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Apr 30, 2008
Focus: Environment
Action Request: Think About
Location: United States

With summer thirst just around the corner – stay active and stay healthy all season long with filtered water and reusable water bottles for hydration on-the-go.  Spring and summer activities require water and lots of it – but that doesn’t mean stocking up on bottled water. Visit our Conscious Consumer Marketplace to find bottled water alternatives and start reducing your carbon footprint.

Bottled water is a huge habit we need to break. Nearly 8.3 million gallons of water went into plastic containers in 2006.  That’s not the only drain on resources, though. The energy used to make those bottles and transport that water also takes a heavy toll.  Keep carbon out of the air and chemicals out of your water – by filtering your own water right at the tap and using non-plastic reusable water bottles for the whole family.

Conscious Consumer Marketplace logoThere are many water filters that can work for your lifestyle.  Pur, for one, makes a number of water filtration systems that fit directly on your tap or for storage in your fridge.  Also think about getting a durable stainless steel or lined aluminum bottle.  Klean Kanteen makes stainless steel bottles—with cool colors for kids to start them on healthy, conscious, smarter habits now. And they’ll save you money too! Drinking bottled water can cost up to $1,400.00 per year; drinking the same amount from the tap costs around $0.59 for the year, according to an article in the New York Times.

Visit our Conscious Consumer Marketplace at and get connected with healthier choices for you and the planet – today.

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Posted: Apr 30, 2008 3:14am
Mar 13, 2008
Focus: Children
Action Request: Boycott
Location: United States
There are estimated to be over 100,000 children slaves
in the Ivory Coast, enslaved on cocoa plantations.
Nestle is one of the biggest offenders. This horrible
act must stop! Check out youtube:

Also there are other videos if you do a search at

You should never buy chocolate again, unless
its from a safe non-slavery source!!!
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Posted: Mar 13, 2008 4:42pm
Mar 12, 2008
Focus: Health
Action Request: Various
Location: United States

The Beginning of the End for Compulsory Vaccines and Drugging?

