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Jan 27, 2008
Focus: Health
Action Request: Visit - online
Location: United States
I'm Eric Rivkin, the freelance rawfood chef and instructor. My dad was a pharmacist, so  I got what he did best for treating my stuffed sinuses and allergies.  Lots of drugs and more of the same SAD food that helped cause the diseases. 

In all my last 10 years taking responsibility for my health, going raw and healing all my allergies and stuffy sinuses, I rarely come across a book with such a courageous, no holds barred truth telling  information than DYING TO GET WELL.  If you or someone you love is taking pharmaceuticals or thinking about it, this 160 page 3-book is really worth reading and can save lives.

Download here:

"Dying To Get Well gives you information the medical communities and
drug companies pray you'll never see! They want you to stay ignorant
to these facts about the cause of and the natural cure to disease;
because when you remain ignorant, they remain RICH!"

If you are lucky you will read Dying To Get Well before you have
subjected yourself to harmful prescription drugs and/or surgeries.
But even if you've been drugged for numerous years, and/or sliced
open once or several times; it is almost never to late for you to
apply the information given and reverse your disease!

Dying To Get Well is a book for those who want to take charge of
their health and their life! It is a book for those who no longer
want to poison their systems with the dangerous drugs their doctors
are all too readily handing out."

Hats off to Erica of schoolofrawk for her enthusiastic reminder.  This sharing is part of an ongoing effort by the Viva La Raw Project, a non-profit charity whose mission is rawfood education and research support. 

in Health and Gratitude,

Eric Rivkin
Live-Foods Health Chef & Instructor
Viva La Raw Project Manager

SKYPE name LaJoyaDelSol

"Beauty and vitality are gifts from nature for those who live by her laws"
          --- Leonardo da Vinci 

"Let food be your medicine, and medicine your food"
          --- Hippocrates

Below is a list of just some of what you will read about inside of
the book Dying To Get Well....

Find Out WHAT Caused You To Become Sick

Is Your Home Or Workplace Making You Sick?

Is Your Diet Making You Sick?

How Almost Every Disease Can Be Cured Naturally

The TRUTH About Symptoms AND Why They Shouldn't Always Frighten You

The TRUTH About What Prescription Drugs Are Really Doing To You

The Exact Step-By-Step Plan The Author Of DYING TO GET WELL Used To
Cure Her So-Called "Incurable" Fibromyalgia

Why Almost Every Disease Can Be Cured Via The Same NATURAL Methods

Why The Medical Community Won't Share This Information With You

Why The Pharmaceutical Companies Won't Share This Information With You

Why YOUR Doctor Isn't Sharing This Life-Saving Information With You

Which M.D.'s Are Coming Forward With This Information and Why These
Brave M.D.'s Are Coming Forward

Why You Won't Hear How Millions Of Other People Have Cured Their
Diseases Too!

The TRUTH About Prescription Drugs

How The MEDIA Is Involved In Keeping This Information From You

Why Many Natural ALTERNATIVE Cures Fail Just Like Conventional
Medicine's Prescription Drugs

The Differences Between The 3 Major Types of Alternative Healing

Why High Protein Diets Are Deadly

Why Raw Food Helps Cure Disease

Info on Vegetarianism, Veganism, Fasting, Raw Food, & Juicing

How You'll Be Able To Eat MORE Food Than You Ever Have Before And NOT
Gain Weight

WHY You Can't Lose Weight And WHY You May Feel Like You Are ALWAYS

The Hidden Health Hazards That Are Lurking In Your Cosmetics,
Cleansing Supplies, Carpeting & Much, MUCH more!

How To Do A Raw Food Diet

Where To Get Professional Fasting & Raw Food Diet Support

How The Raw Food Diet Can Fail If You Don't Do It Correctly... and

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Posted: Jan 27, 2008 8:54pm
Dec 17, 2007
Focus: Environment
Action Request: Think About
Location: India
Diet for a Dying Planet
Air Date: Week of November 2 2007

GELLERMAN: It's Living on Earth. I'm Bruce Gellerman. In India, the benefits of modern agriculture come with a high price. It's been reported as many as 150,000 Indian farmers over the past decade have committed suicide - many by drinking the pesticides they put on their crops. According to physicist and social activist Vandana Shiva, the farmers' despair is due to the weight of overwhelming debt. They can no longer afford the escalating price of chemicals and bio-engineered seeds, like pest-resistant Bt cotton. Shiva says the suicides in India are only part of a global problem that can be traced to the way food is produced.

