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Jul 4, 2007
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Repel or Prevent Pest Infestations Without Killing

It concerns me to see posts about killing insects and animals when it is just as effective and less poisonous to repel or prevent infestation.

Roaches love the glues in the box tops and bottoms. Keep boxed open items like pasta, bisquick, etc. in jars. They also love the glues in shelf paper. Use something else on shelves. Catch them and take them to a warm compost pile outside. You can re-train the whole colony to move outside where they can live completely invisibly to you.

Flies won't keep buzzing into a house that has tansy planted by doors and windows. Bunches of dried tansy work almost as well, but not quite. Keep screens in good working order. Use a butterfly net to catch them and take them outside when they do get in. Keep your trash cans clean so maggots don't appear and turn into more flies.

Bedbugs hate thyme. Sprinkle the bed with it, spread it around the edges of the bedroom; open the windows, close the door and wait until morning. Vacuum and they are gone.

Fleas can be kept away with pennyroyal oil. It's a strong mint and dangerous to pregnant women. A drop behind the pet's neck and under the neck as well as at the base of the tail will keep fleas away. Also add nutritional yeast to their food, a spoon a day, sprinkled on, and a pill of garlc (cut a small pill shape from a slice of garlic clove) will keep ticks and fleas from staying and biting.

Editor's Note: Garlic should only be given to dogs, it can be harmful to cats.

Mosquitos won't bite someone who takes a B-complex vitamin daily. If you are camping, you may need to take extra. It turns pee yellow, so don't panic! Garlic works too but not garlic pills. They are useless.

Keep weevils out of food by storing flours and such in jars.

Ants can be kept out easily by seeing where they are getting in and using petroleum jelly as a barrier they won't cross. Also, washing their paths with soapy water keeps them from instintcively using it again. You can also try cayenne pepper as a boundary but you might have to refresh it until they are re-trained.

Pennyroyal also keeps termites from eating your house, by treating the possibly infected area with the oil. Use cedar bark for mulch around the house if you don't want to attract more termites. They won't eat the cedar, but will infest other bark mulches.

Keep clutter down and store things in plastic bags, like linens and luggage (if it doesn't seal well).

There are lots of chemical free alternatives to pesticides and traps. We often think "Thou shalt not kill" is a good value, but we rarely remember that doesn't end with "except for bugs and enemies..."

By Allison

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Posted: Jul 4, 2007 8:00am
Jun 23, 2006
Life without the meat

By Beth Caldwell

    It could be said that there are two kinds of people in the world—those who eat meat and those who don’t.

    But not many decisions in life are that black and white, including the why’s and why not’s about the consumption of animal protein.

    It’s generally known that if you don’t eat meat, but include eggs, cheese, and milk in your diet, you’re a vegetarian. If you say “no” to meat and dairy products, it’s “V for vegan.”

    And if you’re a bit of an extremist and don’t eat meat or dairy products, and your diet is uncooked and cold, then welcome to the “raw food vegan” club, where a cup of hot soup on a cold day is never realized.

    Worldwide studies have been conducted on the benefits of eliminating meat and dairy products from the daily menu. And if done right, and in combination with other aspects of a healthy lifestyle, vegetarianism stands out as a key player in longevity.

    Some people give up animal protein for love of their four-legged friends; others because of faith. Some may carve out a meat-free life half-time while others willingly trade a cold glass of cow’s milk for a quarter cup of seaweed all the time.

    The number of vegetarians and vegans in Canada is relatively small. A recent study estimated only about 250,000 vegetarians and 100,000 vegans are out there.

    Cliff Marsh of Devlin pursues a vegetarian lifestyle because of medical necessity and out of respect for his service to a higher power. He admits it’s not always easy to say “No thanks” to the part of a meal that includes animal protein, but he’s doing his best.

    “[My vegetarianism] was probably initiated as long as 10 years ago,” Marsh, 54, recalled last week by phone from his business “Northwest Solar” in Devlin.

