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Jun 19, 2009

Censorship team, I do not plan to post anything on the web for a couple of days.  I have a few other things to do.  Unless your boss keeps you busy sabotaging other people's input,  you can take a break for yourselves.  I don't know how y'all work.  Are you in a computer room like air traffic controllers with each of you cyberstalkers given specific people to monitor and censor on the Internet, or are you assigned to a specific network?   

If I am your primary target, I recognize that you know how to hide this message so your boss won't know you have free time.  You are good at hiding my Internet posts, except that I often catch you and film it.  I advise that you not hide this, because I might just do that.  Instead, why not hide this link only on your employer's computer.  Or prevent the link from operating like you do sometimes to me.  If you prefer, just leave the link visible, but re-direct your boss's connection away from this link if he/she tries to connect.  I am beginning to know the censorship methods you use, if not the methodology.  I wonder if it ever crossed your employers' mind that you are likely monitoring his input, also.

In any case, I am taking a break partly because my writing is not doing as much good as I hoped to increase compassion for inmates and improve the higher-ups' sense of justice.  Maybe if you cyberstalkers left my input alone, it could help more.  

I am disappointed that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against post-conviction DNA testing this week.  That was sad for many hopeful prisoners.  The Innocence Project reports that hundreds of incarcerated applicants requested the program's assistance getting evidence tested using DNA testing methods that were not available when the inmates were convicted.  My assumption is that guilty people would not rush to get a foolproof test to cement their guilt, so most applicants for DNA tests may be innocent.  Too bad for them.

There are a couple of more interesting facts to pass along, and I put them in the article at the link below.  (CARE2 FRIENDS, IS THE LINK STILL THERE?)

Troy Davis and Darrell Lomax - Prove Their Guilt Before Execution! 
A New Study Shows the Death Penalty Is No Crime Deterrent

Have a nice weekend!

Not you, cyberstalkers.  Everyone else.



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Posted: Jun 19, 2009 6:27am
Jun 7, 2009

My cyberstalkers are so busy and the censorship is so intense that the Care2 group I created to record the censorship so as to refrain from taking up my blog and AIMI with it is itself censored! 

I put

Only the blog where I announced the new group denouncing censorship could be found.  Isn't that fierce censorship? LET FREEDOM RING, CYBERSTALKERS!  GET ON TO CHINA OR SOMEPLACE!

Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill


Articles (published under great trials!  Somehow, the photos I use are sometimes made avail. on the web at the link that appears, not the articles themselves)


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Posted: Jun 7, 2009 10:26pm
Apr 28, 2009

Please note this news


MY ARTICLES HAVE GOTTEN TO BE LIKE THE ATLANTA OFFICE OF THE Johnnie Cochran Firm - now you see them, now you don't.
  My article entitled "Mary Neal Requests Meeting with the USDOJ" was just deleted by "tech difficulties" at NowPublic immediately after I was off the phone with the FBI and with the USDOJ and referred them to that article for information on this case -- secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal, which was followed by the biggest conspiracy since JFK The article makes it quite clear that the USDOJ itself is complicit in the coverup after Larry's death.  Immediately, "tech difficulties" hit.  Others were affected by the issues, but as far as I know ONLY MY ARTICLE at NP disappeared

If this were a democracy, prisons and jails would not be able to do whatever they please with people.  For instance, when Pennsylvania judges were indicted for taking $2.6 million in kickbacks for sending poor children to a private detention facility, do you know who got no criminal charges? 

Who paid the Pennsylvania judges their illegal kickbacks? 

Was anything done to prosecute the ones who orchastrated the Pennsylvania kickback scheme? 

What we seem to have is a system where many facilities warehousing the 2.3 million people imprisoned in America are run by criminals.  Mental patients are abused and some, like Larry, are killed.  Other prisoners - not just mental patients - claim to have been tortured inside America's jails and prisons.  Some of it was captured on film:


Cochran Firm Fruad 1 and 2 Videos, and others are at this link:

TITLES:  Torture in American Prisons, Tasering Death of Inman Morales, and more
(Beware - graphic violence, nudity, and death) 

Here is the error message I got I tried to submit this news to Care2News.  I have asked Care2 repeatedly if there is a security breach.

