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Jan 27, 2008
Focus: Health
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Location: United States
I'm Eric Rivkin, the freelance rawfood chef and instructor. My dad was a pharmacist, so  I got what he did best for treating my stuffed sinuses and allergies.  Lots of drugs and more of the same SAD food that helped cause the diseases. 

In all my last 10 years taking responsibility for my health, going raw and healing all my allergies and stuffy sinuses, I rarely come across a book with such a courageous, no holds barred truth telling  information than DYING TO GET WELL.  If you or someone you love is taking pharmaceuticals or thinking about it, this 160 page 3-book is really worth reading and can save lives.

Download here:

"Dying To Get Well gives you information the medical communities and
drug companies pray you'll never see! They want you to stay ignorant
to these facts about the cause of and the natural cure to disease;
because when you remain ignorant, they remain RICH!"

If you are lucky you will read Dying To Get Well before you have
subjected yourself to harmful prescription drugs and/or surgeries.
But even if you've been drugged for numerous years, and/or sliced
open once or several times; it is almost never to late for you to
apply the information given and reverse your disease!

Dying To Get Well is a book for those who want to take charge of
their health and their life! It is a book for those who no longer
want to poison their systems with the dangerous drugs their doctors
are all too readily handing out."

Hats off to Erica of schoolofrawk for her enthusiastic reminder.  This sharing is part of an ongoing effort by the Viva La Raw Project, a non-profit charity whose mission is rawfood education and research support. 

in Health and Gratitude,

Eric Rivkin
Live-Foods Health Chef & Instructor
Viva La Raw Project Manager

SKYPE name LaJoyaDelSol

"Beauty and vitality are gifts from nature for those who live by her laws"
          --- Leonardo da Vinci 

"Let food be your medicine, and medicine your food"
          --- Hippocrates

Below is a list of just some of what you will read about inside of
the book Dying To Get Well....

Find Out WHAT Caused You To Become Sick

Is Your Home Or Workplace Making You Sick?

Is Your Diet Making You Sick?

How Almost Every Disease Can Be Cured Naturally

The TRUTH About Symptoms AND Why They Shouldn't Always Frighten You

The TRUTH About What Prescription Drugs Are Really Doing To You

The Exact Step-By-Step Plan The Author Of DYING TO GET WELL Used To
Cure Her So-Called "Incurable" Fibromyalgia

Why Almost Every Disease Can Be Cured Via The Same NATURAL Methods

Why The Medical Community Won't Share This Information With You

Why The Pharmaceutical Companies Won't Share This Information With You

Why YOUR Doctor Isn't Sharing This Life-Saving Information With You

Which M.D.'s Are Coming Forward With This Information and Why These
Brave M.D.'s Are Coming Forward

Why You Won't Hear How Millions Of Other People Have Cured Their
Diseases Too!

The TRUTH About Prescription Drugs

How The MEDIA Is Involved In Keeping This Information From You

Why Many Natural ALTERNATIVE Cures Fail Just Like Conventional
Medicine's Prescription Drugs

The Differences Between The 3 Major Types of Alternative Healing

Why High Protein Diets Are Deadly

Why Raw Food Helps Cure Disease

Info on Vegetarianism, Veganism, Fasting, Raw Food, & Juicing

How You'll Be Able To Eat MORE Food Than You Ever Have Before And NOT
Gain Weight

WHY You Can't Lose Weight And WHY You May Feel Like You Are ALWAYS

The Hidden Health Hazards That Are Lurking In Your Cosmetics,
Cleansing Supplies, Carpeting & Much, MUCH more!

How To Do A Raw Food Diet

Where To Get Professional Fasting & Raw Food Diet Support

How The Raw Food Diet Can Fail If You Don't Do It Correctly... and

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Posted: Jan 27, 2008 8:54pm
Dec 17, 2007
Focus: Civil Rights
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Location: United States

