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Jul 25, 2009
Does anyone know why the police officer arrested Harvard professor, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., once he knew the man was at his own home and was not a burglar?  Prof. Gates does not know either.  He said in an Oprah Radio interview, "I don't know of anything I could have done to justify Sgt. Crawley's reaction."  Hear Prof. Gates speak at this link:

What were the charges?*  I only read that the professor got irate with the police.  Reminded me of this lady - the great grandma who was tasered after refusing to sign a traffic ticket in Texas - white, by the way.  Some people think this is only a "black thang":

At least the Harvard professor was not tasered.  That's a plus for the officer.

It also brought to mind a youth director who was driving and stopped at a red light.  An old friend noticed him and ran over to say hello.  They traded a few words and shook hands.  When the light changed, the teacher drove to his home.  He was immediately accosted by officers who believed they had just witnessed a drug buy.  The teacher, a rapper artist called "Wise Intelligent," allowed himself and his vehicle to be searched and did not mind knowing that police were working hard to keep his neighborhood drug-free.  He teaches young people the importance of saying "no" to drugs, after all.  The thing is that the police arrested him, anyway!  I think they said he was irate, like the Harvard professor and the great grandma.  He became "irate" when the officers still cited him for "assaulting the police" or something, even though that was a lie and they knew it.  The story is here:

I recall the young man who almost became the first African American unarmed man killed by police in 2009 - the son of a retired pro football player who had a promising sports career planned for himself.  Robbie Tolan lost that position of being the first one killed to Oscar Grant (who was shot in the back by B.A.R.T. officers).  Tolan's bullet did not kill him, but merely hospitalized him.  He and his cousin went to get snacks in the wee hours on New Year's morning, and police followed them back to their home and accused them of driving in a stolen vehicle.  It was a nice vehicle and a nice neighborhood, like the Harvard professor - too nice for black people, apparently. Tolan and his family probably did not use a proper conciliatory tone of voice when the police were roughing them up in their front yard for having such a nice vehicle.  I think Robbie Tolan and his family became "irate" when the police officer shove his mom against the van for coming outside to see what the problem was:

What is the exact charge for "irate" attitudes?  Lots of people are being tasered and arrested for that these days, and in poor and minority neighborhoods, they are sometimes killed for it.  Luckily, the elderly woman was white, and the Harvard professor, New Jersey teacher, and Texas ballplayer were obviously people of means.  But if they had been poor people of color or mentally challenged citizens, they might have had a different outcome over their "irate" attitudes.  They got off light.  They could have wound up like 73-year-old Bernard Monroe in Louisiana -

So President Obama was wrong - it most certainly was not "stupid" for the policeman to arrest the Harvard professor for being at home.  It seems to be standard police procedure across the nation. Ask any of the folks listed herein, with the exception of Mr. Monroe.  He was at home, too, but he was no Harvard professor.  So he is dead.  They should all learn to do as my grandfather, an ex-slave, did throughout his life.  He lived to be nearly 100, until the mid-40's.  He always looked at the ground when addressing certain people and said "yassa."  That's safer behavior when encountering people who have power and authority, like police officers, and no one could ever accuse him of being "irate."

Prof. Gates may not realize it, but he got off light.  At least the police officer did not sodomize Prof. Gates with his Taser, like the Idaho man who did not want police officers at his home in February.  Read the AP news report about it here:   Idaho man sodomized by police Taser plans to sue” ... If it matters, he's white.

At the time of the report, the officer who sodomized the citizen with his Taser was still on the job.

Consider the Phoenix blogger, Jeff Pataky, who failed to give police the proper respect.  They raided his home, removed his computer and personal records while his female roommate was reportedly handcuffed for three hours during which time they ramsacked the place.  See it here: 

One thing is for sure - it is lucky for that Harvard professor that he did not have an accident and release gas during his "altercation" with the officer, like the Latino man, Jose Cruz, in this article.  He was charged with BATTERY against the officer for passing gas in his vacinity.

Maybe President Obama should speak with Attorney General Holder about the unwritten law against citizens having irate attitudes when addressing police officers, especially since some citizens get the death penalty for it at the scene of arrest.  This writer agrees with those who profess that Sgt. Crawley may not have arrested Prof. Gates out of racial profiling.  This problem is not confined to any particular race or age group, although the law against "irate" attitudes is enforced most harshly against young, black men.  The irate Texas great-grandmother could have been killed by Taser, and she is white and elderly.  I believe the Phoenix blogger is white, also.  Everyone qualifies for an immediate attitude adjustment if they do not address police officers with the proper deference, including Harvard professors.  If President Obama recognizes that these things should not happen, I hope he will continue to denounce them and ask Atty. Gen. Holder to talk with police officers about the difference between "irate" behavior and "criminal" conduct.

