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Apr 20, 2007
Focus: GLBT
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Location: Massachusetts, United States
this is a great op-ed about prejudice.  please note!  Sorry about the typo.  Thanks.
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Posted: Apr 20, 2007 11:03am
Apr 20, 2007
Our Prejudices, Ourselves
John Fulbrook III
Published: April 13, 2007
AMERICA is watching Don Imus's self-immolation in a state of shock and awe. And I'm watching America with wry amusement.
Since I'm a second-class citizen — a gay man — my seats for the ballgame of American discourse are way back in the bleachers. I don't have to wait long for a shock jock or stand-up comedian to slip up with hateful epithets aimed at me and mine. Hate speak against homosexuals is as commonplace as spam. It's daily traffic for those who profess themselves to be regular Joes, men of God, public servants who live off my tax dollars, as well as any number of celebrities.
In fact, I get a good chuckle whenever someone refers to "the media" as an agent of "the gay agenda." There are entire channels, like Spike TV, that couldn't fill an hour of programming if required to remove their sexist and homophobic content. We've got a president and a large part of Congress willing to change the Constitution so they can deprive of us our rights because they feel we are not "normal."
So I'm used to catching foul balls up here in the cheap seats. What I am really enjoying is watching the rest of you act as if you had no idea that prejudice was alive and well in your hearts and minds.
For the past two decades political correctness has been derided as a surrender to thin-skinned, humorless, uptight oversensitive sissies. Well, you anti-politically correct people have won the battle, and we're all now feasting on the spoils of your victory. During the last few months alone we've had a few comedians spout racism, a basketball coach put forth anti-Semitism and several high-profile spoutings of anti-gay epithets.
What surprises me, I guess, is how choosy the anti-P.C. Crowd is about which hate speech it will not tolerate. Sure, there were voices of protest when the TV actor Isaiah Washington called a gay colleague a "faggot." But corporate America didn't pull its advertising from "Grey's Anatomy," as it did with Mr. Imus, did it? And when Ann Coulter likewise tagged a presidential candidate last month, she paid no real price.
In fact, when Bill Maher discussed Ms. Coulter's remarks on his HBO show, he repeated the slur no fewer than four times himself; each mention, I must note, solicited a laugh from his audience. No one called for any sort of apology from him. (Well, actually, I did, so the following week he only used it once.)
Face it, if a Pentagon general, his salary paid with my tax dollars, can label homosexual acts as "immoral" without a call for his dismissal, who are the moral high and mighty kidding?
Our nation, historically bursting with generosity toward strangers, remains remarkably unkind toward its own. Just under our gleaming patina of inclusiveness, we harbor corroding guts. America, I tell you that it doesn't matter how many times you brush your teeth. If your insides are rotting your breath will stink. So, how do you people choose which hate to embrace, which to forgive with a wink and a week in rehab, and which to protest? Where's my copy of that rule book?
Let me cite a non-volatile example of how prejudice can cohabit unchecked with good intentions. I am a huge fan of David Letterman's. I watch the opening of his show a couple of times a week and have done so for decades. Without fail, in his opening monologue or skit Mr. Letterman makes a joke about someone being fat. I kid you not. Will that destroy our nation? Should he be fired or lose his sponsors? Obviously not.
But I think that there is something deeper going on at the Letterman studio than coincidence. And, as I've said, I cite this example simply to illustrate that all kinds of prejudice exist in the human heart. Some are harmless. Some not so harmless. But we need to understand who we are if we wish to change. (In the interest of full disclosure, I should confess to not only being a gay American, but also a fat one. Yes, I'm a double winner.)
I urge you to look around, or better yet, listen around and become aware of the prejudice in everyday life. We are so surrounded by expressions of intolerance that I am in shock and awe that anyone noticed all these recent high-profile instances. Still, I'm gladdened because our no longer being deaf to them may signal their eventual eradication.
The real point is that you cannot harbor malice toward others and then cry foul when someone displays intolerance against you. Prejudice tolerated is intolerance encouraged. Rise up in righteousness when you witness the words and deeds of hate, but only if you are willing to rise up against them all, including your own. Otherwise suffer the slings and arrows of disrespect silently.
Harvey Fierstein is an actor and playwright.
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Posted: Apr 20, 2007 10:55am
Jan 4, 2007
Focus: Politics
Action Request: Petition
Location: United States
We helped to elect them. Now it's time to support them.
Please sign and spread the word.

