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Mar 2, 2010


This post centers on the Troy Davis case, which is important to all of us.



HELP Texas Moratorium Network, 3616 Far West Blvd, Austin, TX 78731 phone (512) 961-6389 -working to end capital punishment in Texas #prison


@Twitter Can U check yo security? I am disallowed from posting contact info for an anti-death penalty org in TX-50% of Americans want repeal


Anti-death penalty news and views are attacked online. At least 50% of Americans want the death penalty repealed. Hopefully, 100% of Americans want to use every means available to ensure that condemned persons are really guilty before execution, including post-conviction DNA testing. Irrefutable evidence of guilt before execution is not as important as it should be to some of our Supreme Court justices, prosecutors, governors, and members of pardon and parole boards. Before further tweets were disallowed at Twitter and I was bumped offline, I was able to post the following death penalty news:


  1. TEXAS 449 executions since 70's. 210 executions under Gov Perry. Michael Sigala dies today. Please call Gov Perry at (512) 463-1782 #prison

  2. TEXAS EXECUTION DATES: Mar 2 – Michael Sigala; Mar 24 – Hank Skinner (DNA test denied)

  3. TEXAS EXECUTION TODAY: Michael Sigala

  4. Troy Davis Lawyers Cry Foul – link was provided to access Savannah news article reporting that prosecutors claim witness retractions in Troy Davis' case were inappropriately obtained by Davis' attorneys. Apparently, prosecutors want to ignore the fact that witnesses wish to withdraw their testimony against Davis. Davis was condemned for the murder of a Savannah police officer by witness testimony alone. Some witnesses later recanted their testimony, saying they were coerced by police into giving false testimony against Davis in his initial trial. Other witnesses tainted their testimony with conflicting stories. The only two witnesses left are a man that some people believe is the real killer and his friend.

    Wikipedia reports that one dark night in the Deep South, 1) A man was at the crime scene with a gun. He chased a homeless man from a diner where Troy Davis and some other young men were eating. He was teasing the homeless man. Troy Davis and other young men went to see what was happening when the homeless man was chased from the diner. The homeless man cried for help. Officer McPhail responded to the homeless man's distress call, and the off-duty police officer was shot.

    2) The man hired an attorney and went to the police to give a report. He reported that Troy Davis shot Officer McPhail. He denied having a weapon

    3) Troy Davis' home was searched for a weapon, and no pistol was found.

    4) The man later admitted to police that he did have a weapon, but claimed to have lost it. Therefore, his pistol was not available for ballistic testing. Read the full account at Wikipedia. Also, visit Troy Davis' website or Amnesty International online for more details about the wrongful conviction of Troy Davis.

America has experienced a record number of foreclosures within the last five years. Most people who find themselves without a home reside with relatives or friends until they recuperate financially and are able to shelter themselves. Chronically homeless people who live on the street long-term because they are not welcomed into the homes of family members and friends are usually mentally ill and/or substance abusers. Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (“AIMI&rdquo members advocate for the mentally ill. We appreciate Officer McPhail, who sacrificed his life in service to his community. Officer McPhail was not guarding the diner but another business when he hurried to respond to a disadvantaged citizen who was being harassed and threatened. If Officer McPhail had ignored the homeless man's distress call, he might be alive today. It is therefore very important to grant Troy Davis a new trial to ensure that Officer McPhail's death is attributed to the real murderer. Every murder victim and his survivors deserve justice. Justice can only be served by punishing the right party for the crime. I agree with other abolitionists that even then, capital punishment should not be used.

It seems strange that Savannah police officers and prosecutors are not as anxious as Troy Davis' supporters are to re-examine the merits of this case in a new trial where Davis could prove his innocence or allegations against Davis could be validated. But although Davis was arrested and condemned based on scant evidence, questionable witness testimony that has largely been withdrawn, the condemned man's quest for a new trial based on substantial new evidence has continually been denied. In fact, it is a miracle Davis is still alive. He has had three close calls with the lethal injection table but was granted a stay of execution each time. Despite the lack of surety that Georgia convicted the right man, at no point has Davis been given a new trial to air his proof of innocence. Furthermore, Davis is under a gag order to prevent his divulging new information about his case to the public. The truth is the light – let it shine! Troy Davis and Officer McPhail deserve justice, and that cannot be achieved for either man without a Davis being granted a “fair day in a just court,” as he repeatedly requested.

The truth is the State has no proof against Davis. After years of public outcry against his execution by millions of Americans and world citizens, including dignitaries like former President Jimmy Carter and the Pope, as well as major civil and human rights organizations like Amnesty International and the NAACP, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in July 2009 that Troy Davis' case will be reviewed by a Georgia USDC judge who will determine if Davis will have another trial. Davis was prosecuted and convicted of Officer McPhail's murder off witness testimony alone. Witnesses later withdrew or tainted their testimony (except for two people discussed above). Therefore, the witnesses' admissions that they lied on Troy Davis should be considered in determining whether Davis will get a new trial. Nothing is new about prosecutors trying to keep Davis from finally having a “fair day in a just court,” as he pleads. It is standard procedure for prosecutors to do everything they can, sometimes illegal things, to get a conviction and to keep people in jail once they are sentenced. However, I thank God that some prosecutors agree with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who said true justice must take precedence over procedure. I will pray for the Georgia prosecutors who wish to discount the witnesses' admissions that they lied by saying their recantations were wrongly derived by Davis' attorneys. Prosecutors, police officers, and all people who love truth and justice should want to know WHAT HAPPENED TO OFFICER MCPHAIL, a peace officer who died as a savior for a homeless and probably mentally challenged man.