Police officers need frequent mental health evaluations.  They encounter a good deal of stress on the job.  Frequently, police officers are ex-military personnel, among whom there is a high incidence of PTSD.  Officers may need additional vacation time or temporary transfer to a position that does not bring them into contact with people under distressful circumstances.  Immediate drug and alcohol testing for officers should be done each time Tasers or gunfire is used against citizens. 

Mentally ill persons are frequently arrested like Prof. Gates was for displaying less than complete subservience to police officers.  Sometimes they react slower to demands.  If mental patients are in a heightened state of mental agitation, they may disobey commands altogether.  Therefore, they suffer arrests even when no real crime was committed.  Some officers respond by Tasering the mentally ill and beating them during arrests because police are enraged at the lack of respect they receive, and the mentally ill provide a safe outlet for police frustration. 

Consider this psychiatric patient's ordeal when told by police to zip his jacket.  He had done no crime, but he was beaten and arrested, perhaps for responding slowly or saying something that offended the officer on a short fuse:  RAW VIDEO

Police Beating Caught on Tape - Harmless Schizophrenic Victim

US Politics & Gov't 
SEE THE VIDEO: A schizophrenic man attacked and beaten by police. Ronnie Holloway did no crime when Officer Rios of the Passaic, NJ Police Dept jumped from a cruiser and beat him. The other officer tried to stop the beating, but Officer Rios . . . .

The cyberstalkers removed the link to the video when I posted it above the first time - actually, the link still showed in the edit field, but not on the public view.  They can do that - render certain text invisible for censorship purposes. 


Once incarcerated, the mentally ill face similar treatment from jail guards. Psychiaric patients' lack of understanding and ability to abide by prison rules usually eliminate them from receiving time off for "good" behavior.  In fact, their sentences are frequently lengthened or the mentally ill are relegated to solitary, gassed, or placed in sometimes deadly restraint chairs for breaking rules or not showing guards the respect that guards' egos require.   

The mental patient in this report was perceived as being disrespectful to officers when he did not open the door at Family Dollar where he was sick in the bathroom.  They pepper-sparyed him, Tasered him, and arrested him - AFTER they discovered he did not hear them knocking because he is deaf.

Just another one of many "beyond disturbing" stories.  May God help us all. 

Professor Gate's experience of being arrested although no crime was done is not anything unusual, although it happens less often to people of his stature.  I hope that having this happen to a dear friend, President Obama will be prompted to insist on CHANGE, and help spare American people from such unnecessary, retaliatory arrests that cost taxpayers money and infringe on the rights of citizens.

I teach young people that when addressing officers, they are to always move in slow motion, have absolutely NOTHING in their hands (mistakes have been made), say "yes sir" very clearly, and ask permission before going in their pockets for I.D.  My grandfather did not live to be nearly 100 by being stupid.  Take a lesson, Harvard professors!
* The reason I don't know the charges and other particulars about Prof. Gate's arrest is because my cyberstalkers have control of my browser, and they don't let me read about certain news.  The Boston Globe article would not open for me.  As a matter of fact, when I entered "Harvard Professor Arrested," my computer first went to the Google page with many newspaper articles, then it FROZE.  That happens when "they" are hiding something from me.  I had to log off and try again.  Then when I Googled "Harvard Professor Arrested," some of the newspaper accounts were not there!  One that was missing on my second attempt was the report or comment in the Philadelphia Inquirer entitled something like "We have not come as far as we hoped."  I guess if I want to read it, I will have to do so at another computer.  My BIG BROTHERS say no to my reading it on my own computer.  How do you like that?  Have you got Big Brothers, too?  If not, sit tight - you'll get your turn.  If you write about anything controversial, you jump ahead of the crowd.  Then you won't be able to post videos on Care2 any longer.  Never know what you might publish - maybe the truth!

Mary Neal

The Latino man who expelled gas near
police faced a possible sentence of
10 years imprisonment for battery
against a police officer.  Remember your
manners, Harvard professors!  No one
said you had to be committing a crime
to get accosted in your own home.  Ask
Kathryn Johnston's family.

Man Charged with Battery for Passing Gas Near Police Officer by duo 

Apr 15, 2009

This news was published via  See these links.

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Louisiana-73 Year Old Handicapped Man
Shot to Death by Police at His Home

"I just hope everybody behaves and don't use it as an excuse to start trouble," said Vanessa Efferson, 49, whose bookstore is one of the shops ringing the courthouse [about the police shooting death of the elderly black citizen].

Black man's killing by police shakes LA town

HOMER, La. – For 73 years before his killing by a white police officer, Bernard Monroe led a life in this northern Louisiana town as peaceful as they come — five kids with his wife of five decades, all raised in the same house, supported by the same job.

