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Apr 28, 2011
Donald Trump says he has more money than the Treasury. He's never been involved in politics, and according to records hasn't been a consistent voter. He exchanges old wives for new ones like trading in a car, likes to see himself in the paper and loves the sound of his own voice. But all that apparently isn't enough attention, so Trump jumped on the "birther" bandwagon, joining the club I call the Hate Club. It's a growing group in this country consisting mostly of racists disguised as ordinary citizens. Now that President Obama released the long version of his birth certificate, Trump takes responsibility for the "accomplishment."  He refers to himself as godlike in his ability to do what no one else could --get the long version of the birth certificate published. Now Trump is attacking President Obama's college credentials, stating that he was never an "ivy leaguer."  That President Obama graduated from Harvard Law School magna cum laude seems to be irrelevant to Trump. What will Trump do next, accuse the State of Hawaii of inventing the birth certificate?

What is all this about? Why has no one ever asked for George Bush's birth certificate or John McCain's? McCain was born in Panama while his father was stationed there in the military. Did his father actually register McCain as an American citizen? Do we know for sure? Sure, it sounds like nonsense when you talk about it and it is nonsense. It's just that President Obama has 2 flaws:  he calls himself a black man and he's a Democratic President. The Republicans blame him for the 8+ years of fiscal neglect and illegal wars that he inherited from Bush. They don't want tax cuts revoked for the rich and they don't want us meddling in the affairs of the TARP assisted banks, don't want us to question the wisdom of cutting Medicare, or forcing voters to show state id's in addition to their voting cards in order to eliminate the poor and black voters who vote predominantly Democratic. The Right Wing wants to turn back time to a place when women had fewer rights and couldn't make decisions about their own bodies; when brown and black skinned people knew their place. They are committed to denying citizenship to children of illegal aliens even though our Constitution provides that citizenship. They'd like to force foster children to buy clothes only in thrift stores--no new clothes for kids without parents. And let's not forget about being a good Christian. Politicians must declare their allegiance to Christianity in order to be taken seriously. Never mind that the founding fathers underscored the importance of separation of church and state for the very reasons it's being foisted on the American citizens today.  Christians good, everybody else bad.

Sarah Palin is a charter member of the Hate Club. She's a mockery of a good Christian woman who wants to help lead our country back to greatness by drill, drill, drilling, baby and reloading. And she's doing it one lucrative speaking engagement at a time, writing books that belong in the humor section of libraries, and finding new ways to insult the President as she delivers mumbledigook double speak pronouncements at Teabagger rallies. At the risk of offending sheep, most of the Teabaggers are willing to be led if they can find someone to blame for their own unfulfilled lives. They are fed hate and happily regurgitate it on command.

Sarah can certainly hold a grudge. She let McCain's camp have it when they revealed that she tried to keep her expensive wardrobe and spent thousands of their dollars on her kids. When McCain's aides also said Sarah didn't have the intellect or education to be Vice President, Sarah delivered burning diatribes against them. During her disastrous interview with Katie Couric when Sarah couldn't name a single paper that she read, because she did not read newspapers, she became agitated and upset. Okay, Sarah, you got caught with your intellectual panties around your ankles. That's part of running for office. But Sarah has thin skin and really gets off when she can manage a hateful retort. So when Katie Couric announced that she was moving on from CBS News, Sarah Palin cattily commented that she read it in a newspaper. Then she proceeded to insult Katie Couric. That's the kind of thinking, presidential woman we'd love to have in the White House, right?

As each new day dawns, another Republican politician in the country announces a new plan to curtail our rights, to destroy more of the environment, to remove laws that protect us from the banks and credit card companies; to pass bills that leave the poor and disabled unprotected, to cut spending for education; to advance the wealth of large corporations, and we sit by and watch it happen. The day is coming soon when disabled or poor people will have to wear armbands as in the days of Hitler. Similar ideas have already been promoted by some Republicans. We are engaged in a war of good versus evil. The outcome will be the eradication of the middle class, and that's you and me.

