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Jan 11, 2012

Everything in existence is energy, which is simply vibrating at different frequencies. Just like the colors we see in life are not really colors, but light vibrating at different frequencies. There are two main energy frequencies that we need to measure; one is positive and the other negative. In-between, these two frequencies are embodied in human beings and in spirit beings, always in a delicate dance ranging from positive to negative.

In sensing energy, we should immediately take it upon ourselves to discern whether the situation, person, or spirit energy we are sensing is either positive or negative. Never, take energy at face value as this can be very dangerous. Assumptions vs. facts, facts in the end will always win, so always be aware of the polarity of energy you are dealing with, your health, wellbeing, and future happiness may depend upon it!

Exercise: When you meet someone, what type of energy do you sense coming from them? Is it positive or negative, or a mixture of both? How about when you enter a building or a home? Do you sense peaceful energy (positive), or discordant, (negative) energy?

By practicing using all of your body’s systems, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual systems to examine energies outside ourselves, you will eventually develop a talent for sensing the subtle energies which the majority of people sadly, just seem to ignore to their own detriment.


Copyright 2012 Frank S.

All Rights Reserved


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Posted: Jan 11, 2012 4:27pm
Oct 30, 2011

Once upon a time, there was a land called Turtle Island.

A land so pure that you could drink water out of any waterway.

The Natives made their living off of the earth itself and respected

the animals, birds and plant life.


Men and Women ran free, and the air was pure to breathe.  

They slept under the stars, as their children played by the campfires.

Now, the very land weeps, and nature itself is preparing to rebel.

For the streams, rivers, and even the mighty sea are now polluted.


A wicked haze covers the air, and people cough and sneeze because

of selfish greed. Disease and pestilence has come upon a once pure

and virgin land. Now, besides a stream, a Native American Princess silently

cries, as her beloved Turtle Island, (America) dies!


Frank S.  Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved

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Posted: Oct 30, 2011 3:41pm
Oct 6, 2011

I went to the bigots to ask for wisdom.

They replied, go and hate!

I  then went to the Hippies, to ask for wisdom,

and they said, go and love!


I went to the conservatives, to ask for wisdom.

They said, go make war!

I  then went to the Hippies, to ask for wisdom,

and they said, go make peace!


I went to the mega-corporations, to ask for wisdom.

They said go, be full of avarice!

I  then went to the Hippies, to ask for wisdom,

and they said, go and share what little you have!


Frank S.  Copyright 2011

Dedicated to the greatest generation, the 70's Flower Children


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Posted: Oct 6, 2011 7:33am
May 5, 2011


Millions of Noble Hearts Love You!


It is wonderful to see so many

Noble hearts united in such a noble



Bullying, should not exist

since it is filled with hate

and never with love.


Our hearts beat together in love

beating for you as one. We reject

all bullying in all its forms, along

with all of its destructive actions.


For bullying deserves to be in only

one place. And that is in the trash

can of the world, where it



Holding hands, with you in

the world, we go through life.

Noble hearts full of love,

all of us rejecting hate.


If you should ever meet a bully.

Realize, that you are never alone.

And that every bully is on the road

only, to their own self destruction!


For we are countless millions of hearts

strong! And we share always with you

all our love!


Always, we hold you in our prayers

and in our arms, and our love for you

will exist, for all eternity!


By Frank Solis

Copyright 2011 all rights reserved


Proud Member of Care2 Group:stopbullying

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Posted: May 5, 2011 6:42pm
Jan 31, 2011


My black eyes have become the color of,

emptiness, as my soul, cries out in pain

and pleasure.


Ecstasy mixes with hate, as my ears long

to hear the sound of your naked voice.


Amidst the din, and the gathering of armies.

I seek your face. Only to see my tears, falling

within the crimson rain, of my wanton heart.


I have lost my way, within a world of beauty

and one of madness. A sacred place, where

I drink of the intoxicating wine of passion.


Out of the chalice of desire, comes the fire

which shall consume my very being.

What once was a spark, then a flame,

has now become a raging inferno.


Only you, beloved Queen, remain untouched

in battle. As you sit regally upon your throne.

While Princes and kings fall right and left,

upon the blood stained battlefield of your love.


Wine becomes blood, as I stand wounded by

your majesty. For in your eyes I see the reflection

of my very soul. I stare into the eyes of romance

and passion, completely lost in our torrid

and inescapable love!


Author Frank Solis

Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved


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Posted: Jan 31, 2011 6:09pm
Dec 15, 2010

The bully thinks he's smart and feels that he is better than others, but inside he is miserably insecure. He puts up a brave front even though he knows that when he is by himself, he often lets his guard down and sheds a tear behind his mask.


