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Jun 17, 2009

I am on extended unemployment benefits.  I must be prepared to submit a report of my job search and am bound to apply for at least two positions weekly.  I want to share my cover letter with you.  I think it may be the most interesting cover letter the law firms ever received. If any of you have employment leads, just comment here and let me know, or just direct them to this letter.  To maximize hiring opportunities, I posted it at Craigslist, and if cyberstalkers move it, I will only re-post it.  Thanks. 

Dear Personnel Administrator: 

The attached resume is submitted for your consideration for immediate employment opportunities.  Regarding supervisory experience, I supervised the sales efforts of 120 Avon representatives.  For five years, I was an administrative assistant to assigned Project Managers on multi-million dollar paper mill engineering projects.  Besides general administrative support, I was liaison between the Project Managers and all engineering disciplines.  My duties included coordinating the secretarial effort for projects.  I also founded an online advocacy group to help decriminalize mental illness in America, called Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill ("AIMI").  AIMI has over 200 members operating on three networks.  Our primary presence is at Care2 at this URL:

At Powell Goldstein, where I was a legal secretary for five years, I  rendered secretarial and Help Desk assistance to attorneys and paralegals who worked from home after hours.  I was hired initially to help cover the workload and train secretaries during the firm's transition from WordPerfect to Word, because I am adept at all word processing software and various other programs used in law firms for timekeeping, docketing, e-filing, etc.

Much of my legal experience has been in secretarial floater and word processor positions.  Until March 2008, I was one of two floater secretaries at Womble Carlyle's Atlanta office.  I prefer the variety and challenge of floating rather than having a permanent desk assignment.  Since that has been the case for over 15 years, I have significant experience in many disciplines, including litigation (personal injury defense), corporate (mergers and acquisitions), IP, corporate real estate, and more.

Since leaving Womble Carlyle due to the firm's reduced need for secretarial staff, I devoted my attention to advocacy on behalf of the incarcerated mentally ill and a justice quest regarding my mentally and physically handicapped brother, Larry Neal.  Larry was secretly arrested until death in Shelby County Jail in Memphis, Tennessee on August 1, 2003.  Although the USDOJ was in overview of the jail during that period following suit against the jail by the USA due to the jail's pattern of abusing inmates, the USDOJ refuses to investigate my brother's secret incarceration and death there.  During the 18 days Larry was "missing," Shelby County Jail repeatedly lied to his social worker and family and claimed he was not in custody, which prevented Larry's access to vital heart medications.  Larry had contemporaneous arrests related to his mental illness, so his survivors assume it was intentional murder for the jail to lie and keep Larry from his heart medications.  Police were apparently tired of their enforced roles as caretaker to the acute mental patient. 

The USDOJ and I communicated extensively about Larry's death after his demise; however, in 2005, there were federal hearings to determine if Shelby County Jail should be released from federal overview.  Shelby County Jail never reported Larry Neal's death to the USDOJ, as it was mandated to do under the terms of the jail's Agreement with the USA relative to its lawsuit.  However, that is apparently fine with the USDOJ.  The DOJ apparently allowed perjury to be entered by Shelby County Jail during federal court proceedings for the jail's release from federal overview - reports that omitted Larry Neal's secret arrest and death, although USDOJ knew about both from our correspondence on the matter that occurred prior to and since the release hearings.

Like most employers, you likely have a need for employees with good communication skills.  Years ago, I was a presenter on America's Shopping Channel; I have a background in direct sales; and my advocacy for the mentally ill has brought numerous opportunities to be a television and radio guest.

Regarding my writing skills, I invite you to review my website, which I would like to update but cannot open on my home computer because of cyberstalkers who would likely use the opportunity to attack the website.  I am followed and accosted by numerous vehicles when I attempt to work at computer rental business (see our USDC legal case for an affidavit by the business owner who had to close her business for fear of the men who came for me): 

Wrongful Death of Larry Neal -
Please review my articles at NowPublic:
See my blog at
Although I am available for any employment, I would prefer to work from home.  When I used to exit Womble Carlyle at night, several cars would be waiting and follow me.  Last summer, they got bold enough to waylay me at businesses in my neighborhood, and the vehicles following me on one occasion included a USDOT truck.  Unfortunately, emergency 911 police did not respond during my hour-long siege at a Chevron station on September 27, which was very frightening for my six-year-old grandson and myself.  Neither will law enforcement investigate my stalking online and in-person, despite affidavits by witnesses to these illegal acts.  See my YouTube about one of these events at these links:


Look at the small album at my AIMI album link.  Click on the cover, and you will see the coffin ad that my cyberterrorist sent me one day when I posted something to my Yahoo groups that "they" did not like.