I just love it when the other side is so outrageous that any thinking person finds their actions and rationalizations totally unacceptable, don't you? If they were subtle, reasonable or clever, we would have a harder battle. But the vaccine makers and their supporters are so over-the-top that even the mills of science are beginning to grind their grain into dust! Breaking news just in tells us that the other side is so filled with their own sense of invincible power that they literally know no bounds. Having succeeded in making New Jersey the first state to create an ongoing market for flu shots by requiring every child to be vaccinated against a disease that poses little danger to kids, the marketeers have their sights set on bigger markets: every child in the US. Click here ( to read what's in store if we let them get away with this atrocious profiteering in New Jersey. Then click here ( to tell your legislators that you will not accept any such medical fascism.
Where to begin? So much is happening to strengthen our side that it is hard to know where to start.
Although we are still facing the specter of increasing numbers of compulsory vaccination scenarios on both the State and Federal levels, we have great forward movement to counter them from international science and the law. The US Congress, in the persons of Congressmen Bart Stupak and John Dingle are calling for the resignation of the head of the FDA for his "lack of leadership". Not only that, but 18 states are suing manufactures of the so-called 'atypical' antipsychotic drugs-the most toxic harm-producing psychotropics-for off-label marketing. To make things even more interesting for our side, France has opened a manslaughter investigation into the manufactuers of the Hepatitis B Vaccine because they failed to disclose side effects and dangers! Click here to read more. Imagine that! Holding drug companies accountable for suppressing negative information. Of course, that is not possible under current policy and law in the US but if the profit goes out of the vaccine industry through law suits, the industry will fold.
That's why the Natural Solutions Foundation's Citizens Petition (a legal action to compel the government to take action) to the Federal Trade Commission to prevent vaccine-related false and misleading advertising is so important. For example, the FDA says that vaccines are safe and safely made. Click here ( to have a look at just what's in some of those vaccines.
To find out more, and get involved in the No Forced Vaccine movement, join the 326 members of the No-Forced-Vaccination Forum, ( and get the latest on compulsory vaccination and how to stop it.
One of the clearest incidents of the malfeasance of the FDA is the case of rotovirus vaccine. GlaxoSmithKline's [GSK] rotavirus vaccine, called Rotarix, is associated with an increased risk of convulsions and pneumonia-related deaths in children taking it, according to a review by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Rotovirus kills babies through viral diarrhea, at least in the developing world. Why it is being recommended for babies in the US where sanitation and virus free water are available is not quite clear to me, but it is. In fact, 3 doses of the Rotovirus vaccine are authorized (at 2, 4 and 6 months). FDA is in the process of approving the vaccine despite its serious, and sometimes-lethal impact on babies. I assume that the fact that GSK has no liability for damage or deaths from Rotarix, and the frequent financial interests of the reviewers on the FDA advisory boards in the products they are reviewing may be significant factors here. Read more (
In line with the lack of liability conferred on the vaccine manufacturers by the FDA and Congress, it is worth noting Robert Kennedy's report on the secret meeting at the Simpsonwood Conference Center at Norcross Georgia in which the real story on government cover-ups of the relationship between autism and mercury in vaccines is told. If you have not read this report, you may want to click here to read it now. And if you are familiar with this callous and shameful cover-up, please send this information to the parents of young children considering vaccination.
Perhaps you are saying, "Wait a moment! Aren't vaccines helpful in producing a healthier public and eliminating the diseases we all fear?" If the mythology of the effective, safe and helpful vaccine still seems reasonable to you, take a moment to read more ( and see if vaccines look so useful and safe once you've examined some vital, but rarely examined facts about immunization. You might want to click here ( to check out the cold hard facts about vaccination: the reality might surprise you!
Here in the US we had some astonishingly good news from the Court system about the link between vaccines and autism. The FDA actually conceded that autism could result from vaccination in a case involving a 4 year old child who collapsed into autism following vaccination with 9 different vaccines at the same time. The US Government agreed to settle the case by conceding that the child's autism was brought about by vaccination although it states that she had a biological problem which made her vulnerable to developing autism. Click here ( to read more about this settlement and why it means that perhaps the other 4900 similar cases now in court may take the same turn of events. Remember, though, that drugs, vaccines and now, because of a recent Supreme Court decision, once approved by the FDA for any purpose whatsoever, are immune from consumer liability suits.
As is typical, the much vaunted flu vaccine, so eagerly pressed upon our children and our elderly, and often containing mercury, is not only dangerous, but ineffective as well. Hard on the heels of the New Jersey decision to make annual flu vaccinations mandatory for children 6 months and older, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued an acknowledgement that the very same flu vaccine was effective substantially less than half the time BECAUSE THE VIRUSES IT WAS MADE TO COMBAT WERE THE WRONG ONES! In fact, that's the general rule and, buried in the article is the admission that the whole thing is a dismal failure and next year the World Health Organization is going to completely change its method of making its vaccines up. You see, each year, the CDC and the WHO literally guess what the viruses causing next year's flu will be. And they usually get it wrong. That does not deter the US and other nations from touting, urging and, in New Jersey, forcing this dangerous, inaccurate and ineffective vaccine on children, the elderly and other vulnerable populations. Read more (
What about dangers to other groups beside the young? What about the elderly, for example? Vaccines are a significant hazard for them as well. Here is what Russell Blaylock, MD, CCN, has to say:
"With the elderly already having increased inflammatory cytokine levels both systemically and in their brain, stimulating these primed microglia so that a chronic overstimulation of the brain's immune system is triggered, will not only increase their risk of developing one of the neurodegenerative diseases, but will also substantially increase their risk of developing major depression. Remember, this also increases their risk of suicide, and even homicide, dramatically." Read more ( And click here to read why distinguished researchers from the NIH and other major institutions conclude that flu vaccination of the elderly is NOT associated with the decline in their death rates due to flu.
Even the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), whose members are advised to jab and jab and jab (read their statement on what to do when parents refuse vaccination here, are undergoing a slight, but very interesting change of heart. Four percent of their members do not vaccinate their own children!
I do not have this information in hand, but it would not surprise me one bit if the vaccine-loving American Academy of Pediatrics was supported to a large extent by the makers of vaccines. Their institutional blindness is so massive that little else could account for it. (If you have that information, please write to me at with "AAP Funding" in the subject line). Read, for example, an account of their latest [mis]statement about the LACK of a link between autism and mercury! Click here (
And think about this article and the others contained in this Health Freedom eAlert the next time you ask a pediatrician for advice about your child's health. He or she is probably a nice person, but where is his/her information coming from? And is he/she really examining data, or swallowing profit-driven propaganda hook, line and sinker that could harm (or kill) your child?
Pediatricians know well, for example, that their own organization changed its recommendation in 1997 from Oral Polio Vaccine (a live virus vaccine) to the killed virus (injectable form) because the live virus vaccine causes polio. In making this change in their directions to their members, they were actually admitting, in an official sort of way, that vaccines can cause the disease they are supposedly protecting against.
Of course, even after all this time, not everyone gets the idea. Parents in Belgium have been fined and jailed for 5 months because they refused polio vaccination for their child. Read more (
Vaccination is, in fact, a burning health issue and may, through the pressure to impose medical martial law and compulsory vaccinations, become the factor that sparks a freedom push back of immense power. Click here ( to see if you agree that Health Freedom could precipitate a revolution in the US.
( ( ( (
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Posted: Mar 12, 2008 8:26am
Mar 12, 2008
Focus: Health
Action Request: Various
Location: United States
This quick Fluoride Action Network video shows us some of the major concerns of fluoride in drinking water. Check out the warning label on your toothpaste tube. It notes that the amount of fluoride in a single brushing (.25 mg) should not be swallowed, and if so, the label says you should contact a Poison Control Center. Interestingly, that's the same amount that's in an average glass of tap water. Learn more and watch:
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Posted: Mar 12, 2008 7:42am
Feb 16, 2008
Focus: Freedom of Expression
Action Request: Visit - online
Location: United States