May God bless Officer McPhail's soul and shed light on how he died. Please give Davis a fair day in a just court and eliminate censorship that prevented the wrongly convicted man and his lawyers from presenting evidence of his innocence for many years. Move on the hearts of every man and woman in a decision-making capacity regarding this case to want justice over procedure. Your Word says the heart of the king is in Your hands, and You turn it the way that You will. Please give Savannah police officers, Georgia prosecutors, and Troy Davis' judge clean hearts and a strong desire to reveal the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Help them, God. Lead them into righteousness, Father, for Your name's sake. Save a poor, innocent, black man from suffering and dying without even getting to defend himself. Strengthen Davis' lawyers. Surround them with angels and send your Holy Spirit to guide them every step along this perilous journey toward justice. Please, Lord, let there be light. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

If you are not a Christian, please meditate on truth, justice, and light for the sake of Officer McPhail and the homeless man he protected as well as Troy Davis. Even if you believe Davis is guilty, please agree that no one should be executed based on beliefs that are not substantiated by proof. Execution is irreversible, and the damage that could be done to our confidence in the justice system could be irreversible, also, if millions of people who believe Troy is or might be innocent never get to hear his evidence. Truth and justice and peace deserve all of our support.

I have long feared that those who want to strip Americans of our constitutional rights might kill Troy Davis without a new trial hoping to spark civil unrest as an excuse to institute Martial Law. If Davis is denied a new trial, please stay home and pray for wrongdoers. Do not leave your homes. Stay home for peace and safety, as I mostly do since my introduction to “justice” in Georgia courts. Jesus is the Prince of Peace. People who wish to support Davis should do so now by writing letters, making phone calls, and attending rallies. Send donations to Amnesty International to help with Davis' defense and justice for other condemned people. Voice your opinions and support for justice now before the decision is made one way or another whether Davis will be granted a new trial. If things do not go the way you hope in this or any other matter (no matter which way you hope things go), please adopt the attitude of peace and non-violence that won great victories during the Civil Rights Movement. If Davis is denied a new trial, join me in begging Governor Purdue or President Obama for a pardon for him. Stay home and write emails and letters. PLEASE KEEP THE PEACE FOR THE SAKE OF US ALL. God bless America, all of our home. Unite around this one truth: Martial Law is dangerous for all of us and our way of life. Regarding that truth, we must either stand together as brothers or perish together as fools. (MLK) Remember that Troy Davis enjoys tremendous support from both Caucasians and Africans within America and around the world. Many people denounce racism and love justice. As my grandma used to say, “Don't be nobody's fool.” Please.

Blessed is the peacemaker.

Mary Neal, a/k/a MaryLovesJustice
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

Apr 17, 2009


Hopefully everyone will look at the Troy Davis case for what it is - evidence that we need to repeal the death penalty all across America.  The likelihood of innocent people being executed is too great.  If the justice system is so convinced, unlike most other people, that Troy Davis shot Officer MacPhail, why not have a new trial and allow the evidence to speak for itself? 

I do not think that courts in Georgia care a whit about guilt or innocence, right and wrong.  They make judicial decisions based on a completely difference criterion that has ZERO to do with the law and justice.  I do not base this assessment on the Troy Davis matter, but from my own dealings with courts in this state.  When the judges know that you would win before a jury and they don't want you to win for whatever reason, the judges simply refuse to allow your case to go to jury trial.  That is the Georgia way. 

The same thing happened in our case against The Cochran Firm for its fraud against my family after the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal in Shelby Co. Jail in Memphis. The Cochran Firm contracted as our wrongful death attorneys, then it worked with the jail and held our lawsuit against the jail INACTIVE FOR 10.5 MONTHS while writing us lying letters about the case going forward, while they did zero. What jury would have trouble deciding in our favor? None.  So Judge Batten of USDC did not allow it to go to jury, because he knew any jury would give us the case - ANY JURY.

The first judge to deny us a trial by jury (an American "right"), was Judge Shoob, in Georgia Superior Court.  She dismissed our case by claiming The Cochran Firm did not exist in Georgia - with the law firm open for business every day not three blocks from her courtroom and advertising on television, MARTA (public transportation), and all over the Internet.  See the information here:

Updated 4-3-09 - The Cochran Firm Fraud Continues Unchecked by the Courts

Troy Davis is to be pitied.  His lawyers researched laws and drafted pleadings and probably did a fine job arguing in Troy's defense, but they failed to realize that it would not matter if Troy could produce irrefutable proof that he was on the moon when the officer was killed.  If Georgia has decided to execute this man, the judges would not pay one bit of attention to proof that Troy Davis was on the moon when the officer died.  None.  Truth matters none in Georgia courts.  None.  The more proof one has, the less likely one is to get before a jury if they do not want you to win.

Support for new trials for convicted persons with substantial new evidence, like Troy Davis, and opposition to the death penalty are two of the 25 justice concerns that will be addressed at the first annual HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS MARCH in Atlanta, Georgia on May 16.  See information about that event at this link:

Human Rights for Prisoners March Planned for May 16 in Atlanta 

Background information, videos, and photographs regarding the Troy Davis case and his numerous close calls with execution are available at this link, including a heart-wrenching appeal for a new trial from this condemned man:

Other justice articles by this writer are available by clicking the dogs icon or using this link:

Your viewpoint is invited in the comments area below.

Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

For he hath looked down from the height of his sanctuary; from heaven did the LORD behold the earth; To hear the groaning of the prisoner; to loose those that are appointed to death. ~ Psalm 102


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Mary Neal
, 5, 2 children
Atlanta, GA, USA
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