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Aug 9, 2008

and so on...and so on...

EVEN MORE of my snippets from a public discussion thread!!!

enjoy the experience...

&ldquolease feel free to make yourself relaxed and welcome in the conscious. click can say hello here ...the context should be within euphoria and all things good...but supreme intellectual rage is allowed... “

“....peace, unity, love and having fun
...looking forward to getting to know you too“

“...i ask of the same question...but i always only listen to my soul for the answer...welcome is special to have you in this group will be a peaceful place with you here are most welcome and thanks

thanks for your contribution...that is a wonderful choice

...welcome and let us all give you salvation!

...your insight is enlightening...looking forward to the discussions

...thank you for joining and all your thoughts are welcome will be a nicer experience with you here...thanks“

“ is super to have your philosophies here...i will have to get back to you on the lizard thing...welcome“

“again welcome to everyone and it is sensational that you have joined... “

“i am looking forward with a very high sense of enthusiasm to us all achieving peace, communication and wisdom from each other“

“..this is the beginning of something beautiful.. is so lovely you are here...i know it will get more lovely bring happiness i am very happy you have joined“

“...super that you are having fun already and let the good times roll on my friend“

“ is a sensation to have you in the group..i anticipate lots of deep joy and goodness from
“if only the remaining percentage was used by the us all...what a perfect world...sigh! “

“yes like the physical...we devour into our minds as consumption and our thoughts are the process... “

“to dot or not to dot? february 24, 2007 9:34 am
conscious click! not to dot! to com! if you pardon the pun/innuendo of mass communication...

i am looking forward to the sharing and learning we may all flourish inside higher knowledge’s together...

we can all help each other with our conscious searching and striving to find the deeper meanings of life...we each and all are that meaning as we search... “

“ i love your statement on whales....beautiful and mythical creatures...i hope we can all contribute to the intervention on saving nature and all its beautiful creatures...whilst we all achieve our higher enlightenment of ourselves... “

“...looking forward to expressing and exploring concepts... “

“conscious. click appreciates all unique and individual input...

“and as a crest arises!

it dawns on me!

that i want...

i need...

i love...

to be! “

“ holds such abundance of higher substance... “

“.as i think you are a man of adventure and wild pursuit...i think you are going to enjoy the experiences too... “

“i bet your treasure chest is very beautiful...full of wonderful things“

“...these are things one rarely thinks about but when you do, they get you thinking in aspects... “

“if you love someone set them free! may 24, 2008 7:29 pm

if they love you they will come back!

a great quote and i am not quite sure who it belongs to, but still i love it. so liberating a concept and a total self rebellion to practice! the concept of letting go of what we are instinctively compelled to hold onto with everything we have...and keeping safe in its faith of salvation when our action is reciprocated...if our action is reciprocated!

what then of our minds? if we are taught to love ourselves it is the mind that we must yearn for and adorn to! what if we set that free? really free!

would we be willing and capable of such an eccentric behaviour pattern unto and upon our own self?

p.s. may 24, 2008 7:29 pm

if they don’t come back...they never did! “

“i have been putting a lot of my preaching into practice at the very moment...the outcome is rather ruggedly defined...i wont have a conclusion to this free releasing for months yet! but i can write down one of my past’s not my earliest experience of this pseudo chalice breaking but it is one of the most mind striking for me...

it was facing my first fear i realised that to stay within myself or my own self confines i was going to get eaten by this inferior quality we all seem to possess (at least once in our lives)...the details of the physical face is irrelevant here...for it was the feelings inside me that were the power and effect...

my fear was a stifled grip...i was facing the huge overload of (i think now) inexperience...there i stood rigid, blank and almost blind to my thoughts were incomprehensible due the incomprehensible circumstances...but then inside this disturbance my auto pilot kicked was a set of choices...the stay in my unfit self or jump out into a superior personality...i chose to jump...what others label split personality actually saved my mentality...i almost super imposed a fantasy pseudo over my own and i think fear itself gave me the energy i needed to embrace my new experience!

