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Aug 7, 2009
Let me ask you higher-ups a question, please.  What is the meaning of this?  My petition for HELP and the right to live free of censorship and terrorism is listed among the highest rated blog articles regarding H.R. 645 on  See the full petition below.  I had to enter it when I found my link I placed had been broken into two parts so it would not actually reach the document online.  Keeping up with cyberstalking is a full time job!


Do NONE of you CAPITAL HILL FOLKS who read my petition see our distress and care enough to apply legal remedy?  See the link below.

Highest Rated Blog Articles for H.R.645 - OpenCongress  
July 11, 2009 Stop Censorship and Terrorism Against Mary Neal -
The Petition Site ... the loss of civil rights by Americans, and against passage of ... -
Cached - Similar -

(page 9 or 10 at the link above, among the 7/11 posts and in signature block below)

Higher-ups, I was concerned about America (and by extension, the world) before seeing this link.  But now I know it is praying time.  Hopefully, this "highest rated blogs on" designation does not mean that many of you saw my petition, because I would believe society is in the hands of a bunch of heathens on the way to hell if you allow me to be stuck in the house dodging stalkers, censored, terrorized online and in person, and treated like a dog for asking what happened to a severely handicapped American who had only YOU to look to for protection - just as I do.  Only you.  And what do you do?  Read what I write for ENTERTAINMENT? 

Am I some kind of EXPERIMENT?  Your bungee jump?  Hopefully, you are not ignoring a citizen being treated this way and the horrible DELAY in justice regarding the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal.  I wrote "delay," because God loves justice, and He has all power.

God is real, and hell is real.  Frankly, I cannot see Him saying to any of you in authority who know about my terrorism and my family's treatment, "Welcome, my good and faithful servant."  Apparently, some of you knowingly allow my torment for no wrongdoing on my part.

Sometimes I write worse and worse things about the USDOJ and other government higher-ups, hoping that some of you will step up and say, "No, you are wrong about us.  Here is what we plan to do about this."  But you do not.  The cyberstalkers get busier the more I complain about your inaction, but YOU say nothing.  Are they YOUR cyberstalkers? 

I am so disappointed in you that I could cry, and I will cry.  But I cry not only for myself, but for everyone else in this country and other places who must depend on you to make fair decisions and be concerned about upholding civil and human rights.  We are indeed pitiful to have to count on YOU if you know of my hardship at the hands of CRIMINALS and do nothing. 

I recognize more than ever that we must look to the Lord from whence cometh our help, because help sure is not coming from Washington, D.C.  

I might just start a fundraiser to get all of you a one-way ticket to CHINA where you who know about my foul treatment and do nothing obviously BELONG! 

Now, I am aware that we owe China a good deal of money due in large part to YOUR AND YOUR PREDECESORS' poor judgment, greed on the part of other higher-ups, and perhaps just because s>*t happens.  But has America been sold?  If so, you need to let us know, because y'all have been acting strange - planning work on railroads and proposing concentration camps, ignoring my family's civil rights, failing to investigate the secret jail death my brother suffered, and allowing my terrorism and stalking.  What is going on in D.C.?

And it is equally STRANGE that no civil and human rights organizations have called me, and I know they know what is happening, also.

I hope the links below shows up red print over yellow background on your view like it does on mine. It is the color of hell fire, which many of you might get familiar with at some point when you meet my Lord unless YOU CHANGE, I BELIEVE. 

And going to church near election day does NOT count.  Y'all need to repent.


In case your links don't work, here is the Petition to End Censorship and Terrorism Against Mary Neal

This is a petition for open disclosure, equal justice, and freedom from terrorism.  I was notified that my PETITION AGAINST CENSORSHIP IS CENSORED.  The Guantanamo-style secret incarceration and death of lifelong mental patient, Larry Neal was never reported in mainstream media.  He was arrested mid-July 2003 and incarcerated in Memphis Shelby County Jail until he died without his heart meds on August 1, 2003.  If more was done to kill Larry than depravation of his vital prescription drugs while the jail repeatedly denied having him, his family does not know. Requests for judicial release of records and accountability regarding Larry have been denied or ignored by authorities for nearly six years, including Shelby Co. Jail, Tennessee Governor's office, and the USDOJ.  The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and U.S. Code are ignored.

With over 2.3 million people incarcerated in the U.S., persons should be free to speak and write in favor of inmates' humane treatment without retaliation, especially regarding one's own handicapped relatives.

I write about this injustice and the incarceration of 1.25 million mentally ill persins in the U.S.  I advocate against the death penalty, excessive sentencing, wrongful conviction, racism, the loss of civil rights by Americans, and against passage of Congressional Bill H.R. 645, which proposes to establish six emergency centers (concentration camps) in America.  My articles are mostly at 

I write about THE COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD and being followed and accosted at neighbood businesses but denied police 911 emergency services.  Affidavits from witnesses are in Neals v. The Cochran Firm, USDC, Northern Dist. of GA.  More witness testimony was ready for presentation in court, but the case was kept from jury trial.  The cover-up is large, as with other prisoner abuse cases where there is no excuse for the cruelty.  Some of the parties who we  went to for help with accountability after Larry's secret arrest and death are at this link:

New World Order Nullifies Constitutional Rights for Neal Family 

Online submissions are regularly attacked by cyberstalkers, deleted from the Internet, pictures and comments removed from articles, and more.  My emails are also attacked.  They are monitored and deleted at will, before or after I read them.  At least one round of emails were changed even after some of  the recipients had read them.  There are printouts and witnesses.  This petition itself is an example of censorship.  The tab for "video" was deactivated on the menu to add media.

