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Nov 5, 2006
Does plate size really matter when it comes to watching your weight? Or is it a silly trick your stomach probably won't fall for? As it turns out, in this case, size does matter. Researchers found that when you dish up your meal, you're likely to clean your plate, regardless of serving size. And when you use a large serving spoon and a large plate or bowl, you're more likely to help yourself to over 50% more food than if you use smaller utensils and dishes. To avoid doubling the self-sabotage, think petite. Petite plates and petite spoons mean petite you:
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Posted: Nov 5, 2006 7:13am
Dec 25, 2005

Dec 19 - When Chef Gordon Ramsey slaughtered Christmas turkeys live on TV all hell broke loose. But why are we squeamish about reality asks Jane Plunkett?

First Jamie Oliver did it and people were shocked. Last month, as part of a cooking programme following him around Italy in a camper van as he attempted to rediscover his love of food, Oliver was shown on TV slitting a lamb's throat while it[sic] was still conscious.

Now fellow chef Gordon Ramsey has caused all manner of upset on his TV show by electrocuting six turkeys that he reared in his back garden. The birds, which
[sic] were named after various celebrity chefs were killed by a 600-volt stun gun put in their mouths - which incidentally adheres to RSPCA guidelines.

So just why do people get so upset at seeing the reality of how an animal
[sic], which[sic] they're perfectly happy to eat, got there in the first place. Some critics believe it's symptomatic of the cosetted, unreal lifestyles we live in the modern era.

"We have become too industrialised," says Nills El Accad, owner of organic foods and cafÈ, Dubai.

"We are not used to seeing animals
[sic] get killed, and not only that some people don't even know what some animals[sic] that[sic] they eat even look like. People don't like to think about the process involved to get food on their plate.

They like to remain oblivious of the reality of how meat arrives on the table, they are happy to disassociate the lamb chop on a supermarket shelf from the real animal
[sic]. They prefer the out of sight out of mind idea."

Funnily enough, these squeamish meat eaters also have a skewed perspective when it comes to animal
[sic] and then human welfare.

They are up in arms and sickened over an animal
[sic] being slaughtered on TV, but they will often not even blink an eye lid when viewing dead human bodies - shot not for food but for hate - on the six o'clock news.

Animal rights
[sic] campaigners on the other hand were delighted with the show, which highlighted for them where food comes from and the pain animals[sic] go through to become food.

The UK channel that aired the Gordon Ramsey Turkey slaughter episode, did air a warning about the slaughter before the programme, but the programme did however air at 8pm, an hour before the 9pm watershed.

Public upset directed at the fact that children may have been vulnerable to witnessing the gruesome turkey executions is understandable.

Images of dying turkeys squealing and flapping frantically, with their necks split and blood draining into a small plastic bag over their heads is definitely not an image guaranteed to give children a peaceful nights sleep.

Young children do not understand why the turkey is being killed and it could upset them a lot. Even Gordon Ramsey himself admitted having "second thoughts" about killing the turkeys, because he was worried his
[sic] four young children would not be able to cope with their deaths.

And others in the food industry question whether or not a celebrity chef should be getting involved in any way in what is basically a buthcery job. French executive chef Patrick Lannes, at Le Royal Meridian and Grovsner House, Dubai, says he does not agree with the killings.

"A chef's job is to give an appetite to his guests by presenting them with colourful and tasty dishes," says Lannes.

"There is nothing more mouth watering and beautiful than the look and smell of a roast dinner, but nobody wants to be getting flashbacks at the table of how the roast ended up on the plate.

[sic] have to be killed to be eaten, but this is done nowadays through exact standards in the slaughter house. In my opinion a cook is a cook. A hunter is a hunter and a butcher is a butcher. Stick to what you do best."

Lannes has been cooking up a storm in the kitchens for 41 years and apart from slaughtering animals
[sic] on cookery programmes, Lannes is otherwise disillusioned with trendy and modern celebrity chefs.

"I think these new trendy chefs like Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey have missed the notion of what it is to be a chef," says Lannes. "A hat and an apron are the basic tools of a chef, but these guys don't even wear them. This I find disrespectful and it upsets me."
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Posted: Dec 25, 2005 7:37am


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