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Jan 30, 2006
By Nigel Adlam (

Jan 25 - TERRITORIANS face fines of up to $12,000 for killing cane toads with golf clubs and cricket bats, it was learned yesterday.

The RSPCA's acting chief executive Lindsay Wilkinson said dispatching the pests with one clean shot was not illegal.

But it was against the law if several blows were needed.

He suggested using haemorrhoid cream instead to anaesthetise them.

But Mr Wilkinson added: "You don't need to rub it[sic] in as you normally might elsewhere."

He said hitting toads several times could be considered causing pain and suffering - and would be a contravention of the Animal Welfare Act
[sic] .

"It is irresponsible and cruel to bash cane toads with implements like golf sticks or cricket bats," Mr Wilkinson said.

"Bashing rarely kills cane toads outright and can leave the creature to suffer a lingering death."

He said Territorians should don gloves and apply a strip of benzocaine ointment - better known as haemorrhoid cream - for about 25mm along the back of the toad.

"This quickly anaesthetises the toad and then it
[sic] can be killed humanely[sic] by freezing while unconscious," he said.

"Benzocaine is more widely recognised as Rectinol and is available from chemists.

"One jar can treat a number of toads and this method isn't a pain in the butt for neighbours fighting off your wounded cane toads.

"The RSPCA would be pleased to see the backside of cane toads and this is a humane
[sic] way to do it.

"So, don't get anal, get Rectinol."

He said the "ideal method" for dealing with the pests was to have a veterinarian euthanase them.

The RSPCA does not recommend pouring Dettol or salt on toads because this burns their skin and causes "immense suffering".

Solomon MHR David Tollner, who was famously photographed for the Sunday Territorian demonstrating how to whack a toad with a golf club, said the RSPCA should concentrate on its core business rather than fret about the fate of "toxic pests".

"It should be concerned about the horrible deaths of our native wildlife because of the toads," he said.,10117,17932992-13762,00.html
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Posted: Jan 30, 2006 10:19am
Jan 27, 2006
Focus: Animal Welfare
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Jan 24 - The RSPCA is volunteering to put down cane toads found around Darwin, saying it is inhumane to freeze the animals or club them with cricket bats.

It anticipates that it will cost about $1 per toad to use a chemical that puts them to sleep and then kills them.

It is the same drug used to put down cats and dogs.

The RSPCA's Lindsay Wilkinson says encouraging children to attack toads could have psychological as well as physical repercussions.

"If you didn't want to think about the humane aspects, if you hit a cane toad and it explodes in your face the toxin is powerful enough to cause permanent eye damage," he said.

"People don't think about that sort of thing. Who's going to explain why little Johnny can't see any more?"

He says the disadvantages of trying to club toads have been shown in Queensland.

"There's cane toads up there wandering around with split livers and fractured skulls," he said.

"So the worst scenario is a cane toad hops next door injured and the neighbour's family pet comes along and eats it and dies."
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Posted: Jan 27, 2006 8:11pm


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