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Jul 18, 2009

Thanks for your interest, NowPublic.  I will try to break it down to you.  It is very simple, actually.  Someone simply DELETED my "Naked Demonstation" article and SUBSTITUTED it at links for another of my articles.

1)      I wrote “Naked Demonstration to End Censorship," and published it at NP

2)      I put an excerpt and link to it at Care2 News Network

3)      “Naked Demonstration” was read by many, and excerpts appeared on other people’s websites in the US and some foreign countries, with links back to NP for the full article

4)      The article was DELETED at NP, and but its link title remained on the web as “Naked Demonstration.”  Upon activating the link, people were instead taken to another of my articles entitled “Theft of Emails . . . “:

5)       When I found my article had been deleted and traffic to the “Naked Demonstration” link was being diverted to another of my articles, “Theft of Emails,” I complained

6)       Since I discovered the cyberstalking and complained, the cyberstalker then changed most of the links on the Internet to be the same as the name of the article folks were being directed to, but whoever did that forgot to change the excerpt.  The excerpt that appeared with the link remained the first sentence of the deleted article.  The cyberstalker did an insufficient cover-up job.  See what I mean in the example below – new title and link to the excerpt were used, but the Naked Demonstration article is GONE.

Theft of eMails re: The Wrongful Death of Larry Neal and The Cochran ...

... with our long-planned naked demonstration before the declared "non-existent" ... The "let's censor Mary Neal game until we can pick a chance to get her" ...  -... - 86k - Cached

SELECT THE “VISIT SITE” TAB at this Care2 submission, which I published the same day as the “Naked Demonstration” article.  The Care2 link goes to the Theft of Emails article, because the public was diverted there.   The cyberstalker had deleted the Naked Demonstration article altogether.

NOTICE THAT although the cyberstalker who did this obviously had the power to change the title of my article on the Internet (and he/she did that, but left the original excerpt) the cyberstalker did not have the ability to change the title at Care2 News.  Therefore, the title, picture, and excerpt remain unchanged at Care2 News, but the link is redirected like all the links were.

More samples of this bit of cyberstalking were published in the comments at my “Maybe LaToya Jackson Is Right” article.  In every case, the link that should go to the "Naked Demonstration" article goes back to the “Theft of Emails” article instead.  The Naked Demonstration article was deleted and substituted

Now do you understand what happened?  Cyberstalkers.  ALL of the people who commented on the article who visited NP and read the Naked Demonstration article KNOW that the link originally led to the "Naked Demonstration" article and not to any Email theft article.  So the cyberstalker does stupid things that are easily proved and witnessed.

That should answer your question about the DELETED article and the REDIRECTED LINK.  If you want to know why these things are done, read further.  If not, you have the info you requested.  The reasons why I am censored and a victim of cyberstalking are detailed below.


In addition to cyberstalkers, I have in-person stalkers who followed and accosted me at neighborhood businesses last year (2008).  I always make sure everything is in the public eye.  Although I have witness statements about the in-person stalking, nothing was investigated by police and so far, nothing has been done about my online stalking, such as the deletion of my article and substitution of another at the links.  This is why I stay home for safety like Ann Frank and slaves in the Underground Railroad.  When the USDOJ itself is in the wrong, there is apparently no one to help citizens.  A friend said I should take the matter to the UN, but I think that because the U.S. is the most powerful nation in the UN, that body would not be likely to be able to make the DOJ release records and protect my family from stalking either. 