He feels that by degrading someone else, he may be seen as powerful. But in reality, he is seen as only a coward. He is always seeking to prove his power, but truly only succeeds at making himself unpopular.


He shakes his head because he doesn't understand why people avoid him, so he thinks it's because people fear him, when its really just that people don't like to hang with idiots.


So he goes through life like a bull in a china shop, hurting others but mostly hurting himself. Because how you treat others, often shows the world just how little or how much you think of yourself. You cannot become popular by being mean to people, and you cannot be happy when you yourself chase all your happiness away!


So the bully smiles, and thinks that all the people that avoid him are fools, but in reality they are the smart ones. Because who in their right mind, would ever want to hang around with a bully, an idiot, or a fool!


Frank S.


Copyright 2010 all rights reserved



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Posted: Dec 15, 2010 7:31pm
Nov 30, 2010

I remember the warm fall sun hitting my face and thinking about how I really didn’t want to go to school that day. It wasn’t really the school that turned me off, but rather that I had chosen automobile mechanics as my major that semester and I was miserable. In one of my auto-technician classes there were a couple of bullies. Well, I have always been a bit of a rebel and tend to make friends with anyone people consider a bit different. I got to know one young man whom was disabled, and our friendship became quite strong in a few other classes we shared together.

Well, on that particular day, I happened to get to this one class early and just happened to hear these two bullies speaking about my friend. Of course, it wasn’t nice what they were saying, since they were planning to con my friend Ducky and steal his tools. As soon as my friend walked in to class, the teasing began. I kept silent for a while, just to see how far the dummies would go with their bullying tactics. They started on him pretty strong, then I saw my new friend getting very scared. He was a big loveable teddy bear type and clearly no match for those two bozos.

It was then that I fired the first shot over their bow. “Hey, don’t mess with Ducky, he’s my friend!” I shouted out. The bullies both looked shell shocked, since most of the students there knew that I was raised on the wicked streets of the barrio. It was then that I got up from my chair and walked up to them and said, “Whoever messes with Ducky is going to bring hell down on their own selves, is that understood!”  They both became very quiet and never bothered or picked on Ducky ever again!

There are many types of bullying, and this was just a light weight, small example of it. But as far as bullies go, they are all the same. "Cowards with a capitol C which is all they are!" Having been raised upon the vicious streets of the ghetto I have seen them talk big, only to run away with their tails tucked between their legs when someone stronger challenges them. So, in retrospect, never be scared of bullies, because sooner or later the only ones they can really destroy, is themselves!


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Posted: Nov 30, 2010 10:25am
Sep 17, 2010

Lament of the Inner Child (Introduction)


Still, even after many years a child can still feel the fear that comes from being emotionally, mentally, and physically abused. The unceasing cry of the inner child was and is always with them, and a sense of distrust follows the child everywhere it goes.


Why, couldn't the child just have been loved and not persecuted like a common criminal? Is it because an adult feels so powerless in life, that in their rage they feel the need to punish and dominate a child?


Why, must some children be favored and loved, while others are scorned and forsaken, then left to wallow in the self-hate that      comes from the destruction of their self esteem?


The unceasing cry which arises from an abused child, never goes away. It only simmers beneath an ocean of inner turmoil. Afterward, whenever hate happens to rear its ugly head, the torment and abuse become a torrent of pain which rains down in hellish vengeance upon the child's gentle spirit.


So a child's silent cry becomes a tragic lament, which is heard only within the heart and mind of the child. A lament so profound, and sad, that it slowly destroys the spirit of the child which is targeted by the hate and senselessness of the abuser!



Lament of the Inner Child (poem)


I am here in the darkness.

I cry out but you never listen.

I ask for your love,

but you never share.


My soul has become a

tapestry of pain.

My life, a testament

to your hate.


My cry is heard by angels,

whom lower their heads,

in shame.


Open the ears of your heart,

that you may hear.

For tomorrow may be,

too late.


For my lament will always,

be of pain. Until you learn,

that love, is the only way!


Frank Solis copyright 2010 all rights reserved


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Posted: Sep 17, 2010 6:33am
Sep 10, 2010


Dreams lie shattered, as broken glass.

While laughter is heard, echoing nearby.

In the shadows sits a child, trying

to understand why she is hated?


Her mother brushes her away. Her father

Ignores her, so she hides within the shadows.

To her the darkness feels good, for

she seems to blend into the shadows.

She looks up at a starlit sky, and a tear falls

from her eye, as she silently cries out for love.


