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Feb 16, 2008
Focus: Civil Rights
Action Request: Visit - online
Location: Australia
Climate Change, Animal Law and Anti-Uranium Issue.

Chief Editor: Claudette Vaughan
Webproducer: Noah Hannibal
Regular Feature Writers: Margaret Setter, Ken Setter
Check out: www.abolitionist-


* A rare and exclusive interview with Ronnie Lee, founder of the ALF.
* The Nuclear Reality: Dr Helen Caldicott interviewed.
* Us Army Officer, Dr Doug Rokke on using Depleted Uranium (DU) in
the US Military.
* Geoscientist Leuren Moret on Depleted Uranium and the New World
* Australian producer and director David Bradbury's A Hard Rain: The
Anti-Uranium interview.
* Dave Sweeney (Australian Council Foundation) on the dirty politics
of climate change, Australia and uranium mining.
* EarthSave's Noam Mohr on Veganism, Meat Eating and Climate Change.
* What Price is Your Hamburger? by Australia's Bruce Poon.
* The Renewables Interview with Australian Greens Senator Christine
* Deep Vegetarianism: An Interview with author Dr Michael A. Fox.
* Ward Churchill on Palestine, Iraq, Depleted Uranium and bringing
the US troops home.
* Geoff Russell (Animal Liberation SA) on animal agriculture and
climate change.
* The Arsenal of Hypocrisy: DU, Space Wars and what's next for the
New World Order.

The Animal Rights Law Section

* Sensational interview with Friend's of Animals lawyer and activist
Lee Hall on animal rights in an age of terror.
* UCLA's law professor Taime Bryant interviewed.
* Australia's Bush Lawyer's Guide to Surviving Litigation.
* New Zealand's Peter Sankoff interviewed on animal law.
* Canadian animal law layer Lesli Bisgould on animal rights law in
* Australia's Steven White on animal rights law in Australia.
* Unleashing Rights: US lawyer Helena Silverstein interviewed.
* David Favre on animal law in the US and his animal law website.
* NSW Young Lawyers Interview.

Other Interviews

* Friends of Animals editor Priscilla Feral on all things vegan –
cooking, living and educating vegan.
* Redemption author and No-Kill Solutions activist Nathan Winograd
* Best Friends No Kill Francis Battista interviewed.
* Biteback's interview with Patty Mark.
* Vegan pioneer David Horton interviewed on non-violence and
* Sunnan Kum's new animal sanctuary in the heart of dog-meat eating
South Korea.
* Animal Defense League's Stop The Killing interview.
* Lee Hall's speech at the London Vegan Festival.
* Robin Lane interviewed on the 2006 Vegan London Festival
* The Anarchist Teapot Interview
* The Body Hunters: Interviewer Margaret Setter
* The Sexual Politics of Meat: Carol Adams interviewed
* A Case Against Pornography: Canadian Dr Poulin interviewed
* La Dolce Vegan! Sarah Kramer interviewed.
* Vegan Planet. Robyn Robinson interviewed on her fabulous
book 'Vegan Planet'.
* The Vegan Fusion interview. Hawaii's best kept vegan secret.
* A Farmers Call for Mercy. Farm Sanctuary's Harold Brown makes the
* Australian abolitionist Coral Hull interviewed.
* Richard Jones Interview on Australia and Climate Change.
* Marc Bekoff: The Emotional Life of Animals interview.
* The Rights Of Animal People Interview with David Sztybel
* Food, Disease, Animals and Trees – Australian interview with John
Toomey, nutritionist.
* Vegan The New Ethics of Eating Interview with Erik Marcus.
* Ghosts of the City Interview: Turkey's Stray Dogs.

Major AR Interviews: Africa, Turkey, Croatia and Mexico countries

Read Joan Dunayer's right of reply to Jeff Perz and Will Potter's
Green is the New Red.

Latest DVD Review: Lee Hall and Claudette Vaughan review "I Am An
Animal: Ingrid Newkirk and PeTA."

Stop Press: Just launched The Puppy Mill DVD. An Australian expose
with William Wolfenden, director and producer – the interview.