SHIVA: Chemical agriculture really is a theft from nature. Organic ecological farming is the only way we will be able to address the ecological crisis related to farming, the agrarian crisis emerging from industrial globalized agriculture, and the public health crisis coming from using war chemicals to produce our food.

GELLERMAN: Vandana Shiva is editor of a new book called "Manifestos on the Future of Food and Seed." Living on Earth's Steve Curwood recently spoke with her about the problems, the politics, and the possibilities of food production.

CURWOOD: How did you first become aware of the relationships between the environment, the poor, and food?

SHIVA: The connections between the environment and agriculture, and food systems, and the issues of poverty really came home to me in the 80s, particularly 1984—and I don't [know] why George Orwell picked that as the title of one of his books. It was the year we had the worst terrorism and extremism in India. Thirty thousand people were killed in Punjab where the Green Revolution had been implemented—the Green Revolution had even received a Nobel Peace Prize for creating prosperity and through prosperity creating peace. And yet in the 1980s, there was the worst form of violence you could imagine. In December of 1984, we had the worst industrial disaster in Bhopal, which killed 3,000 people in one night, 30,000 people since then, and I was forced to wake up and ask the question: why are we involved in an agriculture that is killing hundreds of thousands, that is so violent, and pretends to be feeding the world? And I started to do scientific research on this. My book "The Violence of the Green Revolution" came out of the research that I was doing at that point for the United Nations. And increasingly, I have realized that if farmers in India are getting into debt and committing suicide, it's because of these industrially driven agricultural systems that are also destroying the environment. If children are going hungry today and are being denied food, it's because the money is being spent on buying toxic chemicals and costly seeds rather than being spent on feeding children, clothing them, and sending them to school. So chemical agriculture really is a theft from nature and a theft from the poor.

CURWOOD: In your book Vandana Shiva, you mention that 800 million people in the world who suffer from malnutrition, and the 1.7 billion who suffer from obesity. What is it that the underfed and the overfed have in common?

SHIVA: Both are suffering from consequences of corporate control over the food system, which has reduced food to commodities, manipulated it, got the farmers into debt. The farmers and farmers' children who are hungry today are the ones who have to sell what they produce in order to pay back credit for buying the chemicals they use to grow the food. The majority of the hungry in the world are rural people today. They could be growing their own food if the food system hadn't been converted into a market for sales of seeds and agrichemicals. And on the other hand, the obesity epidemic and other related epidemics of diabetes--and in Delhi, childhood diabetes, children with diabetes, has jumped from seven percent to 14 percent in the city of Dehli, as the staple diet of Coca-Cola and chips starts to enter our school system--both are victims. Three billion people on this planet are being denied their right to healthy, safe, nutritious food even though the planet can produce that food, and farmers of the world can produce that food, because agribusiness has turned that food into a place for highest returns on profits.

CURWOOD: Now, anyone who goes grocery shopping here in the U.S. can tell you that organically-produced foods are .. generally more expensive than conventional foods and yet, in your book you write that conventional food is not the key to feeding the poor. Tell me about what you call the 'myth' of cheap food?

SHIVA: The myth of cheap food is related first and foremost to the fact that cheap food is a result of our tax money being used to lure the prices of food that has been produced at very high cost financially, and in the process had driven farmers off the land, including the United States—the family farms are being destroyed because of this very artificial low price of food, the monopolies that grow with it, which creates a buyers market as far as farmers are concerned. And then, at every level, a subsidy given for manipulating food more and more to take away its nutrition and food value and to add hazards and risks to it. The entire food system is today serving corporations and not serving people or the planet. We need to reclaim the food system.

CURWOOD: Now, some of the companies will tell you that genetically modified foods help increase food production, making more food available. You've been opposed to genetically modified foods since they first came on the market. What do you see wrong with genetically modified crops?

