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Apr 26, 2007
Some people (i don't know how many & have never met any doing it for years though) only have juices (veggie & fruit). They are called liquidarians.
There is obviously more coming from what's best of the food & i would consider juices as essential oils: just taking out the very best. But in the wild, how do you juice your food?
Fibers are important i think.
It is important to only eat raw, fresh & organic especially if juicing it.
Some times to cleanse, like a day/ week or even one week of only juicing is also helpful for those eating the SAD or even vegans eating cooked food.
i have met many people healing with such a diet, done for a week or regularly.
i think it is something quite useful... just like a pill to take once in a while

Does drinking your fruit and veggies count?
By Karen Collins, R.D.

Many of us have trouble meeting recommendations to
make vegetables and fruits a major part of our diets.
Is drinking more juice the solution?

Research supports categorizing juice as a nutritious
beverage, but juice cannot provide the full benefits
that come from eating solid vegetables and fruits.

Evidence continues to accumulate on the many ways that
vegetables and fruits promote good health, reducing
risk of major chronic disorders such as heart disease
and cancer. Although for more than 20 years Americans
have been told a mostly plant-based diet lowers cancer
risk, American’s consumption of produce has grown

Surveys estimate that less than 25 percent of American
adults today meet the minimum recommendation of five
servings of fruits and vegetables daily, much less the
seven to 10 servings considered optimal. Some people
may wonder whether drinking more juice to increase our
servings of fruits and vegetables might be easier than
changing the foods we select throughout the day.

Depending on the particular choice, juice can be a
good source of important nutrients, including vitamin
C, beta-carotene, the B vitamin folate and the mineral
potassium. Juice also contains other antioxidants that
protect the body. It’s no surprise that when people
who eat low amounts of fruit and vegetables add
several servings of juice daily, the antioxidants in
their body increase, reducing risk of heart disease,
cancer and perhaps even age-related eye disease and

However, studies show that most fruits and vegetables
contain antioxidants in the skins and peels, which do
not make it into juice. For example, one study
reports that a whole orange contains up to five times
more of one major antioxidant than a glass of orange
juice. The antioxidant is found in the white pulp and
membranes that separate the orange segments from each

Mix it up

Eating a variety of vegetables and fruits, which
provide a full array of natural plant compounds, is
key to reducing cancer risk. Cancer protection comes
from far more than accumulating antioxidants. When we
eat berries, garlic and cruciferous and dark green
vegetables, for example, we get compounds that lead to
the self-destruction of cells that might develop into

Solid fruits and vegetables also provide dietary fiber
not found in juice. Bacteria in our colon break down
soluble fiber, producing fatty acids that some studies
suggest protects our colon against cancer-causing
influences. Overall, studies have produced conflicting
results on the significance of fiber for cancer
prevention, but it is far too early to dismiss.

Eating solid fruits and vegetables can also lower risk
of cancer and heart disease by helping you reach and
maintain a healthy weight. Juice does not offer the
same weight control benefits. Fruit juice is a more
concentrated source of calories than solid fruits and
vegetables. A one-half cup serving of most vegetables
and fruit contains from 25 to 70 calories. Even a
modest serving of most fruit juice six ounces contains
70 to 105 calories. (Tomato-based juices are the
low-calorie exception.)

Furthermore, numerous studies show that we don’t tend
to make up for calories we drink by eating any less.
When we eat fiber-rich food such as fruits and
vegetables, however, we tend to feel full and thus,
eat fewer calories.

One or two daily servings of juice can certainly have
a place as part of a wide variety of fruits and
vegetables in your diet. But don’t be misled: juice is
not an equal substitute for solid fruits and
vegetables. The benefits of fruits and vegetables are
worth the effort of learning to include them
abundantly in your meals and snacks.

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Posted: Apr 26, 2007 9:09am
Nov 5, 2006
Does plate size really matter when it comes to watching your weight? Or is it a silly trick your stomach probably won't fall for? As it turns out, in this case, size does matter. Researchers found that when you dish up your meal, you're likely to clean your plate, regardless of serving size. And when you use a large serving spoon and a large plate or bowl, you're more likely to help yourself to over 50% more food than if you use smaller utensils and dishes. To avoid doubling the self-sabotage, think petite. Petite plates and petite spoons mean petite you:
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Posted: Nov 5, 2006 7:13am


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