Within her brews a storm, full of painful memories.

Until she reaches for the door to nowhere, where

upon the streets of lies, new shadows quickly arise.

After walking for what seems to have been for hours

she returns to a home empty of love, that even the

radio sings a forlorn song.


She walks into her room, and sits staring with starving

eyes.  Which search everywhere for a sign of love.

But It comes as no surprise, that her gaze falls upon the

single solitary lamp which brightens up her little room,

and the shadows of her tragic life!


Frank S.

Copyright 2010 all rights reserved

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Posted: Sep 10, 2010 6:46pm
Sep 8, 2010


August 8, 2010


From the World Wide Bad Baby News Network  

Brought to you by; Babies Rule Pampers. “The Pampers of Choice for Independent Babies”

All I remember was that I was safe and secure within the warmth and darkness of my mother’s womb. When suddenly, I opened my eyes only to see some guy pulling hard upon me! Then, I had to let out a loud scream so that he would quit pounding on my poor little butt. Unfortunately, then I heard my mom say, “isn’t he wonderful.  ” I just hope that she wasn’t referring to the crazy guy in the white coat who wanted to continue beating the hell out of me!

My mom then told the guy who beat me up, “thank you doctor.” Thank you, for what I thought? That dude almost beat me to death! Ugh, now some lady in a white dress and a funny cap is taking me away. Uh-oh, this one is going to be worse than the first; I think she wants to drown me.  Now, why is she placing me in a little metal swimming pool if not for that?    

Adding insult to murder as one of her karmic crimes, she proceeds to humiliate me by speaking to me in some foreign language. As she mutters a dark and evil incantation “Choochie, choochie coo,” she says, all the while rubbing me on my poor little belly. What the, now she’s taking me back out of the pool, and she’s got a really big white towel.  Oh no, She must have realized that suffocating me would be much quieter than having me gurgling my last breath, too many bubbles I guess?

Oh-oh, now there are even more adult sadists allied against me. I see them all standing around me, conspiring. I try to get up from the bed and run, but for some reason my little legs can’t stand up.  My vision is getting blurry and I am getting very sleepy and weak. As I try to protest my future demise, nothing comes out of my mouth except for gibberish. Now at last, I know for a fact that I’ve been drugged, they must have put it in the milk!

Suddenly, I was knocked out completely all night long. Then the next thing I knew, someone was shinning a bright spotlight into my eyes, they must have been getting ready to interrogate me. Now, all of a sudden these adults have become the Gestapo, judge, and executioners. Foolish me; how dumb of me to have thought that I could escape the horrible fate which awaits me.

The verdict is in; the guy in the white coat who beat me up upon arriving into the world makes an announcement. “You folks can take the baby home today!”  Just as soon as he said that, something called a nanny came straight at me; smiling with a wicked evil glint in her eyes.  She said to my mother, “I am going to take real good care of him Ma’am.” Yea right, I bet she just can’t wait to get her grubby little fingers around my cute little neck!

Everyone is saying that I should be very grateful to have been born into this family of psychopaths, but I don’t believe a word of it.  I truly suspect that they’re all nutcases. Besides, who can be grateful about being force fed milk without cornflakes each day? Or having a nanny trying to snuff out your life by suffocating you with baby powder, while she’s texting some idiot boyfriend of hers on a pink pre-paid cell phone! Or of being fed raunchy baby food each day that’s nothing but mush? Or how about being kept most of the time behind bars, in that special solitary cell that adults call a Super-max baby crib?

But worst of all, is them taking me back to see the crazy guy in the white coat who beat me the hell out of me when I  first arrived by stork parcel post! Just, what was so cool about him looking into my mouth, while shinning a spotlight in my eyes, and then poking me hard everywhere he shouldn’t? But listen, even more horrible is the fact that when he was finished, he told my mother. “Be sure to bring him back to see me in a few weeks, I just can’t wait to see the little tyke again!”

Yuck, enough is enough!  I need help, immediately! Call Tinkle’s the cat, Superman and Batman, or even your congressman’s maid if you have to. Because, I just can’t stand another day of this child abuse and humiliation! Furthermore, call the United Nations, Care2, picket and protest, perform a hunger strike, I don’t care, call the cartels if you like; just get me out of here! One more thing, please don’t forget, that I’m being held hostage against my will. For your information it’s called kidnapping, and it’s all about to drive me crazy!!! Now, you wouldn’t want this on your conscience when you try to go to sleep tonight would you? I thought so!

Sincerely yours,


Author: Frank Solis

Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved

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Posted: Sep 8, 2010 6:55pm


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