Fox News, USA Today, and a number of other major media outlets reported this week on news from Maryland where dozens of parents were notified by a district court that either they vaccinate their children or go to jail. The media reports have caused a lot of confusion around the U.S. among parents who have chosen not to vaccinate their children for certain illnesses based on concerns about possible negative impacts from the vaccines themselves. While the mainstream medical community claims vaccines are safe and effective, some people blame immunizations for a rise in autism and other medical problems. In actuality, there are no federal laws requiring vaccinations. Providing schools with vaccine exemption forms for your child is all that is required by federal law. If you have thoroughly researched the vaccine issue and have decided one or more vaccines may not be right for your children, follow this link to a website where you can download exemption forms for your state or country.
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Posted: Dec 17, 2007 8:04pm
Dec 17, 2007
Focus: Health
Action Request: Various
Location: United States
Government and media propaganda hoax continues as parents in Maryland hoodwinked and threatened into believing it is the law to vaccinate kids, error-strewn Fox news report relays disinformation
Paul Joseph Watson & Steve Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, November 14, 2007

News networks and state authorities are once again engaging in mass public deception by claiming that vaccines for children are mandated by law and that parents will go to jail if kids do not take their shots. In reality, there is no law that says you have to vaccinate your children and waiver forms for personal or religious exemptions are freely available.
A situation in Prince George's County, MD. has attracted media attention and once again provided the platform for a propaganda push that falsely implies it is the law for children to be vaccinated with mass produced big pharma shots that are often not stringently tested and have been linked with dangerous side-effects.
More than 2300 children in Prince George's County have been expelled from school for up to a month and a half because they have not received their shots for chicken pox and hepatitis B. This Saturday the parents of more than 1600 children have been ordered to attend Circuit court, where medical officials will be on standby to forcibly inject their children in a scenario befitting of a science fiction horror movie.

School officials have said the parents will receive a verbal reprimand from the judge and be ordered to have their children immunized in the courthouse. The students would then be allowed to return to school. Parents who refuse to comply will get fines and could be jailed for ten days.

"If the child is not here Saturday, then we will move on with the process, meaning that the PPWs and the counselors will put together the packet to take before the state's attorney's office, asking, requesting that criminal charges be implemented," Dr. Betty Despenza-Green, the chief of student services, said from the courthouse Tuesday.

"We can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way, but it's going to have to get done. I'm willing to move forward with legal action." said State Attorney Glenn Ivey.
Letters ordering the parents to show up at Prince George's Circuit Court for a court hearing and a free vaccine have been issued with the warning "unexcused absences by your child may subject you to a criminal charge."


The report is completely riddled with errors and distortions from beginning to end.
The Fox reporter states "A new law was passed last year requiring children from 5th through to 10th grade to have the vaccine". This is completely untrue. The vaccine has been mandated by the state but there is no law in the U.S. that requires mandatory vaccinations of any kind. The report mentions the waiver forms only after claiming that it is the law. How can there be a waiver form that allows someone to break a law?

This is why the parents who do not comply will be charged not under vaccination laws (because there aren't any) but under truancy, neglect or child in need of supervision laws, which state that the parent is culpable after 30 days of a child's unexplained absence from school.

The school itself triggered the truancy violation by unfairly kicking the kids out of school, and failing to inform parents about vaccine waiver forms.

The news report quotes befuddled members of the public, who claim that kids not getting vaccinations endangers those that have had them. How on earth can that be the case if the vaccination is supposed to provide immunity against the disease? In reality, the vaccinated kids are more dangerous to others, considering the plethora of cases where vaccines have induced debilitating side-effects as levels of autism soar to unprecedented levels.

There is no law in America, aside from those applying to medical workers, that says you or your child has to take any vaccine whatsoever, no matter what any executive order, requirement, mandate or policy dictates, there is no situation where you can go to prison for refusing a government vaccine under the U.S. constitution and the law of the land.
As in the case of all other vaccines, executive orders and court mandates merely state that the vaccine is "recommended," yet the mass media drumbeat constantly conditions people to believe that if they don't take their shots they will be kicked out of school, arrested and thrown in jail. This trick will continue to hoodwink Americans into taking all manner of dangerous and untested vaccines, the number of which rises every year, until they realize that there is no law that forces them to take any vaccine.

Here is an example of a vaccine waiver form, this particular one is for Maryland, the state in question in this case, proving that enforced vaccination is not the law and that personal and religious objections are applicable. - Here you can find vaccine exemption forms online by state or country.

The good news is that concerned parents across the U.S. are leading a nationwide revolt against unnecessary, untested and dangerous vaccines as CDC records show a growing amount of religious exemptions on vaccine forms.

