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May 4, 2007
Focus: Government
Action Request: Other
Location: United States and the Alternative Media Project have kicked off our
Spring 2007 online fundraiser. Our goal is to raise $4500 by June 1st.
These funds are needed to cover our basic operating expenses, pay a
modest stipend to several writers, and to otherwise keep this project
afloat. During the Spring 2006 fundraiser, we raised $3500, so we think
the movement can help us meet a higher goal.

Ways you can contribute are explained here: has been in nearly continuous operation since January 1995.
We have provided news and information to hundreds of thousands, if not
more than a million people. Infoshop News is one of the most popular
independent online news services, yet we make do with an operating
budget that is a fraction of what other independent media projects
operate on. Infoshop and AMP rely heavily on an international network of
volunteers, but we can't get around the fact that we operate on a
capitalist planet and the capitalists are always demanding money.

This is a very critical time for radical left and anarchist media
projects. Recent developments in the publishing industry and other
factors such as postage increases are forcing more and more alternatie
media projects to call it quits. Many people know about Clamor's demise
and how that affected other media projects. The closure of the
Indpendent Press Association (IPA) has affected other publications. We
talk to people involved with alternative magazines and know about
several titles that are close to quitting. It's a bad time for
independent print media.

If you think that online independent media is on more stable ground,
think again. Independent and radical online media are facing new hurdles
in our efforts to stay online, provide content and services, and to
reach more people. Several websites have had to discontinue their online
forums because of bandwidth attacks, spamming, and hacking. Independent
media sites face uncertain legal, financial and government headaches.

We don't like to come at you with a negative take on the situation for
independent media, but this all underscores the reasons why you should
consider supporting Infoshop and AMP with a modest financial
contribution. We're not asking for much, but if more of the 98% of
people who never donate to Infoshop will donate a modest amount, we'll
be in a better situation to not just survive, but to thrive as a news
and information provider.

Thank you!

Chuck Munson
for the Infoshop/AMP collective
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Posted: May 4, 2007 6:54am


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