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Dec 18, 2007
Focus: Health
Action Request: Various
Location: United States

Your Right to Refuse Unwanted Medical Treatments

The current crisis over "forced" vaccinations that we are facing in the United States, with more and more incidences of parents being bullied and intimidated into submitting their children to unnecessary, ineffective, and dangerous vaccinations must stop.

Regulators and most medical professionals still insist you should just "take the shot and shut up. It's good for you." Even though there's overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

So many give in because they do not understand the full danger these vaccines pose, or they believe they have no other options available to them.

Some of you may think you can't opt out of vaccines on religious grounds because you do not belong to an organized religion or church that has specific religious "rules" about medical interventions.

This is not necessarily true, and it's very important to realize this point.

According to James Filenbaum, Attorney at Law, there has been a Supreme Court ruling on this issue , which provides a very broad interpretation of the meaning of religious exemption (which is allowable in all states, except Mississippi and West Virginia).

Based on this, a parent's religious "beliefs" are sufficient to qualify for the religious exemption. "Belief" is defined as a faith that occupies a place in their lives, parallel to that held by the orthodox belief in God, or any sincere religious beliefs that are based upon a power or being to which all else is subordinate, and on which all else is ultimately dependent.

You would therefore qualify if you believe that not giving the vaccines is what you must do to follow God's will in fulfilling you role as a responsible parent, because your child's immune system is a creation of God, and to vaccinate would violate your faith in what God created.

The important rule here is that if a school district denies religious exemption, they are violating your federally protected civil rights under the first amendment by what is called "state action" and under federal law you are entitled to money damages.

However, you do need to find out exactly how the law is worded in your state, as each state varies in the amount and type of documentation you need to provide to use either the medical, philosophical, religious, or proof of existing immunity exemption.

Another thing to remember is to take full advantage of the VAERS reporting system (vaccine adverse event reporting system). If you or your child has suffered any kind of side effect from a vaccine, make sure your doctor reports it to VAERS. It's the only way to get more accurate data on the full extent of the problems. Unfortunately, less than 10 percent of all side effects are ever reported, making these vaccines appear less dangerous than they really are.

Also remember that if your doctor does not report it, you can now use the VAERS reporting system yourself, by filing a report online.

As you look at this man's face, remember that even though you may not agree with his decision to avoid a blood transfusion at any cost, he stands as a representation of the human right to choose, and your personal right to refuse unwanted medical interventions of all kinds.

Related material:

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has been a contributing editor on the vaccine issue for several years. Many people throughout North America have likely heard of her, too, as she has offered her unparalleled insight on vaccines on countless health programs.

Her articles, such as "Expert" Believes Infants Can Tolerate 10,000 Vaccines and Smallpox Vaccines and Heart Disease, No "Coincidence", gives an idea of the range of her expertise and important insight. With "The Danger of Vaccines, and How You Can Legally Avoid Them" MP3, though, you will get all of the crucial information you need to protect you and your loved ones. What's more, you'll get it in a manner you can understand, and that's not "dry" but actually engaging to listen to.

If you are also interested in how and why vaccines themselves are dangerous, you should seriously consider Dr. Tenpenny's new video, "Vaccines: What CDC Documents and Science Reveal." You'll learn how vaccines can cause illnesses including autoimmune diseases, allergies, ear infections, and more. You'll discover the very real link between vaccines and developmental, learning and behavioral disorders in children. You'll find out how and why vaccine studies are seriously flawed. And much more: read more about Dr. Tenpenny's vaccine video.

Nearly ALL Children Can Qualify for the Religious Vaccine Exemption

There are, I believe, 19 states that currently allow a philosophical objection to vaccinations for school admission. Thanks to the incredible groups like the National Vaccine Information Center, it is likely more states may be added. Texas is likely to make the total 20 in the near future.

