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Jun 12, 2012
Focus: Children
Action Request: Donation
Location: Haiti
Hello my wonderful family and friends; it is, of course that time of year again. I have to say that I have been truly Blessed to be called upon once again to serve the people of Haiti. 

It was three plus years ago that my husband Andrew and I decided to go to Haiti and make difference. The decision was made months before the January 2010 earthquake had devastated the country so badly. By the Grace of God the trip went as planned, the Miami Vineyard "Mission Injustice 2010 Haiti" team was assembled. We arrived in Haiti six months after the earthquake. From the moment I stepped of the plane I fell in love... "Haiti had me at hello" . We spent our days working with orphans, cleaning and painting schools, finishing buildings in the orphanage.

The time that I had spent there with all of amazing people that I had met impacted my life so intensely that all I could do when I got home was pray and plan on how I could get back there.  

Well... there was that Grace of God once again Blessing me with another trip approximately one year later, "Mission Injustice Haiti 2011". When the plain landed and we disembarked tears of joy streamed down my face, hallelujah!, I said, "look at all the progress!" What an awesome feeling to know that miracles really do exist. It was a beautiful thing to play with the children again, to see how they smile. 

It is that time again... "Mission Injustice Haiti 2012", I am raising money to get back to Haiti. 

Although many of you may not be able to physically go to Haiti, this is your chance to make a difference!  Any and all donations will help tremendously and be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and may God Bless you!

Please click on the link below to help me help Haiti!

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Posted: Jun 12, 2012 7:43am


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