When will we speak up, take a stand and stop this madness? If it means demonstrations in the street, let's do it.  If it means marching on Washington, D.C., let's do it. It's time for a revolution, while we can still work, walk and protest. If we don't, we may lose all of our rights. It's happened in other countries and it can happen here. The Hate Club must not win. We can't let the Republican Party turn us against one another.  This is not what America is about.
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Posted: Apr 28, 2011 2:55pm
Dec 31, 2010

I have been cooking and eating asparagus for many years, usually steamed and buttered or, rarely, with hollandaise sauce.  My love affair with asparagus has been ongoing, but like a lazy lover, it's been the missionary position (steamed and buttered) for most of our relationship.  Who would have imagined that my grown daughter would reignite my passion for asparagus simply by laying the lovely spears on a cookie sheet, sprinkling olive oil and a bit of salt and pepper on them, and broiling them.  Oh, the gorgeous aroma of those regal spears; how it weaved through the kitchen and into the dining room where I inhaled a new and fragrant asparagus perfume.  A first bite, cooked yet crunchy, yielded to my mouth and I was once again instantly, completely besotted by this relative to the Lily.  Next time my daughter cooked asparagus at my home, she added crumbled blue cheese to the asparagus and baked it for 10 minutes.  What can I say to describe the result?  It was like tasting first love for the second time, a rare and wonderful experience.

Yesterday I finished the leftover baked asparagus from Christmas dinner.  My husband doesn't eat asparagus; his passion is green beans and broccoli, and I'm okay with that.  He enjoys my love of asparagus because my passion for it often spills over into a passion we share, making me wonder if asparagus has aphrodisiac properties.  I decided to investigate.

Asparagus has more than looks and taste.  A 1-cup serving provides 66% of the daily recommended amount of folate, which reduces one's risk of heart disease and heart attacks.  It's been used throughout the ages to treat swelling  for arthritis and rheumatism and is a natural diuretic.  Asparagus is a good source of potassium and it's very low in sodium.  A cup of asparagus eaten frequently with meals during the early stages of pregnancy supplies enough folate, a B vitamin, to help the nervous system of the fetus to develop properly and can prevent birth defects such as spina bifida.  Even though folate is found in many green, leafy vegetables, folate deficiency is the biggest vitamin deficiency in the world.  I guess Americans aren't the only people who don't like to eat their vegetables.

Asparagus is also an excellent way to get a big helping of vitamin K, vitamin C and vitamin A, as well as being a source of vitamin B1, B2, B3 and B6, along with manganese, copper, phosphorous, potassium, protein and of course, fiber.  It even has been known to reduce menstrual cramps, and I'll vouch for it as an aphrodisiac.  Some reports suggest it has anti-aging properties, another reason to keep it on the menu.

 As a vegetarian since 1979, I've cooked asparagus and used it as pasta, added it to pasta with a little olive oil, and in general eaten more than my share.  But now that I have new ways to cook asparagus, it's like starting over with a new vegetable.  And now, my ode to this elegant edible.

Asparagus, your spear of green is like a dart shot to my heart, as raw you are a flirty veg, and baked you send me to the edge, I think that I shall never eat a better food, fait accompli.

Try 'em, you'll love 'em.

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Posted: Dec 31, 2010 11:48am
Nov 21, 2010

The puerilism and spotty grammar used by both Palin daughters is as disturbing as their casual use of vulgar slang to demean people.  What kind of school do they attend and why do their Facebook messages seem like the writings of a 3rd grader?  If it's the public schools in Wasilla, Sarah should have done something about the inferior education system in her own town when she was its mayor.

However,  good students don't blossom by themselves.  Parents must be around and available to their children to help them, teach them and provide positive role models.  Mr. Palin has a limited education and his grammar seems inadequate, but that doesn't necessarily count him out if he is invested physically and mentally in his children's education.  Sarah Palin seems to be out of the house and too busy running after the gold to supervise her children's education from day to day.  Even on her new show, after Mrs. Palin chastises a boy for following Willow up to her bedroom, he circumvents Sarah and dashes upstairs.  It's not cute, not something to be televised, and it sends an implicit message of explanation regarding Bristol's teenage pregnancy.  If Sarah can't manage her own household, does she expect us to believe she can handle the larger problems that await her in the White House?  It's laughable and sad.

Her children are raising themselves and they look uncomfortable with their mother's attempt at baking and cooking with them.  Obviously, this staged family affair isn't a normal part of their family life.  How can her children identify with an absent mother and be expected to grow and rise above their small, uninformed world.  Compare the Palin children and their antics to President Obama's children and it's obvious what the Palins lack:  the dedication to make their children's welfare and education their highest priority.  Also, the Obamas sit down and eat meals together, share their days' activities and enjoy the give and take that comes with nurturing this type of family tradition.  The Palins?  Who knows where they are and how often they partake in sit down family meals.  Poor Bristol was somehow picked to participate on Dancing With the Stars when her most notable achievement is pregnancy at 17 by a teenaged Alaskan redneck.  It's painful to watch Bristol gamely hit the dance floor with two left feet and a stiff upper lip.  Sarah, tell her it's all right and she can come home--let the kid have some dignity in her young life.

