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Feb 20, 2013

Dog Justice is needed for Americans

CoIntelPro prevents this tweet from posting at my Twitter account, where I am @koffietime

@TampaSeniors @righttolife @NAMIOC @Delaproser DHS Target Practice: Pregnant Women, Children, the Elderly #guncontrol

It appears that while Americans are subjected to gun control, the Department of Homeland Security is training shooters to kill non-traditional targets - pregnant women, old people, and little children. It probably requires practice to acclimate security forces to shooting such Americans. Read more about this if they let you at "DHS TARGET PRACTICE: Pregnant Women, Children and the Elderly" in the DogJustice blog

I repeat for all who do not know what our home is becoming. Other February 2013 tweets are below:
CoIntelPro prevents this tweet from posting at my Twitter account, where I am @koffietime

@TampaSeniors @righttolife @NAMIOC @Delaproser DHS Target Practice: Pregnant Women, Children, the Elderly #guncontrol

It appears that while Americans are subjected to gun control, the Department of Homeland Security is training shooters to kill non-traditional targets - pregnant women, old people, and little children. It probably requires practice to acclimate security forces to shooting such Americans. Read more about this if they let you at "DHS TARGET PRACTICE: Pregnant Women, Children and the Elderly" in the DogJustice blog
Caffeine from @koffietime
  • @ggreenwald @joanwalsh I wish CoIntelPro would allow me to get my Guardian password in my gmail account: #censor

  • God appointed Jesus heir of all things and through him he made the universe - Heb 1:2 (please retweet)

  • @RippDemUp Right-to-Lifers should care abt people who cleared the birth canal on death row in Alabama, incl Thomas Arthur, innocent per DNA

  • Alabama GOP Moves Closer To Shutting Down The Last Abortion Clinics In The State #p2

  • Salon/@JoanWalsh: "Study finds 'liberals' more likely to favor targeted killings once they know it’s Obama's policy"

  • @PFADP @ncadp Warren Hill got a stay of execution. Don't you want to Shout?! See @AJC rpt #God

  • @Twitter I wish you would lock my followers in unless they request to leave. CoIntelPro removes them, and the mentally ill need them all.

  • @PFADP I have done what I could 4 #WarrenHill , a retarded man who sinned like we all have. Heaven help him & us

  • @NAMIOC GA may kill a mentally challenged man today: Warren Hill. Killed Rhode in 2010. NY is rounding up "the nuts"

  • @googlechrome They were desperate to control where and what I could say to help #WarrenHill. GA says the retarded man dies tomorrow. #DP

  • @googlechrome The stalkers made the new computer go black for a moment, then I had to sign on as a guest. CoIntelPro is my administrator.

  • @googlechrome Sad news. I had hoped for net freedom to help#WarrenHill. CoIntelPro took over my new GoogleChromeBook in less than 1 hr.

  • Hello, @VictorHoustonBP Like Nazi Germany, they're rounding up the mentally ill: "Scoop the Nuts" Minorities next?

  • Thanks for RT @FRamabama @Delaproser @SVOS007 @NAMIOC@BIG_GOV Thanks @Prisonwatchint and @WeRalldoingtime for sharing my articles & tweets.

  • Welcome @Ogoing @A_BetterDivorce @foxcat44 Did my cyberstalkers let you stay @RealFarrahGray ?

  • America cannot go on this way. Killing mentally challenged people and relying on God to bless us. Please obey God. Have mercy on#WarrenHill

  • @GovernorDeal Please Governor, please, please save Warren Hill. Please have mercy, sir. @iSupremeCourt Justices, please help Warren Hill.Pls

  • Warren Hill, I play "Jesus Is Love" for inmates facing death. I'm so sad 4U I have no words and neither does the

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    Posted: Feb 20, 2013 1:55pm
    Mar 22, 2009

    PHYSICAL INJURIES, deformities, and limitations such as blindness can be perceived easily and addressed medically, although those who are thus afflicted frequently have lifetime impairments that require ongoing treatment.  Mental scars after wars and other traumatic events can also last a lifetime, and people who suffer enormous mental agony after harrowing experiences also need professional attention and special allowances for their conditions.


