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Jun 5, 2009

The cyberstalker got upset over the update for the article at the link below and hid the article behind the iron curtain in the EDIT mode. This is ridiculous, and censorship and/or cyberstalking must also be addressed soon.  I have requested that NowPublic please get it out and add the June 5, 2009 update immediately above the April 3, 2009 update.  It is ridiculous for the NP cyberstalker to try to hide that article.  It has been viewed by nearly 3,000 people, it appears on numerous legal sites and some attorneys carry it on their web pages. 


The lawfirm of Carlock, Copeland, Semlar & Stair has been notified of Plaintiffs' intent to sue that law firm and The Cochran Firm for conspiring to defraud Plaintiffs and two judges into believing that the Atlanta law office at 127 Peachtree St. Atlanta, Ga where initial lawsuit was served is/was not an office of The Cochran firm in order to illegally have the initial lawsuit dismissed by Judge Shoob of Superior Court of Georgia, and maintaining that farce to allow suit to be brought in USDC under the diversity rule, which required that no Cochran Firm office existed in Georgia. Other basis of suit will be named on the Complaint. Carlock, Copeland, Semlar & Stair knew or should have known that it was prticipating in a fraud and submitting perjury in state and federal court as Defendants' attorneys. Plaintiffs and judges believed the lie until this:

Plaintiff Mary Neal does not intend to run from cars and federal vehicles any more in regard to the conspiracy to deny accountability for the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal and The Cochran Firm Fraud. She will request to carry a gun and prepare to go Wild Wild West on the streets of Atlanta if she continues to be followed and accosted, since police refuse to do their jobs. Adventurous attorneys are invited to write to Mary Neal at P.O. Box 7222, Atlanta, Georgia 30357 or

A sense of adventure and appreciation for drama are needed because this is the most outrageous legal action ever. Defendants or somebody seem to be psychopaths who trained with the Taliban. For more information on the high drama involved, see this article and the comments thereto:

Mary Neal Requests Meeting with the USDOJ - Updated in Comments


If attorneys are interested in doing it for us this time, it would be a good thing if your firm also can address online interference with free press and free speech.  I wrote a share to President Obama and requested for him to loan me his cybersecurity cheif in this Care2 Sharebook.  He/she could learn much about censorship watching me work. 

Incidentally, attorneys, I would be glad to stop writing online about The Cochran Firm Fraud once we sign contract with a firm to handle the newest lawsuit.  Then it will probably be YOUR turn to be followed, harassed, and have your computer systems infiltrated and cybersecurity compromised. 

Opps!  My tags just disappeared from this Share.  Gotta put them back!  Busy day for cyberstalking!  I no longer put the details of my online free press infringements in this Sharebook in detail.  Keep informed about that at my new Care2 group:  Let Freedom Ring.  I have films and printouts.

Mary Neal


Dec 18, 2008

See Link:
MLK's Final Speech Fraudulently Edited to Change History?


I MADE A STARTLING DISCOVERY:   Rev. Martin Luther King’s final speech has omissions and substituted text in 18 out of 20 online sources I checked. The red brackets in the quote below denote omissions of text in most versions of Rev. King's “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” speech.  They omit Dr. King's reference to "illegal injunctions" that he and other human rights marchers faced.  The censorship force also eliminated his reference to "dogs and water hoses" that protestors had to endure. Dr. King delivered this famous address in Memphis, Tennessee on April 3, 1968, the day immediately preceding his assassination.  Rev. King was shot in the face as he stood alone on the balcony of the Lorraine Hotel on April 4 during a strike by sanitation workers in Memphis.  Memphis, Tennessee is not a good place to expect justice. 

Apparently Rev. King is being censored over four decades after his death.

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(by Mary Neal, all rights protected)


Here is the actual speech at the LINK below:

THE ONLINE VERSIONS AT ISSUE HAVE THIS TEXT IN 18 OUT OF 20 SOURCES I CHECKED. Errors are noted by brackets, and the related link appears underneath each misquote below.  See the article for the correct text! 