 All of these things play a part in their welfare and future success as individuals and as a family.  I have sympathy for these kids who wouldn't get much attention if they weren't being exploited by their mother.  Their Facebook page is full of anger and Mr. and Mrs. Palin need to understand that and do right by their kids.  Sarah, hows that family values thingy going for you?

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Posted: Nov 21, 2010 6:54am
Nov 6, 2010
I rarely watch Dancing With the Stars due to the malarkey that goes on among the judges; they're sometimes just too full of themselves.  But once in a while I'll read about a celebrity I like and I'll tune in.  I heard about Jennifer Grey's appearance and watched her dance.  It brought back memories of her movies, and seeing her float through her dance routine was immensely enjoyable.  We've missed you, Jennifer.  Where have you been for so long?

Recently I watched Rick Fox dance.  Maybe it's his height, his graceful moves, his handsome demeanor or everything combined, but it was a pleasure to see him on the dance floor.  The man can dance.  Of course, watching Rick Fox meant I also watched Bristol Palin.  Out of curiousity I watched a few of Bristol's attempts.  It reminded me of when I was a kid and had to haul bales of hay into the stable to feed the horses.  The bales were heavy and had to be dragged, just as Bristol is dragged around the floor by her ever patient professional dance partner. 

Clue me in, but what is Bristol Palin doing on DWTS?  She is certainly not a star, and only briefly a celebrity due to her being 17 and pregnant while her mom was on the presidential roadshow with her brood in 2008.  She can't dance, hasn't got a sense of rhythm, and unfortunately looked ridiculous in tights and a man's shirt, as she valiantly attempted a high kick that she couldn't raise past her belly button.  Worse, she looks about as comfortable dancing as she probably did during labor.  And her mom has made a few appearances to cheer Bristol on (or was it to get free face time on TV).  Where is the wise counseling a mother should give to a daughter, like stay home, give your son a chance to remember your face, go back to school and do something with your life.  Bristol's message to girls her age seems more like cash in on your 15 minutes of fame and worry about everything else later.

Bristol recently admitted that she "forgot" to vote in the mid-term elections.  I guess Sarah never bothered to remind her.  I will always remember the first time I was of legal age to vote and every time thereafter.  It's one of the ways I feel cemented in as a citizen.  But let's have a recap:  pregnant at 17, no higher education, granting interviews about her life (she hasn't even lived yet) and recording PSAs on the dangers of sex.  Yes, this can happen to you, kids, if you aren't more careful than I was.  And it won't be pretty like my story if you don't have a mother trying to take advantage of her already used up 15 minutes by writing books and charging $15,000 per speaking engagement and blathering on Fox TV and posing for magazine covers--hey Sarah, who's raising your kids?  Sarah's oldest son, a year older than Bristol, left home and joined the armed services as soon as he was old enough to pack his bag.  Bristol obviously had plenty of time on her hands to spend with Levi Johnston, a benign but typical example of the citizenry in their hometown.

Poor Bristol is the recipient of her mother's version of family values.  She's a kid who raised herself and her siblings while her mom was mayor and then governor, until she quit to go for the gold.  Bristol's mom has probably encouraged her to go for the gold too, while it lasts.  Let's face it, you can't go far without a college education and that will be a long row for Bristol to hoe with a toddler in tow.

But my real question is, how does someone with two left feet get voted to remain on DWTS while others who really can dance get the boot?  If the judges were the only ones able to cast votes and the show isn't fixed, there's no way Bristol would still be putting on her dance shoes.  No, this is one of the evil effects of having a mother who uses the Tea Party movement as her personal weapon.  I'm convinced that Sarah Palin's loyal tea dunkers are flooding the phone lines with votes for Bristol.  There's a lot of them out there, they're called sheep, who will do whatever they think will make Sarah smile.  And what could make a mother prouder than exploiting her own daughter to keep the Palin name and brand in the news as long as possible.  Oh Bristol, when will you wake up and see that you are not a dancer, you're a puppet and mommy is holding the strings.