but nothing lasts forever...the gravity in my ego acquired from this experience and the quantum of persona boost...drizzled away...maybe it wasn’t really in me to be of ego or maybe life is too egotistical itself!

the actual choice i made did give a positive outcome and effect upon my life for that moment...and many moments after...but now i so easily slip into this mode as an hiding or safe place seems to be an unhealthy proportion sometimes...

this experience is a trivia type like the fear we may have of going on a job interview or a first date...but i am painfully shy so the pain is deeper for me on these levels...then on a totally opposite end of the scale...what wrenches the gut of others...doesn’t make me flinch! these are the mental toxins that my mind really needs its release from...but fledge not an inch from!

i don’t know if any members find this post of any use or relevance but i sort of did...i want to get deeper as i hope you all can bear with me! “

“insanity rules!!!

so sanity is its servant!!! “

“here's to post survival june 21, 2008 4:47 pm

yes indeed all there is a certain dip inside the free releasing of flow...i have now realised that all is mere...and that all is...reality is the mildest concept that we have on offer...the foundation principles inside co-surviving, like co-existing, are let the plights fight and keep the steer inside that...what other notion could set us all free? “

“well well well! june 23, 2008 1:48 pm

what a perfect example of setting it free!

now if we really love it. we can let it all come back and get into the nitty grittiness of the context...both you guys are great“

“...i find that when consumed by the self punishing complexities of our human i also know them so well...that they are the insanity and not took me years to develop this knowledge as i first had to let go of all or most of what i knew, believed and normalised ...those are the things that need to be broken down firstly and then secondly build yourself up with the pieces“

“...the completely free aspect takes the gravities and possibilities even higher of the concepts! “

“my latest self revelation...freedom is the freedom and swim in its purity...what ever swims beside you...they are still outside of your inner strength

p.s. love you all! above adoration! “

“a battle? a war? or a way of the sexes? july 09, 2008 4:04 am

men and woman are different counterparts of the same humanity...

what then went so wrong and so right? “

“after searching a little through the web...i find there is s till a huge divide inside men and woman rights...maybe that’s why human rights are taking so long? “

“individualistic love or coinciding function? june 01, 2008 1:04 pm

my state of being in this field of emotions is an abstract and detached manifestation...and will be until the day i die...why? because it is simply the way i am! “

but others flounder inside many capacities of these unions and bonding sessions...the concepts of relationship is both an individualistic essence and functional happening...sometimes one of these concepts takes dominance and sometimes the two states merge or even collide! the fields of love have seen more war and battlement than any of mankind’s hardened nationalistic attitudes or self-intercepted bias of 'the fight' in this life! still we fight on awaiting or baiting the flight...

i am a self-confessed people watcher...i have seen many couples/relationships that leave more than an impression upon me and actually haunt me...deep, deep down beyond the soul...making me yearn even! because they seem so perfect...individualistic love shining from their naive wide open eyes and hearts...then lurking on many moment are the coinciding functions...(i usually end with the latter...sigh)...those that hastily react with neither care or consideration...clutching at the insecurities and faults of their other half (god forbid they be respected better)...and i have stood and judged...then shuddered in my mirrored image...shuddered!!!

so why do we end up so? i have been thinking very deeply on this lately...why? how? when did i actually lie down so willingly to such dull ratios of existence?...and i actually came up with an is more than a lack of self was a cocktail of normalisation and normal endeavours of the experiences of bonding and union were loveless!!! those who were abundant with this emotion seemed alien and dare i say it...above me!!! “

“but time tolls all...and the tolling has rung around my mind like a revelation before revelations existed! “

“what paths have you or do you intend to choose in love? will you find the infinite pleasures or be suppressed in functional behaviours to suit and serve others? “

“ finest effort in this life avoids me from being in the 'be'! “

“now friendship is a tricky subject but i think we could manage that...

back again to the issue! “

“guilt! i found guilt is what suppresses people into the coinciding rhythms of their patterns and choices...i have been people watching again! and whilst turmoiling inside my deeper instincts, every nerve edge has twanged on guilt...