The format o
f the URL you have entered is bad. Please be sure that the URL looks similar to:


    HERE IS THE TEXT OF THE DISAPPEARING ARTICLE, which is updated in the comments to the article at this link:


    What happened to Larry Neal?"
      Asking that question may get you followed, waylaid in neighborhood businesses while deprived of police assistance, stripped of your First Amendment rights to free speech and free press.  If you dare to ask it, here are a link and email address:


    USDOJ eMail:

    Read the comments below for an update on this continuing justice quest and the drama that scares our family as we plunge ahead attempting to find resolution and publicize the unfolding sega to promote safety and justice.  To see some of the drama, read the police report at this link:

    Freedom of speech and freedom of press are constitutionally recognized privileges. However, Mary Neal is being prohibited from using email today. She tried to send a number of messages out via Yahoo carrying the license numbers for her new and interesting neighbors, who took up residence in seven foreclosed homes in her immediate proximity within the past few months, people who used mostly drive-out tags until recently.  One example is this article.  Last night I added Cochran Firm Atlanta Office video for this article and got the “video loaded” message.  However, it is not at the footage tab now and does not appear to be in the NP library.  It was substituted with the firm's tractor trailer truck video.  As Frederick Douglas said, “To suppress free speech is a double wrong. It violates the rights of the hearer as well as those of the speaker.” 

    Since emails sometimes are inexplicably removed from Mary’s Yahoo email box, she wanted her friends and some family members to also archive the license numbers, just as much relevant information is archived by others.  However, she was not allowed to send them from Yahoo or her Care2 email systems.  Last week, emails from her account associated with did not reach the intended parties, either.

    Things are more intense now, perhaps because the Neal family holds a Court Order issued to dismiss our lawsuit against The Cochran Firm which disclaimed the law firm has any office in Georgia.  That may be inconvenient, because on February 17, The Cochran Firm published a YouTube video advertising its Atlanta office to the whole wide world, which it never stopped doing, actually. The VIDEO is at this link:

    The Georgia Superior Court's dismissal supported the Atlanta law office's false court claim that the Neals served their lawsuit wrongly, because there is NO COCHRAN FIRM OFFICE IN GEORGIA.  The widely-advertised Cochran Firm office at 127 Peachtree Street in Atlanta was no part of the Cochran Firm at all.  In fact, the Neals were allowed to file suit against The Cochran Firm in federal court in 2007 on the premise that no Atlanta office exists (diversity).  It seems to be a case of "Oh what a tangled web we weave."  

    Meanwhile this writer and her 86-year-old mother get threats via email and live under self-imposed house arrest for safety.  Now, we have all of these strange new neighbors.  Hopefully, Eric Holder's USDOJ will help untangle the web, because the Neal family does not feel safe even at home any longer despite many thousands of people in America and abroad having visited our website and read articles detailing the Neal family's justice quest.  This is thanks to online media like NowPublic and Care2News Network, because mainstream media will not report this news.  Many signed our petition for an investigation into the wrongful death of Larry Neal, a severely handicapped American who died after 18 days of secret arrest in Memphis/Shelby County Jail. (See 

    So the solution in some people's minds to be free of the tangled web is what?  Maybe not good.  Tonight the Neal family decided that this is a matter for the federal government to address, and sent the USDOJ an email asking for a meeting.  The Neals did not go to the USDOJ before because it is awkward to require assistance upholding one's rights from the very same agency that apparently played a large part in the denial of those rights in the first place.  When mentally ill heart patient Larry Neal died in Shelby County Jail in 2003, the USDOJ reneged on its oversight responsibilities. 
    But hopefully, the USDOJ has CHANGED.

    Mary has not announced her recent articles as much as she did previous works due largely to the increased activity at her new neighbors’ homes when she publishes.  When Mary uploads another article, the new neighbors’ lights come on,people start walking from house to house, and frequently more cars (often with drive-out tags) arrive between 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. Mary usually blogs at night to respond to her mother quickly whenever she has another nightmare about how Larry may have died.  We are not allowed to know why/how Larry Neal died.  For five years, we have been denied answers, records, and accountability about his secret arrest and death in Shelby County Jail.  

    Despite the reduction in promoting her articles, Mary always sends a link to her new articles to a number of people and small groups, giving at least 200 people access to her work via a links that she emails. Those emails which should have gone out via Care2 and Yahoo today did not, based Mary's non-receipt of the expected automatic responses from recipients via Yahoo.