However, 48 states (all but Mississippi and West Virginia) allow for a religious exemption. There has been a supreme court ruling on this issue which provides broad interpretation of the meaning of religious exemption.

A parent's religious "beliefs" are sufficient to qualify for the religious exemption. The "belief" is defined as a faith that occupies a place in their lives parallel to that held by the orthodox belief in God or any sincere religious beliefs which are based upon a power or being to which all else is subordinate and on which all else is ultimately dependent

They qualify if they believe that not giving the vaccines is what they must do to follow God's will for them in fulfilling their role as responsible parents. Their child's immune system is a creation of God and that God has given their child and that to vaccinate would violate their faith in what God created.

The parents do NOT have to be part of a recognized religious organization. You don't have to join any church, you can be any religion at all. But if they are a part of an established religion (Catholic, Protestant, Islam, etc.) they can still have their own perceptions of what it means to follow God's will which may be counter to what that organization states.

The case is established with legal precedent at the US Supreme Court level. (United States Supreme Court in Sharon Levy vs. Northcourt cases)

The important rule here is that if a school district denies religious exemption they are violating your federally protected civil rights under the first amendment by what is called state action and under federal law you are entitle to money damages.

You can review one of the cases that helped set this law by clicking here .

James Filenbaum, Attorney at Law, Presented at the 2nd International Vaccine Conference

What They Don't Tell You About Vaccination Dangers Can Kill You or Ruin Your Life

By Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.
Advanced Nutritional Concepts, LLC

After 30 years of intensive research, much has been learned about how brain cells work and what goes wrong when disease arises. One of the great enigmas has been the connection between vaccinations and certain brain disorders such as:

  • Autism
  • ADD
  • ADHD
  • Gulf War Syndrome

More common neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's dementia and AL

As we learned more and more about how brain cells should work, we discovered that often normal processes, such as metabolism, could result in the accumulation of powerful chemical byproducts, called free radicals, that have the capacity to destroy these cells.

Free radicals, basically, are very reactive particles that bounce all around the cell damaging everything they touch. Most originate during the process of metabolism but can also arise from toxin exposure, irradiation and toxic metals. Because they are so destructive, cells have a network of defenses designed to neutralize them. This antioxidant network is composed of numerous components that include vitamins, minerals and special chemicals called thiols (glutathione and alpha-lipoic acid).

What Causes the Free Radicals

The idea that free radicals play a major role in all of the conditions listed above is now proven--the big question is why are so many free radicals being generated? In the case of autism, ADD and ADHD many came to support the idea that mercury derived from vaccines was the source of the radicals. And it was known that mercury could cause free radicals to be generated in large numbers within the brain. Evidence connecting mercury to the autism spectrum disorders, neurodegeneration and the Gulf War Syndrome is strong, but not exclusive.

Interestingly, all of these diseases also share another common event--over activation of a portion of the immune system.

It is important to appreciate that only a certain part of the immune system is overactive, because other parts, such as cellular immunity, are actually diminished. In some instances, as with the childhood disorders, the problem is congenital and in others it develops as a result of many factors such as aging, toxin exposure, poor nutrition and excessive vaccination itself. Mercury can impair immune function as well.

How Vaccines are Made

Basically, vaccines contain either killed viruses or bacteria, germ components, toxic extracts or live organisms that have been made less virulent--a process called attenuation. To stimulate an enhanced immune reaction against these organisms, manufacturers added powerful immune-stimulating substances such as squalene, aluminum, lipopolysacchride, etc. These are called immune adjuvants.

The process of vaccination usually required repeated injections of the vaccine over a set period of time. The combination of adjuvants plus the intended organism triggers an immune response by the body, similar to that occurring with natural infections, except for one major difference. Almost none of these diseases enter the body by injection. Most enter by way of the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth, pulmonary passages or GI tract. For example, polio is known to enter via the GI tract. The membranes lining these passages contain a different immune system than activated by direct injection. This system is called the IgA immune system.