Here is what happened:  Shelby Co. Jail secretly arrested and killed my handicapped brother, Larry.  The jail did not file the necessary report on his death to the DOJ, not having an excuse for his death.  They appointed The Cochran Firm to contract with us to pretend to be our wrongful death attorneys.  The Cochran Firm played its role by NOT doing any legal work while it pretended under contract that our lawsuit was going forward against the jail.  When we caught the lie, it was already too late for another attorney to investigate, prepare, and file the three lawsuits.  So the folks who killed Larry escaped responsibility.  We sued The Cochran Firm for fraud.  The law firm got Judge Wendy Shoob to say it did not exist in Atlanta and dismiss our lawsuit.  Meanwhile, the federal government had hearings to determine whether Shelby Co. Jail had complied with the terms of its agreement with the USA after lawsuit for mistreating inmates.  Although the DOJ knew about Larry's secret arrest and death in custody of the Jail, the DOJ allowed Shelby Co. to enter perjury into federal proceedings by omitting any account of Larry's death.  Any records the jail submitted were necessarily fraudulent, because the DOJ affirmed twice that it had no records from Larry Neal dying in the jail.   Deliberate omissions are perjurous.  But the DOJ already knew the jail was lying by omission, and accepted the false testimony entered into federal court proceedings for the jail to gain release from overview, just as though Larry never existed.  That is the BIG SECRET that everybody is lying and hiding records to protect. 

Meanwhile, they planned to kill me because I tell everybody about it.
  I keep telling folks about the NWO working together to suppress this truth, figuring there is some safety in disclosure.  My writing about it is deleted and sabotaged online, and I am followed and accosted in person. I reported the stalking when we sued The Cochran Firm in United States District Court, Northern Dist. of GA.  Judge Timothy Batten did nothing about the illegal activities under U.S. Code 18, sections 242 and 245.  He also dismissed our lawsuit against The Cochran Firm, saying everything the law firm did to prevent open disclosure and accountability by Shelby Co. Jail was "immaterial."  Legally, we never should have been allowed to file suit in USDC under the diversity rule, because there most certainly is a Cochran Firm office in Georgia - right where they said in court it did not exist - 127 Peachtree Street.  After Batten issued his Order dismissing our case, The Cochran Firm then published a YouTube video advertising the office to other unsuspecting minority people -- like Ms. Kathryn Johnston's family was when she was murdered by police in Atlanta in 2006.  That is why I call them the NWO gang. 

Many parties in power worked together against Larry's family's due process of law and keep this quiet so other black families would continue to trust The Cochran Firm with confidential information and with their legal cases against police.  The cover-up continues in mainstream media, so I figure it is very important to break through the shroud of cover-up.  How could they hope to keep the secret with me telling about it daily?  They must be up to NO GOOD.

I don't know if they do the computer sabotage from their own locales, or if they hire people at the sites where I write.  They don't tell me.  I am not even sure who "they" are.  I just know EVERYONE WASTES THEIR TIME TELLING ME THIS IS A COMPUTER GLITCH -- TOO MUCH EVIDENCE, TOO MANY WITNESSES, TOO MUCH FILM.

For instance, the Cochran Firm Atlanta Office YouTube commercial was loaded on NP with my article "Mary Neal Requests Meeting with the USDOJ."  But it was not permitted to show after the first few days.  When I tried to bring the footage forward, the cyberstalker who is assigned to attack my input here deleted the entire article!  They are something! I call them New World Orderlies.  They deserve a raise (and more training).   Now, that film cannot be transferred from YouTube at all - it is now on lockdown. 

You can read more about how the cyberstalkers operate in the comments to my NP articles.  I recorded much of their activity there as it happened and got film and witnesses.  Plenty of examples are in the comments of my "American Concentration Camps Proposed in Congress - H.R.645" article.  They REALLY got busy when I published that.  I figure they do not want to delete it because it would look really, really bad.  Plus, too many other sites already republished it - not just an excerpt.  I plan to tell the public from now on to always copy my entire article if they find it worthwhile, because deletions are getting to be rather common.  Like Nazi book burning.

