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Sep 25, 2009


    Re:  Police Taser Legless Middle-Aged Man in Wheelchair

You prevent some of my Care2 comments from automatically posting at my Facebook account like today regarding police Tasering a legless, wheelchair-bound black man and a 78-year-old white man.  (1) I asked police officers to please report when their partners do wrong. STOP abuse, even when the abusers wear a badge. (2) Cyberstalkers also stopped my comment from automatically going to Facebook when I warned people about the plan to equip SCHOOL POLICE with Tasers and turn them loose on our children, knowing that two 15-year-old Taser victims died within a month of each other in Michigan this year.

Cyberstalkers prevented those two comments I posted at Care2 News Network from automatically posting at my Facebook wall as they should. Cyberstalkers override my settings and THEY choose what can and cannot go to Facebook.  Similarly, they stopped the RSS feed from my Sharebook although it is still set to feed!

Question No. 1 -
Do we still have the Bill of Rights as law, or did they declare Martial Law yet?   If freedom of press is still the law of the land, why is that right not uniformly protected?  Like MLK said, America must "be true to what you said on paper."  These cyberstalkers violate my pursuit of happiness, too, because I am very unhappy when they interrupt my freedom of press!  Please make cyberstalkers stop censoring people, even those of us who dare speak against indiscriminate Taser use and prison profiteering

My second question, Mr. or Ms. Cyberstalker, is this:  When you prevent my comments at Care2 News Network from posting automatically to my Facebook wall, do you also prevent them going to the email boxes of Care2 members who elected to get email updates of the discussions at my articles?  I know the settings members have for their accounts can be overridden quite easily without visibly changing the member settings, which means members never know what they missed!  This is not limited to any particular Internet site.

I will have to remember to ask Care2 members about this on my cyberstalking videos.  They can check in their emails and see if you did prevent those messages like you prevented them from posting at Facebook.

Is censorship practiced in America?  "Only when there is something to hide."  Don't hide wrongs, correct them!



The Raw Story - 9/29/2009

In the months after 9/11, the Pentagon's research arm launched a controversial project known as "Total Information Awareness" - a massive database collating every available bit of digital information about, well, everything. After a public outcry, Congress defunded the project in 2003.

"But now, it looks like it's back, and this time in the hands of the FBI, under the name National Security Branch Analysis Center, or NSAC. A news report at Wired magazine says the NSAC has now collected more than 1.5 billion pieces of information, much of it from the private sector.

"And the data is being used "in hacker and domestic criminal investigations, and now contains tens of thousands of records from private corporate databases," Wired reports.

Massive FBI database set to quadruple in size!  


Frankly, whereas I would appreciate being able to write online without spying, that is not what bothers me.  Everyone should recognize by now that cyberspace is not a safe zone to put anything you do not want widely read.  But I resent cyberstalkers who are not satisfied merely to spy - they get INVOLVED in what I publish.  They delete links, prevent postings, remove what I already posted, prevent my RSS feed from this Sharebook, prevent Care2 News Network comments from going automatically to Facebook whenever they please, etc.  JUST CHILL AND SPY, WHY DON'T YOU?  My goodness!


Mary Neal
P.O. Box 7222
Atlanta, GA  30357


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Mary Neal
, 5, 2 children
Atlanta, GA, USA
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