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Jul 27, 2008
So back on the road again... at last!
After several weeks spent in paris, we eventually made it back in our travels. Of course the parisian time was not that bad since it gave me the opportunity to go to several events such as the gay, lesbian, bisexual & transexual pride parade, a die in against death penalty in the usa, an anti G8 in japan & an anti nuclear gathering, plus some walks in the botanical garden. But well, leaving paris is a delight & on saturday night, christophe & i (yes, still partners in traveling ) took a train to biarritz where his parents have an apartment. Does it sound like we're always traveling by night? lol! i don't have much to say about the trip because i slept the whole time... Just heard the call to join the party inside the train, like a whole wagon dedicated to music (a DJ in there, yeah!) & an other wagon for people to hang out & play games... not very appealing!
Anyway, we arrived in biarritz around 5.30 am, the rain was falling like crazy! (it is supposed to only rain 45 days/ year...) & the first bus was coming around 6.30, so we decided to walk to the apartment. It was about 30mn walking, not that bad. As we got there, we put our bags, then went for a walk. christophe made me discover the coast, the beaches & some gorgeous rocks all along the coast. Since the weather was not nice, nobody was in the city, which was pretty cool for us
We stopped by the sunday market & found some delicious strawberries, delicious raw, fresh pickles, & some mushrooms. We then stopped by the tourism office & found out about a concert of the
in the evening.
When we got back to the apartment, we slept a bit (christophe hadn't slept in the train), then after an evening meal, we went to the concert. The first part was an american singer, my brightest diamond. The sound was aweful, but the singer had a terrific voice! The
started performing around 10.30pm. They were really good, but the beach was really crowded!
on the 16th, i went for a walk through the city, i pictured all that i found appealing i walked along the coast & saw the 2 haunted houses. i walked by the most famous one & pictured it a lot lol! On the way back i walked more intown, & saw some pretty buildings. In the afternoon, i went to the beach to lay in the sun for a little while. AMazing how quickly i tanned lol! The main beach is always crowded, weither in the morning, afternoon or evening, so i went to the one where local people go... but it was pretty busy too! Anyway, i enjoyed the time there, it was good to be in the sun after such a long time of ugly weather. On the 17th, i went for another walk in the morning, but this time, it was the beach. i made some nice shots of the sand & some shells, but since there are so many people walking around there, it's pretty difficult to find any In the afternoon, christophe & i went to the lighthouse. Well, such as all lighthouses, nothing very thrilling there, yet the surrounding was amazing. Rocks, the sea crashing on the rocks, really beautiful sea, turquoise! The sun was shining, but it was not too hot. We stayed a little bit in the sun, the wind was blowing, a cool, refreshing wind. The next morning was the same: by the sea. More waves, stronger then the previous day. But the night of the 18th was the full moon, which could explain the strength of the sea.
The next days were pretty much the same, beach, morning, afternoon, to picture, to tan...
i eventually found out about some tags in anglet, a city next to biarritz, so i went there to picture. But i started the day picturing a church behind where we were staying. Then on the next day, i pictured some more tags in biarritz, around the highschool of the city. In the afternoon, we went to a pine forest in anglet. We walked a long way to get there & chilled out in the woods. Nice place, just a bit too close to the highway
Eventually, we made it back to paris on the night of the 24th. Christophe has to work, so we cancelled all the wonderful plans to go to spain & portugal... to my greatest despair
So i'm back in paris, for a long time it seems, for this is the end of the travels for this year. Not much exciting. i have to admit i'm a bit frustrated & disappointed. So i'll have to figure out what to do here.
So you'll find all the pix here.
Thank you for reading me. i hope you're enjoying the summer.
Have all fun guys, & once again, please be patient if you sent me emails... i'll be slowly catching up.

Be well & in peace.
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Posted: Jul 27, 2008 1:56am
Nov 27, 2007
So still in the "pyrennées orientales"!

