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Nov 16, 2008

THIRTY THREE THOUSAND wild horses lives are depending on us and only ONE DAY to help them!

 The Nevada Wild Horse Summit is this coming MONDAY Nov. 17th and that is the meeting that will give the final "yeah-say" in the plan to sell off  these 33,000 wild horses cheap and "un-conditionally" to anyone who wants them, including killbuyers!

 The recently released GAO Report advised the BLM to dispose of
these horses "in the most cost efficient" way. What could be
 more "cost-efficient" than to make money off of the dirty deal? We
are talking at least $165,000 worth of horseflesh here, even more
since "Mustang Meat" demands considerably more than your usual "run of the mill" domesticated horse flesh. Ask our
 European "Friends," ..those horse-eating foreigners LOVE it when they can get a rare "Taste of Texas" Genuine Free-Roaming- Wild-Horse-Mustang Meat, that is "Fresh from the Old Western Prairies." They will gladly pay BIG extra bucks for it.

 On Nov. 17th the Powers-That- Be (PT will "give the axe" to our wild horses, they will make it official as is the last step in the "legal"
 process, afterwich they will act quickly in their plan to exterminate
 these horses, no doubt. It is said that there are many dirty deeds
 being quickly done down in Washington Dc these days. Most all the

BIG WHIG Dept Heads (including that of the Secretary of the Interior,
 HEAD of the BLM) are on their way out and want to get their new
 arenas cleared, have their "ducks in order" & everything in place for
 their future exploitations and cronieisms. These horses have little
 more than ONE DAY before the "coupe de gra'" is given. We simply MUST get the word out and have our voices heard Loud & Clear RIGHT NOW!

 If you are not so familiar with the issue of our American Wild
 Horses, please, before you make any comments defending this
dispicible plan, we ask that you do your homework and read up about
 the long history of Wild Horse Removals and the "privatization of
 public lands," and the battle of a dedicated few who have been
fighting for wild horse survival for years. If you do your homework
 you will learn about so-called "rangeland declimation, " and of the
fat & healthy wild horses being removed from allegedly "declimated"
 ranges, and you will learn of privately owned cows who, by the way,
out-number the wild horses 200 to 1. These are the things the BLM or
 the Dept of Ag ARE NOT telling you. Can you imagine why? Read up and  you will learn about the money made from private grazing and mining permits, and also about the "UnLimited BigHorn" UnLimted Threat to the wild horses, which is a plan to replace the wild horses with big game for the BIG BUCKS they can make off of the sale of big game hunting permits which costs a couple a thousand dollars each.

Oh what fun the filthy rich horse killers and hunters will have with the
 money they have made off of the blood of our nations Wild Horses and what FUN they will have on the horses land after all the horses are
 gone...which will be very soon judging by the way our wild horses are
 being (mis)managed. .

Are we going to let them get away with this or is America going to
 STAND UP and come together as ONE VOICE for our wild horses and SHOUT OUT LOUD & CLEAR to the world, "there is NO WAY America will let you send those wild horses horses to slaughter" not without a GREAT BIG NOISE at least! We maybe cant stop them, but we most certainly can EXPOSE THIEIR LIES and show them and the world for what they really are and show them and the world that what they are doing is terribly  wrong and is a NATIONAL DISGRACE. We most certainly CAN and WILL let  them & the world know that we will NEVER let America forget nor will  we ever forgive our dirty politicians and the corrupt system that  failed not only our wild horses but the will of the American people  once again as well!

 The BLMs mis-management has a long long history,...and small pockets of wild horse advocates have been fighting the good fight on behalf of the wild horses on their own for years. Now is the time to come to their aid for the sake of our wild horses. These wild ones belong to us all. NOW is the time to champion their cause while we still can!

 Thank You!