Basically, my 86-year-old mother and I stay home and live like Ann Frank during WWII Germany or like runaway slaves in the Underground Railroad.  Therefore, home-based work would be best.  I have a fully equipped home office, although viruses are on most of my hardware, and I cannot guarantee the privacy of your work that I perform at home.  Cyberstalkers are quite dishonorable, and they monitor every word I type.

I have excellent legal research skills.  In fact, I completed two pro se lawsuits against The Cochran Firm, neither of which brought justice.  In the first lawsuit, The Cochran Firm claimed my complaint was wrongly served to the office at 127 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA, because that law office that is prolifically advertised as being a Cochran Firm office is actually NOT a Cochran Firm Office and has no connection with other Cochran Firm offices.  Judge Wendy Shoob agreed with them.  Since judges can pronounce people dead who go missing for lengths of time, I figured they could also pronounce firms not to exist.  This is a link illustrating the advertising I mentioned: 

With NO Cochran Firm office in Georgia, I sued The Cochran Firm in USDC under the diversity rule, with Judge Timothy Batten presiding.  Judge Batten gave summary judgment to The Cochran Firm.  About three months before the end of the case, The Cochran Firm and Judge Batten started calling my BREACH OF CONTRACT lawsuit a malpractice lawsuit.  Judge Batten determined that The Cochran Firm was not responsible for my family having missed the opportunity to sue Shelby County Jail timely despite having only a 12 month statute of limitations in Tennessee and the fact that my family was misled by The Cochran Firm for 10.5 months about legal work they never even started.  The law firm had signed contract as Larry Neal's wrongful death attorneys with NO intention of actually working in his survivors' behalf, then let 10.5 months pass without doing any work whatsoever.  The firm hid the fact that its managing partner in its Memphis office was actually a Shelby County commissioner - essentially, our defendant.  Judge Batten determined that all of that was "immaterial."  You can see some of my legal writing by accessing your PACER account.  The case was Hattie Neal and Mary Neal v. Cochran, Cherry, Givens & Smith, USDC, Northern Dist. of GA, CA No. 1:07-cv-01935, filed 8/15/07. 

The pleadings you will find are not really representative of my abilities, however.  This is because after I would spend a week or more creating a legal brief complete with citations, cyberstalkers would delete the pleadings from my home computer, leaving me only an hour or two to recreate the document and file the pleading in USDC.  Frequently, I would find that my computer's A drive and CD/DVD player had been disconnected to prevent my being able to save pleadings on removable discs.  This made it impossible to keep my data safe.  (I am not allowed to be the administrator of my own computers - that role is repeatedly removed from me on every computer I plug in at home.)  Of course, it was also unsafe to leave home and work at computer rental locales due to the in-person stalkers.  Not being my computer's administrator is very taxing, especially since the Rules of Civil Procedure are online as Adobe documents, and cyberstalkers removed the Adobe program off my home computers.  I was not able to reload  the program since I am not the administrator of my computer.  Despite all of this illegal, unethical interference, I made it to the end of both cases, but found that my family's avenue to a jury trial was blocked by the judges' rulings.

It would be helpful be back in a law firm again partly because of the cyberstalking I incur using my home computers.  I used to stay after work and send emails and do research at law firms where I worked since Larry's death.  Although there were attempts to interfere with my efforts even in the law firms, I would simply move to another computer.  Now I have to pay to get my computers wiped clean or buy new ones, which is expensive, especially while living off mere unemployment.

Since we have an administration in Washington that believes in open disclosure now, we hope this will be remedied soon.  Therefore, if I begin as a home-based worker, it may some day be safe for me to commute to work, hopefully.  I believe part of my stalking is caused by the fact that mainstream media will report none of this; therefore, there is apparently the hope of containing this information.  I try to dispell that FUTILE hope every chance, praying that exposure will make things safer for my family members, some of whom have also been subjected to threats and other unpleasantness.

I function well where there is a demand for speed, efficiency, adaptability, and good interpersonal skills.  I understand the importance of teamwork and derive great personal satisfaction from my ability quickly assess the needs of my principals and meet objectives.  Please contact me by e-mail or phone to arrange a personal interview.  My phone number is xyz/xyz-xyzz.  Thank you for your kind attention to this query.  I hope to hear from you soon.

Mary Neal


HOW'S THAT?  Wish me luck!  Neither Cochran, Cherry, Givens & Smith nor Carlock, Copeland, Semlar & Stair (their attorneys) need bother to respond to this query.



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Mary Neal
, 5, 2 children
Atlanta, GA, USA
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