The NWO attack against my family to conceal government crimes is much the same as the Guantanamo torture camps.  That did not come out in the news for a long time.  Now that it is out, much of the related documents are kept secret, and it is doubtful if there will ever be accountability or punishment for the prisoner torture.  Larry Neal, a mentally ill heart patient, was treated like those people who are in prison camps who are suspected terrorists - only he was a sick  American citizen who could not even spell "terrorist."  It was the same USDOJ, under the same command.  The determination to keep this secret is just as intense, I suppose, so folks cyberstalk and censor me.  And the Obama DOJ did not respond timely to our FOIA requests - nothing yet, almost a month overdue.  Not really hard to understand, but the story has a lot of chapters.  I tried to summarize it in this blog:

New World Order Nullifies Constitutional Rights, by Mary Neal | Care2 Share... Mary Neal's Sharebook > New World Order Nullifies Constitutional Rights, by Mary ... New World Order Nullifies Constitutional Rights, by Mary Neal. Jan 18, 2009  -

Thanks for your interest.  If you can trace this illegal activity, please do.  But be careful.  You may end up hiding at home like my 86-yr-old mom and me, surrounded by lots of new neighbors who took over all of the foreclosed homes on our street in the days preceding and immediately after Judge Batten's ruling.  Most use drive-out tags or back into their driveways, making it hard to  get their tag numbers.  However, I put some tag numbers in the comments to my Supreme Court and DNA testing rights article and mailed them far and wide.  Somehow, they live in expensive homes, drive lovely late modeled vehicles, but don't seem to have work schedules.

I am glad we are discussing this.  If my family has to sue the DOJ to get the responsive records regarding Larry Neal in response to our FOIA request, I know the cyberstalkers and in-person stalkers may go crazy!  One of President Obama's first executive orders strengthened the Freedom of Information Act.  I suppose the DOJ did not get a copy of Obama's executive order.

If we had known this was a NWO thing - Larry's death cover-up conspiracy - we probably would have gone to the funeral and just said good-bye, with no questions asked.  I believe that must be what the families do in Communist China and probably what people did when folks went "missing" and died in government custody in WWII Germany.  We just did not know that America had become one of those places.  I did not read the announcement that the Constitution and Bill of Rights had been nullified.  Maybe they will announce it later. 

When we sued The Cochran Firm, we believed it was a simple matter of a couple of crooked attorneys helping their friends over the Shelby Co. Jail hide an inmate death.  We thought The Cochran Firm would pay us damages and deal with its attorneys - David McLaughlin and Julian Bolton.  Instead, we are embroiled in a super spy novel-type of mess.  I am not Ms. Bond and have no training in how to deal with this.  All I know to do is tell the police and FBI (and they don't care) and tell the public.  When the same folks you have to run to for help are themselves operated by the folks you are telling on, what kind of situation is that?  It is one of those God-sized situations.  GOD WILL WORK IT OUT! 

Mary Neal
Jun 26, 2009
Please Note and Promote ~ Care2 News Network Link: 

Memphis Mayor Herenton Resigns; USDOJ Response Due for FIOA Request re: Secret Death in Memphis Shelby Co. Jail
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: MemphisMayor, MayorWillieHerenton, ShelbyCountyJail, WrongfulDeathofLarryNeal, MaryNeal, assistancetotheincarceratedmentallyill, AIMI, DogJustice, USDOJ, JudgeWendyShoob, JudgeTimothyBatten, bushadministration, Guantanamo, Prisoner, Cover-up, Police Bruta )

MAYOR HERENTON announced Thursday that he is resigning effective July 11. The Neal family wonders if his resignation relates to the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal in Shelby County Jail. The lifelong mentally ill heart patient "disappeared" in . . .  
Jun 5, 2009

The cyberstalker got upset over the update for the article at the link below and hid the article behind the iron curtain in the EDIT mode. This is ridiculous, and censorship and/or cyberstalking must also be addressed soon.  I have requested that NowPublic please get it out and add the June 5, 2009 update immediately above the April 3, 2009 update.  It is ridiculous for the NP cyberstalker to try to hide that article.  It has been viewed by nearly 3,000 people, it appears on numerous legal sites and some attorneys carry it on their web pages. 


