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Sep 21, 2007
Focus: Civil Rights
Action Request: Various
Location: Illinois, United States

My Lack of Courage

After reading today's Notmilk letter, you might be
motivated to send an email to a Chicago Tribune
reporter who wrote the story of a vegan teacher who
no longer teaches Chicago kids about milk's dangers.


You might also consider sending an email to today's
hero, a teacher by the name of Dave Warwak. Somebody
should make a movie about this man's exploits. I see
Robin Williams playing the feature role. Dave's email:


In past years, I have had the courage to walk into a
dairy class at Penn State university, facing two hundred
very angry sons and daughters of dairy farmers. Two
of them filed bogus charges against me with authorities.
One with the Penn State police, and one with the
United States Department of Agriculture anti-terrorism
squad who later showed up at my front door.

In past years, I have taken on Monsanto and gone to federal
court against The Company and their team of legal reps,
King & Spalding. In past years I have appeared on national
television and pointed my finger at USDA undersecretaries,
accusing them of conflicts of interests by working for the
dairy industry. I have accused congressmen and senators of
taking bribes. I have taken on two presidents, one of whom
enacted legislation (the Economic Espionage Act) directly
against me while I was in federal court seeking to get
Monsanto's smoking gun research (the Richard, Odaglia, &
Deslex study) legally released.

I have had dead animals accompanied by out of state
milk cartons thrown onto my lawn. The FBI has arrested
two people who made threats against me. One possessed
plastique explosives.

I have not feared many things, but there is one thing
above all which terrifies me, and I will forever avoid.

Local school systems.

Every mother has an agenda. Do I dare take on dairy in the
schools? No way! Been there, done that. One cannot beat
city hall or a local school system.

Not only do I fear local moms, but those spineless eunuchs
lacking principles, called principals.

Which brings me to this week's Chicago Tribune story.

Vegan Teacher May Lose His Job
By Jeff Long and Carolyn Starks, September 7, 2007

Dave Warwak has taught art at Fox River Grove Middle School
for eight years, and for most of that time, he was happy to
eat meatloaf, hot dogs or whatever else the cafeteria workers
dished out.

But in January he became a vegan and started spreading the
word about the benefits of a meatless diet to students at the
McHenry County school. He even built an exhibit out of candy
that depicted animals in cages and as road kill.

On Thursday, Warwak said his crusade might cost him his job.
He said he was told to stay away from class this week by
administrators he described as "ardent meat-eaters.

Warwak, of Williams Bay, Wis., near Lake Geneva, said he is
scheduled to meet with Fox River Grove District 3 officials
Monday about the discussions he's had in class about
vegetarianism, which excludes meats, and veganism, which
excludes meats and other animal products such as milk. Officials
asked him to leave the school Tuesday because he refused to stop
talking about the harms humans cause animals, he said.

Principal Tim Mahaffy declined to comment Thursday, calling the
dispute a personnel issue. He would not discuss issues raised
by Warwak or verify the teacher's version of events.

The candy display came down after three days, when Mahaffy
decided it was too much of a "PETA advertisement,
" Warwak
said. The battle over diet lessons resumed this week after
Warwak distributed the book "The Food Revolution" to his
8th-grade students and talked to his classes about vegetarianism.

"It's probably one of the most life-changing books a person can
read," Warwak said of the book, written by John Robbins and
subtitled, "How Your Diet Can Help Save Your Life and the World."

"It's about how we're destroying the planet with pollution from
factory farming," Warwak said. "It's about health. It's about
living longer."

Neither the American Civil Liberties Union nor the Illinois
Education Association had an opinion on the case, but Warwak
drew support from animal rights advocates.

"We believe that in a time when there's so much violence,
especially in schools, that teachers who show kindness and
compassion for all life should be commended," said Nathan
Runkle, executive director of the Chicago-based Mercy for
Animals advocacy group, which lobbies against factory farms.

"It's appropriate for students to learn about the horrendous
cruelty that animals endure on factory farms, and about the
benefits of a healthy diet."