It is the first line of defense and helps reduce the need for intense activation of the body's immune system. Often, the IgA system can completely head off an attack. The point being that injecting organisms to induce immunity is abnormal.

Because more and more reports are appearing citing vaccine failure, their manufacturers' answer is to make the vaccines more potent. They do this by making the immune adjuvants more powerful or adding more of them. The problem with this approach is that in the very young, the nutritionally deficient and the aged, over-stimulating the immune system can have an opposite effect--it can paralyze the immune system.

This is especially prevalent with nutritional deficiency.

An early attempt to vaccinate Africans met with disaster when it was discovered that many were dying following vaccination. The problem was traced to widespread vitamin A deficiency among the tribes. Once the malnutrition was corrected, death rates fell precipitously.

Another problem we see with modern vaccines is that the immune stimulation continues over a prolonged period of time.

This is because of the immune adjuvants. They remain in the tissues, constantly stimulating immune-activating cells. With most natural infections the immune activation occurs rapidly, and once the infection is under control, it drops precipitously. This, as we shall see, is to prevent excessive damage to normal cells in the body.

What Happens to the Brain With Vaccination?

It seems the brain is always neglected when pharmacologists consider side effects of various drugs. The same is true for vaccinations. For a long time no one considered the effect of repeated vaccinations on the brain.

This was based on a mistaken conclusion that the brain was protected from immune activation by its special protective gateway called the blood-brain barrier. More recent studies have shown that immune cells can enter the brain directly, and more importantly, the brain's own special immune system can be activated by vaccination.

You see, the brain has a special immune system that operates through a unique type of cell called a microglia.

These tiny cells are scattered throughout the brain, lying dormant waiting to be activated. In fact, they are activated by many stimuli and are quite easy to activate. For our discussion, activation of the body's immune system by vaccination is a most important stimuli for activation of brain microglia.

Numerous studies have shown that when the body's immune system is activated, the brain's immune cells are likewise activated. This occurs by several pathways, not important to this discussion. The more powerfully the body's immune system is stimulated the more intense is the brain's reaction. Prolonged activation of the body's immune system likewise produces prolonged activation of the brain's immune system.

Therein lies the danger of our present vaccine policy.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Family Practice have both endorsed a growing list of vaccines for children, even newborns, as well as yearly flu shots for both children and adults. Children are receiving as many as 22 inoculations before attending school.

What Happens When the Brain's Immune System is Activated?

The brain's immune system cells, once activated, begin to move about the nervous system, secreting numerous immune chemicals (called cytokines and chemokines) and pouring out an enormous amount of free radicals in an effort to kill invading organisms. The problem is--there are no invading organisms. It has been tricked by the vaccine into believing there are.

Unlike the body's immune system, the microglia also secrete two other chemicals that are very destructive of brain cells and their connecting processes. These chemicals, glutamate and quinolinic acid, are called excitotoxins. They also dramatically increase free radical generation in the brain. Studies of patients have shown that levels of these two excitotoxins can rise to very dangerous levels in the brain following viral and bacterial infections of the brain. High quinolinic acid levels in the brain are thought to be the cause of the dementia seen with HIV infection.

The problem with our present vaccine policy is that so many vaccines are being given so close together and over such a long period that the brain's immune system is constantly activated. This has been shown experimentally in numerous studies. This means that the brain will be exposed to large amounts of the excitotoxins as well as the immune cytokines over the same period.

Studies on all of these disorders, even in autism, have shown high levels of immune cytokines and excitotoxins in the nervous system. These destructive chemicals, as well as the free radicals they generate, are diffused throughout the nervous system doing damage, a process called bystander injury. It's sort of like throwing a bomb in a crowd.

Not only will some be killed directly by the blast but those far out into the radius of the explosion will be killed by shrapnel.