    Because Mary writes about the wrongful death of Larry Neal, she seems to be the focus of the harassment.  Actually, the family agreed not to overwhelm the court process with all 130 of Larry's close relatives, not counting cousins.  That was an error.  There are considerable advantages in public demonstrations after wrongs, like Larry's jail death under undisclosed circumstances or Oscar Grant's shooting.  At least no one hopes to sweep Oscar Grant's death under the rug and victimize his family for making inquiries.  Some of Larry's younger family members wanted to do likewise, but Mary and others desisted,  not recognizing until recently that protest marches were still necessary for black families in America to get a semblance of justice after such tragedies. So Mary took her elderly, grieving mother to The Cochran Firm instead.  Now, the family is living under seige like in a foregone era.  "Foregone era" because the only way to get this article to many who might be able to assist is apparently to mail it.

    Mary was unable to send her emails from Care2 and NowPublic about 30 minutes ago. This is not unusual. When that happens, Mary sometimes ask Amy to send her news out via email. However, instead of Amy's email that Amy received had only commas, and each email address for the intended recipient had been deleted, and the dividing commas remained.

    This writer received several Yahoo emails this week that came from an unknown sender that she has blocked numerous times because she perceives the emails from that sender as being morbid and threatening. However, the emails from this party somehow get through Yahoo spam filter. Repeatedly this week, emails to Mary Neal asked about her plans for the weekend and promised her "surprises."  It was sinister.  Another one  showed a family being sealed in a sardine can, and one alluded to little boy' heads being held down in a toilet bowl. 

    Mary has been harassed ever since successfully serving suit against The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm, and her USDC Court file has affidavits from a neighborhood business owner and two other persons attesting to the harassment and her being waylaid in her neighborhood.  She has other affidavits and a security report issued by guards who saw her safely to her car after work between January 5 and March 1, 2008.  The affidavits and security report attest to apparent attempts to waylay Mary Neal after she exited work after 10:30 p.m. 

    The family feels the incidents are likely related to The Cochran Firm Fraud lawsuit because Mary lives quietly and has never encountered such harassment before.  Secondly, The Cochran Firm attorney Angela Mason told USDC the color of the vehicle that followed Mary after work most nights during January and February 2008, although Mary had told no one the color.  In fact, the intimidation has gotten so bad that Mary now stays home 24/7 to avoid her stalkers.  Her elderly mother hopes that no one storms our house like Ms. Kathryn Johnston endured, the 92 year-old-Atlanta woman whose survivors are/were also being represented by The Cochran Firm - six months after the firm was declared not to exist in Georgia by the very same court where Ms. Johnston's family would need to be represented - Georgia Superior Court in Fulton County.  Does this sound like The Matrix?

    Calling on police did not bring any satisfactory response - in fact, no response at all to Mary's 911 emergency call to police during the hour while she waited for police in her neighborhood Chevron store on September 27, after being followed there and accosted by multiple vehicles.  
    My terrible experience at the Chevron station happened just one day after the email and NowPublic article link below were published by  Mary hoped prior to September 27 that announcing a video would bring relief from her constant stalking, but it apparently had the opposite effect.  No longer did people merely follow Mary, but on that fateful night, they did not disappear when she reached a well-lit, heavily populated business like they had done in most previous incidents. Perhaps the USDOT truck that was with the stalkers that night gave them additional boldness.  


----- Original Message -----

From: "Mary Neal" <

To: <

Sent: Friday,
September 26, 2008 6:06 AM

Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10

Thank you for carrying the story of my brother's euthanasia in Shelby Co. Memphis Jail and The Cochran Firm Fraud.  We will RELEASE A VIDEO NEXT WEEK to defeat the censorship around this issue.  See the truth on - Search their "subject" field for "Mary Neal" to see many of my articles.  Our video announcement is under this story:

. . . NEXT WEEK we will tell America about Larry, The Johnnie Cochran Firm, the USDOJ, that refuses to investigate his death, and the conspiracy of lies and secrecy around his secret arrest and death.

Mary Neal


On March 7, with electronic communications apparently blocked at Mary Neal's usual sources, this writer contacted the USDOJ to arrange a meeting in person or by phone.  Hopefully, the cyberstalkers will let the mail get through.  The Neal family does not even use their home phone any longer because it works off the Internet, which seems controlled by the stalkers.  Most calls to our home number were rejected by the Controllers, as are emails to the website email boxes..