The lawfirm of Carlock, Copeland, Semlar & Stair has been notified of Plaintiffs' intent to sue that law firm and The Cochran Firm for conspiring to defraud Plaintiffs and two judges into believing that the Atlanta law office at 127 Peachtree St. Atlanta, Ga where initial lawsuit was served is/was not an office of The Cochran firm in order to illegally have the initial lawsuit dismissed by Judge Shoob of Superior Court of Georgia, and maintaining that farce to allow suit to be brought in USDC under the diversity rule, which required that no Cochran Firm office existed in Georgia. Other basis of suit will be named on the Complaint. Carlock, Copeland, Semlar & Stair knew or should have known that it was prticipating in a fraud and submitting perjury in state and federal court as Defendants' attorneys. Plaintiffs and judges believed the lie until this:

Plaintiff Mary Neal does not intend to run from cars and federal vehicles any more in regard to the conspiracy to deny accountability for the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal and The Cochran Firm Fraud. She will request to carry a gun and prepare to go Wild Wild West on the streets of Atlanta if she continues to be followed and accosted, since police refuse to do their jobs. Adventurous attorneys are invited to write to Mary Neal at P.O. Box 7222, Atlanta, Georgia 30357 or

A sense of adventure and appreciation for drama are needed because this is the most outrageous legal action ever. Defendants or somebody seem to be psychopaths who trained with the Taliban. For more information on the high drama involved, see this article and the comments thereto:

Mary Neal Requests Meeting with the USDOJ - Updated in Comments


If attorneys are interested in doing it for us this time, it would be a good thing if your firm also can address online interference with free press and free speech.  I wrote a share to President Obama and requested for him to loan me his cybersecurity cheif in this Care2 Sharebook.  He/she could learn much about censorship watching me work. 

Incidentally, attorneys, I would be glad to stop writing online about The Cochran Firm Fraud once we sign contract with a firm to handle the newest lawsuit.  Then it will probably be YOUR turn to be followed, harassed, and have your computer systems infiltrated and cybersecurity compromised. 

Opps!  My tags just disappeared from this Share.  Gotta put them back!  Busy day for cyberstalking!  I no longer put the details of my online free press infringements in this Sharebook in detail.  Keep informed about that at my new Care2 group:  Let Freedom Ring.  I have films and printouts.

Mary Neal


May 24, 2009

I just received a message on NowPublic's forum that I sound angry, and my tone when writing about the secret arrest and wrongful death of Larry Neal and the imprisonment, abuses, and murders of other mentally ill Americans may be counter-productive to my effort to get help for my family's justice quest regarding Larry's murder and assistance for other sick Americans and their families.  See

So tell me, America, do I sound angry to you?

I responded thusly:

NowPublic Forum

Pardon my etiquette.  Dear Abby never wrote a post on how to behave when one's handicapped brother is secretly arrested and murdered by the very people who receive his family's tax money to serve and protect them.  She did not address how one should respond with the proper decorum when the USDOJ, which was in overview of the jail, refuses to do its job and investigate his death, but instead accepts perjury in federal court by jail officials who lie and claim there have been no deaths while the USDOJ knew that to be a lie.

Dear Abby published no instructions on how to respond with political correctness when one is followed while driving a car with her six-year-old grandchild, then accosted by four vehicles and a USDOT truck at a neighborhood business where she took refuge, and police refuse to answer the 911 distress call or to investigate the illegal siege after the fact. 

Dear Abby was remiss in reporting the proper etiquette for addressing the fact that lawyers who contract to be a family's wrongful death lawyers are allowed to deny their own highly advertised identity in court [and have that lie upheld in two courts] while continuing the advertisement and working under that identity every single day and tricking other black and brown people. 

I have an idea - since Dear Abby is gone now, maybe you should address the proper etiquette for such circumstances as these.  I come across as being angry, frustrated, baffled, and afraid because that is what I am - not to mention damn surprised that people are not a little concerned for an America where such things happen as the secret the arrest and death of a citizen whose family is denied legal recourse and victimized for asking questions. 

I am simply amazed that Americans are not more outraged that dogs' abuse and murders get quick investigation and punishment is dealt to the perps, while a citizens' death is swept under the rug by authorities.  So add "amazed as hell" to the list of what I feel, too.