Normally, the brain's immune system, like the body's, activates quickly and then promptly shuts off to minimize the bystander damage. Vaccination won't let the microglia shut down. In the developing brain, this can lead to language problems, behavioral dysfunction and even dementia.

In the adult, it can lead to the Gulf War Syndrome or one of the more common neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's dementia or Lou Gehrig's disease (AL.

A recent study by the world-renowned immunologist Dr. H. Hugh Fudenberg found that adults vaccinated yearly for five years in a row with the flu vaccine had a 10-fold increased risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. He attributes this to the mercury and aluminum in the vaccine. Interestingly, both of these metals have been shown to activate microglia and increase excitotoxicity in the brain.

Direct Effect of the Cytokines

Various cytokines have been used to treat cancer patients as well as other common diseases.

Studies of the effects of these cytokines on brain function reveal some very close parallels to the diseases we have been discussing. For a more in-depth study of these effects I suggest you read my article appearing in the Journal of the American Nutriceutical Association (volume 6 [fall], Number 4, 2003, pp 21-35) and in the summer issue 2004 of the Journal of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons.

One can see:

  • Confusion
  • Language difficulties
  • Disorientation
  • Seizures
  • Memory problems
  • Somnolence
  • Low-grade fevers
  • Irritability
  • Mood alterations
  • Combativeness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • A host of other behavioral problems

In the child, brain immune over-activation has been shown to be particularly damaging to the amygdala and other limbic structures of the brain. This can lead to unusual syndromes such as the loss of "theory of mind" and " Alice in Wonderland syndrome." It has also been shown to damage the executive functions of the frontal lobes.

In essence, what is lost is that which makes us social human beings, able to function in a complex world of ideas and interactions.

Several studies have indeed shown elevated levels of cytokines in autistic children. It is also interesting to note that these cytokines, especially interleukin-1ß and tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-a) dramatically increase the damage produced by excitotoxins. So, what we see is a viscous cycle of immune activation, excitotoxin and cytokine excretion, and free radical production. The latter starts the cycle all over again.

The Role of Autoimmunity and Viral Persistence

Studies in autistic children have shown that a state of immune attack on the brain is occurring. Similar findings are seen with neurodegenerative diseases and the Gulf War Syndrome. It must be appreciated that this autoimmunity was triggered by the vaccinations and by organisms contaminating the vaccinations. Once started, the immune reaction cannot stop, thus triggering all the destructive reactions I have discussed.

Dr. Garth Nicolson has shown a direct connection between mycoplasma contamination of vaccines and the 200 percent increased incidence of ALS in Gulf War veterans. The disorder is produced by the same mechanism described above.

Another, even more common, problem is the use of live viruses in vaccines. The reason live viruses can be used is that they are weakened by passing them through a series of cultures--a process called attenuation. These attenuated, non-disease-causing viruses are then injected in hopes of stimulating the body to produce an immune attack.

The problem with this idea is two-fold.

First, we now know that in far too many cases these viruses escape the immune system and take up residence in the body--for a lifetime. A recent autopsy study of elderly individuals found that 20 percent of the brains contained live measles viruses and 45 percent of the other organs contained live measles viruses. Similar findings have been described in autistic children and the measles virus is identical genetically to the one used in the vaccine.

The second problem is that most of these viruses were found to be highly mutated. In fact, different mutations were found among viruses in various organs in the same individual.

This has been a secret kept from the public.

These attenuated viruses undergo mutation brought on by the presence of free radicals in the tissues and organs and they can mutate into virulent, disease-causing organisms. Recent studies have confirmed this frightening finding. In fact, a large percentage of Alzheimer's disease patients have live viruses in their brain as compared to normal individuals.

Once these live viruses are injected, they cannot be removed. Because the viruses stay in the body, they will be under constant free radical exposure, which can increase during times of stress, illness, exercise and with aging. It is the free radicals that cause the virus to mutate.