Sunday the 18th was very sunny, & no wind!! ahah, that was a warm winter day. We drove to st hippolyte, where we were supposed to find a castle... hmm... we saw something like that, but being renovated, & no way to see anything interesting. So we decided to get to the pond... actually a huge one. Similar to a lake. It is the pond of salses. It reaches the sea on one side. We found a lovely place to stop, for the dogs to run & me to make pix We didn't find any path to walk, & the surroundings were quite wet & full of seaplants. So we decided to look for a spot to walk, & turned around the lake... we found out about hundred little houses all around, hidden in the grass. Amazing to find such a huge community, all living in peace & by the water. Unfortunately, all the surroundings were gardens, so no chance for us to walk at all. So next, we went to the fortress of salses. Amazing spot! Nice surroundings. Rocks covered with grass, & a pine forest. i got out of the woods really smelly due to the tree, but a lovely smell. gyzmo left us for over an hour & didn't mean to come back, we were a bit mad at him for we wanted to go to other places, but he refused to come back. So after about 2 hours at the fortress, laurent got him & we went to the sea. We found a castle in fitou (aude) but they turned it into half visiting castle then the other half being a restaurant! The castle wasn't pretty at all, but i got crazy when i saw all the cactus So we went to the line of land between the pond & the sea & stopped by a lovely place with a lake. The sky was gorgeous, the water awesome! nanny got for a swim, she was in heaven there. Then we got to leucate, a big city for both tourism & fishing You have all those "sea fruit" restaurants all along. The weird thing is they have the building, & right behind, the boat that goes to get their "meals".
On the 19th, we went on the beach again. We found on, in a national park. There was a river, falling in the sea. It was really windy & the waves were going crazy. It was a wonderful sight. We sat sometime in the sand to enjoy the view & breathe some fresh air. We then walked to a field of cacti & guess what: they had fruit, perfectly ripe. We picked many. How delicious. All dark, very dark pink. i'm usually not a big fan of those fruit, but i have to say that this time, it was a delight In the evening i mixed them in a salad: baby tomatoes, orange, olives, mushrooms & cactus fruit. i really enjoyed it!
The next 2 days, we went in the direction of the spanish border. We wanted to visit the church of marcevol & the hotsprings. It was rainning when we left perpignan & it rained on a big part of the way. We first stopped in prade to see an organic coop. It was actually a huge healthfood store & we didn't find anyone interesting to talk to. Then we visited an organic fruit farmer in los masos. She had apples, juices, sorbets. Then we waited for the tourism office in prade to open & ask them about the hot springs, but we found out they are on private properties, so no that good. But i didn't feel like getting in the water anyway, since the weather was quite grey.
Out of prade, we found a lovely abbaye. So we drove to mont louis, then odeillo, where there are solar ovens. The first one is really small, just a touristic attraction. The 2nd is the biggest on earth, yeah! just that ahah!! Amazing building. It is 30 years old & is now used by the army. i pictured it just too bad the sun was not around. It was getting close to the end of the day, so we looked for a place to stay. We went up the mountains, to a lake. We stayed in the woods, & did not reach the lake for the weather was getting worse as we were going up. The road we took was completely empty, we didn't see any car. We even found a camping ground that was closed but the gate was open... we didn't stay there though & found a lovely spot right behind some trees. There was snow, so i had my first walk in the snow this year When we woke up, we went to the lake "les angles". We saw this amazing hotel (close at the moment) that so much reminded me of the one in "shinning"! That was really cool. The weather was cloudy, there was almost no light. A very gloomy atmosphere. We walked a bit around the lake, that was covered with cold. We got back to the solar oven in odeillo, it was sunny this time, but not much. Then we went to "themis", the spot to find a solar central... Unfortunately, the weather there was the same as up in th mountains, so that was quite weird to see this central surrounded by smoke & with no sun at all!
On the way back to perpignan, we stopped in marcevol, to see the "prieuré". That was a magical place. The weather was warm & very sunny! i walked up the little village with nanny & we met some of the people living there: dogs, horses, all free, walking through the village with no human around. Only the donkies were locked up in a field. a horse & a dog followed us to the parking lot. Then we stopped in "illes sur têt" where you have a formation of orgues in the mountains. We walked a bit in the woods there & found some lovely mushrooms that looked like stones & a nice cherry apple tree. We met a wild turkey. At the same time, there was a wild pig hunt, so we heard the guns... & met the hunters on our way back... they all looked so happy of their hunt, that was disgusting!