Newsflash:  Lots of other people would also be amazed at such shenanigans as these, and that is the purpose of all of the illegal censorship I endure.  My comfort is in knowing - KNOWING - that God's will wil be done on earth as it is in Heaven every day, 24/7.  Ours is a very CRIMINAL justice system, and hell still has vacancies.

For those who do not understand why I am angry about people killing my sick brother and then being PROTECTED by the authorities, just try to imagine if someone murdered your dog.  That might make more sense to some people, since dogs are valued above mentally ill citizens around here in the USA.  Just think about Spot or Fluffy being murdered and the Humane Society not giving a damn.  Then you'll get it.

Just pretend my handicapped brother was as important as these two furry beauties . . .


instead of being a man, a human being made in the image of the Almighty God.


Pretend he was as important as doggies, and then you might understand why some people believe that authorities ought to be made to stop lying and conspiring and investigate his death.  PRETEND that the 1.25 million mentally ill persons who are imprisoned today were doggies. 

Think of dogs being treated like the 60% of inmates who are tortured by solitary confinement [mentally ill people] caged alone for 23 hours a day sometimes for YEARS without ever feeling the sun on their faces or hearing a kind word, denied veternarian care, and some of them live in filth. 

Think of dogs with their fur matted and skin diseased, so weak when they are let out of their cages that they cannot stand on their own like Willie Horton in the CCA prison in Nashville, TN, or like Jeremy Smith, a schizophrenic young man trapped in a California prison.   Meet Jeremy at the link below.

Justice for Jeremy Petition

Think about your best canine friend being Tasered to death, shot to death, or suffering in a filthy, dark dog house for months or years, and you will have more appreciation of why I work so hard to give ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL.


Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill


Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill




 Please join us in our quest to decriminalize

 mental illness in America. NO ONE should be

 punished for having a disability.

I see they are playing with this post - see any repeating text?  These are some persistent, evil New World Orderlies who work as cyberstalkers for the prison profiteers and/or lawyers.

Apr 26, 2009

Biggest Conspiracy Since JFK - Secret Arrest and Wrongful Death of Larry Neal

Most working-class people think of conspiracies after suspicious deaths as occurrences limited to the higher-ups. But that is not true. It sometimes happens to middle- and lower-economic classes if the higher-ups want to suppress news about a given death.

Last night, the censorship used to contain news about the secret arrest and wrongful death of my mentally ill brother, Larry Neal, who died mysteriously in Memphis Shelby County Jail reached an all-time high! Even Google is being used. I was locked out of my Yahoo email box for 48 hours "for my own good" due to illegal activity, the Yahoo statement said. I have sent myself plenty of emails from my other email accounts to Alarms for Justice, a social network at NING, but my NING email box is EMPTY! My handicapped brother's death was never to be publicized, and apparently The Cochran Firm was enlisted to ensure that damages were never paid to his family.

ARE ALL OF THE HIGHER-UPS TOGETHER ON CENSORING ME, OR DOES SOMEONE HAVE CONTROL OVER THEIR NETWORKS?  (Please see the note to online services beneath my signature below.)

"They" pull out all the stops when it comes to censoring Mary Neal, because my Lord gave me the spirit of Sojourner Truth, and I tell it like it is about the way PRISONERS ARE BEING TORTURED AND KILLED WITHIN AMERICA, AND WE ARE ALL PRISONERS.

When I tried to access NowPublic last night where my justice articles are posted, I got a "Google link broken" error message.


Oops! This link appears broken. Suggestions:

Just like I told the world on the Cochran Firm Fraud 1and 2 videos at YouTube, folks ought to treat people right and then there would be nothing to hide.
You cannot hide the TRUTH. God is the truth, the way, and the light! No one is powerful enough to hide God.

"THEY" SEND ME PLENTY OF DEATH THREATS TO MY EMAIL BOXES. I get pictures of poisoned dogs, threats of induced cancers, threats to kidnap my family members, lots of life insurance ads, and even coffin ads!