As for Dancing With the Stars, it's time to retire that show.  We have enough political garbage on the air waves without setting it to music.  Better yet, move it to the Fox Entertainment News Channel.
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Posted: Nov 6, 2010 2:41am
Mar 26, 2010
Last Friday I took our goldenboy cat Teddy to our vet to be euthanized.  It sounds so cold, but was instead some sadly beautiful moments with our 16-1/2 year old cat.  As I held Teddy when the doctor administered a sedative, I felt him relax in my arms and knew our time together was almost finished.  I felt his purring in my hand and remembered how he came into our life and enriched us.  About a month after we moved to Chicago in 1993, my daughter and I were walking from the garage to our back door one evening.  Teeny meewing squeaks came from the neighbor's back yard.  We stood still, listening at the fence, then my daughter ran up the back stairs to look down at the next door lawn.  A dirty little kitten, eyes round in fright as he did his little Mike Tyson impersonation, sat shivering on the concrete patio.  We thought we'd lure him with food, so we brought out a handful of Tender Vittles, soft pea size pieces of cat food.  I threw a few at him and he fell over crying as if wounded.  Then my daughter squeezed through a break in the fence and came back with our new baby.  We already had two older cats, Ashley (bitch cat from hell) and Dove, a sweet grey girl.  Since the baby weighed ounces, not pounds, we decided to keep him in our bedroom suite until he could fend for himself.  But first, we went to the vet and had him checked out.  All cleaned up, Teddy was a beautiful red/blond guy with crop circle designs on both sides.  He was tiny and funny and my husband and I fell in instant love.  Teddy would sit in the bedroom windows and sleep on our bed.  At night he'd curl up between our pillows.  More than once we awoke and Teddy was sleeping on my husband's neck under his beard.  My daughter named him Teddy and he was a real Teddy bear.  He loved being held and petted by us.  He was never a pushy cat, but he trained us well in the feeding and care of Teddy.  Once he grew, he had the run of the house with Ashley and Dove.  They never formed a menage a troi, but Teddy would sometimes tease and mostly they tolerated his youth and silliness.  As bold and demonstrative as he was with us, he disappeared when anybody would visit.  He rarely showed his face to repeat visitors and had a tendency to flee when the doorbell rang.  He was known to our family and friends as the Invisible Cat or the Imaginary Cat.  We had a few pet sitters who lived at our house while we vacationed; they thought we really had 2 real cats and one pretend cat.  Oh well, he was there and probably laughing.  Teddy loved our dogs and used to rough house with our Aussie, Kokua.  They came to us around the same time.  Kokua will be 17 in April.  Time seems to pass too quickly with our pets.  It's so easy to take them for granted because they ask for so little, just our love.  In return, they give us unconditional love, something I don't believe human beings are capable of giving one another.  We have so many hilarious, beautiful, sad, loving, companionable memories of Teddy.  But we still feel cheated, we could have spent more time playing with Ted, letting Ted sit on our laps, whatever, it's just hell for someone you love to get old way too quickly and then have to be responsible for understanding when it's time for them to go.  If you love animals and feel they're worth having in your life, the responsibility is worth the love and empathy you receive.  We've had other cats and other dogs, and we love them all.  Like snowflakes, each one is different and leaves a mark on you.  We console ourselves by saying, Teddy had a good life and it's lucky we found him or he might not have survived.  What we mean is thank God for Teddy, he made us all better and we loved him for it.  If there is a heaven, surely animals are there with us.  It wouldn't be heaven without them.  See you later, Teddy.
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Posted: Mar 26, 2010 2:13pm
Feb 16, 2010
There seems to be no end to the cruelty we humans, in particular Americans, can inflict on animals in the name of I don't know what.  Although the last U.S. horse slaughterhouse was closed in 2007, the U.S. continues to ship over 100,000 American horses to Canada and Mexico for human consumption.  Yes, citizens, if you travel to Canada you will find horse steak in Toronto restaurants, raw horse sushi in Vancouver at Yoshi's, a Japanese restaurant, and horse whatever in Quebec.  In Mexico it is considered a cheaper meat than beef.  Moreover, it is still legal to eat horses in the U.S.  We just don't slaughter them here anymore.

There is a bill going before Congress called the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act (H.R. 503) that would outlaw the deportation of horses to foreign countries for slaughter.  These horses are former racehorses, pets, show horses, rodeo horses, old work horses and just unwanted or deemed too expensive to care for.  They are purchased at auctions and crowded into containers so closely that they cannot move or lie down.  They are shipped for over 24 hours without food, water or regard for the many horrific injuries that occur during transportation.  Many times death results from completely inhumane methods used by the buyers who ship these animals to foreign "processing" plants.  The plants are not subject to U.S. oversight or regulation.