Dear Social Change Maker,

You have been working hard to make the world a better place, and we've noticed. This Valentine's Day, we want to show our love -- and our gratitude -- for your work by offering your organization a chance to gain the attention it deserves.

Through Free Range's 2008 Gratitude Grant program, we are offering up to $15,000 worth of design and/or strategic communications services from our menu of core offerings: strategy consulting, identity design, web design, print design, and online movies.

So what do you want to "ink" this year? A new campaign strategy? A website? A fresh logo? A never-seen-before Internet tool? As long as you have a concrete goal to make a positive difference for our planet and its people, we encourage you to apply.

Visit our website to learn more about this opportunity and download an application.

Questions? Contact McArthur at 202.234.5613 or

Happy Valentine's Day!


Free Range Studios

P.S. Feel free to forward this message to friends and colleagues.

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Posted: Feb 16, 2008 1:56am
Feb 16, 2008
Focus: Civil Rights
Action Request: Visit - online
Location: Australia
Climate Change, Animal Law and Anti-Uranium Issue.

Chief Editor: Claudette Vaughan
Webproducer: Noah Hannibal
Regular Feature Writers: Margaret Setter, Ken Setter
Check out: www.abolitionist-


* A rare and exclusive interview with Ronnie Lee, founder of the ALF.
* The Nuclear Reality: Dr Helen Caldicott interviewed.
* Us Army Officer, Dr Doug Rokke on using Depleted Uranium (DU) in
the US Military.
* Geoscientist Leuren Moret on Depleted Uranium and the New World
* Australian producer and director David Bradbury's A Hard Rain: The
Anti-Uranium interview.
* Dave Sweeney (Australian Council Foundation) on the dirty politics
of climate change, Australia and uranium mining.
* EarthSave's Noam Mohr on Veganism, Meat Eating and Climate Change.
* What Price is Your Hamburger? by Australia's Bruce Poon.
* The Renewables Interview with Australian Greens Senator Christine
* Deep Vegetarianism: An Interview with author Dr Michael A. Fox.
* Ward Churchill on Palestine, Iraq, Depleted Uranium and bringing
the US troops home.
* Geoff Russell (Animal Liberation SA) on animal agriculture and
climate change.
* The Arsenal of Hypocrisy: DU, Space Wars and what's next for the
New World Order.