    Marsh and his wife, Roxanne, spent 30 years in the British Columbia interior where he was a meat-cutter. His wife had food sensitivities and allergies, which prompted a food cull of sorts.

    But it wasn’t until his own health started to deteriorate did he make some drastic changes to his diet.

    “In being a meat-cutter for many, many years, I had consumed many herds of cattle on the barbecue and it led to ‘Irritable Bowel Syndrome,’” March revealed.

    “We had to start figuring out what was the problem and started doing research on natural remedies, and was eventually led to vegetarianism without any spiritual prompting,” Marsh added, referring to his membership in the Seventh Day Adventist Church, which advocates a vegetarian lifestyle, including abstaining from pork, alcohol, and tobacco.

    In fact, studies have documented that Seventh Day Adventists live about seven years longer than other people.

    Upon carving out a vegetarian lifestyle to recoup his intestinal health, Marsh was strict with his diet for about three years—until he and his wife moved back to Rainy River District and came in closer contact with their families and the occasional meat meal.

    But at home alone, they maintain a meatless diet and claim the greener lifestyle changed everything.

    “Undoubtedly, absolutely [I feel better] and I have more energy,” touted Marsh. “For sure I have no bowel trouble at all when I am sticking to my [vegetarian] diet and, in fact, I can consume a little bit of meat protein on a limited basis without causing any trouble.

    “When you get on to [vegetarianism], you don’t want to eat meat because you know what you feel like afterwards—it makes you slow down.

    “It’s not surprising that carnivorous animals, after they eat the wildebeest, they go and lie down for 24 hours,” Marsh reasoned with a chuckle.

    Meanwhile, Pat Kozik of Fort Frances has had a close relationship with vegetarianism most of her life. She was raised as a Seventh Day Adventist and remains a member of the church.

    Although she admitted to “falling off the vegetable wagon” during intermittent periods in her life, Kozik, now 81, has spent at least the last three years of her life animal protein-free.

    “It’s just a way of life. It isn’t a religion as much as it is a way of life,” she stressed earlier this week.

    True vegetarians give up the beef steak, chicken breast, and pork chops for other sources of protein, such as beans, peas, or lentils, tofu, soy milk, nuts, seeds, and eggs.

    Rooksana Randeree, a dietitian with Riverside Health Care Facilities, Inc. here, stressed the need for vegetarians to be mindful that they are receiving all the nutrients necessary for optimum health, and especially so for vegans who choose to cut out both meat and dairy products from their diet.

    Randeree also noted that while she rarely sees adult vegetarians referred to her office by their doctor, she does counsel teenagers on the subject.

    Much of the time, the young teens&mdashrimarily female—have come from their doctor with deficiencies in iron levels because they’ve approached vegetarianism without all the facts and need nutritional advice.

    “I see a lot of teenagers who come through my office who have been to the doctor and been diagnosed with iron deficiency [and yet] they say they are vegetarian,” Randeree explained during an interview at her office last week.

    “They come in here and when I ask them ‘What does a vegetarian diet mean to you,’ they say they’ve cut out all the meat and all they are eating are the vegetables and the potatoes, pasta, rice that their parents are making for them at supper time.

    “They have excluded the meat [protein portion] but they haven’t supplemented it,” she stressed.

    While Randeree deemed a well-balanced vegetarian diet healthy and safe for teenagers, she also said young women sometimes choose vegetarianism for the wrong reasons.

    They cut out the protein and dairy products from their diet to lose weight.

    “Some of these teenagers could have eating disorders, and often with eating disorders the protein portion of their food is the first thing to go,” she noted.

    “A lot of young girls think [protein] is the higher calorie food, so they exclude it and start picking at the vegetables, and then you see the milk going—another protein source—so that basically they are just living on vegetables.

    “If [teenagers] want to become true vegetarians, they can do it in a very, very healthy way,” Randeree continued. “The misconception is that you can go on a vegetarian diet and you can lose weight.