 Below is the new revised "SOS" for Americas Wild Horses. This is the one with the links to find your representatives and also the
 telephone numbers of all the media outlets which were omitted in the
 original blurb due to haste in getting the word out. All previous
 post by regarding this issue can be ignored, edited, omitted, or
 deleted all together. THIS is the ONE that counts..
> ------------ --------- ----

> Posting as requested from my Wild Horse "Friends,".. .
> Help Prevent a Great American Tragedy! Immediate Action is Needed!
> THIRTY-THREE THOUSAND American Wild Horses have until Nov. 17th to
> live before they will surley end up going to slaughter!!
> Call your congressional representatives today!
> Find your Congressional Representatives in the link below and make
> the calls.
> We need an Emergency Congressional Hearing on these Wild Horse
> Killings NOW!
> gov/house/ MemberWWW_ by_State. shtml
> and find your State Senators here;
> http://www.senate. gov/general/ contact_informat ion/senators_ cfm.cfm
> There is an URGENT NEED right now to get the word out about the
> crisis our American Wild Horses are facing. Here is the latest sad
> news;
> U.S. to Supply European Palate with "A Taste of Texas" Wild Mustang
> Steaks & Burgers,.."Fresh off the American Wild West Ranges."
> Say it isnt so!
> As you may or may not know, our government is getting ready to
> senselessly & needlessly exterminate 33,000
> wild horses they currently have penned up in holdng facilities
> throughout the western states. We are looking to get some IMMEDIATE
> MEDIA coverage on this as time is getting short for these horses.
> The "Powers That Be (PT plan on following through with their Bush-
> Backed "euthansia" plan before Bush leaves office. Remember, the pro-
> slaughters and even the American Association of Equine Practicioners
> (AAEP) belives slaughter IS "humane euthansia.". .. so we are
> wondering, what is "the real" plan for disposal of these 33,000
> horses? Remember, at slaughter-house prices, we are talking about
> $165,000 worth of horse-flesh here! Do you REALLY think
> the PTB will be ok with "burying" that?
> We dont think so!
> The time to act is NOW! We must make our voices heard and get this
> story out. The only thing that will stop it is a call for
> Congressional Hearings IMMEDIATELY! !
> I called HBO today and learned that HBO Didnt know - didnt have a
> clue as to the crisis the wild horses are in. They know now. We can
> only hope they give it their e'MEDIAte attention! Call HBO and ask
> them to please cover this story, and soon! Time is running our for
> our wild ones!
> HBO's Customer Affairs Dept #
> is (212) 512 - 1208.
> Click title above to see what we have faxed over to HBO;
> http://tinyurl. com/6ma99r
> I have also sent this blurb out to all the major North American Media-
> Outlets, as follows; Lets hope some that at least some of them will
> pick the story up; Can you think of any we missed?
> You call too!
> Albany NY Times Union
> (518) 454-5413
> Arizona Republic
> (602) 444-8641
> Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
> (501) 378-3411
> Asbury Park Press
> (732) 643-4000
> Atlanta Journal-Constitutio n
> (404) 526-5488
> Baltimore Sun
> (410) 332-6565
> Boston Globe
> (617) 929-2840
> Boston Herald
> (800) 234-5680
> Buffalo News
> (716) 849-4461
> Calgary Herald
> (403) 235-7373
> Calgary Sun
> (403) 250-4141
> Chicago Sun Times
> (312) 321-2664
> Chicago Tribune
> (312) 222-3474
> Cincinnati Enquirer
> (513) 768-8438
> Cincinnati Post
> (513) 352-2767
> Cleveland Plain Dealer
> (216) 999-4370
> Columbus Dispatch
> (614) 461-8522
> Daily Oklahoman
> (405) 475-3314
> Dallas Morning News
> (214) 977-8444
> Des Moines Register
> (515) 284-8130
> Detroit Free Press
> (313) 222-6661
> Detroit News
> (313) 222-2260
> Fort Worth Star-Telegram
> (817) 390-7401
> Houston Chronicle
> (713) 220-7891
> Las Vegas Review Journal
> (702) 383-0298
> Lexington Herald-Leader
> (859) 231-3236
> Los Angeles Daily News
> (818) 713-3627
> Los Angeles Times
> (213) 237-3569
> Louisville Courier-Journal
> (502) 582-4361
> Miami Herald
> (305) 376-3500
> Minneapolis Star-Tribune
> (612) 673-4447
> New Orleans Times-Picayune
> (504) 826-3405
> New York Daily News
> (212) 210-1671
> New York Post
> (212) 930-8000
> New York Times
> (212) 556-7381
> Newark Star-Ledger
> (973) 392-4023
> Newsday
> (516) 843-2810
> Oakland Tribune
> (925) 416-4803
> Omaha World Herald
> (402) 444-1311
> Orange County Register
> (714) 796-7804
> Palm Beach Post
> (561) 820-4440
> Philadelphia Daily News
> (215) 854-5700
> Philadelphia Inquirer
> (215) 854-4550
> Sacramento Bee
> (916) 441-4100
> San Antonio Express News
> (210) 351-7330
> San Diego Union Tribune
> (619) 293-1342
> San Francisco Chronicle
> (415) 777-7201
> San Jose Mercury News
> (408) 920-5354
> Seattle Post-Intelligencer
> (206) 448-8370
> Seattle Times
> (206) 464-8278
> South Florida Sun Sentinel
> (954)356-4635
> St. Petersburg Times
> (727) 893-8123
> Tacoma News Tribune
> (253) 597-8681
> Tampa Tribune
> (813) 259-7655
> Toronto Globe
> (416) 585-5333
> Toronto Star
> (416) 869-4361
> Toronto Sun
> (416) 947-2266
> Vancouver Province
> (604) 605-2014
> Vancouver Sun
> (604) 605-2395
> Washington Post
> (202) 334-7350
> The Associated Press
> (212) 621-1631
> Bloomberg News
> (609) 750-4688
> Canadian Press
> (416) 507-2154
> Reuters
> (646) 223-6290
> United Press International
> (312) 781-1608
> USA Today
> (703) 276-3693
> Newsweek
> (617) 425-0077
> Time
> (212) 522-2004
> ESPN News
> (860) 585-2330
> Fox Sports Net
> (310) 369-9160 (310) 969-6049
> Thanks!
> Christine A Jubic, aka "MuleKist,"
> Founder,
> Quarter-Acre Rescue Ranch & Equine Advocacy Center
> http://www.freewebs .com/mulekist
> "Because We Care"
> and
> Friends of Equines Society FOES of Equine Slaughter
> http://www.freewebs .com/friendsofeq uines
> "Dissenting & DEMANDING an End to Equine Slaughter"