The bond between man and horse is a long and honored one.  What do we owe to these faithful creatures who run races and make money for many people, who carry our children on their backs, prance in show rings, are tortured in rodeos in the name of sport, and have toiled alongside man for centuries?  When Napoleon's armies were starving he directed his soldiers to kill their horses for food.  That began France's love for horsemeat, although they will not buy American because our horses are not raised for food.

If we are humane and want to continue to be the stewards of the animals we say we love, phone, write, email your Congressmen to pass H.R. 503. 

Every time we avoid acting against the unjust and inhumane treatment of animals, a little bit of our humanity is lost and can not be retrieved.  Do something now.
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Posted: Feb 16, 2010 11:06am
Feb 2, 2010
Until around 2002, airlines had their own union mechanics within the United States to maintain and fix their airplanes.  But when the airlines were in a struggle to survive, they sought to cut costs by outsourcing maintenance to developing countries like El Salvador where costs are considerably cheaper.  There are considerable risks that accompany cost-cutting moves, such as untrained mechanics, unsafe storage of repair parts, no tools for the job, foreign mechanics who speak no English but are given instruction manuals in English, the list goes on. 

Even more disturbing, the FAA does not have information on where and how much outsourcing maintenance is performed.  The FAA doesn't require the airlines to tell them the names of the foreign repair shops being used.  There isn't even any standard for all FAA offices with respect to initial inspector visits.  The FAA sometimes does not show up for an inspection for as long as 5 years.  John Goglia, former presidential appointee on the National Transportation Safety Board says these findings are "very, very disturbing."  He says that because the FAA has so little information on foreign repair shops, they don't know if they are worse or better than shops in the U.S.

Because the mechanics at El Salvadoran company Aeroman did not speak or read English, they installed a key part on a main cabin door backward.  This was a Boeing 737 for U.S. Airways flying from Omaha to Phoenix with passengers.  When the seal on the main cabin door started failing air started to pour through the cracks and the plane was safely diverted to Denver.

Are you willing to risk your life to keep air fares low?  Does the idea of American mechanics losing their jobs to save the airlines money trouble your moral compass at all?  As usual, the bottom line takes priority over the safety of passengers.  The FAA doesn't have a clue how to do its job here or in foreign countries.

And not having an accident doesn't mean you're safe.  It means you're lucky.
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Posted: Feb 2, 2010 9:00am
Feb 2, 2010
I've been vegetarian for about 30 years.  It never caused my family or friends anxiety.  I would eat around the meat or fish and never ask for any special treatment.  In the early years it was easy to shop.  I'd hit the farmers' market, stroll through the fruits and vegetables and make great casseroles, salads and fruit and veggie shakes.  Life was good.

When I moved to Chicago and the first Whole Foods grocery store opened, I was in organic nirvana.  I shopped for organic foods, this store spoke my language, bananas tasted more banana-y, blueberries tasted as I'd remembered them from childhood, apples were almost orgasmic in their sweetness and juiciness.  What a treat compared to the increasingly tasteless produce in the chain stores.  I trusted the Oregon Tilth and other established entities to certify that a food was organic.  I trusted the small farmer whose name and face appeared above the apples I purchased.  There were even great frozen organic products by a variety of labels.

After several years, the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture realized there was money to be made in the organic field.  They created their own organic certification.  Shortly after, the variety of companies disappeared and Whole Foods started replacing other brands with their own 365 Day Organic brand.  Let's face it, it may have been a store with a mission, but when there's big money to be made, let's get involved.

Then one day I decided to purchase the store's brand of frozen organic spinach.  I usually buy fresh produce, but sometimes the frozen stuff comes in handy.  When that day came, I opened the bag of spinach and was about to pour it into a pan when the words "Product of China" stood out on the back of the bag like a skull and crossbones.  My first thought was why is the U.S. importing spinach; don't we grow enough here?  My second thought was about pollution in China--why would I eat something grown in soil by a country known for its lack of control with respect to use of pesticides, a country that for profit poisoned its own babies with tainted formula and denied any wrong doing.  Maybe there were traces of lead in the spinach.  Well, I complained to Whole Foods.  Their manager was as surprised as I was, and he had a nice smile, too.  Guess I'd just have to watch the labels very carefully.

A couple of days ago, I was in our local hispanic produce store.  They're beginning to carry some organic produce, and their non-organics look fresher and more alive than the food in the large chain stores which is warehoused for weeks or months prior to going on the shelves.  I picked up a bag of four bulbs of organic garlic and son of a gun, it's a product of China.  Then I noticed some organic Mandarin oranges.  Thankfully, they were grown in California so I bought them.