The Animal Rights Law Section

* Sensational interview with Friend's of Animals lawyer and activist
Lee Hall on animal rights in an age of terror.
* UCLA's law professor Taime Bryant interviewed.
* Australia's Bush Lawyer's Guide to Surviving Litigation.
* New Zealand's Peter Sankoff interviewed on animal law.
* Canadian animal law layer Lesli Bisgould on animal rights law in
* Australia's Steven White on animal rights law in Australia.
* Unleashing Rights: US lawyer Helena Silverstein interviewed.
* David Favre on animal law in the US and his animal law website.
* NSW Young Lawyers Interview.

Other Interviews

* Friends of Animals editor Priscilla Feral on all things vegan –
cooking, living and educating vegan.
* Redemption author and No-Kill Solutions activist Nathan Winograd
* Best Friends No Kill Francis Battista interviewed.
* Biteback's interview with Patty Mark.
* Vegan pioneer David Horton interviewed on non-violence and
* Sunnan Kum's new animal sanctuary in the heart of dog-meat eating
South Korea.
* Animal Defense League's Stop The Killing interview.
* Lee Hall's speech at the London Vegan Festival.
* Robin Lane interviewed on the 2006 Vegan London Festival
* The Anarchist Teapot Interview
* The Body Hunters: Interviewer Margaret Setter
* The Sexual Politics of Meat: Carol Adams interviewed
* A Case Against Pornography: Canadian Dr Poulin interviewed
* La Dolce Vegan! Sarah Kramer interviewed.
* Vegan Planet. Robyn Robinson interviewed on her fabulous
book 'Vegan Planet'.
* The Vegan Fusion interview. Hawaii's best kept vegan secret.
* A Farmers Call for Mercy. Farm Sanctuary's Harold Brown makes the
* Australian abolitionist Coral Hull interviewed.
* Richard Jones Interview on Australia and Climate Change.
* Marc Bekoff: The Emotional Life of Animals interview.
* The Rights Of Animal People Interview with David Sztybel
* Food, Disease, Animals and Trees – Australian interview with John
Toomey, nutritionist.
* Vegan The New Ethics of Eating Interview with Erik Marcus.
* Ghosts of the City Interview: Turkey's Stray Dogs.

Major AR Interviews: Africa, Turkey, Croatia and Mexico countries

Read Joan Dunayer's right of reply to Jeff Perz and Will Potter's
Green is the New Red.

Latest DVD Review: Lee Hall and Claudette Vaughan review "I Am An
Animal: Ingrid Newkirk and PeTA."

Stop Press: Just launched The Puppy Mill DVD. An Australian expose
with William Wolfenden, director and producer – the interview.

Plus many reviews and more... catch us at www.abolitionist-

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Posted: Feb 16, 2008 1:36am
Feb 10, 2008
Focus: Civil Rights
Action Request: Visit - online
Location: United States
Hi all, if you're members of Youtube please go there and flag these vids. YouYube already deleted the original vid but the user or someone else came back with these.

Please go to the following urls and flag the vids

i flagged it as abuse & hatred, concerning race.
My comment is "this video promotes speciesism, hate & murder".
Thank you for flagging it.

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Posted: Feb 10, 2008 8:23pm
Feb 10, 2008
Focus: Health
Action Request: Visit - in person
Location: New York, United States
Raw Food Chef and Author Paul Nison will be speaking in the New York area. All 4 events are listed below. Paul has been eating a raw food diet for 15 years and has written 7 books about the raw food diet. He has also been a chef in the world's biggest raw food restaurant in NYC. Paul will be speaking about the topic of his new book The Formula for Health. His book will be for sale. Even if you have seen Paul speak before come again, all new information will be revealed. Paul was raised in NY but has been traveling the world for many years spreading the world about health and the raw food diet. come see Paul while making his return to the NYC area ,and unleashing his new book to the world.
*For more information on Paul visit his website at
<> *

