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Nov 21, 2010

The puerilism and spotty grammar used by both Palin daughters is as disturbing as their casual use of vulgar slang to demean people.  What kind of school do they attend and why do their Facebook messages seem like the writings of a 3rd grader?  If it's the public schools in Wasilla, Sarah should have done something about the inferior education system in her own town when she was its mayor.

However,  good students don't blossom by themselves.  Parents must be around and available to their children to help them, teach them and provide positive role models.  Mr. Palin has a limited education and his grammar seems inadequate, but that doesn't necessarily count him out if he is invested physically and mentally in his children's education.  Sarah Palin seems to be out of the house and too busy running after the gold to supervise her children's education from day to day.  Even on her new show, after Mrs. Palin chastises a boy for following Willow up to her bedroom, he circumvents Sarah and dashes upstairs.  It's not cute, not something to be televised, and it sends an implicit message of explanation regarding Bristol's teenage pregnancy.  If Sarah can't manage her own household, does she expect us to believe she can handle the larger problems that await her in the White House?  It's laughable and sad.

Her children are raising themselves and they look uncomfortable with their mother's attempt at baking and cooking with them.  Obviously, this staged family affair isn't a normal part of their family life.  How can her children identify with an absent mother and be expected to grow and rise above their small, uninformed world.  Compare the Palin children and their antics to President Obama's children and it's obvious what the Palins lack:  the dedication to make their children's welfare and education their highest priority.  Also, the Obamas sit down and eat meals together, share their days' activities and enjoy the give and take that comes with nurturing this type of family tradition.  The Palins?  Who knows where they are and how often they partake in sit down family meals.  Poor Bristol was somehow picked to participate on Dancing With the Stars when her most notable achievement is pregnancy at 17 by a teenaged Alaskan redneck.  It's painful to watch Bristol gamely hit the dance floor with two left feet and a stiff upper lip.  Sarah, tell her it's all right and she can come home--let the kid have some dignity in her young life.

 All of these things play a part in their welfare and future success as individuals and as a family.  I have sympathy for these kids who wouldn't get much attention if they weren't being exploited by their mother.  Their Facebook page is full of anger and Mr. and Mrs. Palin need to understand that and do right by their kids.  Sarah, hows that family values thingy going for you?

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Posted: Nov 21, 2010 6:54am


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