Gee, what's my moral to this story?  Not sure, but until we can repay China the big money we owe them, read your food labels carefully.
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Posted: Feb 2, 2010 8:02am
Feb 2, 2010
Okay, So President Obama temporarily wants to stop NASA's back-to-the-moon program which has already spent $9 billion on development.  The President has other plans that would encourage the private sector to develop ways to take over the so-called routine flights into space.  Predictably, states like Florida that employ over 7,000 jobs in the space industry aren't happy with the news.  The President wants to wisely shelve the Constellation program which Bush fully encouraged, even though it was outdated during Bush's terms in the White House.  The 2011 budget for NASA will be increased, emphasizing technological innovation to reduce the expense of space travel.  All that will be argued ad nauseum by our partisan politicians.  In my opinion a much larger concern is the garbage dump we've managed to turn space into since our first foray into space.  The moon is littered with earth's trash; it's like picknickers who bring all the fixings and a couple cases of beer to the park.  They can carry it in but don't have the strength, brains, common sense, love of nature, what-the-hell-ever--to carry the used up garbage out again.  It sits there, blows into the ocean or the lakes, plastic and beer tops are eaten by critters and trap birds who die on the grass.

NASA is currently monitoring over 2,000 objects larger than a small pocket knife circling space in a giant asteroid of debris.  This is junk that we, noble humans in search of going where no man has gone before, tossed out of our little space ships into the void.  There are things like pieces of old shuttles, jettisoned stages, gloves, connectors, paint chips, urine, feces, you name it.  NASA says that something as small as a paint chip can act like a bazooka if it hits a shuttle.

Did you know that NASA has to track all of this junk prior to launching a shuttle?  We've created a garbage dump in space that makes it dangerous each time a new shuttle goes up.

What does this say about mankind?  We're running out of space to bury our garbage--much of it unrecyclable--on earth.  So let's trash space.  What gives man the right to keep repeating the same mistakes at nature's consequence.  Einstein said that insanity is repeating the same action over again and expecting a different outcome.  Are we nuts?

We're in a big mess right here on mother earth.  Let's clean it up and think about how we can reduce the danger, i.e., stop dumping garbage in space until it will be impossible to ever reach the moon again.
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Posted: Feb 2, 2010 7:16am
Jan 22, 2010
Yesterday the Supreme Court's 5-4 decision to overrule campaign finance regulation and anti-corruption laws, so that corporations can finance--overtly or by giving unlimited sums of money to special interest groups to avoid detection--political candidates' campaigns will cause unbelievable damage to the already tenuous integrity of "running for political office."  If contribution limits can not be imposed, then American government is now For Sale.  The so-called Conservatives call this free speech and consider it a victory.  I see it as influencing voters, mainly voters who make voting decisions based on sound bytes rather than critical thinking and independent thought and investigation.  These same voters will be influenced by mega-spending on more negative campaign and election ads.

When is the last time we saw an election ad that simply gave the candidates' credentials, voting history and plans for accomplishment if he/she were elected?  Not in most of our voting lifetimes.  Politics should be a noble calling to represent and carry out the will of voting constituents.  Instead it has become a name-calling, mud-slinging Jerry Springer type hate fest, appealing to our lowest sense of humanity and intelligence.  Often it turns intelligent, disgusted voters away from the polls and invites brainless sheep to vote based on propagandistic rhetoric which is so far from the truth as to be absurd.  Remember these? 'Obama is a secret Muslim.'  'The Pope will rule the White House if a Catholic [John Kennedy] is elected.'

Will we be coerced to vote for our employer's candidate in order to keep our jobs because our company spent big money to help a candidate succeed?  The implications of the Supreme Court's decision are far reaching and damned frightening to me, and should be to everyone who thinks.  As the Right Wing insists, this will give voters more "informational ads" to enable them to make an informed choice at the polling place.  How has trash talking about the opposition and trading barbs ever enlightened potential voters?  Yeah, right, John McCain et al, you're for campaign finance reform.

This country is heading down, down, down a moral and ethical tunnel into . . . What??
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Posted: Jan 22, 2010 5:20am


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\\nIn the war for talent, which will make more candidates apply – a career website or a talent community? This infographic, from Ascendify, gives all the answers.\\r\\nTakeaways\\ r\\n\\n10% of people apply via career sites compared to 90% who join tal...