    “Our bodies are so sophisticated that if you don’t meet your energy requirements, you may lose weight for a short period of time, but your body will adjust to what you are eating and then you will stop losing weight.

    “In fact, some people who go through the cycle of under-eating and then over-eating, which is the ‘yo-yo’ diet cycle, actually end up being overweight because of that system where your body learns to conserve and preserve energy rather than utilize it,” Randeree remarked.

    Melanie Béchard, a staff writer with the Fort Frances Times, has been a vegetarian for half of her life, taking that path for the four-legged creatures of the world.

    It wasn’t easy switching to a healthy food plan minus the meat, but now at 32 years old, she’s a veteran at an alternative, balanced approach to nutrition.

    “I consider myself a vegetarian, not a vegan. I did try veganism for about three months but couldn’t do it anymore,” Béchard noted last week.

    “This is going to sound silly, but we always had dogs when I was growing up and I didn’t see the difference between killing a cow and eating it and killing my dog and eating it.

    “I just didn’t see the difference—and I decided that I thought I could live without [meat],” she remarked.

    “I think I cheated twice the first year [and] the hardest thing to give up was Kentucky Fried Chicken,” she chuckled.

    “I was a bad vegetarian the first several years, I would say, because I was probably not getting the protein that I needed and if I was hungry after supper, I would have chips and ice cream,” Béchard laughed.

    For the vegans of the world who cut out dairy products as well as animal protein, the risk for Vitamin B12 deficiency goes way up. It’s only present in animal products and if those sources of food aren’t included in one’s diet, supplements are in order, Randeree warned.

    “Vitamin B12 [deficiency] is mainly associated with anemia because it’s necessary in the formation of red blood cells.

    “And of course, protein is the building blocks of our cells, so we need it for the regular wear and tear of red blood cell formation—all the repair that goes on within our body and for muscle development, as well,” she reiterated.

    Green leafy vegetables (like “Popeye’s” spinach) are sources of iron, but not the same kind of iron as found in animal protein. Called “non-heme” iron and vegetable-based, it is not as well-absorbed by the human body as that found in the “heme iron” in animal protein.

    Anyone journeying into a vegetarian lifestyle also must be aware of their continued need for calcium. This is especially important for teenagers.

    “If they just suddenly decide to become vegetarian and start cutting out the meat and then [as vegans] the dairy products, and are only eating vegetables, they are not going to be meeting their calcium requirements,” Randeree noted.

    “During the teen years, that’s when the bone density is actually reaching its peak and that’s very, very important because what teenagers [consume in calcium] when they are 15 years old is going to affect them, in terms of osteoporosis, when they are 60.

    “But they can’t see that relationship because they think they’ll never get old,” she smiled.

    And what about the raw food vegan approach? Brrr!

    Randeree believes it’s probably a better idea to cut out the fast food, high fat, processed products in our diet than opt for eating a cold, raw meatless, diary-less diet.

    “Even something a simple as your kidney bean. Well, a kidney bean is cooked [when you eat it] so being a raw food vegan really limits you,” she said.

    “There’s always extremes, but I think research has shown that moderation ‘middle of the road’ is where to be,” Randeree concluded.

    In an article published in the November, 2005 issue of National Geographic entitled “The Secrets of Living Longer,” three groups of people around the world were deemed to be among the longest living on Earth—each with its own core of centenarians.

    And although each group has its own set of beliefs, they all share in the enjoyment of a vital—an active existence well into their 90s.

    The hot spots of longevity include Sardinia, Italy, where they drink red wine, share the workload with their spouse, and eat pecorino cheese, in Okinawa, Japan, where they eat small meals, have purpose, and nurture friendships, and in Loma Linda, Calif. among the Seventh Day Adventists, who rely heavily on faith, nuts, and beans, and observe the Sabbath.

    Only a third of the world is meat-eating and two-thirds vegetarian.

