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Nov 20, 2006
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Sexism is Heterosexuality

By Henry Makow Ph.D.
September 4, 2002

Feminists would be outraged if they knew they were being hoodwinked by the corporate elite.

They think they are fighting the "patriarchy" but in fact they are victims of a plot to bring down the birth rate by spreading sexual chaos among men and women.

Search for "Women's Studies, Rockefeller Foundation" in Google and you'll discover 15,000 examples of how the people who funded depopulation and Nazi eugenics are funding feminism. This is not a coincidence.

The Rockefeller foundation people and their allies own much of the world's wealth. They are responsible for war, deprivation, terrorism and disease. Ladies, do you really think they've suddenly taken a genuine interest in women's rights? Or gay rights? You are being used.

Second-wave feminism is part of a concerted attack on the heterosexual foundations of society. Starting in the 1960's, an orchestrated media campaign has disparaged the importance of wife and mother, father and the nuclear family. It has feverishly promoted the idea that, instead, women should find personal fulfillment in career. We naively believed this was spontaneous.

Second-wave feminism was created and promoted by Communist activists like Betty Friedan and CIA operatives like Gloria Steinem.

Both Communism and the CIA are instruments of the corporate elite. (Communism was funded by monopoly capitalism which naturally fears democracy and competition. Political monopoly is the counterpart of economic monopoly.)

Second-wave feminism is part of a wacky plot by the super rich to enslave mankind in a feudal fascist world government administered by the UN. This is the "New World Order."

The impending gratuitous attack on Iraq is the latest step in this long-term plan.

By making women compete with men for the male role, feminism is classic Communist "divide and conquer". They use race and class as well.

A friend who is divorcing his wife told me: "I fell out of love because she became too masculine." The major reason families are breaking up is that women are brainwashed to think they are oppressed and need to be more like men.

Feminists say they want to stop "sexism." This is typical Communist "doublespeak."

On the surface, sexism refers to social discrimination on the basis of sex. Who can argue with that? In practice, sexism means denying there are ANY natural differences between men and women. All differences are due to social conditioning.

By stamping out "sexism," which they equate with racism, feminists really want to expunge heterosexuality.

While championing "tolerance" for homosexuals, they are waging a hateful and underhanded war on your sexual identity.

A relentless barrage of pro feminist and gay propaganda fills the media; social engineering for a "brave new world" has overrun our schools. Yet we seem strangely passive, like frogs in a pot of water on a stove. The heat is gradually increasing, and we are gently being brainwashed.

How can we fight the New World Order?

Let's begin by reaffirming our distinct male or female identities. Perhaps this personal manifesto from a happily married male frog who finally jumped out of the pot will serve as a reference:

The essence of masculinity is power.

Isn't it obvious? It's what women respond to. Similarly, men are drawn to vulnerability in women. We want to protect them.

To equalize power is to eliminate sexual distinction. This doesn't mean that woman are not powerful and effective as women, but not by becoming men.

Men -- steer clear of any sexual relationship where you are not in charge.

Just as femininity should be respected, so should masculinity.

You emasculate a man when you take away his power. (The corporate elite is using feminism to do just that.)

A husband will consult his wife but eventually someone has to make a decision. A man who is ruled by his wife is less a man. He feels like a little boy with his mother.

On the other hand, when his wife accepts his leadership, he feels like a man. Women help to make men.

Similarly, a wife who follows her husband's leadership feels more like a woman. If she can't follow him, she should be married to someone else.

There is no such thing as "equality" in terms of power. (Feminist "equality" is really a ploy for female domination. For example, you don't hear feminists calling for equality at universities where women often outnumber men by 2-1 .)

Men should avoid opinionated, aggressive, demanding women. It's too late to save them. This will spare you a great deal of time, money and anguish.

The essence of femininity is for a woman to depend on the man she loves.

The intimate male-female dynamic is for woman to entrust worldly power to her husband, and for him to use it to make her happy.

Man wants power. Women want love (not power.) They ARE different.

A man wants to make the woman he loves happy . Does he consult her? How else can he please her?

She reciprocates by making him happy. The energy flows.

Woman must give man the power to love her. If she is "strong, bold and independent," as she is being taught, he becomes redundant ( i.e. the true feminist agenda.)

Woman shows she loves a man by empowering him, by surrendering and trusting. Women want to be possessed by a man's love. (They are not men.)

Of course the contract breaks down if the man doesn't keep his end of the bargain. He must be her champion, loyal and loving to the end. If this contract breaks down, the marriage is over.

A feminist tends to try to control a man, to tell him how to please her (without being asked, and as if she always knows what she really wants.) These relationships fail.

A woman is a vehicle by nature. She is waiting for a man's call. She wants to be used by the man she loves for a higher purpose. One such purpose is to create a healthy happy family.

A man, therefore, should have a clear idea of what he wants, and the role he wants a woman to play. Then he finds a wife who meets HIS criteria instead of contorting himself for every sexually attractive woman he meets.

