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Sep 13, 2009
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Help Todd Willingham Rest in Peace - Clear the Name of Wrongly Executed Texan
US Politics & Gov't 

STOP THE SLANDER against Cameron Todd Willingham. He was executed in 2004 for arson murders of his own children. Authorities now admit there was likely no arson. Texas Moratorium Network launched a petition to clear Todd's name and remove infanticide from his . . .
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Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. ~Exodus 20:16

Todd Willingham needs DOG JUSTICE! At a time when the young father's heart was breaking from having lost his precious little ones to a ghastly fire, he had to defend himself against murder charges. Todd Willingham, an innocent man, was falsely accused, prosecuted, imprisoned for 12 years, then executed for an arson that the fire examiner's report indicates never really happened. 

Use this link to acces my article and the petition. 

Please SIGN THE PETITION to help TMN clear Todd's name of wrongful conviction for infanticide against his own children, and check out my new home for articles while you are there.

Texas is number 1 in executions in America, and Todd Willingham is not the first likely innocent man to be executed there.
SEE A VIDEO of another wrongful execution Texas is accused of doing a few years ago at this link: 


Care2 friends and visitors, I want to let you know about a few changes.
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I also publish a weekend blog at HubPages to highlight the positive changes that are being made to promote justice around the country by individuals, organizations, and agencies. This weeks news will be posted today.

Good news needs to be shared, too. Too often we only hear about negatives and not the steps our elected officials and human rights organizations take to correct problems.

STEPS TOWARD JUSTICE on HubPages will also carry at least one "POLICE SAVED" story each week to congratulate officers who do their jobs well - officers who serve and protect. You are invited to send me news of people, agencies, organizations, and law enforcement that deserve commendation.


I APPRECIATE YOU helping me to help others by telling their stories.  Many people, especially prisoners, have no voice except ours - yours and mine!  Please see if you missed any of my Care2 articles by checking:

If you follow my Care2 blog or receive my emails, you know some of the censorship and stalking I endure on the Internet and in person.  An online friend gave me a name for it.  He said it is called Cointelpro - something that occasionally happens to activists.  I don't know what the source of my harassment is, but keep praying for us, please.  
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And He said, What hast thou done? The voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto me from the ground. ~Genesis 4:10

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Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill

Sep 11, 2009

Hundreds of wrongful convictions have been overturned by DNA evidence or as a result of new trials for convicted persons with substantial new evidence like Troy Davis has.  Main causes for wrongful convictions are exposed in the Buffalo News article below as being (a) misidentification by eyewitnesses, (b) unvalidated forensic evidence, (c) lying government snitches, and (d) false confessions by juveniles and mentally defected suspects.  If a jury cannot trust witness testimony, lab tests, or confessions by the accused, what are jurists to believe?  

With all that can go wrong in a case, innocent people will undoubtedly continue to be sentenced to prison, but we can stop wrongful executions.  There is only one way to be sure that no more innocent people are put to death in the U.S.A. -



How just is the justice system in New York?
By Ronald Fraser
September 11, 2009, 6:59 AM

On paper at least, the U. S. Constitution’s “due process of law”
clause is the citizen’s guarantee against wrongful conviction and
imprisonment. But once inside a courtroom, all bets are off. Research
shows that eyewitness misidentification, false confessions and
government use of snitches as witnesses too often put innocent people
behind bars.

According to Innocence Project attorneys at the Cardozo School of Law
in New York City, courts in 34 states have used DNA testing to
reverse more than 230 criminal convictions and free wrongly convicted
people who, on average, spent 12 years in prison.

In New York, 24 prior convictions have been nullified. The state’s
first reversal took place in 1991 setting aside Charles Dabbs’ 1984
rape conviction. Evidence against Dabbs included identification by
the victim and bogus forensic blood tests. After serving seven years
in prison, DNA tests on the victim’s underwear proved him innocent.

The latest reversal in New York occurred in 2007 when DNA evidence
collected from rape victims in 1985 showed that, after 20 years in
prison, a Buffalo man, Anthony Capozzi, was innocent. Capozzi was
convicted of two rapes based on identifications by the victims.

“These DNA exoneration cases,” says the Innocence Project, “have
provided irrefutable proof that wrongful convictions are not isolated
or rare events, but arise from systemic defects that can be precisely
identified and addressed.”

Eyewitness misidentification testimony was a factor in 74 percent of
post-conviction DNA exoneration cases, making it the leading cause of
these wrongful convictions. And two in five of these eyewitness
identifications involved cross-racial identification. Studies have
shown that people are less able to recognize faces of a different
race than of their own.

Unvalidated forensic evidence played a role in about 50 percent of
the wrongful convictions later overturned by DNA testing. Unlike DNA
testing, which is based on solid scientific research, according to
the project, other forensic techniques used in courtrooms, such as
hair microscopy, bite mark comparisons and shoe print comparisons
have never been subjected to rigorous scientific evaluation.

False confessions lead to wrongful convictions in approximately 25 percent of the cases, many involving defendants 18 years of age or
younger or developmentally disabled people.

Snitches contributed to wrongful conviction in 16 percent of the
cases. Snitch testimony is unreliable because it may be offered in
return for deals, special treatment or the dropping of charges.

Governments exist to protect the rights of individuals. But when
federal, state and local government prosecutors and judges knowingly
tolerate judicial processes that violate the constitutional rights of
citizens they, themselves, become rights violators.

Ronald Fraser, Ph. D., writes on public policy issues for the DKT
Liberty Project.


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Mary Neal
, 5, 2 children
Atlanta, GA, USA
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