    “When you look at the big picture, why wouldn’t you want to prolong your life? Why wouldn’t you want to live into your 70s, 80s, and 90s and still have a good mind, still go hiking, riding your bike, and enjoy a quality of life instead of being in your 50s and 60s and starting to feel the rigors of your lifestyle and be restricted,” Marsh challenged.

    For more information on vegetarian food guidelines, go to

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Posted: Jun 23, 2006 12:56pm
May 26, 2006
Robert Cohen proposes a way for vegans to get their daily B-12 without taking supplements:

Warning to my readers: Today's column contains explicit sexual themes. If you embarrass easily, or if your religious, moral, or ethical beliefs prevent you from reading material of a sexual nature, please, read no more. In today's commentary, I discuss the science of sex in as dignified and delightful a manner as I am able, sometimes using a bit of humor, but continuously recognizing that such concepts may be offensive to some people, so please, if you find such discussion inappropriate, stop reading immediately. If you are easily offended by material of a sexual nature, please exercise the use of your "back" button now.

Without embarrassment, this is a subject that needs
to be discussed. I am past the point of being disgusted
by know-it-all vegetarian and vegan nutritionists and
dieticians who believe that one must take artificial
supplements derived from cow intestines, containing
Vitamin B-12 in order to maintain good health. The fact
that vegans have B-12 in their bloodstreams is evidence
enough that we're somehow obtaining it. Low dose, high
dose, it really doesn't matter. Fact is that we need
just a few micrograms of B-12, and a five-year supply
is stored in the average human liver. That fact alone
negates the scare tactics of those who criticize the
pure vegan diet, or dispense supplements as a part of
their self-sustaining practices.

Vegan blood contains some B-12. In that, there is no
debate. Vegan semen and vaginal secretions contain many
times more Vitamin B-12 than does human blood.

The solution? Make love. Enjoy oral sex. The ingestion
of sexual body secretions from your lover will insure
good health for you.

In addition to the usual frogs, snails, and puppy
dogs tails, what are little boys made of? What exactly
is in semen?

Ten percent of semen consists of sperm cells, up to
500 million per ejaculate. It takes only one sperm
cell to fertilize an egg. I often wonder why the other
499,999 are necessary.

What constitutes the other 90% of semen? In addition
to enormous amounts of vitamins, enzymes, and amino
acids, semen contains up to 20 times the level of
Vitamin B-12 as does human blood serum. Vaginal fluids
contain a similar makeup, rich in B-12.

Scientists knew this nearly 20 years ago, but had no
socially-tactful way to transmit this information to
the lay person. (Yeah, I know, you love my use of the
English language).

As early as March of 1984, Carmel Bernstein and a team
of investigators published evidence in the Journal of
Clinical Investigations (73;3, Vitamin B-12 in human
seminal plasma) revealing that blood has one-tenth the
amount of B-12 as does male semen.
Eight years later, the Scandanavian Journal of Clinical
Laboratory Investigations (Hansen, 1992 Nov;52(7):647-52)
determined that B-12 levels in human semen run as high as
20 times that of blood. Similar amounts of B-12 have been
found in vaginal secretions.

Second and final warning. For those of you unwilling or
unable to discuss or partake in the loving art of cunnilingus
or fellatio, read no more. What follows is descriptive.

Many people have an aversion to oral sex because of the
taste or smell. Can that often be justified? Absolutely.

Long ago, in the days before artificial modern-day perfumes
and deodorants were used to mask human odors, people
enjoyed body smells. Don Juan would keep handkerchiefs
under his armpits and wave them in front of ladies' noses.
That action was designed to bring them to arousal from his
own natural essences and bouquet which contained pheromones,
chemicals containing natural sexual messengers that
communicate instinctual feelings shared by all mammals.
Truth revealed: Why does a male dog mount and hump a human
female leg, thrusting his pelvis as if in the act of copulation?
It's not because he smells your puppy, ladies. It's because
he smells your very own pheromones which trigger a genetically
pre-determined fixed action pattern in Fido's brain.