In essence, the viruses can exist in the brain, or any organ, either silently and slowly producing destruction of the brain or spinal cord or producing sudden disease once the virus mutates to a highly lethal form.


We have seen that the policy of giving numerous vaccinations to individuals, especially infants and small children, is shear idiocy.

A considerable number of studies have shown conclusively that such a practice can lead to severe injury to the brain by numerous mechanisms. Because the child's brain is undergoing a period of rapid growth from the third trimester of pregnancy until age 2 years, his or her brain is at considerable risk from this insane policy.

We have also seen that live-virus vaccines and contaminated vaccines hold a special risk in that the viruses tend to persist in a substantial number of individuals and that free radicals can cause the latent viruses to transform by genetic mutation into disease-causing organisms later in life.

It is vital that anyone scheduled for vaccination follow a schedule that allows no more than one vaccine every six months, allowing the immune system time to recover.

Live-virus vaccines should be avoided.

This was recently illustrated by the switch from the live polio vaccine to the killed virus. All cases of polio after the introduction of the vaccine, in the developed world, came from the vaccine itself. This was known from the beginning.

Finally, it is vital that anyone undergoing vaccination should start nutritional supplementation and adhere to a healthy diet before vaccination occurs. Vaccine complications are far fewer in individuals with good nutrition
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Posted: Dec 18, 2007 7:59am
Jan 31, 2007
Focus: Civil Rights
Action Request: Read
Location: United States

There is a great deal of confusion about the concept of rights. We are often unclear what we refer to when we talk about human rights. This confusion and lack of clarity are even more pronounced when we talk about “animal rights” because some use the term to describe any welfarist regulation, and some, like me, use it as a synonym for the abolition of animal exploitation.

There is no greater proof of the confusion among animal advocates than the fact that, Peter Singer, the “father of the animal rights movement” does not believe in rights for humans or nonhumans!

The concept of rights has certainly generated a great deal of philosophical discussion and debate.

But we can cut through all of this and clarify the notion of a right for purposes of understanding some basic aspects of the concept.

What is a right?

A right is simply a way of protecting an interest.

An interest is something that we want, desire, or prefer. We all have interests. We share some interests in common. For example, we all have an interest in food and medical care. Some interests are more peculiar to the individual. I have absolutely no interest in playing golf; many people are passionate about golf.

With respect to any interest, there are basically only two ways of protecting that interest:

1. We can protect that interest only to the extent that to do so produces desirable consequences as a general matter.

2. We can protect that interest despite whether it produces desirable consequences as a general matter.

This second way of protecting an interest is what a right is.

Let’s look at an example:

I have an interest in my liberty. We can protect that interest consequentially; that is, we can choose to protect that interest only to the extent that to do so produces a good result.

But what if I am a politically unpopular person whose opinions and views are upsetting to others who would be much happier if I were imprisoned and not allowed to voice my opinions?

If my interest in my liberty is protected only to the extent that, on balance, my liberty is a benefit and not a general detriment, then, depending on the weight to be accorded to the competing interests, I may very well be imprisoned.

On the other hand, we can protect my interest in liberty even if my political views offend others. If we protect the interest in this way, we can say that I have a right to liberty. That is simply another way of saying that my interest in my liberty will be protected even though my imprisonment would have beneficial consequences for others.

This does not, however, mean that my right to liberty is absolute. If I commit a crime and am found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by a jury, then I may be deprived of my liberty. But that is because I did something to forfeit my interest in my liberty.

Let’s look at another example: my interest in my life.

I certainly have an interest in my life. Indeed, I would say that for most of us, our interest in our life is probably stronger than our interest in not suffering. After all, many humans undergo painful medical procedures in order to be cured of life-threatening illnesses.

Again, we can protect this interest consequentially and, for instance, use and kill me as a non-consenting subject in a biomedical experiment if this will produce data that will save many other humans. Or you can kill me in order to take my organs for transplantation into others, thereby saving multiple lives by taking my life.