We got back to perpignan. In the evening, laurent got a call from his mother telling she was coming back the next night, so i thought it would be better to leave. The next morning, laurent was not ready to leave, so we stayed one more day to my greatest despair. Anyhow, when i woke up the next morning, she was not back, laurent told me later she had a problem with the car. So we left in the afternoon, to go south, in the mountains, we wanted to visit "douceur & harmony", an ecovillage, vegan & selfsustained. We got there by the end of the afternoon. 6 people living there at the moment, 4 permanently, 2 visitors. The permanent visitors are between 60 & 87. They are spiritual vegans... with is not much my cup of tea. It was really weird for me to be there. i couldn't find anything to tell them. Many writtings on the walls, explaining why not consumming non humans & why it is ok to eat plants, even though they admit they are sentient, but not the same as animals... which is the perfect excuse to eat them.
They grow their food, or as much as they can, live with the money taken to visitors & sometimes during the summer, they sell their veggies to tourists. They own a huge land. The land is the one of the eldest woman, she got it in 1964. She was the nicest person there. Hey philippe, she mentionned you, saying hello
Laurent wanted to spend the night there, but i didn't. i couldn't imagine sharing a meal with those people. Especially since there was no raw fruit for me. Laurent (who still eats cooked fruit) could have eaten some pumpkins, talking away the veggies mixed with them, but i really didn't want to get into the discussion of why not eating plants, they were too closed minded on that topic. To the question "why not eating plants", the answer was quick: "what would we eaat otherwise?!!" Also, the man there was terribly sexist. In his attitude & words. So we left, looking for a place to stay for the night. We actually crossed the border (we were very close to spain, & i thought it'd be better to got there). We found a road with no custom, that was awesome since gyzmo has no papers, laurent couldn't find them when we left! So we got on the other side with  no problems We drove a little bit, then found a lovely church for dinner! We ate there, then drove some more & found a lovely path, half in the woods, lightened by the full moon. We spent a good night & woke up refreshed. It was good for me to be in spain. The night wasn't cold at all.
The next day, we drove to the sea. We actually first stopped in girona to find a healthfoodstore. We found one, but not much to eat there. Once on the coast, we found another one, but still not much choice when it comes to raw fruits. Oh well, we found some oranges, clementines & avocados. We didn't stop much, just in tossa de mar, a lovely city with a beautiful old town. We walked on the beach, then in the old town. i really enjoyed picturing this place. The first one in spain. After driving some more, we got in the mountain to find a place to sleep. i was really tired of being in the car all day. We found a national park & parked in a tiny path in there. The moon was still very bright. The next morning, on the 25th, we left quite early to go to barcelona. Hey foxy, i thought of you when you got there for iggy's concert There, everything started to mess up! ahah! i was really pissed because of my lac of freedom. i didn't feel like visiting anything. Even though barcelona seems to be a beautiful town, i was tired of being locked up in this van, then to have no freedom to access the internet or even walk alone... After an hour in the city, & the usual unhability of laurent to find anything, we left, driving south... the place where we should have been for weeks! So laurent stopped talking to me & took the highway to go faster! He drove & drove... we actually made about 800 km on the same day! i saw alicante on the boards, thinking, damn, i won't even be able to see rudolf Then wwhen laurent eventually talked to me, that was about 30mn from alicant... asking me about how to get to rudolf's place... & i was like, you don't pop out at people's place like that with out calling before. If you had told me in barcelona, i could have called him to ask if we could get there at night, but since you didn't talk to me, i thought you waanted to drive south with no stop! So he got to alicante, looking for a tobbacco shop... but didn't find anything, since it was sunday!! AH!! When night was here, he started looking for a place to sleep. & of course, couldn't find any place. The land around alicante (on the south part) is only full of commercial centers & clementines' fields. So he drove for over an hour, looking for a place. He was exhausted for driving the whole day. He was also mad. At him, at me... i dunno. When it was almost 10, i told him the best way could be to get to one of those cities & find a hotel... yes, me, offering a hotel room... i know you wouldn't believe it... but it's true. He looked like dead. Maybe because i told him earlier that this is the worse trip of my life... even with john 4 years ago, it was not that bad! He stayed in the van quite a long time before he got to the room. Then went to bed. We didn't talk. i cannot imagine continuing this trip in such conditions. But i so much want to go south. i need warmth, & we already drove so much, that it would be silly to go back to the cold paris. So close to the goal... i just don't know what to do. i need time by myself, but never can get any!
oh, mum, i couldn't find the place you mentioned with the migrant birds... all i could see was an island, but we didn't get up there on the way. We only reached the sea in palamos.
i'm so sad things messed up with laurent.
i'm just so pissed about this all trip. i said i wouldn't travel with someone anymore... & see how it's going... i'm doing it & it is quite a nightmare.