On to the olfactory bouquet from your own essences.

Dairy farmers know that if their cows eat onions or
garlic less than 30 minutes before milking, those powerfully
offensive smells will be included in their body secretions
which are then transmitted to their milk. A similar event
occurs with human body fluids. You are what you eat. Deer
know when meat-eating humans walk into the woods. Vegans
have a way with denizens of the forest. Vegans do not eat
other living creatures. Deer can tell by human smells.
So can dogs and other mammals possessing keener olfactory
senses than humans.

For many years, non dairy-using Japanese people called
Americans "butter-people," for the rancid smell that
would seep out of our pores. I can smell butter people.
I am amazed at the number of people calling themselves
vegan who are actually dairy users. I can smell the
aftermath of pizza 24 hours after a vegan eats one by his
or her offensive odor. The mozzarella turns rancid from
within. Its smell lingers on a user's breath. Milk the
cow and get the garlic or onion milk. Milk the human and
get Kentucky-fried chicken essence.

Humans who eat meat ingest large amounts of sulfur-based
amino acids. That is one of the qualities of meat protein.
The sulfur becomes a part of their own smell and taste. Eat
large amounts of methionine and you'll taste quite rancid.

I have met many vegans who relate anecdotal evidence
of how other vegans make better lovers because they
"taste better." Where are Masters and Johnson when you
need them? The good that comes from this column will
result in two lovers enjoying a large meal of fresh
pineapple before their next bout of foreplay. Gourmets
and epicurians of the world, unite. Your next dose of
love will contain the best vitamin pill in the world.
Was it Mary Poppins who sang, "Just a spoonful of sugar
helps the medicine go down"?

Remember, for B-12, make love, and do so with good taste.

Robert Cohen
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Posted: May 26, 2006 9:22am
Feb 4, 2006

How To Fly Without ID

It's Easy If You Know How!

In the last two years, everyone flying on a commercial airline has stepped up to an airline's ticket counter and heard the agent recite a familiar litany. The monologue goes, "has your bag been unattended; have you accepted gifts from a stranger; can I see your identification please?" The traveler docilely murmurs answers, and produces a driver's license or some equivalent.

As a die-hard Constitutionalist, I believe that we still have an absolute, unfettered, God-given right to travel from point A to point B without permission from the state -- in the air, as well as on land. This Nazi procedure of "your papers, please" has never been appropriate for our country. I have had occasion to travel a good deal in the last several months, and on those trips I decided to research and test this issue about the necessity for producing identification. I have talked with agents, and their supervisors, of several major airlines in cities across America, and have gradually pieced together a rather complete picture of the real legal situation regarding our right to travel.

Next, I tested this finding with several airlines. When asked for identification, I produced only my Sam's Club card, or my travel agent's ID card, or a Costco card. These are all picture ID's, but they are privately issued, and do not even have a signature on them. The airline agents just freaked out, and demanded to see some state-issued ID. They routinely told me that "it was federal law!" The government absolutely required me to cough up an "official" ID card, without which the agent couldn't even THINK of letting me on the plane.

I told the agents that I could not find any federal regulation mandating that type of identification, and then asked them to cure my ignorance and please cite the regulation. Now, at this point, individual airline agents have reacted differently. Some called in their supervisor. Alaska Air employees were the most gracious; Northwest agents were the worst -- they were rude, belligerent and hostile brats. But they all folded, every time. A particularly nasty Northwest employee marched me all the way back to the electronic detection equipment, made me pass through it a second time, and had the guard thoroughly search my carry-on bag. The same airline agent-from-hell actually made rude and demeaning remarks to me as we trudged back to the counter -- and then she let me on the plane.

