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Oct 10, 2007
Focus: Human Rights
Action Request: Protest
Location: United States
 ... Will You ... take - The Mark - ?
StarsButterflies Russell R. 

A question every man, woman and child needs to consider now.

Because ... they already are, and have been, doing it :

Micro-chipping the population !

Will you willingly allow them to "chip" you?

What will you do when they kidnap you, rape you down, needle you, drug you, probe you and IMPLANT YOU - by force - against your will ?

And ... guess what - consider the possibility that you may already have been "implanted".

Have you ever been to the doctor ? Ever "allowed" a doctor to put a needle in you ? Ever gone under anesthesia ?

If you answered "yes" to either of the above questions - then it is entirely possible that you may have already been "chipped" and not even know it.

And these "micro-chip" implants are, and can be, more than just a mere "tracking device" ... yes, that's right - these "radio frequency micro-chips" are programed with information stored in them. What information you ask ? Well, that is anybody's guess now isn't it ... because the ones doing the implanting can put any kind of information in there they want to (eg): Your name, address, DOB, names of all relatives, known friends, contacts, co-workers and more ... plus - they can fill the "chip" with labels about you such as : it could say that you are violent, dangerous, psychotic, psychosis .... the chip can be programmed to store whatever information they want to put in it - your criminal history (real or fabricated) etc ..

Now, the public doesn't know this ... but police departments, local governments, have already established contracts with one or more of their local hospitals and they have tied in the computer systems from those hospitals straight to the City, State, Police computer data base. What this means : anyone tapping the keys inside the hospital can fill the police computer data base with whatever twisted information about you they want ... whenever they want.

FACTUAL CASE EXAMPLE : The State of Alaska ... City of Anchorage ... Anchorage Police Department ... has their contract with Providence Hospital and the COMPUTER SYSTEM HAS BEEN LINKED between PROVIDENCE HOSPITAL and ANCHORAGE POLICE DEPARTMENT and THE COMPLETE NETWORK of STATE and LOCAL CITY POLICE DEPARTMENTS throughout ALASKA. It is likely that system is now also linked to the FBI and the global computer network.

If you're cool with that ... If you think it is "okay" to kidnap, rape and "implant" a person - then don't click on these next links and don't sign the petition below.

You know what you need to do :



This is another blog file everyone should read :

Micro-chipping the population

~ NEWS  ROOM ~ (Press Release) ~

This is very real stuff. So you all know -

I have been kidnapped, raped and tortured and we suspect they have implanted me while they had my body illegally, imorally and criminally in their posession.

One of the times they kidnapped me I had 3 of my dogs with me, lost one of my dogs in this attack and they did whatever they did with my dogs - basically kidnapped them too. Well, after I was pulled out from this attack I ended up getting my 2 dogs back - the mother Sassy and her son Bulldozer. We suspected they had plugged my dogs with microchips (criminally/illegally) and went to have my dogs examined ... we factually verified yes they had implanted my dogs. In subsequent attacks on me my dogs have been victims as well and now have as many as 3 different implants.

My body has yet to be examined since all of the attacks on me (we have postponed this due to security concerns) - It would be a safe bet they plugged me with who knows what types of microchip implants or other electronic devices.

This is as real as it gets folks ... it ain't no joke.

Conspiracy FACT!

Forward this message to everyone!



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Russell R Robinson
, 1
North Pole, AK, USA
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