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Oct 5, 2006
Back in paris

my last week in nyc went too fast i spent most of my time doing activism, taking pix of activists for the 9/11 truth.Check out their website, there's a bunch of great info & interesting points. They have so much going on, it's great! If any of you happen to be in nyc any sunday night, they have a movie going on (starting at 6.30 at st mark's church). i would also suggest that you check out google videos: search for those 2 movies - loose changes 2 - 9/11 mysteries. The second is the best.
Anyway, being away from nyc feels empty! Great people & there are many i can' t wait to meet again.
slawek took me to baltimore since manu never returned any of my calls or emails. We spent the night at joice's place. slawek found her on couch surfing. She was cool, i slept pretty well, but have been very stressed the day before & the day of my departure. The trip was pretty short (6 hours) i almost did not see the time going. The only bad stuff was this little boy who cryed almost all the time. Since i came back, i've been having many odd/ bad dreams. When i think about something, i'm still in ny, thinking like a new yorker...
This morning i woke up at 3. i could not sleep anymore. i then thought about calling the apple center to ask about my memory's change... the announcement i got: "we are open from monday 'til friday, from 9 am to 5 pm"... holy shit! Far from ny where it it open 24/7! The only good thing was to go swimming. That's actually the first thing i did when back in my appartment, back at 2pm, in the water at 2.30! This morning i went to the one by the eiffel tower. One of the guys taking the clothes recognized me, he likes me because of my tats & was telling his collegue about it. Hmm... anyway! It's so weird to be here. i've been trying to catch up with a lot, i should have taken some rest though letting a couple of days going... i might wait until next week to do whatever i have to.
The guy i was supposed to host yesterday & tonight did not call... the girl i'm hosting tonight didn't call either... hmmm... people are weird!
Oh, i finished downloading the pix of my trip, so check out my album one last time... Just a little bit of all that i took, but a good selection i guess... Maybe i should try to be a tourist in paris?
On sunday, the antispeciesist collective is leafleting for the vegetarian day.

take care you all,
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Posted: Oct 5, 2006 12:54pm
Sep 25, 2006
Good morning!

Let's see... more than 10 days since i last wrote... i'm back in ny & i did not get back to paris on the 20th as planned... i'll be here in the us until october the 3rd.
i got to st louis where eric was waiting for me at the airport. This is such a warm feeling having someone, a familiar face to expect where you get out of the plane.
Since he is back to school, we could not spend all the time together, but we've had a lot of fun
We went to a party on the night i arrived & played this game called "the village", i really enjoyed it once i got the rules They play it every week, & it's a lot of fun. The next night, we went to that coop house where there was a vegan meal, followed by the showing of some movies about activism. Some really interesting such as how to voice your claims. i loved it! There are so many struggles down this earth & so many people... i'll get back to that later when telling you about ny.
Anyway, i also took so many pix! There are beautiful old building, & i got the chance to get in an area where there is this old building falling apart (a fabric). It was a great experience. A bit scary though... especially since night was falling, so i could not stay as long as i would have otherwise. Anyway, great images came out of it.
i wish i had figured out then that i'd stay here longer, so i could have stayed in st louis a few more days... next time
Ok, ny... let's see... after hours in the plane, wrong time, late planes, etc... i made it to the airport where slawek was waiting for me - again, wonderful feeling
His place has been a bit busy with couch surfers, but it is fun to meet all those people Last friday we had a party... about 12 people. Pretty cool & great people. All the food was vegan - a lot fruitarian. It ended around... hmm, i actually don't even remember what time i went to bed lol!!
Before that, there was this protest against bush -he was giving a talk- i joined the march & took so many pix of american activists. A funny thing happened. This guy talked to me, asking me if i was not in tompkins park in july (remember the punk concert?) Well he was there & had noticed me. We talked a bit then listened to the speakers. eventually after the gathering we talked some more. He told me about a meeting about the 9/11. It is the group in charge of denouncing the big lies surrounding this event. That was so familiar... i mean the meeting & making decisions... very similar to the FRAP organizations (for those familiar with it )
Tonite they show a movie called "ground for truth".
On thrusday i went to see danny nova performing. We met last week. i met him the saturday before & ended up in nj where he has a house by a lake. He is an amazing singer & his performence was wonderful, except for the last song where he used one type of strip girl. What a pity because the song is actually my favourite & it made it look not as good because of that girl
You can have a look at his website & listen to some of his songs here.
What else... let me think... i guess i forgot half of what i did - once again - but here are the basic
oH, concerning my email with the argument i had with this dude in sb; i got some people feed back on that, it seems i did not express myself correctly: i absolutely did not mean people killed during the ww2 were guilty, that it was their fault & that german soldiers were sweet little guys who were not wrong: DEFENITELY NOT!
i was just talking about choices all around that & where this can lead you or not.

have a great day/night!


