-lethal; they are less lethal weapons.  I think that on occasion, Tasers have saved lives.  Officers needed to diffuse a situation and did not have to use live ammo.  But Tasers should not be used unless officers are in a situation where it is worth killing someone, because that is the risk the police officer is taking.  I don't think Tasers should ever be used on six-year-old children or 72-year-old great grandmothers, and this has been done.


How long has it been since you emailed your representatives to express concern about indescriminate Taser usage?  This petition is your chance and an opportunity for your friends to help crash rocks!  Please add your stream of water to those of many others. 

Mary Neal


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Mary Neal
, 5, 2 children
Atlanta, GA, USA
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