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Sep 15, 2008

I just got two bunnies. One lion head doe who is bunking with a female guinea pig----- happily---- and a rex buck who is in the cage in the bath tub. I had rabbits
years ago.

The previous owners are 4h-ers and want a different type of rabbit now, so got rid of these.

These guyz are with me forever and ever.

I don't only have bun buns I am a critter freak and buy extra food for all my critters. They eat from my menu along with their food. If I can ever figure out my digital camera I will send a pic.

How about some name suggestions? Lionhead doe is fawn and very sweetly shy. Rex buck is brave, curious and tabby colored.


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Posted: Sep 15, 2008 5:11am
Apr 29, 2007
It has been quite a while. I have become a foster mom and have a house full! Being versed somewhat in vegan and vegetarian cooking has helped stretch the food budget! Now I am looking to get away from disposable diapers and learn how to care better for different cultures hair and skin.

happy week!
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Posted: Apr 29, 2007 1:21pm
Jan 11, 2006

I can not seem to get to a tunnel with a light at the end. Bills, physical stuff, emotional stuff. Just when I need that light the most I can not find the right tunnel! I have faith that the tunnel is around someplace, just can't locate it.
I think my meds are numbing me to the light I seek. I feel so dumbed down and tired. It is not seasonal. Just too much at one time and that LIGHT--- that ever elusive light that always guided me before. Where is it?

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Posted: Jan 11, 2006 7:31pm
Jan 5, 2006
I am taking the meds offered and suggested. The meds make me want to eat and eat.  I am already to heavy.
 The utility bill is over the top.  I will NEVER be able to pay it.
I am a little behind on the rent and now have WAY less money coming in.
Even for a dietary aid job you need mega references and I have been on disability, still am. I can't find a part time  job.
Prayer? pfffffft.........

I am a tired old failure. My 15 y.o. even hinted about it the other night.
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Posted: Jan 5, 2006 12:17pm
Jan 3, 2006
New Year. Again. I don't want anymore new beginnings because that makes endings.
Things can be hard to deal with. I try the path of spirituality. I believe that there is a Creator. I want to believe there is some kind of savior and that prayer works.
See, if we have free will, how can a Creator make things go good for us if that means he would have to influence another to do something to make our thing happen.
I am going through somethig that is real hard. Two "Jesus freak know it all fundamentalist" women have helped tear apart my family. I even have to go to court about the whole ridiculous thing.
My kid, 17 yo dau, has started a complete drama. It all happened because she did not want to do chores and she has attachment disorder. She came to me at three.

Now, I want to pray and I am having a real hard time with this. Can prayer be visualising? What if my free will gets in the way of someone elses free will?

I am a single Mom and have a 15 yo dau still home.

All I want is serenity. I want what is best for the 17 y.o. I want to be able to pay the bills and rent and live outside of the box of bipolar disorder and pain.

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Posted: Jan 3, 2006 4:24pm


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