Mary feels that her Yahoo mail stoppage is the work of cyberstalkers who have controls on her PC, not necessarily the fault of Yahoo, itself.  She recently accessed her Yahoo email account from a computer with a different URL, and none of the interference that usually occurs happened.  In most cases, the same may be true of Care2 and NowPublic, as well.  However, control of control over Mary’s computer would not enable someone to steal the email addresses from Mary’s email to Amy after the email had been sent.  .And neither would it enable Mary’s emails to various Yahoo groups to be redirected to the groups’ spam folders.  One interesting cyber trick:  When Mary posts articles to Care2 groups, she sees them posted when looking at the group posts from her PC when logged in as a member, but when she has a second computer beside her on which she does not log into her Care2 account, her posts do not appear on the group sites.  That is elaborate censorship.


--- On Sat, 3/7/09, Mary Neal wrote:

: Mary Neal
Subject: USDOJ Comments
Cc: Undisclosed
Date: Saturday, March 7, 2009, 7:58 PM

I  need to make an appointment to speak with someone at the USDOJ about the matters presented in this Petition to the United States Department of Justice and the subsequent endangerment of my person and threats to my family. When I called the USDOJ to speak with someone about these matters last month, I was put on terminal hold. I recognize it was no doubt a very busy time for Washington, several weeks after inauguation.

Please let me know via return email or phone call xyz-xyz-xyzz how I can meet with you or speak with you on at least a 30-min. conference call. Please cc the individuals in this email when you respond. My personal email box suffers attack. Today I was unable to get an email out to my family and close friends that has the license numbers of my new neighbors. Within three months, all of the foreclosed homes on my street are occupied (about six in my immediate vacinity), despite the fact that I saw no For Sale or For Rent signs. This may have a resonable explanation, but the stalking incidents for which I have affidavits and other evidence that have occurred over the past 15 months have no reasonable explanation. And neither is there any reasonable explanation as to why the emails I sent to family members and friends with the license numbers of these new neighbors did not reach them.

(This petition is closed for signatures, but petitioners' signatures and comments can be viewed.)

(This petition is open for signatures and/or viewing petitioners' signatures and comments.)

Thank you for your attention to this request for the opportunity to speak with the USDOJ.

Mary Neal


Both videos that were made for protection after the Chevron incident are at the first link below.  If one consider the YouTube videos, the fact that the family's website averages 2,000 visitors  monthly (over 7,000 page hits during  the months when data is updated) as well as letters having been sent to most U.S. Senators about Larry in 2006, one will understand why the Neal family felt safe until recently.

Cochran Firm Fraud Continues Unchecked by the Courts

More about our ordeal is at these links:
Terrorism by souces unknown after lawsuit against Johnnie Cochran Firm

American Family Under Seige for Inquiring About Brother Who Died in Government Custody

The circumstance the Neals find themselves in is akin to being a victim of gang rape.  Basically every governmental and non-governmental control that should have protected Larry’s rights and his family’s rights after his secret arrest and death participated in the abuse.  After inexcusable, repeated abuse by a myriad of parties, it seems expedient to dispose of the victim.  But Mary Neal keeps alerting the general public to the abuse and that is inconvenient.  So an embargo is placed around her communication - except there is no way to effectively do that.  Stalkers should ask senators of the United States of America how they received news of Larry's secret arrest and death in 2007 - not by email.  Larry's family immediately shares every bit of information at their disposal with many parties like Mary attempted to do via email with the neighbors' license numbers, which had to be sent via regular mail instead

Those parties would release the films and records immediately if/when Mary's stalkers actually harmed her.  So then, instead of just a few publications, there would be a flood, as well as further legal action preceded by demonstrations that we simply did not realize were needed for justice after Larry's secret arrest and death.  In fact, if such a thing ever is necessary, you are invited.  Hopefully, the USDOJ can/will help untangle the tight web of deceit, censorship, intimidation, and numerous denials of justice that followed Larry’s secret arrest in death.

My family's position in 21st Century America is comparable to the family of Anne Frank in Nazi Germany or runaway slaves holed up in homes along the Underground Railroad in the Old South, because we dare to ask:  WHAT HAPPENED TO LARRY NEAL?

Now the public should understand why most of this writer's work centers around prisoners.



--- On Sat, 3/7/09, ASKDOJ

Subject: RE: USDOJ Comments
Date: Saturday, March 7, 2009, 7:58 PM

Thank you for contacting the Department of Justice.  This is an automatic acknowledgement that your e-mail was received.  It will be reviewed in the order it was received.