Anyway, the next morning, we eventually got to talk & i called rudolf. He was home & we were about 40 km from alicante, so we drove to rudolf's place! i was so excited to see him again We got there some time after noon & talked sitting in his garden, in the sun. Then the night fell slowly, warmth with it. We slept in his house, but i got really really cold. i don't know how long we'll stay, anyway, it is great to have a wonderful conversation & see rudolf again. Nanny feels really good there & eats a lot of tomatoes lol!!
i woke up early & went up the mountain to see this old abandoned building, "el preventorio". What a bad surprise for me to see people working in there & all the way locked... impossible to enter... then part of it has already been destroyed... sigh!! Then i went higher to see an old house in ruin that i remembered... & everything was locked! So no pix of destroyed houses yet. Just the sky & some mountains... But you'll see the pix next time since i didn't get the chance to download them. Anyway, less pix then the last time but some
So here we are, today in alicante. Hard to find this restaurant with a wifi access, but at least i got it, thanx to laurent who looked hard to find it. i'm gonna download all my emails & will reply later.
What else... hummm, we'll get back in aigues where rudolf lives later this afternoon... more landscapes, more pix... we'll see !
hey all, have an awesome day & write to you later!

be well all,


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Posted: Nov 27, 2007 6:58am
Nov 17, 2007
hello dear friends,

so here am i, on the road again!! Quite a long time i know, i was really graving it!  But this time, my trip is quite different from other times since i am staying in europe & i'm traveling with other people (1 human - laurent - & 2 non humans -gyzmo & nanny) & we're travelling in a camping car.
i'm sending you this because you're were already receiving my logs last year or because i thought you'd be interested in reading about my new adventures, but if you don't want to receive this, please let me know & i'll remove you from my list.
So we left paris on thursday morning & drove to "le lot". We stopped in "la loire", to see a few castles. It was a real delight to see all those old stones, all those gorgeous castles from the middle ages. On our way, we discovered this lovely gothic bridge, that was sunset, the light, beautiful, water, trees, some old stones... dreamy! We got to gerard & sylvie's house in le lot around 10pm. The next day we already started to explore the land. Mountains, rivers, a sky to make you fall. It's pretty cold up here since winter is here, but when the sun shines, it is quite delicious & still pretty warm.
So we're staying in one of the 2 houses of gerard & sylvie. We have a lovely room. It is great for me to be able to discover france, since i seem to know the us better then the country where i was born lol!
They have wonderful churches around here. i've able to picture so many wonderful places, people, lands.
Sunday night, as we were coming back from sylvie & gerard's store in st cyr la popy, we met a dog, she looked completely lost! She was jumping at everyone, begging for attention & love. It was impossible to leave her there. She had no tattoo, just a collar with nothing written on it. We took her at the vet the next day, she didn't have any electronic device either: a lost or abandoned dog!! We went to the cityhall to ask for help, like names or addresses of people who host dogs until they find a family. The vet did not have that. The woman at the cityhall was wonderful, she did all she could to find a place for her, or find out if she was lost or something. She called the police, but nothing about a lost dog... We eventually found out about a place for dogs, a place that doesn't kill the dogs after a week or so! This was the most important. This little puppy (about 1 year old) is such a lovely one! She is so very sweet, & ready to give so much love. The woman at the shelter told us she seems to have been beaten. We left her there, knowing that she'll be well taken care of.
That was quite a stressing morning, having to drive from one city to another. But once she was there, everything felt better!