Earlier this year we reported on the furor surrounding the HPV vaccine, which experts have slammed as untested and has continues to be linked to dangerous side-effects. A media propaganda campaign along with an executive order issued by Texas governor Rick Perry has had parents in Texas and other areas of the country fooled into believing the vaccine is now the law and young girls must take it. Merck Pharmaceuticals are capitalizing on this fraud by making obscene profits from a crony deal with Governor Rick Perry, while children are put at risk.

Vaccines and drugs that are not stringently tested and are instead foisted upon populations for the purposes of making obscene profits have a clear history of deadly consequences.

Consider the case of Bayer Pharmaceuticals, who deliberately dumped a vaccine that was known to be contaminated with AIDS virus on the European and Latin American market after it killed people in America. Thousands died from an action that the U.S. government allowed to happen through the FDA.

Peruse the plethora of examples where vaccines containing mercury, live HIV virus, live cancer and other horrors have wrought misery after victims were bullied into taking them by government mandates that they were deluded into thinking was the law.

The history alone, a legacy that led former director of the National Institute of Health Dr. James R. Shannon to state, "The only safe vaccine is one that is never used," implores us to stand up and expose this hoax and ensure that similar executive orders and mandates are not passed elsewhere in the country as a result of cynical greed driven lobbying and corporate crony payoffs.

More parents across the country should rally to denounce this development, which sets the pretext for the state to dictate the health of their children, as well as moving us closer to legislation which would allow Americans to be forcibly vaccinated at gunpoint against their will during a time of manufactured crisis, such as in the case of a human to human bird flu pandemic.

Listen to Alex Jones' analysis on this topic here.

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Posted: Dec 17, 2007 9:01am
Dec 8, 2007
Focus: Health
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Should You Get A Flu Shot?
Millions of Americans will be lining up for their annual flu shot. But should they? Could a yearly flu shot make you more susceptible to developing Alzheimer's disease? Unfortunately, the answer may be "yes."
One of the world's leading immunologists, Dr. Hugh Fudenberg, conducted studies that found that people who receive the flu vaccine yearly for three to five years increase their risk of Alzheimer's disease tenfold.
He suggests the culprits are mercury and aluminum in the vaccines, but I believe a new mechanism, which involves mercury and aluminum as well the over-activation of the brain's immune system caused by the vaccines, is to blame.
Mercury and aluminum are directly toxic to brain cells and also over-stimulate the brain's immune system. There is compelling evidence that this mechanism can trigger Alzheimer's dementia, Parkinson's disease, Lou Gehrig's disease and autism spectrum disorders, as well as Gulf War Syndrome.
The greatest risk of vaccinations triggering brain disorders is among those with impaired immunity. We know that as we age, the immune system becomes compromised, primarily because of poor nutrition.
In addition, the mercury in childhood vaccines, as well as adult vaccines such as flu vaccines, accumulates in the brain and is very difficult to remove. The idea of having yearly mercury injections is insane, to say the least, but millions still willingly line up for their annual flu shot.
Are there alternatives to vaccination? Absolutely. We know that there is a solid connection between a strong immune system and nutrition. Several studies have shown that age-related immune problems can be corrected with nutrients such as selenium, vitamins E and C, zinc and the carotenoids. In addition, vitamin D3 helps prevent over-reaction of the immune system as seen in these devastating diseases. Editor's Notes:
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Posted: Dec 8, 2007 10:57am
Jun 13, 2007
Focus: Health
Action Request: Think About
Location: United States

By ANDREW BRIDGES, Associated Press WriterMon Jun 11, 7:11 PM ET;_ylt=AqyIomNUIbkWAoaaFFj8fcha24cA

In excruciating detail, an Arizona mother on Monday described severe autism and devastating health problems that plague her 12-year-old daughter and asked a court to find common childhood vaccines were the cause.

The test case is being closely watched by nearly 5,000 families of autistic children who have lodged similar claims for compensation from a federal fund.

The case of Michelle Cedillo, of Yuma, Ariz., is the first alleging a vaccine-autism link to be heard in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. It and eight other test cases are important because they will guide the handling of the other pending claims. Most contend that a mercury-rich preservative called thimerosal is to blame for the impaired social interaction typical of the disorder.

Should they prevail, the families will be eligible for compensation from a federal vaccine injury fund established by Congress to ensure an adequate supply of vaccines by shielding manufacturers from lawsuits. No autism claim has been paid from the fund thus far.

Large scientific studies have found no association between autism and vaccines containing thimerosal.

Government attorney Vincent Matanoski dismissed much of what the plaintiffs are expected to present during the three-week hearing as conjecture or speculation.