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Posted: Sep 25, 2006 7:29am
Sep 3, 2006
i spent my last night in santa barbara mostly on the beach. Taking some last pix & listening to the sea. It felt peaceful.
Unfortunately, i did not meet neric on that night, but i got the chance to spend a few hours with him later during the week in la.
i got about 20 mn earlier even though the train left late & eventually found rick in the station. That was really great. We went to his appartment & talked a bit & prepared the garden for the party (lights & chairs). i took a nap & then his friends arrived to prepare a vegan chocolate cake, the people invited + from the building came all along the night. It was nice & some of rick's friends were quite interesting to talk & listen to.
The next day was dedicated to food not bombs so i got the chance to join the organization of the food distribution. i could take many pix while distributing, you'll find some in the album i made about my trip ( & also feel free to check out la's fnb's website
That was really impressing & it really gave me the desire to have it to work better in paris. But the thing is: we really need more hands...
During the week i've been visiting the city with rick (he took some days off) & by myself. i discovered the central library where i've felt like home. So i've spent some time there... i should say a lot
thursday night, we went to see those chinese dancers, they were really amazing! All made of fire
We went to that old brewery where there are now a bunch of artists working. There are some exhibitions there but the day we went there, almost everything was closed.
i've been to some interesting exhibitions though.
Rick took me to the concert of one of his friends: emily wells, she's an amazing singer, i was blown away by her voice! You can listen to some of her stuff here. Enjoy!
i also met gary, 5 year of email exchanges & eventually, my durian man was in front of me that was really cool! He also got the chance to meet rick who joined us that night.
We also went to a swimming pool where i could swim a little while, it really felt good!! i felt like a fish again: thank you rick!! 
Last week end was sunset junction fair. Concerts, booths of all kind -from clothing to activism. We saw some good bands; unfortunately, i got wrapped by some pod's smoke & got out of sentience... & that was just after the first song of this great rock band
i saw seng also. It was really wonderful to meet him again. We spent a whole day together & it was warm & soft to spent time with him again. Something funny actually happened as we were sitting in the park in front of the library: a flock of pigeons (about 50) suddenly flew to us, surrounding us. They stayed quite a while & i started talking to one right in front of me. S/He was funny because S/He was seriously starring at me as i was talking, as if S/He understood everything. Then, a few minutes later, i was relating an event to seng about a policeman who didn't want to let me go on a sidewalk & i spread my arms, this very same pigeon who was now on my right side jumped on my arm & stayed there at least 5 minutes. i asked S/He to get down, that S/He did. a few minutes after, i lifted my arm again, & S/He jumped again, this happened several times but every time i'd ask him/her to get down, S/He did. Funny/amazing anecdote.

So i stayed with rick one more week. That was so sweet of him to let me stay longer. Anyway, i moved last thursday & stayed with seng until today. He lives in el monte, about 30mn drive from la. We went for a couple of hikes. On friday, we went to that waterfall in the mountains, i think the name is stuvant, or something like that. That was so nice. i swam a bit, but the water was way too cold to stay longer than 15mn i then crashed on a rock, just likelezards do & fell asleep for a little while. i so much like this feeling of waking up after a while in the sun. But it was already shaddy when i opened my eyes.
Saturday we went to the african market, a huge market place with so many things & amazing people. There was the litterature part where i definitely had to hang out! i talked with some interesting people. They have a newspaper that looks pretty good. We talked for almost a hour & i got their 30 hours cd s about capitalism... i'll definitely have to find some time to watch it. By what they were saying, it is really interesting. We were also talking about coalitions & how to reach people. i'm hoping to keep in touch with them. They were very excited about the next protest in la against bush, unfortunately, i won't be in the us anymore since it is on the 5th of october. Anyway, i hope many people join, it has to be huge!!!
Later, i met this guy who works for a painter. i was watching the shirts they were selling, he came talking to me & gave me their card. i was really fascinated by some of the drawings. Eventually, he told me he'd give me one shirt if i wore it during the market & advertise for him; ie, just giving his card & direction to the booth while on the market... hey, i took the shirt & did i'm definitely in love with his work !
There was also this jazzy band, they played a lot of good stuff, but i did not get a chance to know their name. i took some pix of them though, i'll had them later on the album.
Seng & i then left & went for a walk in venice beach. It was pretty nice, some cool people (mainly homeless - such as everywhere) i went in a tattoo shop (there are thousands there!)to ask about their octopus drawwings. i got some good ones. Now i have a better idea of the shape i would give to the one i'd like.
i left el monte this morning. i sort of freaked out when i realized that there was no other way for me to get out of this place then seng's car or hitchikking... i just wanted to get out of there for the day & hang out on some other sides of la... so i left. i found some lockers at union station so my bag is safe. éhéh, the first thing i did once out was SWIMMING... how is that i always find a swimming pool/lake/ocean when i'm out of wack? Well, anyway, i did. This labour day week end seems overcrowded but dead for all the buses, trains, etc... i'll stay downtown until tuesday, then i'll take a train to san diego. At last. i think i've needed it so much & have been waiting for too long. i thought i could stay longer with seng, but my freedom seems more important then anything else. i realize how much i'm hurting people, but freedom is too important to me.
So after i send this email i should head down to union station to get my ticket.
The funny thing is, as soon as i get out of some "prison" -would it be human or physical- i'm feeling completely different & what seemed so necessary before, becomes completely meaningless.