On the 28th, we went to brantome, a village near perigueux, in corrèze, to have the van checked & find a few things necessary. It looks very lovely too, different landscapes & stones. So we got back to veziou late at night. On the way back, we took 2 hitch hikers for a few miles; they gave us some good tips about alternatives places in spain. We'll definitely have to check them out once we're there! On wednesday we visited some friends of gerard & sylvie: josé & vero. They live & work in a farm they all made with their hands. They grow organic fruit, make jam & purée. They live in a house with no water or electricity, using nothing but what comes from the wild. They have electricity with solar panels & use water from the rain. They have acres of land, where they grow strawberries, blackberries, figs, rapsberries, apples, then some walnuts, hazelnuts.
It was really interesting to talk with them & find out about their lifestyle. They have been into thing for over 20 years & feel great about their lifestyle. They fight capitalism, & are deep into environmental progressions. They do their best to respect the wild & promote this lifestyle.
On the 1st of november, we found out how the countryside -& even the big cities there- are completely closed. We hadn't realized the 1st is a day off, until we started searching for food! We were in cahors (where they make a famous wine) & were looking for a healthfood store... we found some... but all closed! Even the vegetarian restaurant there was closed. So we decided to go to an omnivorous restaurant & ask for a raw fruitarian diner! The waitress looked at us weird first, but then, as we were asking for more & more unusual food, she started smiling & got really nice. We had a nice dinner, not much, & not organic, but at least we had a good time. It was the first time in year that i was eating in a restaurant! Funny.
The next day, we left to "la lozère" to visit marvejols & "les gorges du tarn". It was nice to go there, since i visited this place when i was young, but couldn't remember much. We walked around the city, then got out to go on the road of the famous story of the wolf of the gevaudan. A myth, based on the murder of several people, & the story was that the killer was a wold. There is now a park with wolves, "half free". It is quite sad to see them all, locked up in a huge cage, with all those tourists walking around. We did not get inside since you have to pay for that, but we found a few spots where we could see them. It really made us sad.
We slept in "les gorges de l'enfer", we found a small country road were we stopped. The woke up early the next morning to drive through les gorges du tarn". It was very very cold, most places were quite frozen. We saw some neat castles, nanny didn't get a chance to swim (she's been swimming almost every day since we left!) because it was really way too cold. But the 2 dogs both enjoyed an other nice walk in the mountains. They ran & had fun. We found some beautiful castles, churches, old houses, ect. On the way back on the 4th, we stopped in conques, an other old city, but famous for all its old houses. It looked like a fairy tail story. The church there is awesome!
i have to say france constructions are gorgeous! My love for old stones is completely fulfilled here!
Back in "le lot" we still visited some beautiful villages, saw other gorgeous landscapes. Then we started organizing the van & built a dry toilet (sorry, i don't know the correct english word for that: it is a toilet that uses dry leaves or tiny pieces of wood to cover pee & poo). i also planted a hot pepper tree in a jar for a guy gave us one. She was in pretty bad shape, so i had to cut hir a bit, but i put dead leaves & ashes mixed in the soil & put hir in the sun inside the house. i hope s/he does well.
We spent most of our time in the aveyron. It is not far for gerard's house. We went to a city called villefranche en rouergue, trying to find a book that would be quite useful: "guide for environmental holidays", but were not very lucky. It seems impossible to find it. Anyway, we found a little bird there, dead, lying on the concrete. s/he was so pretty, but really looked desperate. i took hir dead body to bring hir in some wild areas so hir body could recycle in the soil & feed some plants.
We visited some organic farms also & local farmer markets. We talked with many people. It is quite interesting to discuss with rural people for their perspectives are more down to earth. More walks in the woods also. The dogs are having so much fun. They eat twice what they usually eat! Amazing to see nanny eating so much for she's usually far from being a glutton, but here, she enjoys food so much!! Vegan food of course
The weather here is still sunny, but pretty cold now. Below zero every morning, everything is frozen.
On the 9th, we went to figeac & got some addresses of farms you can visit. So we went to 2 of them. One with geese & the other with pigs & cows. Sincerely, the farm for foie gras was not as horrible as what people usually show; i mean, we saw the farmer force feeding the geese, & they were not badly treated, just overused to it. Like a dog used to stay home all day long. We even saw some 1 day old babies, you can see the pix here. Dark & not friendly at all, but all clean. The cruelty plan used by most animal welfare activist wouldn't work there. The adult geese are in huge fields, surrounded by green grass & trees. The farmers take care of the birds in an exploitative way, just like tools to earn money you  see, but they truely take care of the welfare of the birds. This doesn't take away the fact that birds are, in no way, meant to be treated as a resource, but concerning the wellbeing, there is absolutly nothing to say.
