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Apr 24, 2007
Focus: Civil Rights
Action Request: Visit - in person
Location: France
Veggie Pride: May 19th 2007 in Paris, France

Do you refuse to eat animals ?
Come to the Veggie Pride !

Meeting in Paris, Saturday, May 19th 2007 at 2 pm, place Joachim du Bellay
(Fontaine des Innocents, Forum des Halles), métro Châtelet or les Halles,
R.E.R. Châtelet-les-Halles.

Precise details on the course of this day at the end of this message!


Manifesto of the Veggie Pride

Veggie Pride, festival of
vegetarian and vegan pride
Our aims :
To declare our pride for refusing to have animals killed for our consumption
To refuse to rob sentient beings of their sole possessions, of their very
flesh, of their very lives; to refuse to take part in a concentration camp
system which turns their short lives into perpetual torment; to refuse to do
all of this for the mere satisfaction of our tastebuds, for the satisfaction
of a habit, of tradition: To refuse to do such things should be just plain

However, history does show how difficult it is, when barbarity is the social
norm, to simply say No.

We wish to declare our pride of saying No.

To denounce vegephobia
Instead, they want us to feel ashamed. Vegetarianism is concealed, ignored,
mocked, marginalized and even defamed.

Vegetarianism challenges the legitimacy of the confinement and slaughter of
billions of animals. Just by existing it breaks the law of silence. This is
the reason behind vegephobic mockery and hatred.

Of course vegetarianism is tolerated when it is the harmless sort that
claims to be no more than a private choice, a matter of distaste for meat or
of concern for personal health or for the environment. But woe betides us if
we openly challenge the barbarous order!

At first we are laughed at. Caring about chickens and cows is supposed to be
ridiculous. Laughing at a disturbing idea is a way to get rid of it without
having to find logical arguments against it.

But if we do not give in, the laughter turns sour. At first they found us
funny, now they're calling us monsters. We are traitors to the human species
since we would limit its rights. We are unworthy parents for not teaching
our children the joys of dead flesh. If we care for animals we must be Nazi
sympathizers since Hitler too loved dogs. Our ideas are those of an
intolerant cult since they are different from what others believe.

We are called terrorists; accused of worshipping nature or of breaking its
laws. No argument is too far-fetched when it comes to misrepresenting our
ideas, putting us to shame and symbolically rejecting us from society.

We refuse to apologize for our compassion. We are proud to declare that we
are vegetarians. We are no longer willing to feel shame for refusing to
kill. We are here; we are well alive and thinking and will speak out.

To proclaim our existence
All over the world we are millions of humans saying No to this carnage. Few
civilizations have actually taken for granted that eating animals is
justified. But when do you hear about those debates? Mentions of
vegetarianism are systematically missing in textbooks and biographies.

"The man who eats meat or the hunter who agrees with the cruelties of
Nature, upholds with every bite of meat or fish that might is right." -
Isaac Bashevis Singer, Nobel prize in Literature.

By stepping forth we also prove that it is possible to live without meat. We
live without eating cows or pigs, chicken or fish or prawns. And we are as
alive and healthy as anyone else, despite those media-promoted "specialists"
whose science consists in denying the facts. Neither vegetarianism nor
Veganism (which rejects all animal products, including milk and eggs) has
any particular negative effects on health - indeed, current studies tend to
show the opposite!

There is nothing that says that to live one must kill. We are not obliged to
do so, neither individually nor collectively. Animal husbandry does not
provide food, since farm animals eat much more than their dead flesh can
render. Despite this, massive public funding supports animal farming and

To defend our rights
No rights are granted to the animals that are raised and killed for food;
but we who stand on their side do have rights, in principle. We are
determined to exercise our rights in full, because they are our rights, and
because they are theirs - the only rights that they may today, indirectly,

We have the right to receive decent meals at school, at work and wherever
meals are served to groups of people. We have the right to raise our
children without forcing upon them the products of the slaughterhouse.

We are not willing to have our taxes used to support the raising and killing
and the fishing for the tastes of others.

We are no longer willing for our actions and ideas to be systematically
silenced. We no longer accept that the only public voices should be those of
the corporations and intellectuals who defend the consumption of flesh.

We demand an open debate.

"We are the mirror of your guilty consciences
and this mirror will no longer hide"
Faced with images of heaps upon heaps of animals "destroyed" for case of
bird flu, BSE or foot-and-mouth disease, we alone felt no shame. We were not
shameful for ourselves. But we felt shame for all others.

Above all, we were sad. No matter how much we insist on asserting our pride
in saying No to barbarity, this brings us no satisfaction. The animals are
slaughtered by the billions. They are held to be dumb, their cries do not
count. We shall speak out for them until the massacre halts.

We are animals
and stand in solidarity with all animals!

Practical details and other informations

The Veggie Pride is a demonstration open to any person who does not eat the animals. Concerning this restriction, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

2.30 pm : start of the demonstration

We ask that the slogans, signs and streamers be exclusively centered on the vegetarianism or vegetarianism for the animals. The Veggie Pride being a demonstration of individuals expressing their pride to be vegetarians or vegans for the animals, we ask that no initials or name of organization be reproduced on the streamers and signs.

4 pm : Arrival at the « Fontaine des Innocents » (fountain of the innocent ones). End of the procession and installation of a "happening" symbolizing the ocean of suffering and death imposed daily on the animals.

4.30 pm - 5 pm : Happening.

The demonstration and the happening will be declared in prefecture, in accordance with the law.

From 5.30 pm : Various activities.

8 pm : Start of the after-pride: A party will take place,
at l'Ecobox, 37 rue Pajol, Paris 18ème (métro la Chapelle).
Further details will be given subsequently on our website. Possibility of accommodation or housing among inhabitants of Paris.

To come to the Veggie Pride :

A small ads service is also at your disposal for your requests of car sharing, accommodation, etc. Do not hesitate to use it.

Sign the Manifesto of the Veggie Pride ! Independently of your participation in the Veggie Pride, we invite you to read the text of the Manifesto (see below) and, if you agree with it, to declare that by signing it.

You can sign it on the Web:
You will also be able to sign it yonder, during the demonstration.

To make a donation to the Veggie Pride (international voucher only):
Any donation, even minor, will be very welcome.

Help us to make known the Veggie Pride by broadcasting this message to your contacts!

By wishing you numerous with us on May the 19th,

The steering committee of the Veggie Pride
Visibility: Everyone
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Posted: Apr 24, 2007 3:31am


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