Plus many reviews and more... catch us at www.abolitionist-

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Posted: Feb 16, 2008 1:36am
Jun 8, 2007
Chief Editor: Claudette Vaughan
Webmaster: Noah Hannibal, ALV.

The Abolitionist'

s Religion, Veganism and Anti-Speciesism Issue.

Over 60 interviews, articles and reviews: The resource for animal
rights activists.


- Congressman and vegan, Dennis Kucinich interviewed on the subjects
of religion, veganism, animal rights and non-violence.
- A Direct Affront: Iconic figure Patty Mark interviewed on direct
- Against Factory Farming: Lynda Stoner Interviewed
- The Activism of Mark Pearson, Executive Director of Animal
Liberation, NSW
- Every Living Beating Heart: Karen Davis Interviewed
- Tom Regan on Animal Sacrifices: Interviewed by Margaret Setter
- Puppy Mills - Deb Trantor's interviewed on her puppy mill raids
with photos.
- Say No To Animals In Pet Shops: We talk to June Bird
- Thou Shalt Not Kill: Joan Papayanni interviewed on why they are No-
- AfterShocks pattrice jone's interviewed on feminism, animals and
- The Buffalo Wars with Rosalie Little Thunder
- 1080 - the poison, get the low-down from the Graf Brothers on what
it's doing to the Tasmanian and NZ environment and animal habitat.
- The Voice of the Infinite in the Small - Revisioning the Insect-
Human Connection with Joanne Lauck
- Making a Case for Possum Rights by Rheya Lindon
- Jill Robinson's un BEARable article
- Spain's Animal Equality Interview with Sharon Nunez
- The Turtle Guy interview - All you ever wanted to know about Sea
- Save the Koala with DEBORAH TABART, from the Australian Koala
- Sponsor a Joey: Susie Rowe interviewed
- A Tribute to Margaret Setter from her peers
- Wombat Rescue in NSW
- Egypt for Animal Rights: Mona Khalil interviewed
- The Blue Cross of India Interview - Dr Chinny Krishna interviewed
- Save Haven for Donkey's in the Holy Land
- Saving One Life at a Time - Michaela Newell's amazing success
- But You Kill Ants author John Waddell interviewed
- Dr John Wedderburn's Are Zoo's Cruel?
- BubbleGirl: Me and My Dog

Vegan Section
Some highlights include

- David Cantor on veganism to address student poverty on campus
- The Idiot's Guide to Complete Vegan Living with the author Bev
Bennett interviewed
- Dreen Burton's The Everyday Vegan interview
- Joanne Stepaniak - Living with Conscience, Conviction and
- Vegan With a Vengeance author, Isa Chandra Moskowitz interviewed
- Wild Morsels - Australian Vegan Cookbook interview
- Transcendental Higher Life - Kurma dasa interviewed
- Veganism in India by Dr Nandita Shah
- Pam Rice's 101 Reasons Why I Am A Vegetarian
- Real Food For Kids ***new vegan kids cookbook
- Joanne Saltzman's "Amazing Grains" interview
- Incredibly Delicious - Butterflies M. Katz interviewed
- Raising Vegan Children in a Non-Vegan World
- Jessica Bailey's The Cruelty-Free Shop Online interview
- PASSIONate - Australian vegan author Chris Lehmann interviewed.

Religion and Animal Rights

- Vegan Rabbi Adam Frank on Judaism and Animal Rights
- Richard Schwartz on Judaism and Veganism, the definitive interview
- They Shall Not Hurt or Destroy - Animal Rights and Vegetarianism
in the Western Religious Traditions - Vasu Murti interviewed.
- The Catholic Tradition and the Consumption of Meat
- The Dominion of Love - Norm Phelps interviewed.
- The Great Compassion - Buddhism and Animal Rights
- Islam and Animal Rights - Fakhar - I- Abbas interviewed
- Catholicism and the Animal Blessings in the Philippines
- Christianity and the Animal Blessings by Olga Parkes

Human Rights/Animal Rights
A Special on Abolition of the Sex Slave Industry and the
Exploitation of Woman.

If regulation in the sex slave industry isn't an option, then why is
regulation in the animal rights movement? Making a case for
abolition from the human rights perspective.