"You'll find their hypotheses untested or, when tested, have been found false," Matanoski said.

Theresa Cedillo said her daughter suffered five days of fever, her temperature often spiking to 105 degrees, after receiving a measles, mumps and rubella vaccination at age 15 months. Michelle was a happy, robust, responsive and loving child — in short, normal — but hasn't been the same since, her mother told the court.

Wearing noise-canceling headphones, Michelle was brought into the courtroom in a wheelchair at the start of the proceedings. She stayed only a short time, moaning audibly several times. Besides autism, Michelle suffers from inflammatory bowel disease, glaucoma and epilepsy. In addition, her bones, weakened by years of malnourishment, are prone to breaks, Theresa Cedillo said. Everything she eats is pumped in through a feeding tube, except for crackers and water.

"Clearly the story of Michelle's life is a tragic one," Special Master George Hastings Jr. said in thanking the family for allowing theirs to be the first test case. Hastings pledged he and two other special masters would listen carefully to all evidence.

Theresa Cedillo and husband Michael allege thimerosal-containing vaccines weakened their daughter's immune system and prevented her body from clearing the measles virus after she was immunized. That theory is one of three alleged by the thousands of plaintiffs. The others claim either thimerosal or the measles vaccine alone caused their children's autism.

"We hope to find out what happened and hopefully get the help she needs," said Theresa Cedillo, who takes care of her daughter full time at home.

The burden of proof is easier than in a traditional court. Plaintiffs only have to prove that a link between autism and the shots is more likely than not, based on a preponderance of evidence. But many parents say their children's symptoms did not show up until after their children received the vaccines, required by many states for admission to school.

"These are families who followed the rules. These are families who brought children in for vaccines. These are families who immunized their children," Cedillo attorney Thomas Powers said. Later, outside court, he cast aside any suggestion his clients were anti-vaccine.

Autism is characterized by impaired social interaction. Those affected often have trouble communicating, and they exhibit unusual or severely limited activities and interests.

In 1999, the U.S. government asked vaccine manufacturers to eliminate or reduce the use of thimerosal in childhood vaccines to limit infant exposure to mercury. Today, the preservative is no longer found in routine childhood vaccines but is used in some flu shots.

The nine test cases will be heard consecutively over the next year. A ruling in the Cedillo case could take months or longer, attorneys said.


On the Net:

U.S. Court of Federal Claims:

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Posted: Jun 13, 2007 11:56pm
Jan 11, 2007
Focus: Peace
Action Request: Petition
Location: Iraq
Dear friends,

Just when we thought the war in Iraq couldn't get any worse - it has. Last
night, President Bush rejected reality, spurned the American people's
verdict, and announced his new policy: MILITARY ESCALATION IN IRAQ.

The good news is that the newly elected United States Congress can stop
this madness. We're launching an immediate campaign to let the Congress
hear from global voices - placing an ad with the number of signatures to
our petition in "Roll Call", an influential political paper sent to every
member of the US Congress. Click below to visit our new campaign site at, see the ad, and sign the petition:

The US-led coalition forces and the Iraqi government are part of the
problem, and sending tens of thousands more American troops will only fan
the flames of this war. But the US Congress can demand a real diplomatic
plan to end the war - if they feel enough pressure to do it.

This new Congress has real power to stop Bush in his tracks. The Democrats
were elected to end the war. If enough people speak up now, they might just
have the guts to do it.

The vast majority of Americans oppose escalation, and opposition is
growing. They need our help before the week is out.

Add your name to the petition. Spread the word to your friends. The Iraq
crisis is a global problem - and it will take global pressure to change its

With hope,

Ricken, Paul, Tom, Rachel, Galit, Lee-Sean and the rest of the Ceasefire
Campaign (now!) Team.

PS - In an online poll last year, nearly a thousand of you helped choose a
compelling new name for our global campaigning effort -
Avaaz means "voice" or "song" in many Asian languages. The new site is up,
so check it out!
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Posted: Jan 11, 2007 9:52pm
Dec 15, 2006
Six Natural Ways to Get Vitamin C
By Annie B. Bond, author of Home Enlightenment (Rodale Press, 2005).