Speaker Pelosi and the new Democratic leadership are launching a bold "100 Hours Agenda" that would take real steps towards kicking the oil addiction, fighting poverty, improving public health and cleaning up government.

The total signature count and some of the comments from this petition will be read aloud on the floor of Congress-- the more signers, the bigger the impact. Please add your name to following statement:

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Posted: Jan 4, 2007 9:53am
Dec 15, 2006
Focus: Politics
Action Request: Write E-Mail
Location: United States


Sadly, Senator Tim Johnson from South Dakota had to undergo emergency surgery on Wednesday night. I just signed a card from the entire MoveOn community wishing him well and I thought you might want to add your name, too. All you have to do to add your name to the card is click:

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Posted: Dec 15, 2006 3:44pm
Dec 3, 2006
Diary of a Texan Who Moves to Minnesota

A Midwestern

December 8: 6:00 PM. It started to snow. The first snow of the season and the wife and I took our cocktails and sat for hours by the window watching the huge soft flakes drift down from heaven. It looked like a Grandma Moses Print. So romantic we felt like newlyweds again. I love snow!


December 9: We woke to a beautiful blanket of crystal white snow covering every inch of the landscape. What a fantastic sight! Can there be a more lovely place in the Whole World? Moving here was the best idea I've ever had. Shoveled for the first time in years and felt like a boy again. I did both our driveway and the sidewalks. This afternoon the snowplow came along and covered up the sidewalks and closed in the driveway, so I got to shovel again. What a perfect life.


December 12: The sun has melted all our lovely snow. Such a disappointment. My neighbor tells me not to worry, we'll definitely have a white Christmas. No snow on Christmas would be awful! Bob says we'll have so much snow by the end of winter, that I'll never want to see snow again. I don't think that's possible. Bob is such a nice man I'm glad he's our neighbor.


December 14: Snow lovely snow! 8" last night. The temperature dropped to -20. The cold makes everything sparkle so. The wind took my breath away, but I warmed up by shoveling the driveway and sidewalks. This is the life!  The snowplow came back this afternoon and buried everything again. I didn't realize I would have to do quite this much shoveling, but I'll certainly get back in shape this way. I wish l wouldn't huff and puff so.


December 15: 20 inches forecast. Sold my van and bought a 4x4 Blazer. Bought snow tires for my wife's car and 2 extra shovels. Stocked the freezer. My wife wants a wood stove in case the electricity goes out. I think that's silly. We aren't in Alaska, after all.


December 16: Ice storm this morning. Fell on my ass on the ice in the driveway putting down salt. Hurt like hell.  My wife laughed for an hour, Which I think was very cruel.


December 17: Still way below freezing. Roads are too icy to go anywhere. Electricity was off for 5 hours. I had to pile the blankets on to stay warm. Nothing to do but stare at my wife and try not to irritate her. Guess I should've bought a wood stove, but won't admit it to her.  I hate it when she's right. I can't believe I'm freezing to death in my own living room.


December 20: Electricity's back on, but had another 14" of the slop last night. More shoveling. Took all day. Damn snowplow came by twice. Tried to find a neighbor kid to shovel, but they said they're too busy playing hockey. I think they're lying. Called the only hardware store around to see about buying a snow blower and they're out. Might have another shipment in March, they said. I think they're lying. Bob says I have to shovel or the city will have it done and bill me. I think he's lying.


December 22: Bob was right about a white Christmas because 13 more inches fell today, and it's so cold it probably won't melt till August. Took me 45 minutes to get all dressed up to go out to shovel and then I had to the bathroom. By the time I got undressed and dressed again, I was too tired to shovel. Tried to hire Bob who has a plow on his truck for the rest of the winter; but he says he's too busy. I think he’s lying.


December 23: Only 2" of snow today. And it warmed up to 0.  My wife wanted me to decorate the front of the house this morning. What is she nuts?!! Why didn't she tell me to do that a month ago? She says she did but I think she's lying.