Here are the things I did online within the last 48 hours - things that the higher-ups involved in the cover-up regarding my brother's secret jail death and those who profit from America's high incarceration rate want to hide.

The lockout at Yahoo! came after writing in my Care2 Sharebook about Pennsylvania prison inmates who allege they are being tortured at this link:


Today we also added a video strand to my group, ASSISTANCE TO THE INCARCERATED MENTALLY ILL, showing how folks live in jail, including mental patients:

AIMI Videos re Prisoner Torture and Abuse

The Yahoo lockout could be caused by the fact that I discovered MLK is STILL BEING CENSORED 41 YEARS AFTER ASSASSINATION, and I updated my article about it last night and included info about the Human Rights for Prisoners March.

MLK's Final Speech Fraudulently Edited to Change History

I appreciate Yahoo protecting my account, but it appears to me that Yahoo should accept my emails and save them until the lockout period "for my own protection" is over. But instead, emails were being returned to senders with a message stating that my email box is temporarily suspended.

NEWSFLASH: The Human Rights for Prisoners March will occur no matter how much you try to curtail my communication. EVER HEARD OF TELEPHONES AND U.S. MAIL?

Thanks for your attention, readers. If anyone can do anything about censorship, they need to help me. These folks are something! Grab links to the article announcing the march on May 16 and other articles at NowPublic and send them to your friends.

Mainstream media is a big letdown to me. I studied journalism, but I am glad I never started a career in that field. I would not be successful or safe as a journalist working in a culture where mainstream media delivers only government-approved news. It would be difficult for me to completely ignore news that The Cochran Firm had denied the existence of its Atlanta office in court while continuing to do business every day in the location the law firm called non-existent in court. I could not be a journalist who ignores secret deaths of sick citizens in county jails and their families having to run for their lives for asking what happened to them. I would publish news of the PRISON TORTURE GOING ON RIGHT HERE WITHIN THE USA. That would probably land me in as much hot water as I am for writing articles about these atrocities in citizens media. I certainly would never have gotten to be a media higher-up, that's for sure!

My blogging about justice issues and the related censorship all began with folks trying to hold it down about my mentally ill brother, Larry Neal, who was secretly arrested until death in Shelby County Memphis Jail, and the USDOJ helped with the cover-up instead of doing its job and protecting the rights of institutionalized persons. The higher-ups treated my acutely mentally ill brother, Larry Neal, and his family after his secret jail death worse than the detainees in the overseas War on Terror camps, and they are still doing it. The higher-ups' chance to hold it down was while we were in court against The Cochran Firm for defrauding my family - TWICE. That duplicitous law firm was actually working for Shelby Co. Jail instead of Larry's family, their clients.

In 2006, Georgia Superior Court Judge Wendy Shoob said, "What Cochran Firm? Can't sue them - there is no such thing in Georgia. Case dismissed!" Look out of your window, Judge Shoob! It is that law firm right there - within spitting distance of your judge's chambers! It’s the same one on television, MARTA train, and YouTube commercials used to trick other disenfranchised consumers by using Johnnie Cochran's name and reputation for holding law enforcement accountable for wrongs against disenfranchised people:

It's the same law firm that six months after Judge Shoob's 2006 ruling of "non-existent for lawsuits" contracted to represent Kathryn Johnston, the 92-year-old black woman Atlanta police killed in a hail of 39 bullets in her own home. It is the same law firm that undertook representing the family of a young Mississippi football star, Billey Joe Johnson. None of these families who made allegations of police wrongdoing got decent representation, as far as I know.

The second judge to hear our lawsuit against The Cochran Firm, Judge Timothy Batten of USDC, said "Lawyer fraud is 'immaterial' to proving the firm committed malpractice against your family - holding your wrongful death case inactive 10.5 months of the 12-month statute of limitations in Tennessee. It is "immaterial" that the lawyers were writing lying letters to you and your 80-year-old mother about legal work being done while actually doing nothing to carry forth Larry Neal's wrongful death case against Memphis Shelby County Jail -- completely immaterial! And absolutely not -- I will NOT allow you to carry this forth before a jury of your peers. Nothing presented before this court represents anything approaching wrongdoing. Who do you think you are?"