Simple Solution
Raw is the best way to eat fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C, which is very sensitive to heat. Keep your family healthy this holiday season and choose from this list of six fruits and vegetables to receive the recommended amount of Vitamin C (and notice that apples aren’t on the list):

Because Vitamin C is water soluble you need to eat foods rich in Vitamin C every day. The daily recommendation for Vitamin C is 60 mg. a day for adults, and 50 mg. a day for children.

Orange (1=70 mg.)
Grapefruit (1=88 mg.
Red Pepper raw (1=226 mg)
Mango (1=60 mg )
Kiwi (1=74 mg)
Broccoli raw (1/2 cup=93 mg)

Not all apples are created equal, nor particularly high in vitamin C. Apple by apple, this chart tells you all.
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Posted: Dec 15, 2006 2:14am
May 26, 2006
Robert Cohen proposes a way for vegans to get their daily B-12 without taking supplements:

Warning to my readers: Today's column contains explicit sexual themes. If you embarrass easily, or if your religious, moral, or ethical beliefs prevent you from reading material of a sexual nature, please, read no more. In today's commentary, I discuss the science of sex in as dignified and delightful a manner as I am able, sometimes using a bit of humor, but continuously recognizing that such concepts may be offensive to some people, so please, if you find such discussion inappropriate, stop reading immediately. If you are easily offended by material of a sexual nature, please exercise the use of your "back" button now.

Without embarrassment, this is a subject that needs
to be discussed. I am past the point of being disgusted
by know-it-all vegetarian and vegan nutritionists and
dieticians who believe that one must take artificial
supplements derived from cow intestines, containing
Vitamin B-12 in order to maintain good health. The fact
that vegans have B-12 in their bloodstreams is evidence
enough that we're somehow obtaining it. Low dose, high
dose, it really doesn't matter. Fact is that we need
just a few micrograms of B-12, and a five-year supply
is stored in the average human liver. That fact alone
negates the scare tactics of those who criticize the
pure vegan diet, or dispense supplements as a part of
their self-sustaining practices.

Vegan blood contains some B-12. In that, there is no
debate. Vegan semen and vaginal secretions contain many
times more Vitamin B-12 than does human blood.

The solution? Make love. Enjoy oral sex. The ingestion
of sexual body secretions from your lover will insure
good health for you.

In addition to the usual frogs, snails, and puppy
dogs tails, what are little boys made of? What exactly
is in semen?

Ten percent of semen consists of sperm cells, up to
500 million per ejaculate. It takes only one sperm
cell to fertilize an egg. I often wonder why the other
499,999 are necessary.

What constitutes the other 90% of semen? In addition
to enormous amounts of vitamins, enzymes, and amino
acids, semen contains up to 20 times the level of
Vitamin B-12 as does human blood serum. Vaginal fluids
contain a similar makeup, rich in B-12.

Scientists knew this nearly 20 years ago, but had no
socially-tactful way to transmit this information to
the lay person. (Yeah, I know, you love my use of the
English language).

As early as March of 1984, Carmel Bernstein and a team
of investigators published evidence in the Journal of
Clinical Investigations (73;3, Vitamin B-12 in human
seminal plasma) revealing that blood has one-tenth the
amount of B-12 as does male semen.
Eight years later, the Scandanavian Journal of Clinical
Laboratory Investigations (Hansen, 1992 Nov;52(7):647-52)
determined that B-12 levels in human semen run as high as
20 times that of blood. Similar amounts of B-12 have been
found in vaginal secretions.

Second and final warning. For those of you unwilling or
unable to discuss or partake in the loving art of cunnilingus
or fellatio, read no more. What follows is descriptive.

Many people have an aversion to oral sex because of the
taste or smell. Can that often be justified? Absolutely.

Long ago, in the days before artificial modern-day perfumes
and deodorants were used to mask human odors, people
enjoyed body smells. Don Juan would keep handkerchiefs
under his armpits and wave them in front of ladies' noses.
That action was designed to bring them to arousal from his
own natural essences and bouquet which contained pheromones,
chemicals containing natural sexual messengers that
communicate instinctual feelings shared by all mammals.
Truth revealed: Why does a male dog mount and hump a human
female leg, thrusting his pelvis as if in the act of copulation?
It's not because he smells your puppy, ladies. It's because
he smells your very own pheromones which trigger a genetically
pre-determined fixed action pattern in Fido's brain.

On to the olfactory bouquet from your own essences.