    homeless on the corner
    Homeless Veterans with PTSD
    (Click on picture to see gallary)


    People who are blind, paraplegic, or have other physical limitations usually find the public to be sympathetic to their physical handicaps, and society makes allowances to benefit those who are physically afflicted.  There are laws to ensure that public buildings are wheelchair accessible.  News broadcasts and many other television shows offer the option of having the printed text running at the bottom of the screen for the sake of hearing-impaired viewers, and sign language is commonly used in public meetings.  Many books are available in Braille, and large libraries usually have a Braille section.  Handicapped parking spaces are reserved for people with mobility issues, and these set-aside parking spaces are protected by levying heavy fines against people who use them illegally.  All of this and more is done to help enable physically impaired people to function better in society.


    Mental dysfunctions are not perceived with the naked eye, as physical handicaps are.  After wars and traumatic events, victims of PTSD may find immediate help and sympathy among family and friends.  Counselors are made available to people who live through plane crashes and other catastrophic events because everyone understands that profound tragedies can cause those affected to be mentally and emotionally scarred.  People who need help adjusting after losing loved ones are encouraged to go through grief counseling.  However, the outpouring of sympathy and understanding has a short timeline.

    Society seemingly lacks the willingness to make long-term allowances for mentally afflicted persons' inclusion in regular society that it makes for people who are physically handicapped. Instead, people who suffer extended psychological damage are expected to "snap out of it," and "pull themselves together."  Individuals who "go crazy" after falling victim to permanent psychological damage are likely to eventually be treated like most other mentally ill people in society and are eventually given the same three options:  homelessness, prison, and death. That is why America's inmates and homeless population includes many veterans from the Viet Nam War, the Gulf War, and other conflicts.

    Iraq War Memorial in Mass.
    Many soldiers who saw
    their comrades die suffer PTSD


    Below is an excerpt on Posttraumatic Stress Disorder from Wikipedia: 

    Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to one or more traumatic events that threatened or caused grave physical harm. 

    It is a severe and ongoing emotional reaction to an extreme psychological trauma.  This stressor may involve someone's actual death, a threat to the patient's or someone else's life, serious physical injury, an unwanted sexual act, or a threat to physical or psychological integrity, overwhelming psychological defenses. 

    In some cases it can also be from profound psychological and emotional trauma, apart from any actual physical harm. Often, however, incidents involving both things are found to be the cause.


    A STUDY SHOWS that 54.1% of soldiers who were involved in the Balkans conflict have mental health issues.  An article about that study is at the link below:
    Balkans: A Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Study  

    The Obama administration announced that American troops will be withdrawn from Iraq by 2011.  Our soldiers will transition back home, and many of them will be no different from the Balkan soldiers, among whom 54% were mentally damaged by their war experiences.  Our soldiers who exited recent conflicts in the Middle East already have a heightened suicide rate.  Additionally, many ex-military personnel, like other civilians with mental health issues, have a propensity to use drugs and alcohol in efforts to "get their heads on straight." 

    Two American Soldiers
    Two American Soldiers

    By 2011, American soldiers in Iraq
    are coming home; 54% may suffer PTSD


    Think of the rate of soldiers who are likely to be affected by PTSD according to the Balkan study:  54.1%.  Hopefully, a good many soldiers who transition back to the United States from Iraq by 2011 and are suffering from PTSD will avail themselves of the mental health services offered to them.  The U.S. military has taken steps to increase and improve services offered. 

    Some returning soldiers will be able to meet society's expectations of people who have endured trauma and "pull themselves together."  Some will adjust in a short amount of time to civilian life.  They will have the support of family, friends, perhaps their churches and other community support.  Many of the soldiers were actually in the Army Reserve, and they should be able to resume their regular employment.  As time goes on, most sufferers of PTSD will experience reduced symptoms of the disorder over time, especially if they also get professional help.  But what about those who don't adjust after a short time?  What about our veterans who will never "bounce back"?  Many will be permanently afflicted mentally. 

    Soldiers who are amputees or otherwise permanently handicapped during wars get lifetime benefits and are afforded all of the allowances society willingly makes to ensure the inclusion of physically handicapped persons in society:  wheelchair ramps, reserved parking, special services for the hear impaired, and more. 