December 24: 6". Snow packed so hard by snowplow, I broke the shovel. Thought I was having a heart attack. If I ever catch the son of a bitch who drives that snowplow, I'll drag him through the snow by his toes. I know he hides around the corner and waits for me to finish shoveling and then he comes down the street at a 100 miles an hour and throws snow all over where I've just been! Tonight my wife wanted me to sing carols with her and open our presents, but I was busy watching for the damn snowplow.


December 25: Merry Christmas. 20 more inches of the slop tonight. Snowed in. The idea of shoveling makes my blood boil. I hate the snow! Then the snowplow driver came by asking for a donation and I hit him over the head with my broken shovel.  My wife says I have a bad attitude. I think she's an idiot. If I have to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" one more time, I'm going to kill her.


December 26: Still snowed in. Why the hell did I ever move here? It was all HER idea. She's really getting on my nerves.


December 27: Temperature dropped to -30 and the pipes froze.


December 28: Warmed up to above -50. Still snowed in.  She is driving me crazy!!!!!


December 29: 10 more inches. Bob says I have to shovel the roof or it could cave in. That's the silliest thing I ever heard. How dumb does he think I am?


December 30: Roof caved in. The snow plow driver is suing me for a million dollars. My wife went home to her mother. 9" predicted.


December 31: Set fire to what's left of the house. No more shoveling.


January 8: I feel so good. I just love those little white pills they keep giving me. Why am I tied to the bed?

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Posted: Dec 3, 2006 6:26pm
Nov 25, 2006
I added some more old family pics, as well as some more pics of me.   

I love looking through old pictures and I find myself even welling up a bit, because I miss my mother and my grandparents, who have passed. And my father has built a new house and moved in with his new wife, so I feel somewhat removed from him even though, thankfully, he's still around. But I hope you enjoy this blast from the past, close to as much as I did.
Album: Some old family photos. Don't recognize everyone in them, but some.
I love looking through old pictures and I find myself even welling up a bit, because I miss my mother and my grandparents, who have passed. And my father has built a new house and moved in with his new wife, so I feel somewhat removed from him even though, thankfully, he's still around. But I hope you enjoy this blast from the past, close to as much as I did.

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Posted: Nov 25, 2006 10:41pm
Nov 4, 2006
Focus: Politics
Action Request: Think About
Location: United States
5 Years Of Bush's HELL And Counting
2829 Dead American Troops In Iraq, 22,000 seriously wounded and over 630,000 dead Iraqis of witch 475,000 are innocent women and children all because Bush LIED.

Bush & The Republican Party Allowed Big Oil To Price Gouge America

The Proof is In the Pricing.

There are 42 gallons in a barrel.

It takes a price drop in oil of $42 to cause a dollar drop in gasoline.

The Price of Oil has dropped $10.50 in the last 4 months.

This corresponds to a 25 cent drop per gallon.

Yet we see a $1.00 drop in the price of gasoline.

You see the Republican Party & Bush have allowed the Oil Companies to
Price Gouge the American People all along.

You can get even with the Republican Party Now on Election Day.

And next year when we have a Democratic House and Senate we can Investigate this price gouging and Impeach Bush and Cheney.


* * * Please Repost This Very Important Message All Over The Internet

Bush has a terrible record on National Security we are 5 years behind where we should be. The Port of Dubai inspects 100% of it's Cargo Containers, under Bush the US inspects 5%. Japan inspects 100% of their beef for Mad Cow Disease the US inspects 2%.

And when the Democrats try to push for more National Security the Republicans who have full control of Our America won't even allow the Security concerns to be discussed let alone come up for a vote.

Hell the Republicans did't even have the nerve to saction Bush for his Criminal Response to Hurricaine Katrina where Bush let 1100 Amer5icans Slowly drown to death when all Bush had to do was pick up a stinking telephone and order 100 US helicopters to go and save the poor souls of New Orleans like he said he was going to do on Video tape 2 days before Hurricaine Katrina Hit America's Shores.