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Posted: Nov 16, 2008 9:02am
Oct 9, 2007
I just read & noted the articles on the Mexican Horse Slaughtering Plants.

I then read everybody's comments.

We're all on the same page, seems like....however I have another horse auction coming up THIS SATURDAY, OCT. 13TH practically in my own back yard!  I've been trying to raise donations for The Phoenix Rising Horse Rescue...and out of the 15,000 of my closest friends here on Care2Care, guess how many people sent donations!!!!


I networked with 2 other Nebraska rescues on another board; and we raised enough donations to save EIGHTEEN horses; mostly BABIES. The picture above is some of the babies now at my rescue from the Loop City NE auction.........85% of the horses sold there went to the kill buyers.

PLEASE consider donating before Saturday, PLEASE forward and cross post this.

I've seen many, many posts where people are raising thousands of dollars for operations for a single cat or dog......which is awesome; don't get me wrong. But these innocent, perfect, beautiful equine babies are selling locally in NE for around $60 to $150 each right now.......PLEASE HELP US PULL AS MANY AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have sold everything I can of my own personal belongings to help fund my non-profit rescue. Right now there's 18 horses there......and I'm on MY LAST BALE OF HAY.

But I do believe that Heavenly Father provides for our needs on a daily basis; and I am NOT afraid. I WILL FIND A WAY to provide hay and grain for my rescues to get them through the winter.

All I'm asking today is for you to consider donating any amount at all; so that the 2 rescues who are going to the O'Neill, NE auction this Saturday can ransom as many babies as possible out from under the kill buyers!!!!

go to:

I truly do not want to offend anyone; its just that I feel so small against such an onslaught of evil..................stand and fight with me, friends. Please.
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Posted: Oct 9, 2007 2:52pm
Sep 26, 2007
Dear Friends:
Can you do me a favor and ask everyone on your buddy list to look at my Phoenix Rising Site, and to forward the link to everybody on their buddy lists, and so on?
It's gotten just critical here........this is such an awful time for the horses. I'm trying to buy
hay for the ones already here at the rescue; AND save lives of (at least) a handful of yearlings
or babies at the 2 upcoming local auctions. My friend Jim went to an auction a week ago; and the
babies were selling for $10 to $100 each. He said SIX TRUCKLOADS went to the kill
I am really, really pushing it right now to try and save whatever I can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've been praying; and I believe this is Heavenly Father's will for me at this time.
Anyway; if even a few people down the line are able to donate a little; it will all help
the horses TREMENDOUSLY. Please let everybody know that if they want a receipt for
their charitable donation  to help defray their tax bill,  just to let me know.
Here's the link:
Thank you, for helping me get this message out there......I know I can count on you
to post this plea and forward it. We send each other a lot of emails through the months;
but this is one that is most near and dear to my heart - for this is my heart's work.
Once I get past these 2 auctions (one on the 29th - which is also my 45th Birthday! and one on
Oct. 13th) I'll be able to slow down and concentrate more on the 'real' world. But I just have to
TRY to do whatever possible right's the cloth I'm cut from!
Love ya In All Circumstances!
(if this picture doesn't come through...its the same one as above)
This is one of the reasons I do rescue.
This gorgeous girl is a ten year old Thoroughbred mare, retired from racing. Her name
was "Slings An Arrow", but we've been calling her "Phoenix" as the new figure head of the rescue. She's a 'best case scenario' - she was cared for properly until recently, when her elderly owner found he was dying from cancer, and so he donated her to the rescue so he knew she'd be safe from being sold for slaughter like so many TB's are.
She's sticking her tongue out for the photo...LOL...but she has an extremely sweet and
eager to please spirit. Samantha is about 5'5" you can see how HUGE she
is. Unfortunately, not all the rescues who come into Phoenix Rising look like this...but
we are making a difference, right here in our own little corner of the world!
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Posted: Sep 26, 2007 8:04pm
Aug 29, 2007
Focus: Animal Welfare
Action Request: Donation
Location: United States

I desperatly need donations with which to purchase hay, grain, nutritional supplements, and medical care/supplies for my equine & canine rescue, Phoenix Rising Horse Rescue.

I am a small private rescue that is the only such facility in the entire area here in northern Nebraska. My sister rescues here in NE are all at full capacity due to alarming amounts of animals being abandoned and left to starve; and I recently took in 3 Thoroughbreds, and a Quarter Horse mare with her 3 1/2 mo. old filly at her side. They are all in bad shape...but they're in better shape than the nearly 200 horses that were on the feedlot with them that the rescues weren't able to save, and were shipped to slaughter in Illinois last spring just before it was closed.

If you hate horse slaughter as much as I do, this is a REAL WAY to claim 5 precious victories over the slaughter plants! These 5 horses
are DOCUMENTED as being saved from the Illinois slaughter house. Yea! I know there's thousands of wonderful people out there who'd love to be able to do what I am blessed with being able to do; but cannot, due to where they live, etc. So Please consider donating to Phoenix Rising so that I can change the world, with the help of my virtual friends, one animal at a time.

Even though they've been off the "feedlot" for nearly four months; they are painfully thin and each has some injury or medical condition which needs attention. (The photo shows the baby foal's eye, which she may have lost completely due to accident/injury at the last place she was at).

I've spent thousands of hours working online to help other rescues and causes; this is the first time I've needed to ask for help for my own rescue. These 5 horses (which are in addition to the other 12 here; all but 3 of which are rescues) by themselves ate an entire large round bale in the first week they were here; plus grain and nutritional supplements.

My husband just changed jobs; and we're struggling financially. I need whatever help you as an individual or perhaps your group(s) can offer.

Please take a few moments to look at my website:

I am still working on the site; I have other horses and a few dogs to list; however I have most of the worse cases onsite already.

There are other ways to help this cause, if you cannot afford to donate a dollar or two. For example, please forward and cross-post this request to all your contacts, and ask them to do likewise.

I have the opportunity to help more horses - there's several people literally begging me to take in some more - but I just cannot do this until I know I have enough to see my rehabilitation cases and rescues through for the coming winter. I have the room and facilities to take in more horses; but I must be certain the current rescues I have would not be put at risk.

I also foster and rehome dogs and cats ALL THE TIME. I promise the Lord to do whatever he asks of me each day, to help whatever animal or person he sends my way.

These beautiful animals deserve time and plenty of T.L.C. to regain their formerly robust selves; and then I will be able to adopt them out to qualified loving forever homes.

I have many references; and I can even get you a receipt for your donation to use when filing your taxes (charitable contribution). I hate 'fund-raising'....but I hate seeing the hips, ribs, & backbones of horses even more. So for their sake, I humble myself and come to you.

Thank you so very much for your time; and I sure hope to hear from some of you!