First of all, Judge Batten, "breach of contract" is what our lawsuit was filed as. Call it what my elderly mom and I saved and paid USDC $350 to file called it, please sir.

The perjury (redacted documents presented as authentic) that The Cochran Firm entered into the record at USDC is also "immaterial" and apparently acceptable to the USDC. The TN Bar thought so, too.

The world discovered lately that illegal behavior is usual, and ordinary and considered acceptable in America for the higher-ups – especially involving prison torture and deaths followed by conspiracies of silence. Also acceptable is the stalking of Larry Neal's family members, particularly Mary Neal. I am followed and frequently accosted when I leave home, but police will not investigate these terroristic acts. Meanwhile, the USDOJ, the federal agency that is paid from MY FAMILY'S TAXES AND YOURS, either puts me on permanent hold or ignores my emails instead of doing its job and investigating Larry Neal's wrongful death and the elaborate cover-up by the higher-ups and his family's intimidation for asking what the jail (that was under USDOJ overview) did to him. I did not even try to contact the USDOJ until after the CHANGE.

All of these illegal, unethical, dirty, underhanded dealings are considered "immaterial," because neither Larry Neal, his aged mother, nor I or any other of Larry’s family members are "higher-ups." ARE YOU A HIGHER-UP?


Mary Neal
Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill


NOTE: Because (1) some of my links at this article at NING were deactivated necessitating that I replace same again with live links, and because (2) my NING email account, has no emails despite my sending numerous posts to that mailbox, I assume that (3) the electronic notices of the announcement for the Human Rights for Prisoners March in Atlanta on May 16 that were sent from NING may not have gone out in their entirety.  I have more than 2,000 people in my Yahoo email box and sent the notices to them all. I anticipated getting back scores of daemon mail notices, but I received less than ten.

The next couple of lawsuits may be directed to those who seem to assist in suppressing my First Amendment right to free press.  Because the notices involve the peaceful assembly of persons to petition our government for a redress of grievances, withholding notification would also appear to infringe on that important liberty.  If this was done by any public service, my advice is to release the notices.  If the online networks are unaware that their public services are being used to censor Mary Neal, then during the course of the lawsuits against them, they must use their resources to trace the censorship, which I will prove with film and in print, unless they prefer to pay damages and/or face negative public exposure (the NWO has some courts sewed up, in my experience).

The solution for justice is the same today as Rev. King suggested four decades ago. America must be true to what was said on paper and actually become a nation with equal justice for all. If freedom of press and the right to peacefully assemble and petition our government for a redress of grievances have been withdrawn from American citizens, then CHANGE THE PAPER.  Otherwise, I'm going to try to hold folks to that standard.  Too many people have suffered and died for U.S. citizens to have these rights to passively ignore attempts to deprive us of them without protesting the loss of freedom in America. If enough people whose notices were withheld are interested in joining me, we will have grounds for a class action suit.  If my addressees' invitations to a peaceful public assembly were deliberately withheld, then their First Amendment rights were also violated.  Of course, I never took Constitutional Law.  What do you think?    It's worth a few phone calls, I BELIEVE.


Content and comments expressed here are the opinions of Care2 users and not necessarily that of or its affiliates.


Mary Neal
, 5, 2 children
Atlanta, GA, USA
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\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n \\\"The only thing necessary for the triumph\\r\\n\\nof evil is for good men to do nothing.\\\" ~ Edmund Burke ~ \\n\\r\\n\\n
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I feel Care2 members should KNOW about the \\\"work from home\\\" ads, RECRUITING \\\"MULES\\\" TO CARRY OUT ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES. Just like the Drug Cartels do... A person who was recruited unwittingly by one of these ads, was given in a arti...
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\\nEvery week or every other week, I send a Message to the President and to my Representative and Senators. This is the text of my latest:\\r\\nI have just sent the following message to President Obama; and I believe all Congresspersons need to hear it a...