Runkle said his group plans to write a letter to the school
in support of Warwak.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, is
giving Warwak its "Compassionate Educator" award, vice president
Bruce Friedrich said. The group is also sending the school a
letter in support of the teacher.

Warwak, meanwhile, sees no problem discussing the topic he cares
about passionately during art classes.

"It's art in every way," he said. "Art is something different
for everyone...Art is like philosophy."

District 3 Supt. Jacqueline Krause was out of the office
Thursday and unavailable for comment. Warwak, who said he
makes $55,000 per year, said he feels a responsibility to
warn his students about the dangers of what he calls an
unhealthy diet and to open their minds to new ideas.

"I'm telling kids, 'Don't believe everything you see and
everything you read,'" he said. "I'm trying to get them
curious enough to check things out for themselves."

I lack the courage to do what this teacher has done. I
will never again try to take on my local school system.
My children went through years of ridicule and tireless
Gotmilk jokes after my first (successful) attempt to
change the milk from GMO to organic in 1994. I have
learned my lesson.

Your letter of support can be forwarded to Jeff Long,
the reporter.


and to Dave:


Dave's very cool website:

Robert Cohen

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Posted: Sep 21, 2007 1:24pm
Nov 3, 2006
Focus: Family
Action Request: Various
Location: United States
A new analysis of data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control indicates that a toxic chemical in rocket fuel has severely contaminated the nation's food and water supply (read the Environmental Working Group study here).

Scientists warn that the chemical, known as perchlorate, could cause thyroid deficiency in more than 2.2 million women of childbearing age.

This thyroid deficiency could damage the fetus of pregnant women, if left untreated. Perchlorate, the explosive ingredient in solid rocket fuel, has leaked from military bases and defense and aerospace contractors' plants in at least 22 states, contaminating drinking water for millions of Americans.

Despite massive complaints, defense contractors such as Kerr-McGee have done little or nothing to clean up the pollution. Perchlorate has also been widely detected in milk, lettuce, produce and other foods. In an alarming study, the CDC found perchlorate in the urine of every person tested. The OCA has mobilized thousands of organic consumers to pressure the EPA and government officials to begin a massive clean up of perchlorate for over a year.

Background: The Environmental Working Groups new report is an anlaysis of data originally released in 2005, when the National Academy of Sciences (NA released its long anticipated report on the human health effects of perchlorates, a byproduct of rocket fuel. Perchlorates, which are a common pollutant near military sites, have recently been found in the water at concerning levels in 22 states as well as in 93% of lettuce and milk. 97% of breast milk samples taken randomly from around the U.S. have tested positive for perchlorates.

The government funded NAS report reveals that perchlorates are roughly ten times more toxic to humans than the Department of Defense has been claiming. Perchlorates can inhibit thyroid function, cause birth defects and lower IQs, and are considered particularly dangerous to children.

The NAS report recommends human exposure at no more than .0007 milligrams per kilogram of body weight. The EPA has responded to the report by announcing a new drinking water standard of 24.5 ppb for perchlorate. This is bad news for military sites and rocket fuel plants around the country, including Henderson, Nevada, where EPA well monitoring has found perchlorates at a level 30,000 times higher than that. There are over 12,000 military sites in the U.S. that are used for training with live explosives.

The Pentagon is urging Congress to pass a new law that would allow the military to freely violate a host of environmental regulations. Entitled "The Readiness and Range Preservation Initiative," the legislation would allow military facilities to ignore laws like the Clean Air Act. The Pentagon claims environmental regulations are a threat to national security, since they restrict the military.

To date, only one Senator has had the backbone to propose legislation that would hold the military (and other perchlorate polluters) responsible for this excessive pollution of the U.S. food and water supply.

Senator Feinstein (CA) has proposed legislation that would spend $200 million to identify and clean up perchlorate sources and provide grants for technologies to clean up existing contamination, while holding perchlorate polluters responsible for cleanup efforts.

"It is imperative that we reduce the perchlorate in our drinking water and protect Californians, especially pregnant women, the unborn, infants, and young children from this threat to their health," said Feinstein of the bill.

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Posted: Nov 3, 2006 8:06am


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