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Jul 31, 2010
Saturday, July 31, 2010 Johnnie Cochran Firm Defrauds Another Client and Sues Its Insurers
(18 paragraphs, 4 links) Tweet the cyberstalkers don't want to publish:  @BackTHATUp @MaxReddick @vlu77 The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm defrauds mo clients. Insurance co. refuses to pay up.

The Cochran Firm Frauds

The Johnnie Cochran Firm is at it again - defrauding its clients. 
Johnnie Cochran partnered with an Alabama firm two years before he died that is now using his name and reputation to defraud its mostly minority clients.  The Cochran Firm's insurance companies do not want to pay for the firm's illegal, unethical conduct regarding Ana Margarita Martinez.  I'm surprised anyone insures those frauds.  The Cochran Firm is now suing its insurance companies for refusing to pay for their dirt.  The insurance companies' executives ought to copy after The Cochran Firm and get the judges to declare the insurance companies NONEXISTENT to avoid trial.  That was The Cochran Firm's SUCCESSFUL defense when my elderly mother and I were defrauded by The Cochran Firm that took our lawsuit regarding Larry Neal's wrongful death.  That prejudice COINTELPRO law firm worked behind our backs for the jail where my mentally, physically ill brother was murdered after 18 days of secret arrest.  The managing partner of The Cochran Firm's Memphis, Tennessee office was himself a Shelby County Commissioner, and they took the case in a secret conflict of interest, then PRETENDED via U.S. Mail fraud to be working on our case for 10.5 months of the 12-month statute of limitations just to keep us from recovering damages.  The Cochran Firm then decided to claim it does not exist in Georgia, because that is where we arranged to become clients and served our lawsuit against the law firm for its fraud against the Neals.  They had judges declare the firm NONEXISTENT to protect them against our suit.   I never even thought anyone was that overtly crooked and walking around on two legs.  In the garden, snakes crawled.

The insurance companies deserve to lose their case and pay The Cochran Firm.  Any insurance company that is fool enough to insure A LAW FIRM THAT MAKES A HABIT OF DEFRAUDING ITS CLIENTS deserves to pay a big settlement.    If anybody can prove The Cochran Firm really sued the City of Atlanta, Georgia for those police officers killing 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston in 2006, please direct me to the lawsuit.  I looked for the case in Georgia Superior Court (Dozier vs. Atlanta) and did not find it.  I read that the murderous officers were ordered to pay Johnston's family back $8,000 funeral expenses, but what of the civil suit?  I am sure it never went to trial.  The Cochran Firm would never allow the case to go to jury where Johnston's family would have the best chance of recovering a large award. 

The Cochran Firm tricked the hell out of the Neal family while under contract as Larry Neal's wrongful death attorneys, because that is their real job -- spying on minorities and preventing justice for minority persons in certain cases.  Some consumer protection agencies refuse to take a complaint against The Cochran Firm, and others take the complaint but don't actually censure the firm.  I tried to picket the law firm in front of the office that courts declared nonexistent to dismiss our lawsuit last month, and two Atlanta police ran to The Cochran Firm's rescue.  Does that sound like something that would happen for any firm that really represented the "common man" like the firm claims?  The media works for the same agency The Cochran Firm does, so mainstream media will not warn the public that The Cochran Firm defrauds its clients to help police when they kill minority people and in other matters, then judges help The Cochran Firm by declaring the firm nonexistent when clients sue the firm for fraud.  I am surprised The Cochran Firm decided to pay the client any damages in this case.  Maybe the lawyers could not find any judges in Florida like the ones we have in Georgia to declare The Cochran Firm nonexistent. I'm confident they tried.  Or perhaps The Cochran Firm finds it safer to repeatedly use trickery and artifice to deny justice to a poor, elderly widow like my mother than they did Ms. Martinez, whose husband is a Cuban spy and runs terrorist cells.  Lawyers at The Cochran Firm are probably a tad more careful about how they treat people who have connections like Ms. Martinez has.  A working class African American family is an easier mark, especially with the courts and Department of Justice covering the unethical lawyers' backs.

Ms. Martinez, now you know why The Cochran Firm is opening Latino offices and had a case representing Native Americans last year that may or may not still be in court. 
Warn your people that playing minorities is their game.  Below is the story at Forbes about The Cochran Firm's latest fraud against its own clients.  I am sure there have been and will be others. I hope Ms. Martinez does not start being GANGSTALKED like I am since bringing suit against The Cochran Firm.  She may not know much about espionage even if her husband is a spy, and she has much to learn if she has to run from USDOT trucks, live with tapped phones, have stalkers following her online and in person, and deal with agents intercepting her phone calls when she calls for computer service so they can put her PC on an illegal domain they are administrators over instead of her  - all with police refusing to intervene on her behalf.  I am relieved Ms. Martinez accepted the small settlement from The Cochran Firm.  If she had held out for more money, it could have been bad for her - real bad.  I advise those insurance companies to pay up if they know what's good for them.  They probably have good reason to refuse to pay for another Cochran Firm fraud, but it is easier to pay damages than to deal with gangstalkers.  The insurance executives could have helicopters hovering over their rooftops like they are aiming bombs.  That is what my mother thought the helicopters were doing a couple of months ago when they hovered over our rooftop for 30 minutes after someone drew yellow, blue, and orange lines from our back fence to the middle of the street and outlined the front and both sides of our yard.  See the video at this link:

See information the Neal's victimization by The Cochran Firm fraud after the Forbes Report below -  

July 29, 2010 --  The Cochran Firm has sued two of its insurers for refusing to cover a settlement it reached with a former client who claimed the firm didn't help her recoup a multimillion-dollar judgment from a suit she launched against the Cuban government after learning her professed anti-Communist husband was actually a Cuban spy.