When I try to send an email about this matter via Yahoo mail, I get a certain error message immediately after hitting "send."  Then, I can call the email’s addressee a little later, and they report non-receipt although the message shows up in my “sent” file as having been sent.  Here is the error message I get:

Sorry for the inconvenience.

You've stumbled upon a temporary problem we're having with Yahoo! Mail. Usually this problem gets resolved quickly, without you doing a thing.

     ·  Try pressing the Reload or Refresh button on your browser, or signing out and back into Yahoo! Mail. Hopefully that will take care of things.

If that doesn't fix the problem, please try again shortly. The fact that you're reading this page means we've been automatically notified of the issue, and chances are we're working on it now.

     · If you think you've been more than patient and tried the tricks above, feel free to contact Customer Care about Error Code 2.

Thanks, The Yahoo! Mail Team

The Neals received the above message when sending the article you are reading.  When the Neals persist in trying to send articles after getting that messages, oftentimes, helicoptors used to start circling our home and more cars come to  my neighbors’ houses – usually using drive-out tags.  The helicoptors have not circled since DeKalb County, Georgia's recent changes in police leadership, although this writer does not know if the two are related.  Maybe police were only practicing maneuvers; however, so many strange things occur in addition to the threats and denial of police investigation, that this writer would rather appear paranoid and record the events than not.


-- March 17, 2009, further updated in comments section below large blank space --

While the Neals await a response from USDOJ, this writer and her 86-year-old mother continue to live under self-imposed house
arrest following stalking events that lasted all of 2008, until we learned to stay home, especially after the murder of Duanna Johnson, the transgender person who also planned to sue Shelby County Jail after her abuse there last year was internationally viewed over the news.  Her body was found just weeks after this writer was waylaid at Chevron.  (Google “Duanna Johnson Transgender.&rdquo

How horrible is it to be concerned because a utility truck worked on your water line?  That is what happened yesterday (March 17).  There was a water truck on the scene during two events when this writer was waylaid in neighborhood businesses last summer - after 10 p.m. the truck seemingly joined four cars of men at a Ms. Winner's for an hour while this writer sought safety inside (see our STILL UNANSWERED police report at this link:  So it was distressing to see a simple and likely harmless water truck working on our water line.  When one is suffering as we are, mundane, everyday occurrences like that are causes for concern, especially since we have gotten several death threats about poisoning the family and inducing slow cancers.  

Writing on the issue of Larry's secret arrest and wrongful death continues to be censored, i.e., data written for Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill is hard to post and frequently deleted illegally.  For an example of our work for the incarcerated mentally ill, see this post, which should make Care2News Network's Front Page by tomorrow:

On March 17, a virus was sent to the Neals' computer, probably to force Mary out of the house to go to a computer rental locale to type.  This happened before, and this writer was waylaid there by six cars of men and seemingly, one in a white truck (some license numbers are available, but police will not investigate).  See the affidavit by the computer store’s owner filed in our USDC case against The Cochran Firm.  Interested persons have to get a free PACER account to review those documents, which are public records (thank God!). 

But, the stalkers are mistaken if that was the plan.  We would not leave home if this computer is destroyed like the five others this year.  We would simply send to the pawnshop to get another one.

It is interesting when the very agency you must rely on for safety and justice is itself likely the root of one's problem.  But that was during another administration, and the Neals only hope that matters.  Hopefully, the USDOJ has CHANGED from these days:

UPDATE - March 31, 2009

I hope this is not a case of “The King Has No Clothes.”
  Perhaps electronic communication is particularly bad between Georgia and D.C.  The woman I spoke with in USDOJ’s Crime Department in February put me on terminal hold when I gave her the reason for my call, and we have received no response beyond the automatic email confirmations from the USDOJ.

If the Justice Department withholds investigations and corrective action behind murders and other crimes based on the race, health status, and socio-economic class distinctions between the victims and the perpetrators, then those Pennsylvania judges who were channeling hundreds of poor children into detention centers in exchange for kickbacks should be freed, and Johannes Mehserle must be absolved of responsibility for Oscar Grant's murder.  Just let the police murder all they want.  If The Cochran Firm gets the defense, the lawyers can simply say the officers do not exist.  That will settle everything.