The next visit was not that nice though. The pig farm was dirty, the pigs really looked unhappy & scared. We saw babies, teens & adults. The 2 first being locked up in rooms, with a disgusting smell, the mother pig feeding the babies was in one of those tiny stalls, you know, those where they cannot fall down on the babies. The teens were many in a small room. The adults (over 200 kilos) were outside. i did not have the heart to photograph anything there. i did not really wanted to show what is already so well exhibited by others.
We got out of this place quite upset by the way non humans are considered. This is really annoying to see they are nothing but mere means to human ends. To please the tastebuds... weither they are in a nice or unpleasant spot.
The rest of the day was driving through the aveyron, finding some local food & what we needed to leave. We got a sleeping bag for laurent. The next 2 days were dedicated to organize the van, & we also searched for wifi connections, but the aveyron & le lot are some of the worse places to get that! So we didn't get any. We then left on the 12th. We got to albi, in "le tarn", where i knew a fruitarian guy. Unfortunately, he left on friday, to get back to dublin. So we didn't get the chance to meet. But he should be back in france next year... we'll see.
Albi is a nice little city. i got a chance to get a wifi connection but didn't have time enough to send this & download all the pix i want to share with you guys. Anyway, 2 days here were fun. We found a wine farm in andillac, all organic, the farmer is part of "Nature & Progres", an organic part that is not recognized by the AB thing. So you cannot find them in healthfood stores if they don't get the AB logo in addition. Anyway, the farmer is awesome & very much into recycling of rain water, dry toilet, ect. They also offer a free spot for campers to stay for a night or 2. We couldn't stay there though because he lives with a non human girl who cannot stand other girls, so nanny couldn't get out there. But the nice thing is that albi lets camping cars stay for a couple days. So we slept 2 nights just under the cathedral. How funny to stay for free when if you rent a hotel room in front of it, it'll cost you a minimum of 70 euros/ night! On the 13th, i had an early morning walk in the streets, i found some awesome images to make.
Driving through the country, we found a castle, i think the most beautiful one i've ever seen. Many might call it a ruin, but to me, it is the most amazing building i've ever seen! i would like to call it the castle in the clouds!
There is also an organic market on tuesday nights. We went there & saw the wine farmer again. But the market was really tiny & full of animal products. There was one veggy guy, but it was all about veggies, so no chance to find fruit except for pumpkins. When we got to one of the healthfood stores, it was the end of the day & they only had some real bad looking & tasting clementines... yukk!
Gyzmo escaped twice on that day, letting us wait for him for almost one hour.
Sleeping in the camping car is very hard for me because it is so cold at night. i freeze & wake up completely broken. The trip was to get to some warm spots, but it seems we're staying in cold weather... sigh... When the sun shines it's quite ok, but it doesn't shine at night! Early morning is very cold. 1°C on wednesday... it didn't get above 10 during the day.
On the 14th, we left albi. We first went to the healthfood store to get some food & found this huge one, with another shop next door that has environmental friendly products, not tested on non humans & also from the fair trade industry. They have hemp clothings, recycled paper of all kind, ect. We talked with the owner who told us albi is one of the greatest city in france for this kind of things. In this small city, you have about 8 healthfood stores, people really feel concerned about the environment there. There are also many tourists during the summer.