A man's first passion should always be his work. As my father tried to tell me, "a man's work is his backbone."

Women think they want to be a man's first love, but they don't respect these men.

Age-old standards of masculinity still apply. A man must supply just leadership and sustenance to his family. Therefore he must have control. (Domestic violence legislation is designed to destroy families by undermining paternal authority. Ninety five per cent of the cases involve power struggles NOT battered women. See

These days men have no way to measure themselves. They are like little boys looking for love. A woman needs to be enlisted, not entreated.

Woman's nature is to nurture and love her husband and children. She wants to be needed, honored and loved in return. A woman should never be taken for granted. (Nor should a man.)

When a woman identifies with her husband, they become one in marriage. If they remain "independent," they remain roommates open to every temptation. Certainly a woman has her own interests and career but these are not her first priority.

A woman has a limited "window of opportunity" (approximately 12 years) in which to start a family. Millions have been duped into concentrating on a career instead of a husband. They are consigned to lonely frustrated bitter lives thumbing well-worn copies of "The Vagina Monologues".

A woman wants to be an extension of her husband. She is the spiritual ground in which he plants his seed. She is the recipient of to his spirit. By "accepting" him wholeheartedly, he "belongs" to her. This union results in psychological maturity for both. Together they create a new world and bring children into it.

Millions of people suffer from arrested development due to elite sponsorship of feminism which has poisoned heterosexual relations. Societal obsession with sex and pornography is a symptom. Society has witnessed an unprecedented decline in the nuclear family with a parallel increase in personal and social dysfunction.

Events like the accounting scandals teach us that the corporate elite, with its political and media minions, are not our friends. They are out to ravage the general population. They have been doing this for a long time and it is becoming more obvious since Sept. 11, 2001.

However you interpret your heterosexual nature, affirming it is an essential step to resisting the New World Order. It is a way to remain healthy and find happiness in an increasingly difficult and bizarre world.



Henry Makow is the author of A Long Way to go for a Date. He received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto. He welcomes your feedback and ideas at

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Posted: Nov 20, 2006 10:28am
Nov 6, 2006
Focus: Religion
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Religion and Sexism

'All religions degrade women'

Personally I think feminism is messed up, but I still think religion needs a feminist kick in the ass. I agree with this article; it's not just that Sheik who's the problem, its religion in general. All the big ones began back when men lorded the Earth and women were happy to go along with it. By that it's understandable that there'd be heaps of misogynistic beliefs and scriptures. But what shits me is that all these religions refuse to even consider that it might have been cultural influence, as opposed to divine proclamation. Believe it or not, back when I was young and Catholic, I wanted to be a Priest, but noooo that's a man's job, and since then I've turned atheist (not just because of that mind you).
Could it be because God is male? Some Christians try to make out that God is ungendered. But he's still called 'the Father'. And 'the Mother' would sound wrong. So in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, God is male. Instantly that makes them think women are second class. Also, the angels are supposed to be ungendered, but references to them are male - Gabriel, Michael - and they're referred to as 'the sons of God' and they go take their pick of 'the daughters of men'. I'm not so sure about Hinduism because I haven't bothered much with it, but I think some of them view all the gods as different forms of a single God who was male... not sure there. And as for Buddhism, no God, but a male founder (not his fault though) and you have all these monks go hide away who all seem to be male and wouldn't touch a chick with a barge pole.
Then again, there are these weird 'Earth-mother' groups who take from very ancient traditions, and then you have wiccans and so on, but they're minor and in the modern world seem rather silly.
I just hate how so much discrimination is based on thousand-year-old scripts. Times change. Unless God himself comes and says that women are second class, I'm not gonna believe it. Religion is annoying, because to prove an atheist wrong, all you gotta do is have God appear, but to prove the faithful wrong, there's nothing you can do, because despite the absence of evidence they just keep believing and say things like 'God is mysterious'. Pull the other one.
And as for feminism, it's messed up. They way things are going, women now seem to want help rather than equality, and that just reverses the whole point of feminism. Keeping the name 'feminism' is to me rather out-dated. It puts too much emphasis on the women, so that you get these crazy academic chicks who reckon you can't call yourself a feminist unless you're a lesbian. Extremist religions I can understand to a point, but extremist feminism!? As a result there are now men's rights groups because it's true that they're starting to suffer. The only social group you can make fun of in this politically correct world is now the white male, and they're getting jack of it. Maybe that's why they guard the Priesthood so tightly - last thing left to hold on to before crazy women start their own nuclear weapons program. It should be something like equalism - that way there's no emphasis on anything like gender, race, religion, etc.
One more thing about feminism. Women worked so hard to be considered equals, but now, with current fashion and capitalism and so on, they go out of their way to look good for the guys. Even if they're competing with each other it's still like backwards feminism. If the Sheik hadn't made his comments in such a harsh manner, I might've agreed with him. Dammit, my head's gonna explode with everything I wanna say now. I think I'll just go set up my one-alien utopia now. Goodnight.
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Posted: Nov 6, 2006 9:15am


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