 See info for all 4 events below
Brooklyn New York
Saturday, February 16, 2008
Lecture 6-8 Party 8-till $10.00
Brother Natural
138 St. James Place
Brooklyn NY 11238
For More Information and R.S.V.P. Contact:
Brother Natural 718-783-3465
Fresh Meadows, NY
Monday, February 18, 2008
7:00PM to 9:00 PM $5.00
Exotic Superfoods
185-02 Horace Harding Expwy
Fresh Meadows, NY 11365
For More Information and R.S.V.P. Contact:
Fabian 718-353-4807
New York City NY
Thursday, February 21, 2008
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM $10.00
Bonobo's Restaurant
18 East 23rd Street
New York NY 10010
For More Information and R.S.V.P. Contact:
Paul 561-337-9299 <>
Oceanside, New York
Sunday, March 02, 2008
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM
$5.00 (can be used towards discount on books)
Jandi's Natural Market
3000 Long Beach Road
Oceanside, NY 11572
For More Information and R.S.V.P. Contact:
Howard 561-536-5535 <>
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Posted: Feb 10, 2008 4:48am
Feb 8, 2008
Focus: Health
Action Request: Think About
Location: United States
This is Paul Nison's low down on the raw cacao/chocolate

Cacao: Not As Good As You’ve Been Lead To Believe.

The latest and greatest “so-called” super food being promoted in the raw food world is raw chocolate, also known as cacao. I myself was excited when I first heard about it. But after trying it, I didn’t feel that great. I asked others how they felt after consuming cacao and there were no complaints. That was then. After a few months, I started to get more and more complaints from people who were taking cacao. It didn’t surprise me because chocolate in general is not good for us. Other than the enzyme issue, why would raw cacao be so healthy for us?

That is when I decided to do research and I found some scary facts. What’s even scarier is that people are so addicted to it, that even after learning of the high possibility of harmful effects, they keep consuming it. What concerns me the most is the amount people are eating. If someone took a pinch, let’s say once a week, then maybe they wouldn’t have to worry. When I see people being lead to believe that there are many health benefits to consuming tablespoons every day; that is just crazy!

If you are eating a raw food diet because you want to find a natural toxin that will make you feel high, then you have found a good product. Beware, because there are many downsides to it. If you are eating a raw diet for health benefits, consuming chocolate in any form should be off your list and out of your mind.

In one of the best overall raw guides ever written “Diet by Design: Fruits, Nuts and Natural Foods” (available at it says the following about cacao:

Chocolate and cacao are outright health hazards due to the chemicals, contaminants, and additives they contain. The chemicals within chocolate are called methylxanthines. They can be further classified as theobromine, caffeine, and theophylline, all of which have deleterious effects on the body. Theobromine is known to cause a host of symptoms including abnormal glandular growth, nervousness, depression, anxiety, insomnia, gastrointestinal problems, and itching. Caffeine is highly suspected of being a carcinogen, and is directly linked to heart and circulatory problems, glandular difficulties, nervous disorders, osteoporosis, birthing abnormalities, and so forth. Theophylline causes stomach problems, nausea, vomiting, and nervous disorders.

The processing of cacao beans into powder and chocolate is an unsanitary, risky procedure to say the least. To be blunt-chocolate and cacao are laced with animal feces and hair, insects, and molds. The carcinogenic mold called aflatoxin has been found in large quantities on cacao beans.

Allowable limits have been set by the FDA regarding rodent feces and insect parts in chocolate and cocoa! As quoted from Poison With a Capital C, “…every time you eat a chocolate bar, it may contain a rodent hair and 16 insect parts and still carry the blessing of the FDA.”, and “For chocolate powder or cakes there must not be more than 75 insect fragments in three tablespoons of powder.”, and “Four percent of cacao beans may be infested by insects. Animal excreta (such as visible rat droppings) must not exceed 10 milligrams per pound”.

Now, after learning this information, people will still continue to indulge, making excuses to keep eating it. Please note I have no reason to write this information, other than to make you aware of the truth. In fact, I would make a lot of money if I sold raw chocolate and products that contain it. But I just can’t do that, knowing the truth.

I give lectures all over the world, mostly in the United Stated. I have already giving over 100 lectures this year alone. Just about every lecture I give, I have someone come up to me telling me that they experienced one or more of the symptoms above after consuming cacao. Now if you are eating cacao and have not had symptoms, that doesn’t mean it’s okay for you. It’s just a matter of time, so why not stop now.

It is my passion and my goal to get information about health to as many people as possible. What you do with that information is your own personal choice.
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Posted: Feb 8, 2008 7:37am
Feb 8, 2008
Focus: Health
Action Request: Think About
Location: United States

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Posted: Feb 8, 2008 7:11am


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