SHIVA: Well, you know the first thing is if they were so productive, Indian farmers, who are using Bt cotton, wouldn't be the worst victims of farmer suicides. One scientist keeps churning out data about how $27 million additional income--if the farmers were making that additional income, they wouldn't be ending their lives. The recent Nobel Prize in biology has gone to biologists who have shown that the determinism on which genetic engineering is based doesn't work. Genes work in very complex interactions. This is why those of us who critique genetic engineering started to critique it as a very crude and primitive technology, based on very wrong assumptions of how life organizes itself. This idea of one gene, one expression doesn't work. Because of the crudeness of the technology, industry has so far managed to bring us, commercially, only two kinds of traits. One is herbicide-tolerant crops, which means spray more ground up, contaminate your ecosystems and food systems more. And the second is Bt toxin crops, where a toxin called Bt is engineered into the plant and now every cell is making that toxin every moment. It starts to kill nontarget species, the very big study of Cornell on the monarch butterflies is one example, 1,800 sheep in India dying by eating Bt cotton is another example, (inaudible) studies that shows that genetically engineered food fed to mice starts to create huge damage physiologically, immunity systems collapse, the brains shrunk. We need much more research of this kind. Unfortunately the industry censures the research, pretends that everything is fine and starts to target the scientists, who have brought some level of awareness to society of the risks of manipulating life at the genetic level or assessing the consequences adequately.

CURWOOD: In your book you include war as one of the unaccounted for external costs of corporate agriculture. What does war have to do with the food we eat?

SHIVA: Agrichemicals that have come into farming were war chemicals. They're products of war. When 30,000 people died in Bhopal, it's because those pesticides were designed to kill people. Herbicides were designed as chemical warfare. 243D was Agent Orange of the Vietnam War. So the tools of agriculture have become the tools of warfare. Secondly, the idea of creating food dependency is also an idea of warfare. It came out of the foreign policy of the United States the very word and phrase 'use food as a weapon.' It's being used against India today in friendship. The interesting thing is that the U.S. and India are very intimate today, but the U.S.-India agreement on agriculture is trying to create dependency of India on the United States. Supplies of food, even though we're growing 74 million tons. This is warfare by another means.

CURWOOD: You want to build a new paradigm for food. What does that mean exactly?

SHIVA: I think the first element of the paradigm is that food is not a commodity. It's the very basis of life. Secondly, food production is not industrial activity. It is nurturing the land. It is conserving resources. It is giving livelihoods. It is shaping a culture. And it is much more than bringing corn and soya bean and wheat and cotton to the marketplace. We have to recognize that biodiversity is the real capital of food and farming and linked to it is cultural diversity--that we are richer to the extent we have diversified food cultures in the world. We are poorer as the biodiversity of our farms disappears and the cultural diversity of our food systems disappears.

CURWOOD: So what should the average person do in terms of a response to your call?

SHIVA: I think the average person should recognize that even though they are in cities they are connected to the land. That somewhere, somebody produced the food they're eating. And we will all be freer, if around every city are rural communities where small farmers are able to produce food of quality, make a living doing that, and there is a more intimate connection between the food people eat and the land it comes from and the producers who have made an effort to bring it. I think every city should have its own food shed. The creation of farmers' markets is a beginning. But I don't think we can leave the farmers' markers to be token symbols. We need to move the money of taxpayers from subsidizing corporations to bring us junk and poison, to bringing farmers' markets everywhere, to helping small producers everywhere connect to those who are looking for more secure food, more safe food, more tasty food, more quality food. The most important issue is to break the myth that safe, ecological, local, is a luxury only the rich can afford. This planet cannot afford the additional burden of more carbon dioxide, more nitrogen oxide, more toxins in our food. Our farmers cannot afford the economic burden of these useless toxic chemicals. And our bodies cannot afford the bombardment of these chemicals any more.

CURWOOD: Dr. Vandana Shiva is a physicist and environmental activist. Thank you so much.

SHIVA: Thank you, Steve.

GELLERMAN: Vandana Shiva is also the editor of a new book called, "Manifestos on the Future of Food and Seed." She spoke with Living on Earth Executive Producer Steve Curwood.

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Posted: Dec 17, 2007 8:39am
Apr 28, 2007
Focus: Peace
Action Request: Various
Location: United States
The nightmare in Iraq worsens daily. It's make-or-break time -- but next Thursday in Egypt, we could start to turn the tide. Because on May 3rd – for the first time ever - top US and Iraqi leaders will meet with Iran and Syria plus international powers. They can agree on negotiations to end the war -- or escalate their bloody conflict.