Kindest Regards,

Lynn Schmale
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Posted: Aug 29, 2007 8:52pm
Aug 19, 2007
Hello, Dear Friends!
I am writing to you this day to ask for your help. As you know, I have been deeply involved in equine rescue for several years now...however until this summer it was mostly virtual work.

The tides have turned, and Phoenix Rising Horse Rescue has joined forces with other rescues here in Nebraska, South Dakota, and Kansas to stem the flow of entire herds of horses being starved - due to drought and prairie fires driving up feed prices; and also many breeders 'getting out' of the business and deciding just to let their horses go hungry.

My family and I have 15 horses and a donkey here right now at our rescue: only 3 of which are not rescues. Aug. 11th we brought home 3 Throughbreds, and a Quarter Horse mare with 3 mo. old filly at her side. They were sent here from another rescue which is over-filled with horses.

In one week these 5 horses have devoured nearly an entire large round bale, plus daily portions of grain and nutritional supplements. I will not deny them a single mouthful of food, however: they've seen enough hardship already! I will do whatever it takes to rehabilitate these beautiful souls.

These 5 horses are each in need of MUCH T.L.C....however they are a few of the 'lucky ones' that escaped being packed off to slaughter just before the Illinois plant was temporarily shut down. As it stands now - months after the initial rescue, they are still dreadfully thin. Each has at least one health concern or injury to boot.

However, they are already learning to trust humans again (something my family and I are gifted in), and although it will take time to get them back into good health & weight, all of them have years and years of GREAT life ahead of them. Once I've got them ready, I will adopt them out to qualified homes.

I have other horses waiting to arrive which also need help; but until I have the means to do so, I just cannot bring anybody else in. This breaks my heart. We have the room and the time; the heart and the talent...we're lacking only in FUNDS.

I am asking today for you to take a moment to look at my rescue site:
(you may have to copy & paste the link in your browser)

I have some of the horses listed already; with more to follow. I really, really need help! My husband just changed jobs, and we are going to need help to buy enough hay and medical supplies to get through the long winter which fast approaches.

I also ask you to PLEASE FORWARD THIS REQUEST AND CROSS-POST IT to everybody in your contact lists, and ask them to do the same. I am working in conjunction with several other rescues; and there are hundreds of horses at risk or already in danger here in Nebraska alone. 

This is not some shallow cry in the night. This is fact. This is my own personal non-profit rescue, asking for your help! This is my heart's work; and I know there's thousands of people who would love to be able to do this themselves, but for whatever reason cannot.

Please, Friends! This is your REAL chance to make a difference! Please, help me do this important work!

Thank you so very much!
Kindest Regards,
Lynn Schmale
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Posted: Aug 19, 2007 1:38pm
May 5, 2007
 Dear Friends.
I barely have the stomach to go through this again. I was so INVOLVED last spring...down to the WIRE...and the BLM went ahead with their freakin' ILLEGAL roundup. The photo is just one, and I WILL ADD THAT IT IS NOT ONE OF THE GRAPHIC ONES....taken during the roundup last spring.

There are very few images that are burned into my soul. None of them are things any human should ever have to see. However; it pains me to admit that among the worst images I've seen are of aborted foals laying in the dirt...product of their mother's panic-striken run from the helicopters...or the photo of one of the 'lucky' newborn foals that survived the roundup...that is, it ran until it could run no more; and then dropped. Wranglers came along and tied up these little babies, but then didn't bother going back for them for FIVE DAYS. By then, all but two were dead; and the 'lucky' ones were barely hanging on.

I have a whole folder full of photos of the roundup. It's heartbreaking to say the least. Does it surprise any of you that the government officials LIED about the roundup; or that they're trying to duplicate their illegal activities again this year?  Somebody's pockets are being lined quite nicely with this....and the horses lose ALL; often including their own lives.

PLEASE. If you do nothing else this me stop this travesty from occuring again this year. If you want specific data; email me directly and I'll be glad to provide it.

These horses are not hurting anything - despite what the BLM tries to say- and I have the facts to back that up!

Even if you don't really care for horses, well, just remember, that in an ecosystem if one thing is unbalanced everything else gets unbalanced, too. Next they're going want to be killing big predators ( e.g., wolves, mountain lions, etc.) because THEY'RE 'overpopulated'...c'mon!
Put two and two together (I realize there's no wolves in Nevada...I'm refering to what's been happening in other states which have also had wild horse roundups) and lets STOP THIS.

      Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge (?)
              Horses Need Your Help

After a massive public outcry last summer over the brutal roundup of horses at Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in northwestern Nevada, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FW has released a new Environmental Assessment (EA) to address the issue of wild horse and burro management on the refuge.

The FWS has gone to great lengths within the EA to refute objections raised by animal welfare groups, wildlife conservationists and the general public and to defend their intention to continue reducing the equine population on the refuge to a token herd of 75-125 horses and 30-60 burros from the 1,600 animals that live there today.

They further propose to ramp up the removal of horses on a more accelerated schedule, with 600-1,000 horses planned to be harvested this year
alone—numbers that will flood an already saturated market for horse adoption.

The FWS is accepting comments on this EA only through May 17. They are hoping
that few people respond
so that they can continue their proposed course of
action and incorporate it into a Comprehensive Conservation Plan that will set the stage for zeroing out the horse and burro population entirely.

To read the
full EA, visit _
( .

Your voice is essential    
and time is running out.

Please write to the U.S Fish & Wildlife Service at
with your objections to their proposed “Alternative B” in the EA.

The horses and burros in the refuge are in desperate need of protection.

Recommendations ->>
Demand that the FWS provide a detailed long-term management plan to achieve the more realistic objective of target herd numbers of at least 800-1,000 horses and 100-150 burros. A 900-square-mile refuge (575,000 acres) can easily accommodate these numbers.
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Posted: May 5, 2007 8:48pm
Feb 11, 2007
If you've already seen/signed these...

Please forward as you deem appropriate, too.

If not; please take a second and look at them...these are 'near & dear' to my heart! 'sneaky'! It looks like my own petition somehow got tacked onto the end of this share...
(Lynn scratches head & says, "how'd that happen???)

Barbaro Rules
Millionaires starve nearly 300 animals on their property!
An officer of the law lives right across the road...and doesn't
'notice'??? the 98 skeletal horses, etc.??? There's a TON of
links & proof...this REALLY frosts my cookies!! Just because
someone has money, DOES NOT give them immunity from
behaving in a humane and HUMAN way!
Thank the State of Illinois for making a law to protect animals from
being used as 'weapons' by gang members.


Does anybody ever wonder why I often use the 'eye' background on my shares? I choose it to represent the eye of God;which sees ALL THINGS and never sleeps. It also represents us here at Care2; because we're always alert & ready for action to right wrongs and stop evil! We never
sleep; because we're global..somebody's ALWAYS on here, working to make the world safer, stronger, better.

We ARE the world!
Love ya all!
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Posted: Feb 11, 2007 7:04am
Feb 10, 2007
Please 'note it' and forward to everybody you know.
Shame on Time Magazine!!!!
-Lynn S.
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Posted: Feb 10, 2007 9:06am
Feb 9, 2007
Dear Friends;
I know we all see SO MUCH evil and countless cries for help; and that's partly why we're all here...because we care. This time I feel that we, as a community of caring humans, can honestly make a real difference if we all work together (which is something we excel at!).

I received this email plea for help, and I almost just deleted it; however the Holy Ghost whispered in my heart that I should forward this to my Care2 network. I don't know why; but I do know that I long ago promised God to do whatever he asked of me, no matter how 'crazy' it made me feel. I hope that everyone who can, will stuff a couple dollars in an envelope and send it her way. I know where she's at...with EVERYTHING going wrong all at once...The Lord said to treat strangers with kindness; because we never know when we may be ministering to angels in disguise. (I don't think she's an angel; but I do think something is 'special' about this situation. I think if you pray about it you'll get the same feeling.)

I truly believe this is an honest plea for help, and I know the Lord will bless us for whatever we do to help; even if its just to forward this on to your buddy list, or pray for Mr. Beans!
(If you don't know much about horses, 20 is really just middle age now-a-days; as with humans, Horses are living longer now, too; so it's not like she's trying to save her fur friend only to have to lose him again in the near future.)
Kindest Regards,

Return-path: <
YasminOaks@aol. com>
YasminOaks@aol. com
Full-name: YasminOaks
Message-ID: <
bbd.10125c31. 32fbb85e@>
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2007 18:18:54 EST
Subject: Can anyone help me--prayers, donations (?) for very injured horse in hospital

Hi. I have never asked for any help before and feel really funny about doing
so now, but I really need some help. I know that money is tight for everyone
now. I am just in a situation where I really don't know where else to turn.