Yahoo announced that it bounced over 2,000 emails intended for my receipt within two months (since mid-April), when I announced plans to organize a march to support prison reform as proposed by Sen. Jim Webb (VA-D), who introduced The National Criminal Justice Act of 2009, calling for a national commission to "undertake a top-to-bottom review of our entire criminal justice system."  The Yahoo account was suspended daily due to illegal tampering.  The announcement for the march is at this link:


After the Yahoo mail account takeover, I began using Google mail.  It was attacked this week, and certain alphabets are not allowed to register in the addressee line.  The letter "t" is was disallowed (at least for some addresses), and perhaps other alphabets are also prevented.  Delayed or no delivery happened to email notices sent using Care2 email to notify friends about the article at the link below:

KATHRYN JOHNSTON MURDER:  Atlanta Police Refuse to Release Records   -


All notices and requests to the police, FBI, USDOJ, and the courts for relief from the cyberterrorism, censorship, and in-person stalking have been met with no responsive action whatsoever,
just as our request for records from the USDOJ under the Freedom of Information Act has not been met with the release of records, despite promises from the USDOJ that response would be had before the end of June 2009.


When I write articles, huge spaces appear on the public view, but the html view shows hundreds of "queries" that I have been given no explanation about.  I assume they are agents of those who censor my input.  An example can be seen in this blog in her Care2 Sharebook:

Larry Neal's death while under secret incarceration and his wrongful death attorneys' fraud to help the jail should be met with due process of law.  My right to free speech and freedom of press deserve protection.  Attacks against exercise of those rights and stalking are illegal, and should be addressed by law enforcement.  

THE UNDERSIGNED request that America's justice system grant Larry Neal's family due process of law, protection from cyberstalking, censorship, and endangerment.  

THE UNDERSIGNED  request that the USDOJ release responsive documents relative to Mary Neal's Freedom of Information Act Request, as required by law.

THE UNDERSIGNED further request that the USDOJ conduct investigations regarding the secret arrest and death of Larry Neal and investigate any parties who may have interfered with his family's right to know what happened to this mentally and physically handicapped American and deny his family due process of law following his demise while secretly incarcerated in Memphis Shelby County Jail.


The Undersigned

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE PETITIONERS for your support as you petition the USDOJ for my protection and free exercise of  First Amendment rights.

The Government refuses to tell what happened to Larry Neal and why.  I am stalked, censored, and terrorized but denied police intrvention because I ask for accountability.  This is very Chinese of those in authority.  We are frightened and remain home like Ann Frank or runaway-slaves in the Underground Railroad.

Please note the number beside your name
when you sign the petition and check back occasionally to see the support grow, as well as to ensure that your name was not deleted.  (This frequently happens on human/civil rights petitions.)  Please share the petition with your friends.  Whether or not they support it by signing, it is important for people to know that some citizens are being thusly treated. 

8/6/09 UPDATE - The attack got worse today.  I wrote a series of articles about Michael Jackson, but they were actually a protest against enforced H1N1 vaccines.  They are wildly popular and were read by 40,000 people.  As my articles gained popularity, rather than the site where I publish - NowPublic - being pleased over the increased traffic to its site, technical staff there admitted to being behind the deletions of my articles and comments and photographs and suspended my membership. 

Regarding this petition, A friend tried to sign three time and could not.  Everything concerning Larry's secret death and his family's justice quest is kept out of mainstream news, and his family's online efforts are met with cencorship, intimidation, and endangerment.  However, there may be some safety in having many people know about this, so please share widely.  Try to sign, and if they prevent you or later delete your signature (as happened for some signatures on Larry's PETITION FOR DOG JUSTICE), you will know more about life under Big Brother.  I have been "under" him for a few years now.  The cover-up continues.  See  
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I was not able to sign the petition, I tried several times. _________________________________________

Evidence and documentation for some of the censorship can be viewed in my Care2 Sharebook.  I often copy evidence and share it there, and numerous posts in the Sharebook itself were attacked. For example, if you attempt to copy/paste my Shares to a Word document, some data is coded not to paste.  Some entries have been coded not to print, also.  See the blog at 


The Cochran Firm Fraud Videos 1 and 2
Video 1 - 
Video 2 -


The commercial video above was released on 2/17/09, just a week after USDC dismissed our lawsuit against The Cochran Firm.  The Cochran Firm claimed in court it had no office in Georgia.  Perjury allowed.  Six months after saying that in GA Sup. Ct., the firm contracted with the family of Kathryn Johnston, the black 92-yr-old woman Atlanta Police killed. 

I believe my work uncovers a plot to deny due process of law to minority citizens in certain death-by-police cases.  Former Cochran Firm attorney, Shawn Holley, revealed deliberate substandard legal work by the firm,  but it is apparently worse than she knew in that the scheme seems to involve many parties in positions of power:


Evidence regarding the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal and denial of due process of law are available at the DOCUMENTS tab at

Contact  - P.O. Box 7222, Atlanta, GA  30357

* If you want the link to this petition, browse for it.  The link I placed here was attacked, so I removed it.

Mary Neal


Content and comments expressed here are the opinions of Care2 users and not necessarily that of or its affiliates.


Mary Neal
, 5, 2 children
Atlanta, GA, USA
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