Iraq: It Ends on May 3rd Avaaz is launching a major advertising and text-message campaign inside Iraq this week to bring Iraqi voices to this decisive meeting. As citizens around the world, let's join our voices with theirs to end this war -- sign the petition calling for negotiations and a withdrawal of US troops here:

To make sure we're heard, we'll hand-deliver our petition to the leaders' conference in Sharm El-Sheikh on May 3rd, and project Iraqi text-messages on to a huge wall near the US Capitol building in Washington.

Thousands of Iraqi Avaaz members have supported our N.E.W. plan -- for all-party "Negotiations", "Empowering" international mediators and the responsible "Withdrawal" of US troops. Please read the personal email below from Khalid, an Iraqi Avaaz member. Khalid and our other Iraqi members need a show of global support from the rest of us. The campaign is already supported by over 75,000 people as well as key international experts -- let's gather a massive, united voice of Iraqis and citizens round the world to tell our leaders to do the right thing in Iraq:

With hundreds of thousands dead and 4 million made refugees, just criticising the US government for this catastrophe is not enough. It's now the responsibility of all of us to help save Iraq, and the only solution is a political solution.

Khalid Jarrar and his mother Faiza Jarrar have been wonderful supporters of Avaaz in Iraq. We asked Khalid to write a message to Avaaz members, here's what he emailed us yesterday:

feel free to edit it if its too long.
and just for the record, i am not a drama queen, these were written for real, and tears in my eyes are my witness...

I want to introduce myself, and tell you a story, but i don't know how to start, and where to stop.

My name is Khalid, i am an environmental engineering student and i am 24, but this is the least important to know about me, what's really important for me to tell, and for you to know, is that I am Iraqi, and that I have a deep, deep wound in my soul, that has been bleeding for over four years now.

Iraq, my soul, is bleeding. And i had to leave it against my will, because of the incredibly bad security situation that led to me getting kidnapped and my family paying a huge ransom, which made me leave immediately after i was released in fear that i would be kidnapped again. I left Iraq one month before my graduation and had to come to Jordan, which made me lose two years of my university time and life, but even worse, made me lose the company of the Tigris and the Euphrates.

I had to travel, leaving Iraq behind me, to live like a refuge, one of a million other refuges, in a country of less than five millions people, that already has its own financial problems without needing our additional burden to add to it. I am an Iraqi refuge in Jordan.

Since I left in July 2005, things have exponentially deteriorated in every possible aspect, now people hardly get 1 hours of electricity a day, they have water problems, regular lack of gas that its prices multiplied about 20 times since the war. Let alone the main and real problems of the actual presence of an occupation that is leaching on the country and causing the destruction to its people, unity, sovereignty, infrastructure and economy.

Iraq is the loving mother, that gave birth to thinkers and builders, people that enriched humanity with their contributions in all aspects of life, people that their civilization accumulated for over 7000 years till now.

Iraq, the noble wisdom, the land of the two flowing rivers, the land of the mosques and churches, is in crises, and needs your help.

it needs your help.

Iraqis need the support of the world, of every human being that believes in the values of justice and peace, of every person that cares about the judgment of history on what the world did when Iraq needed its support the most. Iraq, needs your voice, to support the voices of its own people, to help remove that injustice, and help it rise up again and stand on its feet.

Help us demand to give Iraq back to Iraqis, and to prove to the future generations once more, that occupations don't last, that occupations are wrong, and that the will of people is invincible. Help us clear to them that our hearts and minds, our values and sense of justice, are stronger than any tank, battleship or rocket. Help us by singing AVAAZ petition that will be presented to the politicians discussing the future of Iraq security, help by asking your friends to do so, let our voices be louder than the roars of weapons and the madness of greeds, help us, sign AVAAZ petition now, let our voice be heard, support Iraq today, and once the last occupying soldier leaves iraq, and once we rebuild our country with out own hands, we will reciever you in Baghdad, and you will see the love and gratitude competed by nothing but Iraqi hospitality. Together we can prove that our brotherhood is strong, together we can prove that our bonds are real, I can see that day coming, really soon.


Click below to join Khalid in telling US, Iraqi and international leaders to do the right thing for Iraq:

With hope,

Ricken, Graziela, Paul, Tom and the whole Avaaz team is a global organization with almost 1million members all over the world. Our goal is to use technology and the internet to make the values and view of the world’s public opinion heard by global decision makers on important world issues.

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Posted: Apr 28, 2007 10:06am


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