Alaska Air was much more reasonable -- the agent just issued my seat pass, and commented that some people seem tenaciously to hold the thought that they have the right to travel without producing government ID -- to which I responded, "yes, amazing, isn't it -- and I'm one of them." In Seattle, an agent said AS HE HANDED ME MY TICKET, "you know, if you don't show me any government-issued ID, I can't let you board the plane." I replied, Yes, I understand. But I didn't, and you are. With a smile, he just said, "have a nice trip." So I have flown several times using only my meager privately issued picture ID cards.

Every time I used this strategy, I noticed that the agent put an orange sticker on my checked bags, and also on my seat pass on the ticket. Several agents divulged that this is the policy they are supposed to follow when a person does not show government ID. The bags simply wait in the baggage room until the person presents the matching seat pass as he/she actually boards the plane; then the bags go on board.

On my next trip, I decided to push the envelope even further. When the Alaska Air agent made the usual perfunctory request for identification, I put on my best face, smiled sweetly, and said, "Gee, I'm so sorry, but I just don't have any ID I could show you." To my speechless astonishment, the agent just said, "no problem -- just fill out this simple form, and present it to the counter at the airplane gate." I watched as the familiar orange sticker again went on my bag. I repeated the same scenario with Horizon Air on another trip. I have now flown twice without producing any identification whatsoever.

Northwest was actually instrumental in advancing my education about this issue. I was so aggravated by the insolent and hostile treatment that their employee gave me, (hopefully former employee, after the blistering letter I sent to the company president), that I demanded to see a supervisor on the spot. I then demanded that he produce the relevant federal regulations RIGHT NOW, or face personal liability for authorizing an unreasonable search and seizure, dereliction of duty, fraud, conspiracy, civil rights deprivation and any other legal buzz words I could think of at that moment which would justify a lawsuit against him personally, as well as his employer. Like everyone else, he couldn't show me any statute or regulations. He even admitted that there are none.

However, he did produce a copy of Security Directive 96-05, which the Federal Aviation Agency issued to all airlines in August of 1996. Its wording is very instructive; it reads as follows:










This document apparently goes on for ten more pages; the Northwest supervisor gave me only the first page, which contains the information printed above.

The next time I refused to produce ID and the agent freaked, I told her, "just tap up Sec-Dec 96-5 on your computer, and go to Paragraph 1, Section C. Designate me as a 'selectee,' and proceed accordingly. She apparently thought I was an FAA undercover employee, because she said that she was "tired of you federal guys coming around" and literally spying on airline agents, "coercing us into lying to people, and essentially being the 'bag man' for an activity which has no legal requirement." I told her that I could not agree more.

Another airline employee later confirmed that FAA agents often engage in such entrapment activities, to make sure that airline agents parrot the government party line about state-issued ID. I also hit pay dirt in a discussion with another, much nicer Northwest agent on the East coast. In a candid conversation, he told me that FAA personnel had held training sessions with all airline agents in the fall of 1996. Agents were informed directly by the FAA that they absolutely could not bar an American citizen from boarding a plane, even if a passenger refused to produce any identification at all! I understand Delta Airline is facing two large lawsuits because employees twice denied this reality, and actually twice kept off a plane a passenger who had only private ID to show. Anyone want to own an airline, courtesy of a judge? I have personally flown Delta with only a private travel card, so I guess they already had their hand slapped.

Yet another agent in the Midwest admitted that airline personnel were deliberately and knowingly coercing people into showing government ID by saying "it's the law." According to him the reality is that the companies are simply tired of people selling their frequent-flyer tickets. The airlines wanted to stem this practice by checking everyone's ID, but knew there would be BIG problems if they instituted this procedure as a private corporate policy. It was so much more convenient to say it was federal law and make the government the scapegoat. So this policy meets the airlines' private financial goals, and the government's goal of ever-increasing social control.

If no one complains or asserts their rights regarding travel, then another freedom is "poof" gone. Our children watch this happen, and grow up thinking that the state has both the right to define our identity by issuing documents saying who we are, and also the right to require us to produce them on demand.


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Posted: Feb 4, 2006 8:52am


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