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Mar 5, 2010

Photo above represents 2.3 million American inmates.

BELOW ARE FIVE (5) OPPORTUNITIES TO REPORT JUSTICE ISSUES AND ONE (1) RE-ENTRY PROGRAM.  Prisoner activists like Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill and many others work very hard and I face perilous circumstances to get America's attention focused on abuses against inmates within the United States as the world contemplates abuses to War on Terror camp detainees.  We are now blessed with numerous opportunities to tell our stories.  Please see four invitations below, and share them with inmates past and present as well as police violence victims and their family members who can shed light on problems within the justice system, particularly abuses in correctional facilities.  I would like organizers to be mindful that from the moment an officer says, "HALT," citizens become prisoners - even at traffic stops.  If you don't believe me, try to leave.  Therefore, prisoners who never made it to the booking room without abuse or death should also be represented in any conversations on prisoners in America.  Thanks in advance for sharing your reports with those who need your input to help reveal problems and make improvements. 

Media, concerned humanitarians, religious people, elected officials, and all who comprise "WE the People," YOU are invited to join in our HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS MARCH across the Internet as we implore legislators to improve human and civil rights for all Americans, including the 2.3 million human beings who are incarcerated.  Join us by sharing information with as many people possible. Please also send AIMI news about other opportunities to share that should be broadcast. Dialogue regarding improvements in justice is encouraged in the online assembly to petition our representatives for a redress of grievances regarding prisoner abuses.  Watching out for the least among us and safeguarding all of our civil liberties are righteous, Godly, patriotic pursuits.  Peacefully, respectfully, prayerfully pursue positive changes in the justice system with us.  TOGETHER, YES WE CAN!  


OPPORTUNITY #1 - Request from Hakeem Shaheed, Prisoner Advocate

Colleagues, Please send any/all information any of you have pertaining to the severe abuses of prisoners in American Prisons. We NEED to get this out to the WORLD!!! We have someone (See Below), who CAN make a difference if we all help him in collecting such information. SEND any/all info to Hakeem by joining and emailing  You can also email him directly at and send hard copies to Hakeem Shaheed PO Box 8044, Atlantic City, New Jersey 08401

In Solidarity

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OPPORTUNITY #2 - Stolen Lives Project

Greetings, Families of Stolen Lives -

This is Kathie with October 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality in New York. I hope this email finds you well.

I am reaching out to you mainly for two reasons, one of which is a proposal for a national conference call for families of those killed by law enforcement, and the other is a request for audio recordings to include in the Voices Against Police Brutality mixtape cd that we started working on in New York this past October 22nd.

We have not held a national meeting for a few years now, and so this rare and powerful connection among people from around the country who share a grief and a rage that most will never truly understand has been lost.

If you would like to take part in such a call, please contact Allene Person, whose son Timur was killed by NYPD in December 2006 646-363-3112 or


OPPORTUNITY #3 - Re-entry Program

Dave Koch
Self Reinvention Corp.
22 Westerville Square
Suite 111
Westerville, Ohio 43081


OPPORTUNITY #4 - San Francisco Bay/North Calif. Area Deaths

Family Members Needed for Study on Law Enforcement Related Deaths

The Investigative Sociology project at Sonoma State University (SSU) and Media Freedom Foundation are conducting a study on the commonalities of law enforcement related deaths in the San Francisco Bay/Northern California Area. We are seeking to interview individuals in families of people who have died in a law enforcement related incident within the past twenty years. Students from the spring 2010 SSU Investigative Sociology class will be conducting confidential one-hour interviews with family members in April. The purpose of the study is to evaluate support programs for families who have experienced such a tragedy, and the lowering of the overall number of law enforcement related deaths.

SSU professors supervising the study include: Peter Phillips, Sociology Department, Tryon Woods and Diana Grant in the Criminal Justice Department.

To arrange a confidential interview or refer a family contact—
e-mail, Dr. Peter Phillips:  or Call  707-664-2588


OPPORTUNITY #5 - American Friends Service Committee - Torture in US Prisons
To Whom it May Concern:
The American Friends Service Committee Prison Watch Project is
planning to update the Fall 2001 "Torture in US Prisons – Evidence of US Human Rights Violations."
We are seeking testimonies from men, women and children relating to the use of extended isolation and
devices of torture (use of force, chemical and physical restraints,
other living conditions, forced double celling in isolation, etc.). We
will also be accepting drawings and photos. Our deadline is June 15th.
We will only be able to acknowledge by form letter. Unless otherwise
authorized the publication will use first name, last initial and
facility only. Please send to Bonnie Kerness, AFSC, 89 Market St., 6th
floor, Newark, NJ 07102. Please make this message available to people
concerned with the prison system and send it to friends and loved ones
in prison. Without your input, this publication would not be possible.
Our gratitude.
AFSC Prison Watch Project


OPPORTUNITY #6 - Death-by-Police

Family Members Needed for Study on Law Enforcement Related Deaths

 Paul Wright, Editor
Prison Legal News
P.O. Box 2420
West Brattleboro, VT 05303
802 257-1342
Effective March 5, 2010 our Seattle office is closed. All mail and calls should go to the above address.


"(2010) HUMAN RIGHTS FOR PRISONERS MARCH" article shows that numerous improvements are already underway.  Two of the main concerns in the justice system that AIMI members address are capital punishment and mental illness being criminalized.  We have reason to be pleased with changes and proposed changes to address both those issues.  There are now more drug courts and mental health courts than before.  The Second Chance Act is well funded for 2010 to help prevent recidivism.  The 111th Congress currently has 177 bills pending to address the needs of mentally ill Americans.  Mentally ill inmates presently comprise 1.25 million of Americans in prisons and jails, and many pending bills propose actions that may help to reduce their representation in the prison population.  Chief among those proposed mental health bills is H.R.619, by Rep.Eddie Johnson (D-TX, 30).  She is a former psychiatric nurse whose bill proposes the resumption of Medicaid funding for inpatient psychiatric care under Title XIX of the Social Security Act.  For the most part, it was the loss of that funding source decades ago that delivered mental illness from the Department of Health to the Department of Corrections. Americans with mental disabilities went from being hospital inpatients to prison inmates, a cruel injustice that brought no savings for taxpayers. Regarding work to repeal the death penalty, judges across the country are helping.  In fact, the number of death penalty sentences in America has rolled back to the 1976 level. Judge Kevin Fine, of United States District Court, District 177, Houston, Texas, declared that capital punishment is unconstitutional.  See PrisonMovement's Weblog for his photograph and an article about his bold stance at this link: 

Police officers and prison guards deserve a less volatile work environment that can only be achieved in an atmosphere of mutual respect.  No justice, no peace (MLK).  Congratulations and many thanks to Amnesty International, Innocence Project, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Death Penalty Information Center, ACLU, NAMI, Treatment Advocacy Center, Mental Health America, SPAAMI, many in mainstream media, citizens media, elected officials, AIMI members and other mental health advocacy organizations, prisoner activists, human and civil rights groups, real peace officers, and all people who support the movement to improve justice, remembering that we are all human beings.  Each of the 2.3 million inmates in America is likely to have at least 4 people who care about their humane treatment, meaning that human rights for prisoners directly impacts at least 10 million Americans.  Their quest for humane treatment is supported by people everywhere who care about human and civil rights.  Incarceration is often deserved, but torture never is.


Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill


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Mary Neal
, 5, 2 children
Atlanta, GA, USA
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