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Mar 17, 2006
Focus: Health
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Location: United States

The Top 3 Things That Are Sapping Your

Energy & Compromising Your Health.

Your body is over 70% water, shouldn’t your food choices mirror this? A great way to get a head start on becoming hydrated is to consume food that has not had the natural water removed from it through cooking. Cooked food does nothing to provide your body with much-needed water and, it dehydrates you further in your bodies attempt to digest it. Everything you put in your stomach needs to be turned into liquid to be digested. How easily is your current diet liquefied?

Recent data shows that nutritional deficiencies are most often caused by what we eat rather than by what we do not eat. Your current diet may be robbing you of precious vitamins and minerals. A well balanced diet of consciously prepared raw plant foods contains the full compliment of essential vitamins and minerals, while food prepared using conventional methods destroys over 80% of that foods nutrition. Can you afford 80% less nutrition than is naturally found in your food?

Lack of Enzymes.
Enzymes are responsible for every metabolic process that takes place in your body from digestion to healing. Most prepared food is served with up to 100% of the natural enzymes destroyed. One hundred percent! When the lipase and amylase enzymes are destroyed, the body cannot digest fats or carbohydrates and they are stored in the body, causing you to gain weight. When you consume living, enzyme rich food, it practically digests itself. This leaves you with a surplus of energy to play harder, work more efficiently and do more of what you love!

What You Can Do About It.
You can receive 100% organic, 100% vegan, 100% raw food that you don't have to shop for, you don't have to prepare and actually contributes to your well-being rather than compromissing your health!
It's only $100! And we can deliver!

You can now order online at

Menu For Monday, March 20th
1. Tomato Basil Soup
2. Cucumber Watercress Soup
3. Broccolini Salad
4. Mashed "Potatoes"
5. Thai Coleslaw
6. Mock Chicken Salad

7. Nut & Veggie Pate Wrap
8. Sloppy Joe Sandwich
9. Greek Pizza
10. Nut Loaf & BBQ Sauce
11. Pecan Crumble
12. Apple Raisin Cookies

"The Box" Raw Food Delivery Service.
Each week, Matt Amsden and RAWvolution create a box of prepared, organic, raw foods that includes 2 savory soups, 2 salads, 4 gourmet entrées, 2 side dishes and 2 delicious desserts. This provides packaged raw foods that you can bring to work or have waiting for you when you return from a long day. The box can be picked-up in Santa Monica, delivered anywhere in Los Angeles and Orange Counties or shipped “Fed Ex Overnight Express” anywhere in the United States! The Box is only $100!

To Place Your Order-
or call Matt @ 310.721.4222.

Matt Amsden has quickly established himself as one of the premier raw food chefs in southern California and the world. His raw food preparation workshops and catered events have garnered great demand.
Matt’s company RAWvolution was the first of its kind, delivering gourmet raw food meals throughout Los Angeles and eventually the entire continental United States. Originally from Ontario, Canada, Matt began eating a diet of 100% raw foods virtually overnight after being introduced to it via a radio show.
Matt’s desire to learn more about raw food preparation, led him to Santa Monica, California, the heart of the raw food movement.
Matt has shared his talent with hundreds of people including a number of celebrities such as Woody Harrelson, Alicia Silverstone, Pierce Brosnan, Courtney Love, Forrest Whitaker, Lisa Bonet, Gary Busey, Margaret Cho, Andy Dick and Michael Richards. Matt’s book "RAWvolution" will be published by Harper Collins in May 2006.

"This food is amazing!"

-Gary Busey, actor (Lost Highway, The Firm, Lethal Weapon, Big Wednesday).

"I have been eating raw foods for one year and I have never felt higher or more alive. RAWvolution helps me have the discipline to do it every day."

-Andy Dick, actor (Old School, Zoolander, The Cable Guy and tv's News Radio, Less Than Perfect and The Intern).

"Matt demonstrates a rare level of culinary mastery and his raw plant-based cuisine is simply amazing."

-David Wolfe, Author of The Sunfood Diet Success System and Eating For Beauty, CEO of, Founder of The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation.

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Posted: Mar 17, 2006 6:02am


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