The black man's shooting death is attracting far more attention than he ever did, raising racial tensions between the black community and Homer's police department.

Police said Monroe was shot after he pointed a gun at them, though no one claims Monroe fired shots. Friends and family said he was holding a bottle of sports water. They accuse police of planting a gun he owned next to his body.

"Mr. Ben didn't have a gun," said 32-year-old neighbor Marcus Frazier, who was there that day. "I saw that other officer pick up the gun from out of a chair on the porch and put it by him."

The Rev. Al Sharpton, who helped organize a massive 2007 civil rights demonstration in Jena after six black teenagers were charged with attempted murder in the beating of a white classmate, planned to lead a Friday afternoon rally in Homer to protest Monroe's killing.

One comment to the article read:

Bernard Monroe was killed by police in Homer, LA. He was unarmed and handicapped. I know for many who don't wanna belive this can happen, they are hoping against hope that this handcapped elder did something wrong. Oh I know he didn't speak when the officers asked him to talk..Does that sound like a good excuse? From unarmed young men with their hands behind their back to handicapped elders, police terror continues . . . and still we have deafening silence from the good men and women on the force . . . We need more officers like the Chief in Dalls who spoke up and condemned the actions of his officers when they terrorized the footbal player.


by Mary Neal

Before learning about Mr. Monroe's death by police
in Louisiana and about the severe beating of a New
York mental patient by six (6) police officers who
responded to a lunacy call and proceeded to beat
the unarmed man in his bedroom while his familiy
listened with horror, afraid to intervene in the abuse,
I answered an email by Capt. Black, who feels that
not enough people are complaining to the "right"
sources about police abuse to end it.  Obviously, she
never read my website:

My family has found that one can launch a justice
quest and it go on for many years (5 and counting,
in our case) and tell many authorities, and still be
deprived of any just resolution. 

Capt. Black must be totally unaware
of the events laid out at the following link.  I am so
censored that it is not surprising she does not know
about the New World Order mandate to protect
prisons, jails, and criminality among law officers:

New World Order Nullifies Constitutional Rights for Neal Family 

I answered Capt. Black's post thusly:

The Captain sent us an article entitled "Cop Haters," and reminded people about the importance of making complaints to the right parties after abuse of power happens and not just complain to each other.  Her article link is at the bottom of this page. 

Hello, Capt. Black and Group Members.  Please read the
 data at the link below when you get a chance:


As you see from the link above, not everyone who complains about
  police violence is anti-law enforcement.

The idea that someone who complains about inappropriate actions by police is a "cop hater" is objectionable.  I know that many people do have a negative attitude about police officers.  I am grateful that before my family's trouble with law enforcement, I knew several very fine people who are police officers, and I have had positive encounters with helpful police personnel.  Whenever narrow-minded people encounter someone of a different race, career, lifestyle, nationality, etc., there is a tendancy toward fear and/or distrust.  The term "all" almost never applies to any group of people.  Many police have abdicated their oath to protect and serve, and many have not.  No one has an accurate count about how many police officers fit into which category. 

I prefer to think that most officers are decent, honest, and care about the citizenry.  The corrupt ones need to be weeded out, not only for the sake of citizens, but also for the sake of decent officers who must work with the corrupt ones and are afraid to tell about the crimes they do since officers who tell are ostracized on the job and subject to being hit with "friendly fire" during a conflict some day.

I agree with you that citizens should not just complain to each other when abuses of power occur, but they must take positive steps to effect Change.  I wonder if you are aware, though, of how often citizens do take appropriate steps to complain about police abuse and get no positive responsive action from those in authority.

With my articles at, I try to tell our justice system that it needs to Change.  Rogue officers equipped with Tasers and firearms threaten the cohesion of our social structure.  When they kill unarmed citizens, for example, there is the threat of social unrest that can make things bad for everyone - police officers and citizens alike.  If it is possible, we need to bridge the chasm between the communties and the police officers who serve them.  That simply cannot happen until those in executive positions over police officers start holding police personnel accountable for violations against citizens' rights.  Because this does not happen nearly as often as it should, resentment grows and the chasm widens, creating a more volatile relationship between police officers and the people.  

Problems between police officers and citizens stem from the justice system failure to uphold citizens' rights when they make allegations against law enforcement.  The failure to sanction, fire, and prosecute police personnel for criminal actions is what perpetuates the distrust and fear that police and citizens have for one another, and these feelings often grow into hatred.  The police captains, courts, and USDOJ must do their jobs and enforce respect for citizens' civil rights rather than sweep dirt under the rug.  The justice system must deal with criminal police officers the same way as it does any other criminals.  Clean up our police departments and improve life for decent law officers and citizens alike.   
Thanks for sending this article to us.  My ideas on how to improve police departments are more particularly discussed at the link, above. 

Mary Neal



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