It is time to throw all of these UNSAFE Republicans out Washington before they allow another disaster to occur.
It Is Time To DUMP All Republicans For Giving US Bush
4 years of war in Iraq because of Republican incompetence, lies and zero oversight of the $400 Billion Dollars  thousands of US Veterans and hundreds of thousands of innocent women and children killed and maimed in the Republican fiasco called Iraq War for Oil.
Failure of the Republican Party to Save the lives of 1300 Americans who died in New Orleans while Bush and Cheney remained on vacation and couldn't even take 5 minutes out of there "BUSY" VACATIONS to pick up a telephone and send a hundred army helicopters to save American lives despite the fact that Bush had 2 days previous warning that the New Orleans Levees would FAIL.
Hell the Republican party didn't even have the guts to censure Bush and Cheney for their CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE in the Katina Hurricaine Disaster.
The Republicans let Bush & Cheney missmanage Healthcare, Education, Global Warming Warming, The Economy. The National Debt, and the Wars In Iraq and Afghanistan as the Republicans rubber stamped every horrendously bad policy that Bush and Cheney Stupidly gave America.
America needs a NEW Direction and OVER SITE Accountability of all of the Trillions of Dollars WASTED and STOLEN Under The Worst Administration ever to inhabit our White House in Washington, DC.
It Is Time To DUMP All Republicans For Giving US Bush.
Vote Out All of the Republicans and we can IMPEACH Bush and Cheney.
Save America - Vote Out Every Republican So We Can Impeach Bush & Cheney
Yes We Can Impeach Bush And Cheney
Disgraceful Republicans Are Proud That They Fix Elections
It is a national outrage that the Republican Party has for six years proudly stood by as one election after another has been fixed.
The Republican Party has taken sole poseesion of voting machine companies that manipulated the tabulation of America's most sacred rite VOTING.
Every time a Vote to fix the no paper trail of voting is brought up in Congress the low lives that call themselves Republicans let the fixing of American Elections continue as business as normal.
Well this election cycle the American People will stand up and take back America from the Disgraceful Republicans.
Bush & His Republican Cronies In Congress Have Blown Trillions That Should Have Made America Energy Independent.
Bush and Congressional Republican Flunkies Did Every Thing they could to aid the OIL Companies Bilk The American Public.
The 2 Trillion Dollar Tax Breaks for the Rich could have been used to build solar, wind and other green energy sources to provide America's Electricity, but the Republican Party has sold America Out to the Rich and the OIL and Natural Gas Interests.
We could have gone a long way in fighting Global Warming, but the Republicans in congress and the Senate, whose GOD is Gold, sold you and every other American Out to line their campaign coffers with a wad of cash.
Yes, America We can get even with the Republican Judases in the Senate and the Congress by voting them all out of office.
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Posted: Nov 4, 2006 6:01pm
Sep 5, 2006
Focus: Civil Rights
Action Request: Petition
Location: United States
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Posted: Sep 5, 2006 9:27pm
Jul 28, 2006

War protester Cindy Sheehan has purchased a 5-acre plot in Crawford with some of the insurance money she received after her son was killed in Iraq.
The group she helps lead, Gold Star Families for Peace, says on its Web site that it will return next month to protest the war in Iraq in the small town near Waco where President Bush has a ranch. Like last year, Sheehan, whose son Casey was killed in Iraq in 2004, will again demand to meet with the president.

"We decided to buy property in Crawford to use until George's resignation or impeachment, which we all hope is soon for the sake of the world," Sheehan said in a newsletter set to be sent to supporters Thursday. "I can't think of a better way to use Casey's insurance money than for peace, and I am sure that Casey approves."

Her anti-war gathering in Crawford is scheduled for Aug. 16 through Sept. 2. But Bush is scheduled to be at his ranch mainly during the first two weeks of August.

Sheehan, from California, reinvigorated the anti-war movement last summer with her peace vigil, which started in ditches off the road to Bush's ranch. As it grew, the group also set up its protests on a private, 1-acre lot closer to the ranch.

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Posted: Jul 28, 2006 10:58am
Jul 26, 2006
If GoogleEarth can spot UN Observers, Can't Israel Too?
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Posted: Jul 26, 2006 8:01pm


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