Larry was an African American severely handicapped heart patient, a private citizen who died in 2003 under secret arrest in Memphis/Shelby County Jail while the jail was already under USDOJ's supervision.  It is the USDOJ's responsibility to investigate his death, even if the culprits are USDOJ officials' lovers, dearest friends, and reliable supporters. 

Rather than investigating Larry Neal’s death, his family is targeted by someone for harassment and stalking because we dare ask what happened to Larry, and crimes against his survivors are also allowed to pass without investigation.  That is not called “open disclosure” and “equal justice.” 

Since we are not "politically correct" enough to quietly agree that the king is appropriately attired when he is not, and I am certainly not cooperative enough to stand still and mute while four cars and a USDOT truck trap me at my neighborhood businesses, we just stay home and let others know that something substantially less than democracy is happening.  Because the injustice continues despite having reported these offenses to police, lawyers, the FTC, FCC, BBB, USDOJ, elected officials, media, and civil liberties organizations - all without any change - the entire thing has an orwellien feel.  I think it is only fair for the New World Order to formally announce itself if that is the new modus operandi.  That way, American families will know not to expect Constitutional protections.

 Can you imagine what it must be like for us to hear some official on television say the words "open disclosure" and "equal justice" when it is dangerous for us to go to the store for expecting same?  It is enough to make our family wonder if we got dropped off into the Matrix.

While I have your attention, if you or your concern have need of a writer, proofreader, typist, or blogger with 15+ years legal assistant experience (under the former legal system, now apparently defunct), please contact me about a homebased position.  Otherwise, I may need to put a sign out with "D.D.S." behind my name and start pulling my neighbors' teeth.  Afterall, The Cochran Firm's Atlanta office is allowed to present itself in Georgia Superior Court as a firm called CCGSS, P.C. without being registered as a professional corporation anywhere in State of Georgia records, and I just turned off my television because that law firm was running another commercial as being The Cochran Firm - a changeling.

Question:  Did someone decide that African Americans are not entitled to truth in advertising in the New World Order?  What is that firm, anyway?  Agents?

Pay attention, people:  First, they came for . . .

Arpil 28, 2009

My First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and freedom of press continue to suffer illegal interference.  Tomorrow, I meet with the FBI in Atlanta, who requested that I bring proof of the interference, of which I have plenty and will collect more throughout tonight.  I called the USDOJ and again sent an email.  When I called, I was asked to mail my complaint to the USDOJ Civil Rights section, which I will do and post the receipt here (if I am allowed to post it).  My first attempt to notify the USDOJ again about the criminal activities of that agency (telling the USDOJ on the USDOJ) went to the DOJ in the District of Columbia government office.  So, if their mail is being stopped in the email system by cyberstalkers, hopefully a friend in the D.C. DOJ will tell Mr. Holder I wrote – AGAIN. 

I sent them this link:

America will either do right by the Neal family or just retire those phrases “equal justice for all” and “citizens’ rights” and put the United States Constitution in a museum where it seems to belong. 

See the email below.

RE: URGENT MATTER - CRIMINALS IN GOVERNMENT --Fw: Re: Email from OAG (Intranet Quorum IMA00163155)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009 2:28 PM

From: "ASKDOJ"

View contact details



Thank you for contacting the Department of Justice.  This is an automatic acknowledgement that your e-mail was received.  It will be reviewed in the order it was received.


Mary Neal


Author's page:

Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill:
P.O. Box 7222, Atlanta, GA 30357

Monitored, censored email address:
and Internet Message phone 770.651.8413 (also censored)

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,

       for he has anointed me to bring Good News to the poor.
   He has sent me to proclaim that
captives will be released,
      that the blind will see,
   that the oppressed will be set free,
      and that the time of the Lord’s favor has come.
  ~ Luke 4:18-19



Content and comments expressed here are the opinions of Care2 users and not necessarily that of or its affiliates.


Mary Neal
, 5, 2 children
Atlanta, GA, USA
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I feel Care2 members should KNOW about the \\\"work from home\\\" ads, RECRUITING \\\"MULES\\\" TO CARRY OUT ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES. Just like the Drug Cartels do... A person who was recruited unwittingly by one of these ads, was given in a arti...
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\\nEvery week or every other week, I send a Message to the President and to my Representative and Senators. This is the text of my latest:\\r\\nI have just sent the following message to President Obama; and I believe all Congresspersons need to hear it a...