"All we say to America is, 'Be true to what you said on paper.' If I lived in China or even Russia, or any totalitarian country, [omission] maybe I could understand the denial of certain basic First Amendment privileges, because they hadn't committed themselves to that over there. But somewhere I read of the freedom of assembly. Somewhere I read of the freedom of speech. Somewhere I read of the freedom of the press. Somewhere I read that the greatness of America is the right to protest for right[omit "s"]. And so just as I say, we aren't going to let [omission] any injunction turn us around. We are going on."

There are many more examples of the misquote in online documents that are presented as being literal translations of Rev. King's "Mountaintop" speech. Because identical errors recur in online publications, this may be deliberate misinformation on the part of whoever supplied the speech to publishers. It would behoove anyone with access to the Rev. King’s entire collection of speeches on videotape to listen carefully for other misquotes being presented to the public.

During the 1970’s, Black History gained popularity in universities because African American history was omitted from or misrepresented in American History classes. My highschool textbooks of the 1960's and 1970's had little or no mention of slavery, for instance.

Laws barring the right for Rev. King and other demonstrators to peacefully assemble and petition their government for a redress of grievances were "illegal injunctions." Furthermore, dogs and water hoses were regularly used against demonstrators during the civil rights movement. It seems ridiculous for anyone to intentionally change Rev. King's speech to leave out those references.


Martin Luther King, Jr. and I seem to have much in common. His freedom quest ended in Memphis, Tennessee on April 3, 1968, by an assasin's bullet. Serious questions and allegations of a police coverup linger to this day. My family's justice quest began in Memphis on August 1, 2003, with my mentally ill brother's secret arrest and wrongful death while in police custody. Due to an elaborate cover-up, although it is now five years later, Larry Neal's family is not allowed to know why he was secretly arrested or exactly how he died. Authorities refuse to answer his family's simple question: Why and how did Larry Neal die?

Rev. King was a great human rights advocate who devoted himself to liberating oppressed people. He used the Word of God and his gift as an orator to make a positive difference in the world.

Since Larry's death, my family has established ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL, a human rights organization with an online presence on Care2 and other Internet networks. This writer spends long hours advocating for oppressed mental patients and their families, trying to save others from suffering as my family has by an unjust system of "justice."

Martin Luther King, Jr. was assasinated. This writer remains home day after day after being followed for months and accosted several times at businesses in her neighborhood by parties unknown. The stalking has been going on ever since Larry Neal's family successfully served a lawsuit to The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm for fraud, alleging that The Cochran Firm contracted with Larry's mother immediately following his death in order to protect Memphis/Shelby County Jail, then merely held the wrongful death lawsuit against the jail to linger inactive on the law firm's shelves while Tennessee's statute of limitations ran for 10.5 months (the statute of limitations on such matters is only 12 months in Tennessee).

The plight of African Americans living under Jim Crow and their quest for civil rights spearheaded by Rev. King and other African American leaders were ignored, met with violence by authorities, and censored in mainstream news until the civil rights movement became impossible to ignore.  Rev. King took it to the streets. Thousands of people joined Rev. King and the Freedom Fighters as they marched for equal rights under the law. The quest to render basic human rights and civil rights to 1.25 million mental patients who are presently wrongly imprisoned in America for reason of their mental dysfunctions may require a similar effort.  Just as Rev. King and his Freedom Fighters marched across the Selma, Alabama bridge, Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill members march across the Internet to alert the public of the injustice inherent in imprisoning rather than treating citizens for mental illness. 

It would be unfortunate if Larry Neal's family has to move our justice quest from the Internet and courtrooms to the streets of Atlanta (home of the Court-declared "non-existent Cochran Firm office) and Memphis to alert the world to the lack of justice rendered to mental patients and their families following abuses and deaths of mentally handicapped Americans. It is regretable if 40 years after Rev. King's assasination, it still takes public demonstrations to secure human rights and justice in America, especially when those victimized are African Americans, like Larry's family, or tens of thousands of families of whatever race who have loved ones similarly victimized for reason of mental illness.

All we say to America is "Be true to what you said on paper:  'One nation under God indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.'" 

Mary Neal

Author's Page:


Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill


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Mary Neal
, 5, 2 children
Atlanta, GA, USA
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