Alternatively, you can protect my interest in my life even if my death would be beneficial to others through my serving as an unwilling experimental subject or donor. In this case, we could say that I had a right to life, which is simply another way of saying that my interest in my life will be protected even though beneficial consequences may occur were my interest not protected.

The right to life is not absolute. If, for example, Joe attacks me with deadly force without provocation, I am permitted to defend myself and take his life if necessary. In such a situation, we do not think that Joe’s interest in life should be protected because of action he undertook. But we do not override his interest simply because to do so would have good consequences.

A right is like a wall that surrounds an interest. On that wall is a sign that reads “You cannot trespass just because it will benefit you or others to do so.”

A Special Right: The Right Not to be the Property of Others

When people argue about human rights, what they are really arguing about is what human interests ought to be protected irrespective of consequences. And there is certainly a great deal of disagreement about what interests should receive that sort of protection.

There is, however, one interest about which most people do not disagree—our interest in not being the resource, or property, or slave, of another. This is not to say that human slavery no longer exists; it does. But no one defends it as they defend other forms of discrimination and exploitation. We regard every human as having the right not to be a slave. Indeed, the prohibition against human slavery is one of the few moral rights recognized by the international community.

Why? Why do we regard human slavery as a particularly bad thing?

The answer is because slaves do not have any real rights. Any protection that slaves receive for their interests is only consequential. That is, we protect their interests only to the extent that it benefits someone else (usually the slave owner) to do so. Slavery treats humans as having only extrinsic or conditional value. Slavery denies that humans have inherent value, or value beyond their value as property to others. If humans have any moral value at all; if they have any value beyond their extrinsic value as commodities valued by others, then, whatever other rights we may give humans, we must give them the basic right not to be the property or resources of others.

The right not to be property does not depend on individual characteristics. Putting aside people like Peter Singer, the rest of us think that a severely mentally disabled human has as much right not to be treated as an unwilling subject in an experiment as has a genius. That is, we think that the interest of the disabled person and the genius in not being treated as a resource should be respected irrespective of consequences. After all, the disabled person and the genius both value themselves even if no one else values them.

The right not to be treated as property means simply that the interest in not being treated as a commodity must be protected even if it would benefit others to treat certain humans as commodities. If we do not protect this interest in this way—with a right—then some humans (those we do not value) will be treated as commodities and will be subject to being deprived of all of their fundamental interests, including their interest in their continued existence, if it benefits us to do so.

Animals and Property

Nonhuman animals also have interests. Indeed, animals—human and nonhuman—are the only entities in the universe who have interests because they are sentient; they have a subjective awareness. As far as we know, rocks and plants do not have interests. These objects do not have minds; there is nothing that a plant or rock wants, desires, or prefers.

Sentient nonhumans, depending on their species, have all sorts of interests. They can suffer and they have an interest in not suffering. And all sentient nonhumans have an interest in life. As I have argued in my writing and elsewhere on my website, to be sentient means to have an interest in continuing to live. Sentience is not an end in itself; it is a means to the end of continued existence for certain beings who have evolved to be sentient in order to survive. To say that a being is sentient but does not want, prefer, or desire to stay alive is absurd.

Animals have interests in not being used as food, or for experiments, clothing, recreation, entertainment, etc. These activities are only made possible because animals are regarded as property. Even animals living in nature are in most cases considered as the property of the state, subject to being reduced to the status of the property of individuals who kill them in prescribed ways at prescribed times. Although some of us have nonhuman companions whom we regard as members of our families, these nonhumans are, as far as the law is concerned, nothing but things we own. Although there are some limits on how we treat our animal property, there are not many.