Three riveting interviews making the comparisons:
t Derrick Jensen on Sexual Abuse, Rabbi Schmuley
Boteach on Hating Women, award winning investigative journalist
Victor Malarek on the new global sex slave industry and his latest
book, "The Natashas".

Plus all the regular features from Kylie's Vegan Corner, and Ken
Setter's Book Reviews. Margaret Setter reviews Earthlings and Karen
Davis's latest book


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Posted: Jun 8, 2007 9:12pm
Oct 23, 2006
Focus: Politics
Action Request: Read
Location: United States
Available now at:

Welcome To The Machine: Derrick Jensen Interviewed
No Apologises! No Compromise! Keith Mann Interviewed
SHAC7 The Josh Harper Interview
Food Not Bombs: Founder, Keith McHenry Interviewed
Igniting A Revolution: Steve Best Interviewed
Beirut For The Ethical Treatment of Animals - the interview
Japan: Abolish Your Gas Chambers: The Interview
Nathan Winograd rebuts the Cat Protection Society's NSW
arguments on why they aren't No-Kill
Something Bad is Going Down at Devore: Vikki Shore from
NOKILLNOW! speaks out
Justice "Peacehead" Barker interviews Jeff Luers activist-lawyer
on the Green Scare in the US
SHAC America: The Pamelyn Ferdin Interview
Aboriginal Elder, Uncle Max interviewed on the current state of
the kangaroo
Voiceless's Ramingining'
s Aboriginal Dog Program: The latest
interview with Anne Celan
New York City Mayor's Animals' Alliance: Making NYC NoKill
Biteback's Martin Balluch Interview
Diet For A Dead Planet Interview by Ken Setter
Chicken The Dangerous Transformation of America's Favorite
Food author interviewed by Margaret Setter
The One's The Movement Left Behind - Pitbull Rescue Interview,
Feral Cat Interview, Rehabilitating Fighting Roosters Interview
John Kinsella - Anarchist/Pacifist Vegan Interview
Swedish activism, Fur Farms and the ALF: An Interview
Vegan Prisoners of Conscience: The letters
Butterflies M.Katz's Vegan Directory

Plus articles, reviews, the vegan potluck section, give-aways,
recipes plus all your regulars such as Kylie's Vegan Corner.
Check it out.

When: Horse's Birthday 1st August
Where: The Green Gourmet, 115-177 King Street, Newtown
Time: 7pm
Cost: $30.00 per head includes a vegan feast and donation
Bookings: Essential. Don't pay up front, but please book ahead

Shac 7 are in need of desperate funds for their approaching
court case and appeal. Like to know more and/or to book.
Contact Claudette Vaughan mobile 0400 606 495
Please bring family and friends or if you can't make it please
consider a donation.

Claudette - www.abolitionist-

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Posted: Oct 23, 2006 8:52am
Dec 9, 2005
Check out:

O Magnum Mysterium - Cruelty Free Christmas Recipes from well known vegan chefs

The Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd Interview. The Farley Mowat is docked in Australia now.

Interview with the ELF spokesperson Craig Rosebraugh Burning Rage of a Dying Planet Reviewed

Anarchist, Animal Rights and the Society of the Spectacle
Interview with AK Press Ramsey Kanaan

The Dancing Bears of India Interview with Maneka Gandhi and Mary Hutton

Vegan Greens Senator - Lee Rhiannon Interviewed

Academic and author of "Beyond Boundaries" Barbara Noske

Bernie Brennan organised a sting operation against illegal fireworks in the ACT and was prosecuted himself. What went on? Read his interview.

John Kinsella's "Sedition" poem

Caged Bird Liberation: Lynette McQueen Interviewed

Maryland Wilson Interviewed
Eleonora Gullone's "Night in the Australian Bush"
Kangaroos Myths and Realities Reviewed by Margaret Setter
Rehabilitating Joeys Interview with Denise Garratt

The NotMilkMan Interviews with Robert Cohen - Parts 1 and 2
Holy Cow! The Epiphany of Cheri VanderSluis
Milk A Deadly Poison reviewed by Margaret Setter

Bizarro's comics and the artist Dan Piraro Interviewed

Bob Pyle "Apples and Oranges" Interviewed

And, as they say, plenty more.
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Posted: Dec 9, 2005 9:23am


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