So we drove through "l'aude" on the road of the cathares; we found this beautiful little house in the middle of the black forest then stopped in carcassonne. We had dinner under the old city. Very beautiful lightning at night. We went out of the city to find a place to sleep, we first wanted to stop by a lake, but couldn't find it. So we drove some more & stopped in a small path where a tiny river was going. We woke up early & drove along the mediteranean coast. We stopped on a beach to let the dogs run. It was so windy!! It is the tramontane, the very strong wind in the south of france. i walked on the beach with the dogs & had a hard time going back to the van, i almost flew away lol!! But the air was delicious. Very strong smell of salt! By the end of the day, we were in perpignan, where we're staying now, in laurent's mother's apartment. The wind is blowing like crazy & it is very cold, but the sun shines. & if you find a place in the sun, it is delicious. Yesterday, on our way to the beach, we found an organic farmer: he uses bioenergy, i.e. he uses only home made compost, & the moon to plant. Following a specific calendar to plant. One day is for roots, another for fruit, ect. He is labelled under the "demeter" logo. We had a nice talk with him & found some info. We then went to a beach in St cyprien where we stayed about an hour. i pictured the sea like crazy, it was wonderful, the strength of the wind on the water, making wonderful waves. Then i sat in the sand, hidden in the sand, hidden from the wind. It was really nice. We then went to collioure & had a walk in the seaport. We then got to the tourism office & asked for some wild hot springs. We got the name of 3 not too far from here. We also got maps for castles. We stopped by some old stones & had a nap. The wind was still blowing so hard, we felt like being in a boat The dogs had some more running, they are so happy in the wild.
So here are the news for the past month... rough & nice sometimes.
i apologize for not replying your emails everyone, but it might take me sometime to deal with it all!!
i hope you're all doing well dear friends.

Lots of hugz to you guyz!

PS: i put links to all albums with the pix but here is the link for the whole gallery! Please do not hesitate to add comments, i always appreciate them.

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Posted: Nov 17, 2007 6:14am
Aug 12, 2006
So where did i stop...?
i was still in new york, getting ready to leave. Hmm well, i went to this live theatre in central park, they were performing The comedy of errors. That was my last night in the big apple, & a friend was supposed to meet me at this place to see the play together but he got a hard time finding the spot & got there late. The thing is, it was raining on & off... & they stopped the play just in the middle! -dammit- saying "well, see you tomorrow night for the end..." -double, trible damn- so i never got the chance to see it but my friend arrived & we talked for a while, it was really great spending this time with him. i enjoyed this time even though i got bumped by his non human friend & crashed my head on the ground... hmmm, weird sound... a headache for a few hours... but eventually i made it ok
i got back home & talked a bit with slawek, the goodbye night... i spent the next day packing & getting ready. Then slawek took me to the bus station.
The 2 next days were in the bus... hmmm, i couldn't say i loved it but still, nice to meet some new faces.
i met alex at the station, we were at the same level on the line. He was staring at me... or should i say at my tats i was thinking about asking him if there was something he would like to know, but i thought i'd better keep my mouth shut for one So we kinda talked & when we got in the bus, he came to my seat & asked if he could take the one next to me. His name is alex & he is coming from ukrain. Funny how 2 europeans get to meet in the bus We talked the whole way, but he had a connection earlier than me, so we said goodbye. He seemed pretty lost because he was going in a tiny city in tenessee... joining a friend, for a school exchange. He was hoping to be able to leave pretty quick. That was his first time in the us. then
i met anton who stayed about a hour until the connection in st louis -yes eric i was so frustrated i could not get out & stay a couple days to see you again!!! It seemed to be hours because we got late there & then the departure was delayed, then people were getting mad... pfff! Anyway,  anton was going to st louis for a burial. From there until the last stop before denver, i stayed alone. Then, this dude coming from nowhere appeared & asked if he could sit next to me. The weird thing is, this stop was in a gas station, so no new people getting in... he took his bag from a few sits before mine so i guess he had been here for a little while, but then... why would he change his sit... especially since he was alone. i still don't get it. But well, he was on the window side & after sitting, asked me to get out to put his bag above our heads, then his coat, then he needed to go to the bathroom, then he needed to take something in his bag, then he needed a pen, then he was shaking like crazy.... huh! During all this time, i had my headphones so kinda think he wanted to talk but had no opportunity... maybe trying to create one? Anyway, i eventually took them off & he started talking to me, asking me hundred questions. It came that he is also a photographer. But i had a hard time believing him. (first because of the terrible shake of his hands!) The funny thing is: he disappeared so quick once we got in denver! It seems he had no luggage. hmm, i forgot his name.
ben was waiting for me at the bus station. Easy to recognize him from the pic he has on his couchsurfing profile. So i arrived on sunday morning. i was so tired after almost 2 days in the bus! But ben made me feel really good & i could shower & rest a bit. We connected straight on, very good communication & a lot in common. He took me to a party he was invited to in the afternoon. The friend of a friend. Such as ever, i was the point of attraction due to my lifestyle... yeah you know, i do my best not to talk about it, but people can't help it... they always ask questions & since ben is aware of my diet, he sorta helped things to get out. Anyway, there was an english woman who doesn't eat the flesh of mammals (but that of fishes - so i worked on making her understand there is no difference) then i found out that ben does not eat red meat. Ok, a good start i guess... i did not arrass him, but still, he has some things to think about now. He is a lot into health & works on feeling good in his body...