Dairy farmers know that if their cows eat onions or
garlic less than 30 minutes before milking, those powerfully
offensive smells will be included in their body secretions
which are then transmitted to their milk. A similar event
occurs with human body fluids. You are what you eat. Deer
know when meat-eating humans walk into the woods. Vegans
have a way with denizens of the forest. Vegans do not eat
other living creatures. Deer can tell by human smells.
So can dogs and other mammals possessing keener olfactory
senses than humans.

For many years, non dairy-using Japanese people called
Americans "butter-people," for the rancid smell that
would seep out of our pores. I can smell butter people.
I am amazed at the number of people calling themselves
vegan who are actually dairy users. I can smell the
aftermath of pizza 24 hours after a vegan eats one by his
or her offensive odor. The mozzarella turns rancid from
within. Its smell lingers on a user's breath. Milk the
cow and get the garlic or onion milk. Milk the human and
get Kentucky-fried chicken essence.

Humans who eat meat ingest large amounts of sulfur-based
amino acids. That is one of the qualities of meat protein.
The sulfur becomes a part of their own smell and taste. Eat
large amounts of methionine and you'll taste quite rancid.

I have met many vegans who relate anecdotal evidence
of how other vegans make better lovers because they
"taste better." Where are Masters and Johnson when you
need them? The good that comes from this column will
result in two lovers enjoying a large meal of fresh
pineapple before their next bout of foreplay. Gourmets
and epicurians of the world, unite. Your next dose of
love will contain the best vitamin pill in the world.
Was it Mary Poppins who sang, "Just a spoonful of sugar
helps the medicine go down"?

Remember, for B-12, make love, and do so with good taste.

Robert Cohen
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Posted: May 26, 2006 9:22am
Mar 22, 2006
Name: WWE
Type: Tribute (for the living)
To Honor: Individual(s)
Location: , United States
by Kyle Sarrazin @ 12:03:00 AM on 3/20/2006

CM Punk is one of the hottest names in wrestling that isn't on WWE or TNA television. A majority of Ring of Honor fans feel the man can simply do no wrong. WWE on the other hand doesn't quite see him in that light. Regardless of what they think, Punk could be the man to save the company. This column will take a look at how to debut him in a way that will make the fans care and give WWE a new face it has desperately needed for some time.

Without changing his true to life gimmick of being straight edge, WWE could debut him in a way that will get the fans talking. It could be announced that Stone Cold Steve Austin, known to dabble in the art of beer-drinking, is returning to television. When he shows up, he can do a basic Stone Cold promo about raising hell and throwing back some beers. The next week, Austin can again come to the ring, and as he's ready to crack open a few Steveweisers, the debuting CM Punk could hit the ring and throttle him. Punk laying out a legend like Austin would open up the eyes of the fans.

Punk could lay into Austin about his disgusting habits, and how Punk is straight edge, and better than you. A hot feud would ensue, with Punk obviously getting the upper hand throughout. Austin would have to keep his ego out of the way and let Punk establish himself as a rising star and the future of the business. It wouldn't be like a debuting Gene Snitsky taking it to Kane. You would have a future main eventer in Punk, a stud in the ring, and arguably one of the better talkers out there.

Punk could target another superstar who goes against his straight edge ways. Edge and Lita have forced the crowd into watching them undress and have live sex in the middle of the ring, and Punk could take offense to that. No promiscuous sex is one of the rules of being straightedge, so Edge could either boast about it, and take offense to the "straighEdge" gimmick being a ripoff of his own name. This could be a longer feud than that of Austin/Punk simply because Edge is a regular performer. The promos during this time would be off the charts, with both men's talents being completely displayed. Punk and Edge have similar cocky charismatic traits, so they would certainly play off each other well.

With rumors of stars like Vince McMahon, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H being not so high on Punk, he could target one or all of them upon his debut. He could rip into McMahon himself, which clearly would show him off as being a star who people should take notice of. The matches that HBK and Triple H could have with Punk would be outstanding.

Punk could tell it how it is, saying they're scared he's going to take their spots, and that they should be. The possibilities are endless for how Punk could debut in a meaningful. Let's hope WWE finds the perfect way to do it.

You can write Kyle at

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Posted: Mar 22, 2006 9:22am


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\\r\\nThe Olympic Peninsula is home to important state-owne d forests and many of our state’s most iconic creatures. To keep these forest ecosystems healthy, WEC and our partners at Conservation Northwe st and Olympic Forest Coal...