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Sep 21, 2007
Focus: Environment
Action Request: Various
Location: United States
The Protect Our Water Alliance (POWA) petition, "Re-Examining
Fluoridation", in its present form, is about 2 years old. It now has over
11,000 signatures and many enthusiastic comments. We want to thank you
again for your valuable signatures!

Many of you may have signed this petition assuming that, like most other
online petitions, it would be delivered to its destination in a very short
time. POWA updates that have gone out to signatories asking for their
further help in gathering signatures have stated that, when we have
sufficient signatures, and "when the time is right", we will submit them.
We feel that because so much time has lapsed since we first started
gathering signatures, we owe you a clear explanation of what our
intentions have been and are now.

POWA's purpose has always been to bring people together in a loose
alliance on issues pertaining to the protection of drinking water,
including, but not necessarily only, water fluoridation.

The small group of us activists who created our "Re-Examining
Fluoridation" petition always imagined that it would be a part of a much
larger national movement, one that would have caught the attention of the
general public, health and scientific personnel, and government officials.
We anticipated that several big events were imminent, and we were trying
to get poised to ride the wave with all the other efforts nationwide that
we assumed would occur as a result of these events.

We could not read the future, so we had no way of knowing: a) that some
very big events would, indeed, occur**; b) that these events would go
largely unnoticed by the media and public; c) that other activist efforts
would also be stymied by a disinterested media. Further, as stated on our
website, POWA is very small group of activist volunteers with other
commitments and never intended to mobilize and organize a huge national
outcry on our own, just be a part of it. After immediate success with the
petition, with the aid of Fluoride Action Network and other organizations
that helped the numbers grow quickly, the numbers have been increasing
steadily, but much more slowly than at first. We are thrilled that we
have reached over 11,000 signatures, but many more would be needed to have
a meaningful, stand-alone petition.

Meanwhile, Fluoride Action Network (FAN) recently decided to do a petition
drive of their own, with their petition reflecting the latest events, and
calling for an end to fluoridation as well as for a Congressional
investigation. In contrast, POWA's petition was designed to ask Congress
to "re-examine fluoridation", and to support the EPA Union's repeated call
for a Congressional investigation into the public policy of fluoridation
and a moratorium nationwide on fluoridation programs.

In view of the fact that recent significant events** have changed the
landscape and should be addressed, and in view of FAN's imminent petition
their own efforts, possibly in a coordinated way with FAN's petition, if
this is what they choose to do.

Although we are retiring this petition, POWA will remain poised to contact
those on our mailing list about any significant changes regarding
fluoridation policy, or any action alerts we might suggest you follow on
this issue or any other drinking water-related issue. While we will
shortly be changing our website to reflect these developments, POWA itself
will not be fully retired. Meanwhile, you may be interested in signing
FAN's new online petition at .

We thank you again for your valuable signatures, for your comments on the
petition, and for your help toward bringing on what we hope will be a
major Congressional investigation into the public policy of water
fluoridation, ultimately leading to the demise of this outdated practice.

The POWA Team

** The important events that have occurred since our petition was
launched are: a) in March, 2006, the National Research Council of the
National Academies of Science released a report of their 3-year research
project concerning the toxicity of fluoride in drinking water. This
report was very damning of fluoride and recommended that the EPA lower
their safety level of fluoride in the water. This has not yet been done.
b) In April, 2006, the publication of Dr. Elise Bassin's research showing
a 5-7-fold rise in cases of osteosarcoma (a deadly bone cancer) in young
boys in fluoridated areas. c) As a result of these 2 important events, a
third event arose. In November, 2006, the ADA quietly issued an e-Gram
with a warning about mixing baby formula with fluoridated water and
recommended that unfluoridated bottled water be used. In spite of this
warning, they are still claiming that fluoride is safe and recommending it
for children.
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Posted: Sep 21, 2007 1:42pm
Mar 8, 2006
Focus: Workers Rights
Action Request: Petition
Location: United States

It's Happened in South Dakota - Protect Choice in Your State Now!

The worst has happened: South Dakota has banned abortion.

What does the law do? South Dakota’s criminal ban outlaws abortion in almost all cases and does not protect a woman in cases of rape or incest or even when her health is in danger. Doctors who violate the ban could face up to five years in prison.

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Posted: Mar 8, 2006 5:52am


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