It is so funny because when we got to his place, he asked about my age again... when i told him he was blown away telling me i look like a 19 yy girl lol! -& that was after 2 days in the bus
He's been a wonderful host & took me to great spots. On monday i met sean, the friend i came here to see. We spent the afternoon walking through denve, he took me to some gorgeous churches, a wonderful glass gallery. i'm telling you, some people are pure artists! i was completely blown away by those glass compositions! Especially one fish... On tuesday, ben took me to a pool down the mountains. We swan there for a few hours, then went hiking... or so i thought. It was actually about climbing... but with no rope. i've never done that before & since i was not aware, i did not have the right equipment. After a little while, i was struggling to get up a rock... but i fell... & i did not fell correctly... so i hurt my ankle & it swell a lot! We then got to a river close to there. i kept my foot in the cool water, it felt good, but still hurt. Back home ben put some ice on it, then he put me to bed with a pillow under my foot, to keep it up. The next morning it was not swelling much, but really painful. i walked a bit in the morning, then went swimming for a hour & a half. It felt really better after the time in the water.
i did not get a chance to meet sean again.
i've also been doing some photography with ben. He is a musician, & he needs some pix for his album cover. HE's been working with a photographer, but this dude hasn't been very effective. So he asked me if i could make some pix for him. i did some pretty good ones His music style is jazzy. If you are interested i'll tell you when it's out & maybe there'll be some of my work
So i'm now in santa barbara. i arrived yesteday morning, after 24 hours in the bus. i had a cool guy sitting next to me. We've had a nice chat on the way. i was so frustrated not being able to stop anywhere since the landscape was so amazing. It reminded me of how much i enjoyed utah the first time idrove through it... the stones are gorgeous. Then the sky in nevada is stunning... i had forgotten that! i definitely have to go back there sometime & be by myself so i can picture all of this.. guess i need to get a driving licence
So anyway, guess what is the first thing i did once i signed at this hostel...? -yeah.. i did not find anyone to host me so i had to go to a hostel, but it's pretty cheap & then my friend kody just sent me an email saying he could tell me about people to host me for free... so if i decide to stay longer, i won't have to pay. i have to call him though... later today i think. i might want to stay longer then the 15th... i love this city so much it's amazing!
So... what do you think i did first.... how much do you know me ;P yup, i went swimming!!! oH dear, the water is cold, but the sun shines so bright, it was wonderful swimming, then lying in the sun.... Now when i made it back to the hostel to get my camera & have a tour of the city, this dude stopped me & we started talking. He took me to another part of the beach & we spent the afternoon talking. An interesting person, he lives in a boat. The funny thing is: he suddenly asked me about my diet, if i were a vegetarian... so i told him, he was amazed But so was i... he has been a vegetarian for several years, & about 2 weeks ago, he turned vegan Anyway, we decided to meet again last night... then he  started taalking bollox about gay people... damn! a homophobe, it really disgusts me... i gave him my views on the subject & he seemed to think about it. Then i think he freaked out because he started criticizing most of my actions (you know the stuff like what about you using a place to travel, your clothes, your this & that...) so i was telling him i'm far from being perfect, but still, before he decides what i'm doing wrong ort right... maybe he should check out about his actions... but maybe i've just been talking too much & he felt hurt by my thoughts... anyway.... i left him & i don't think i want to see him again...
i sungazed last night, that was awesome More tonight, then today... this morning i went to the farmer market. i was hoping to meet gordon (he normally goes there early, so i did, but i did not see him... i would have loved to surprise him you know... oH well...
Ok, my plans for today... the beach... swimming... then... we'll see

bye for now. & yes rick, i'll call you tonight

take care.

PS: i think i wrote a lot... sorry... hope that sounds interesting to you
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Posted: Aug 12, 2006 12:00pm


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