More later
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Posted: Sep 3, 2006 2:24pm
Aug 18, 2006
More & more & more....
ok, more water, more sun, more people. i've stayed in santa barbara longer. i've been swimming every day. i usually went around noon because the sun actually appears by that time. i haven't been able to sungaze in the morning since it is so grey & also very cold! But once the sun appears, it get quite warm, until 5pm. Nights are pretty cold also.
Sunday was a funny day. i went on the west end of the city & took some pix. Some cool squirrels "modelled" for me. They were really cool As i was coming back, thinking about what i'd do next, i saw this punk guy acting crazy & i wanted to picture him. He caught me... & sort of "stroke the pose" We started talking & then we went for a walk on the beach. i found out that he is a vegetarian We did some crazy stuff on the beach, like dancing, painting our bodies: that was so fun!! People were starring at us lol. Anyway, i eventually left him & went for my evening sungaze
Monday noon, after my swimming time, i talked with those 2 guys. i saw them the first day i was here. Father & son & dog. The father is in a wheel chair but they go everyday on the beach & norman (the son) & the dog swim a bit. i noticed norman was watching me on that day & monday they talked to me as i was on my way back to the hostel. They are nice people, it was a nice chat. Funny because senior(the father) guessed i am french... i have no idea how he found out!
oH & guess who i've been swimming with... after the turtles & dolphins in hawai'i: a sea lion joined me for a while. That was such a wonderful feeling!! S/He was about 5 meters from me. S/He swam along for a while. It actually happened twice. The first time s/he was further & i was a bit impressed... but s/he seems quite peaceful & i guess they are used to humans.
Also, some pelicans have been dancing for me the other night. AMazing. i got really close to them, trying to be quiet, they slowly started flying away, by group of 3 or 4... but it was not because scared by me. Eventually they came back above me, dancing around me, going back & forth. i was able to picture them, they were so great! It has been a wonderful experience. All the seagulls around did not move a feather lol.
i also met that squirrel, he was so funny, that was ealier in the afternoon that same day, he was chilling in the sand, just like our fellow humans... such a cool guy

i think i'm falling apart... everywhere i'm going, i'm leaving some sand. It seems to be everywhere over my body & even after showering, i don't seem to be able to get rid of it But it does not hitch... & guess what... i'm getting dreadier everyday
Yesterday afternoon i called my friend neric because he told me he'd come to sb on friday, but he will arrive after midnight so i don't think we'll be able to talk for a long time. Anyway, he told me he's working downtown la, so that means i'll be able to meet him there, which is great
Yesterday i went to city college. It is a nice place. Quite empty at this time of the year, but it is pretty peaceful.
Last night i was feeling very excited, i was dancing as i was walking (yes... it happens to me sometimes ) As i was going to the beach i met the punk guy, & he looked really mad. i tryed to make him smile & take him with me, but i think he was a bit drunk & he just kept on walking rambling. hmm well... the sound of the waves was awesome. i almost fell asleep
oH i also met robert again at the farmer market the other day. We met the next day to go on the beach, but i don't know why people seem to be so angry. As if when you're telling them something that goes against their beliefs, then they get mad at you for opening a window... He is a jew & feels terribly frustrated by the holocaust -which i perfectly understand, i mean the murder of so many people is horrible of course. We then came to talk about choices. i might have expressed myself the wrong way, but i was telling him that all our actions, & all that happens to us depends on our choices. So in a certain way, the people who died at that time "chose" it since they chose to settle there at that time, they chose to work there or whatever... anyway, he was accusing me of keeping the blindness... of perpetrating false excuses & denying the holocaust... hmmm... so i tryed to tell him he was the one creating excuses since he was putting the blame on others, rather then coping wwith the situation... after over 30 minutes of argument... i chose to leave him.
This morning has been pretty cold here, i haven't been able to swim very long because the wind was strong & the waves quite big, so i could not go very far. The funny thing is that the weather was cooler than the other days, but the water was warmer then usual... how weird... Not that it was hot... but it easier to get in
Ok, now about this afternoon, i've had this amazing experience... you know the kind of thing that happens nowhere. i was walking in the street, & this guy appeared from nowhere with 3 snakes over him! He saw me - or my tatts - & put the bigger one on my shoulders .... WHAT A DELIGHT!!! This fresh skin over mine. The snake (a python i think) was so peaceful & stayed a while! Then i saw this guy taking a picture of us. He is a photography student & saw us, then he noticed my tattoos & asked me if he could take pix i gave him my email, hopefully he'll send them to me.
Anyway, i'm still very excited about this connection with the snake. We got along so well. i also talked with the first guy who has them, trying to tell him about hen shelters so he could get eggs to feed them rather then killing mice. He actually seemed more appealed by the "free food" thing then the respect of mice... anyway... we'll see...

ok, i'm leaving tomorrow morning, going to la. i'm so happy about meeting rick éhéh!!

aH! One last thing before i let you.. check out this link & you'll see a few of the pix i took along my trip until today (there are 23 pages with 276 pix so far...):

so take care all of you, & to those i own an answer... please be patient... it'll come when i have more time & less beauty to photograph
be well &  in peace.

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Posted: Aug 18, 2006 5:56pm


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