Animal welfare laws cannot be regarded as conferring rights on nonhumans. To the extent that these laws protect animal interests, they provide only consequential protection. That is, we protect animal interests only to the extent that we attach a value to those interests. We require that a nonhuman be stunned electrically before she is slaughtered. We do not protect the animal’s interest in being stunned before she is butchered because it is in her interest; we protect it because it is in our interest. An animal who is stunned will cause fewer injuries to workers and will have less carcass damage, thereby keeping the meat industry running “safely, efficiently and profitably.”
according to “visionary” Temple Grandin.

Is there a good reason not to accord nonhumans the one right that we accord to all humans irrespective of particular characteristics? As I have argued, the answer is no. The only way that we discriminate between humans and nonhumans for purposes of the right not to be treated as property is to engage in speciesism.

If nonhuman animals are going to be morally significant—if they are going to have value beyond merely beings things with extrinsic or conditional value alone—we must protect their interest in not being commodities irrespective of consequence. This requires that we abolish and not merely regulate animal exploitation, that we care for the domestic animals that we have here now, and that we stop bringing domestic animals into existence for our use.


To sum up:

• A right is a way of protecting an interest.

• A right is non-consequential protection for an interest; it means that we protect the interest even if there would be good consequences as a general matter were we not to do so.

• If humans are to be included in the moral community, they cannot be the property of others. We must, therefore, protect the interest of humans in not being treated as property in a non-consequential way. We must accord every human the right not to be treated as the property of another.

• Similarly, if nonhumans are to be members of the moral community, we must provide non-consequential protection to their interest in not being used as resources.

• This requires that we abolish animal exploitation.

That is what I mean when I talk about “animal rights.” We must protect the interest of nonhumans in not being treated as things in a particular way. That protection cannot be dependent on consequences.

If you are interested in further discussion of this topic, you should watch Theory of Animal Rights on my website.

I have covered a great deal of ground here and there is a great deal more that could have been said. I will address this topic more in future essays in response to inquiries and comments that I get from you.

Gary L. Francione
© 2007 Gary L. Francione
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Mar 1, 2006
Focus: Consumer Rights
Action Request: Read
Location: United States

Congress Poised to Pass Bill Taking Away Your Right to Know What's in Your Food

Tell your Congressman or Congresswoman to vote "No" on House of Representatives Bill H.R. 4167, the "National Uniformity for Food Act," coming to a vote in Washington, D.C this Thursday, March 2

The House of Representatives will vote this week on a controversial "national food uniformity" labeling law that will take away local government and states' power to require food safety food labels such as those required in California and other states on foods or beverages that are likely to cause cancer, birth defects, allergic reactions, or mercury poisoning. This bill would also prevent citizens in local municipalities and states from passing laws requiring that genetically engineered foods and ingredients such as Monsanto's recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) be labeled.

The House will vote March 2, 2006 on a bill that would gut state food safety and labeling laws. H.R. 4167, the "National Uniformity for Food Act," lowers the bar on food safety by overturning state food safety laws that are not "identical" to federal law. Hundreds of state laws and regulations are at risk, including those governing the safety of milk, fish, and shellfish. The bill is being pushed by large supermarket chains and food manufacturers, spearheaded by the powerful Grocery Manufacturers of America.

Big food corporations and the biotech industry understand that consumers are more and more concerned about food safety, genetic engineering, and chemical-intensive agriculture, and are reading labels more closely. They understand that pesticide and mercury residues and hazardous technologies such as genetic engineering and food irradiation will be rejected if there are truthful labels required on food products. Industry-sponsored H.R. 4167 is gaining momentum and must be stopped! Act now! Preserve local and regional democracy and protect yourself and your family from unsafe food by sending an email or calling your Representative and urging them to vote "No" on H.R. 4167.