    QUESTION:  What is America willing to do for veterans who are permanently scarred mentally after serving in military conflicts?   Will we offer them the same pitiful outcome that is available to other chronic mental patients in America:  homelessness, prison, and death? 

    Approximately 1.25 million mentally dysfunctional citizens (including many veterans) are currently in prison because of offenses arising out of their mental illness.  Is this to be the eventual outcome for our soldiers returning from Iraq between now and 2011, also?  We need a program like Kendra’s Law in place across America.  Not only would Kendra's Law help our mentally challenged citizens who are in the civilian population avoid becoming prison inmates, but Kendra's Law would also help many of our veterans avoid becoming "prisoners of war" after returning home.  Kendra's Law is outpatient commitment for mentally ill participants that combines subsistence assistance and mandatory treatment for mental illness.

    Here is bill that has been introduced to improve mental health services to veterans of particular conflicts. One can track its progress through Congress online at

    (H.R.1544) : 'To amend title 38, United States Code, to provide for unlimited eligibility for health care for mental illnesses for veterans of combat service during certain periods of hostilities and war. '

    This bill is commendable and necessary to removing financial barriers to treatment for certain vets - a very important bill that needs to pass.  Keep in mind, however, that such legislation will not keep veterans out of prisons or restore those who are already in prison back to freedom and wholesome living like Kendra's Law can.

    Veterans suffering PTSD who break
    laws are subject to incarceration.  Many
    vets are already behind bars along with
    1 in every 99.1 other Americans
    Hands on Bars in Shadow



    HIGH SUCCESS RATE:  Kendra's Law program participants in New York experienced over 80% decrease in incidents of homelessness, incarcerations, and re-arrests.  Over 80% proved success rate!  Kendra's Law works.

    Non-violent mentally ill offenders who are currently imprisoned should be immediately released under an outpatient sentencing law, such as Kendra's Law, thereby eliminating overcrowded prison conditions in one day.

    We already have the remedy to the high rates of homelessness among the mentally ill, high incarceration rates, and many senseless deaths that involve psychiatric patients who are not undergoing treatment.  Please call your representatives and let them know that you support Kendra's Law across America.  Homelessness, prison and death must cease being America's answer to chronic mental illness. 

    Psychiatric patients who were sentenced to prison for violent crimes should be transferred from prisons where they are inmates to secure mental hospitals, where they would become inpatients, as they should be.  They should be kept hospitalized for the length of their prison sentences, even if they were serving life without the possibility of parole.  Doctors should NOT have the authority to release mental patients who committed violent crimes.  That privilege should remain with the sentencing courts after the patients have been hospitalized for the minimum sentencing period according to their crimes.  This would prevent many relapses among psychiatric patients that endanger patients and the community.

    All psychiatric patients who commit violent crimes or nonviolent offenses and are released from prisons and mental hospitals should be mandated to participate in an outpatient commitment program like Kendra's Law - at least for the length of their parole or probationary periods.  If this is done, our rates of incarceration for the mentally ill behind bars will quickly become practically nil. 

    Psychiatric patients and society as a whole would be safer and costs to taxpayers lower with Kendra's Law applied across the country.  Give our veterans who are returning home psychologically scarred for life the help they need to avoid spending their lives homeless or as POWs in America's prisons.  Insist that Kendra's Law replace homelessness, prison, and death as America's answers to chronic mental illness.


    Link: Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill




    Support mentally ill Americans, including veterans suffering PTSD today.  Don't sit back and watch our veterans who voluntarily answered America's call for recruits return HOME to become POW's.  Call and write your representatives today and support Kendra's Law.  Replace prisons with inpatient and outpatient treatment programs for mentally ill Americans. Please send an e-mail for our vets with PTSD.  They did so much more for you:

    USA Flag  click the flag to visit our photo album, or use this link: 


    Statute - Soldier Carries Wounded or Dead Friend

    Statute - Soldier Carries
    Wounded or Dead Comrade



    Bridge to Springtime   Be someone's bridge today! 



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    Posted: Mar 22, 2009 12:41am


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