Can anyone send anything to help me out? I feel awful to ask, but I really
need some help for a veterinary hospital bill? I am trying to save a sweet and
giving 20 year old gelding named Mr. Bean. He has been there for me and I don't
want to let him down now.

My beloved 20 year old gelding has been in the equine hospital for 10 days
now. Last Monday I went out to bring the horses in and he didn't come up to the
gate. I walked out with a halter and he didn't even turn to greet me. I walked
up to him and saw that his nose was bleeding. He also had two gashes on his
front legs. I was unable to get him to walk. Luckily my farrier came out about
then and he helped me clean him up until the vet arrived. The vet felt that it
would be best for him to be transported to the equine hospital.

He was diagnosed with a fractured skull right by the brain. He was only given
a 40% chance of survival. He is blind in his left eye due to damage to the
brain. He was weak at first, but has been given just the best care in the world.
He began to make so much progress. He not only was pulling through, but he
was improving. My daughters and I went to visit him and every day he seemed so
much better. He was scheduled to come home on Tuesday.

Monday night though he began to run a fever and pace his stall. Tuesday
morning he was climbing the walls and was upset. The good news today is that Mr.
Bean is still alive. He hasn't had any really bad moments since 2:00 p.m.
yesterday, but he continues to have a temperature even as high as 104. He is in the
hospital and has around the clock care. They are doing everything possible to
save him.

He has been in the hospital for 10 days now. He is still hanging in there. I
was so hopeful this weekend and on Monday. I know that he will probably never
be able to be ridden again. I don't mind as long as he can be happy. Now I am
so afraid that he won't make it. The odds were against him from the beg
inning. I just wanted to save him as I love him so much.

Today the reality of the vet costs really got to me though. I received my vet
bill which I will make a copy and send to you. I had given them $1500
(borrowed from my parents) when he was admitted to the hospital. The bill I received
today was only for 3 days, January 29th-31st and even with the $1500 I had
given them I still owe them $770.00 just for those 3 days.

He has also been there for all of February and they haven't billed me for
that yet. I can't even imagine what that bill will be like. I am so dreading it.
This isn't even close to being over. Why do vets have to charge so much? I am
so worried about everything.
I am trying to sell some of my beloved horses and things to help out.

I just wish it didn't have to cost so much money.

I have just had so much go wrong lately. My ex-husband stopped paying child
support end of November. I had a very tight Christmas this year.
Then I got served with court papers from my ex wanting to get shared rights
to my daughter who he hasn't been a part of her life ever. He walked out on us
when I was pregnant.

It just seems that it is one thing after another. Lately I have been almost
afraid to wake up in the mornings.

Please forgive me for begging, but I thought this might be an option. I am
not doing it for myself, but for my special horse. He has been good to me. He
has been good to so many. He has taught children how to ride before he came to
live with me. I don't want to let him down.


Cathy McBride
1150 NE
105 Lane
Anthony, FL 32617

P.S. If you can only send a dollar or two it would help. Even if you can't
afford to send anything if you could please pray for Mr. Bean that would mean so
much. I so strongly feel that prayers have kept him alive and healing so far.
I am so sorry for begging-- I don't know what else to do now.

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Posted: Feb 9, 2007 8:29pm
Jan 27, 2007

This needs to make headline news,
not some of the other stuff that is on the news!!!

Time for Healing

 Very touching... 

Winners Make Things Happen!

Please share this with your email buddies....

Here is a tough, but heartwarming story and a picture of John Gebhardt in Iraq.

John's wife, Mindy, related that this little girl's entire family was executed. The insurgents
intended to execute her also - and shot her in the head; but they failed to kill her.

She was cared for by John's hospital  

and is healing up, but has been crying and moaning.

The nurses said John is the only one who seems to calm her down; so

has spent the last four nights holding her while they both sleep in that chair. The girl is coming along with her healing.

He is a real Star of the war and is representative of what America
trying to do.

This, my friends, is worth sharing with the WORLD! Go for it!!

This is something that you'll never see in the news. Please keep this
going. Nothing will happen if you don't, but the American public needs
to see pictures like this and needs to realize that what we're doing over
there is making a difference. Even if it is one little girl at a time.

-James Gates U.S. Navy

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Posted: Jan 27, 2007 12:58pm


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