The firm's Miami office and one of its attorneys sued First Mercury Insurance Co. and State National Insurance Co. on Wednesday in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, accusing them of not making good on a claims-made lawyers professional liability policy they had extended to the firm.

The firm represented Ana Margarita Martinez in her lawsuit against Cuba, which concluded with a $27.1 million judgment in her favor after a judge found that the Cuban government had committed acts of sexual battery, terrorism and torture by facilitating spy Juan Pablo Roque's sham marriage to Martinez for the purpose of him acting as a double agent within the Cuban exile community in Florida.

In late 2008 Martinez sued Cochran and attorney Scott Leeds, alleging they had failed to properly represent her interests in collecting the judgment.

In 2001, when Martinez won her judgment against Cuba, Leeds told the Miami Herald that it could take years to unlock blocked Cuban assets to pass on to his client.  Leeds was not available for comment Thursday.

Martinez received $200,000 from frozen Cuban accounts in 2005 and has seized aircraft flown into the U.S. by Cuban refugees in additional attempts for restitution. In February, Martinez filed court motions to garnish fares from eight charter companies that do business in Cuba.

To resolve Martinez's claims against the firm, Cochran entered into mediation with the insurers' authorization to settle the claim, according to the instant complaint. Martinez eventually agreed to a $287,000 deal, a small price compared to the firm's potential liability, the suit says.

“Based on the insurers’ actions, including the explicit and/or implicit grant of settlement authority, the policyholders attended mediation and settled Martinez’s claim for less than 15 percent of the policy’s liability limits and for a fraction of the policyholders’ potential liability,” the suit said.

The insurers denied coverage under the policy, claiming that the settlement had not occurred with their consent and that they were not properly given notice of the mediation proceeding, according to the firm.

Allowing the insurers, to assert any limitations on the coverage now would constitute a FRAUD against the firm, because the policyholders relied on and have been prejudiced by the insurers' conduct and representations, the suit says.   Martinez's story hit the headlines in 1996, after her husband showed up in Cuba after Cuban fighter planes shot down two civilian aircraft that were operating a search-and-rescue mission for Cuban refugees.

Roque, who had worked for the FBI during his time in the U.S., announced his loyalty to Cuba after the shootings, and decried the downed pilots as having operated a terrorist cell.

The Cochran Firm is represented in this matter by Ver Ploeg & Lumpkin PA.  Counsel information for the defendants was not immediately available Thursday.  The case is Leeds et al. v. First Mercury Insurance Co. et al., case number 10-cv-22729, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.


Do you suppose The Cochran Firm made a deal with Ms. Martenez's defendant to protect Cuba from paying her $27 million judgment?  In our case, the law firm worked for its clients' defendants behind our backs, but perhaps Cuba has more honor than Memphis Shelby County Government officials and there was no such deal in the Martenez case.  Here is the link to another COCHRAN FIRM FRAUD
.      If any lawyers are brave enough, we would like to sue The Cochran Firm for conspiring to violate our civil rights working with our intended defendants behind our backs to cover up Larry Neal's murder and deny us due process of law.  Apparently The Cochran Firm did this defrauding the courts via hypnosis to have one judge rule that there is no Cochran Firm in Georgia and another accept a diversity rule case based on the lie.  Imagine that.  The Cochran Firm tricked judges into believing that the most famous, well advertised plaintiffs' law firm in Georgia did not exist.  Everyone thought I must have imagined the Atlanta office of The Cochran Firm, I suppose.  My murdered brother was mentally ill, so the stigma attached to family members of mentally ill people may have played a part in my perceived overactive imagination.  I thought The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office was at 127 Peachtree Street in the Candler Building where they do business every day under that identity, even while denying the existence of that law office in court.  The Cochran Firm denied the existence of its East Coast office in Georgia Superior Court and USDC (with the media refusing to report the farce) and committed other perjury to have the Neals' lawsuits dismissed.  But eight days after the USDC judge dismissed our lawsuit by claiming that it did not compromise our case against Shelby County Jail for The Cochran Firm to pretend to do legal work that was not actually happening for 10.5 months of the 12-month statute of limitations, the Atlanta office of The Cochran Firm blinked right back into existence!  It was like an "I Dream of Jennie" episode.  If you contract with The Cochran Firm, PLEASE DON'T BLINK.

Mary Neal


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Mary Neal
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