Please Take Action Now--Send a Message to Your Congress Member in the House of Representatives to Vote "No" on H.R. 4167 (read full text of the bill here)

Related News Headlines

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2/24 - State Leaders Take Charge (Wall Stree tJournal)

2/18 - Feinstein-Boxer: Don't Preempt California Food Safety Laws (Ubanet/CA)

2/2 - Federal food label law would trump California's Prop. 65 (Scripps Howard News Service)

1/30 - "Food Labeling Uniformity" Bill Will Actually Eliminate Consumer Choice -- Act Now

1/16 - Corporate Food Giants & Congress Threaten States' Rights to Label Food

12/15 - House Republicans Move to Kill State Food Safety Labels

11/8 - Industry Pressing Congress to Outlaw States' Rights to Require Labels for GE Food

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Posted: Mar 1, 2006 7:50am
Feb 7, 2006
Focus: Religion
Action Request: Petition
Location: Spain
i'm forwarding from another group:

Carolina has received 6 new, 128 total stars from Care2 membersCarolina has been awarded 87 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Carolina A.
Trying to get some needed publicity for a small petition  
2:55 AM
Hiya! I don't want to spam with petitions, but this one needs some boost. I'm trying to help an action that's being taken locally at my hometown, with an internet petition, but 'cause it's a little issue is hard to get people to sign.

Two little girls and their classmates are being discriminated for their choice of not following religion classes, which should be guaranteed in all public schools in Spain. It is a Public one, not a confessional one, but the schoolmaster is trying to impose his own catholic faith to his pupils, by means of intimidation, coertion, and brainwashing. These are rests of what used to be a strong doctrinaire education in the times of dictator Franco, but we live 20 years in Democracy!

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Posted: Feb 7, 2006 7:23am


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\\n\\r\\n“Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people.”\\r\\n\\r\\ n \\r\\n\\r\\nSpence r Johnson\\r\\n\\r\\n  \\r\\n\\r\\nMany years ago, when I was in high school chemistry lab, I was assigned to do a litm...
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New Petition! Speak out against Time-Warner Merger with Comcast! Let your opinion be know before your bill goes up and your programming choices dwindle.\\r\\n\\r\\nUrge DOJ and FCC to Not Allow Merger of Time-Warner and Comcast\\r\\nhttp://www.t hepetitionsi...
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New Petition! Speak out against Time-Warner Merger with Comcast! Let your opinion be know before your bill goes up and your programming choices dwindle.\\r\\n\\r\\nUrge DOJ and FCC to Not Allow Merger of Time-Warner and Comcast\\r\\nhttp://www.t hepetitionsi...
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\\nI have recently posted some BlogSpot radio interviews and YouTube videos, publicizing my two new books,\\r\\n1) Deepening Your Personal Relationships: Developing Emotional Intimacy and Good Communication.\\r\\n2) Psychological Healing Through Creative S...
by Ys A.
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\\nCoretta Scott King: “We have done what we can to reveal the truth, and we now urge you as members of the media, and we call upon elected officials, and other persons of influence to do what they can to share the revelation of this case to the ...
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\\nWe declare that no man nor nation nor race have a greater right than others to enjoy the fruits of their work, as the ecological sphere is our common condition of life http://www.beat Nous déclarons qu\\\'auc...
by Ys A.
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\\nauthor: Ralph Nader\\r\\n\\r\\nAn epidemic of sky-rocketing medical costs has afflicted our country and grown to obscene proportions. Medical bills are bloated with waste, redundancy, profiteering, fraud and outrageous over-billing. Much is wrong with t...
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\\nDear Friends:\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\ n\\r\\nMy two current books have been published and are available for sale through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the publisher’s website, Hammer. Reading these books can be very helpful for anyone...
by Fred H.
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\\nA stainless steel tank the size of a basketball court lies buried in the sandy soil of southeastern Washington state, an aging remnant of U.S. efforts to win World War II. The tank holds enough radioactive waste to fill an Olympic-sized swimming poo...
by Fred H.
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\\r\\nThe Olympic Peninsula is home to important state-owne d forests and many of our state’s most iconic creatures. To keep these forest ecosystems healthy, WEC and our partners at Conservation Northwe st and Olympic Forest Coal...