guilt of letting someone down!

so do you think then the ego could have something to do with banging the s**t out of guilt?

just a thought to share“

“this is great...i don’t know whether to interrupt...should i err and do well? randy i quite agree...this all got to me too...although i am more so disciplined now i am sober... “

“mere curiosity may have killed the cat...but it also taught the cat how to catch the mouse to eat and survive...that is mere curiosity...mere intellect could have shown the cat how to avoid the kill...curiosity leads to intellect...mere doing can lead to disasters and extinction... “

“cassiel: the angel of solitude and tears...this angel is said to watch over us from distant cosmos...there are myths too that this angel is a breakaway rebel from hell...and was accepted unto the seven arches of the angel world, with high reverence as the deed of the angel led to satan being lost in hell...

some satanists still worship the angel in hope of its re-alignment with hell, as it is such a powerful angel...but the angel is still deeply devoted within heaven...that is why the angel is supposed to interfere with little in this earth, as the loyalty of the angel is wise to both sides“

“it is not enough that we is enough that we express it! “

“i am the goddess - ego philosophy

i am the goddess...i am manner may explain to you my ego...the goddess in me will explain to me that the greatest empowerment in her is of herself ... i reveal i am that energy when i reveal...i shall release myself into my true self and reveal my true self...there is a higher derivative in divinity and grace in us all...i take that derivative...when i am in my true self...i am the female as i am of the goddess...i am of the goddess as i am the female...of the goddess is the goddess! “

“i am the god - ego philosophy

i am the god...i am manner may explain to you my ego...the god in me will explain to me that the greatest empowerment in him is of himself ... i reveal i am that energy when i reveal...i shall release myself into my true self and reveal my true self...there is a higher derivative in divinity and grace in us all...i take that derivative...when i am in my true self...i am the male as i am of the god...i am of the god as i am the male...of the god is the god! “

“these are my personal revelations...the veil to remove and reveal from is affixed to me and my personal ambition and accolade! hugs! “

“no ego equals no persona equals no conscience equals no spirit equals no soul equals dull!..... i am so wouldn’t believe it...hahaha”

“a finer course inside each passage... july 07, 2008 10:53 am

passages? what kind of travel leads towards the direction you have always sought? what route that you take is a pathway taking you all the way? passages! they can be anywhere you allow them!

does a map show and tell your destination? no you do...and you may do it purposely, desperately, spontaneously...but you are the final decider...

daily, yearly, chaotically we travel through our passages...the physical passages are easily distinguished...easily mapped...but what of our spiritual passages? our mental, emotional, soul filling endearments? how do we distinguish these? do we actually make any preparation in these journeys?

i have travel well and wise and sometimes wearily....throughout my spiritual and physical passages...i am scattered in part and i am sacred in specifying these directions in purpose...i have to have control my passages! even if i have to wait! i will determine personal control...a vast i have faltered many times...weakening and wondering wounded inside them...but i have walked inside and out of myself to prevail them!

how do you travel? can there be a finer course in these passages? “

“this world is vast inside an enormous universe... july 07, 2008 1:43 pm

we must all seek inside that place fully...or our souls are hindered! not that we be found...but be sought! hugs“

“...i think you may be getting a little intense...but release it all... “

“whatever you thought was intended for you was a post for the group...all my addresses in this group are for all members to share...each members post is both personal and public and this ethical practice should be respected by all members too... “

“if you care 2 explain yourself in plainer personal email or post i will better understand...this group is about conscience and for all here to share

life is not about avoidance it is about experience and emotion...and anything you would wish of light...there will always be darker matter...what other food for the light! “

“..the truth and the perceptions of this life and our consciences are individual and unique...the passages we seek, adorn to or desire are the assemblance of our inner seeking, adorations and desires...there is no separating them...the deepest love on earth outside of ourselves should never be stronger than the one within us...that again is a personal and unique direction and we choose for ourselves can serve no other but ourselves...even to those in similar/same circumstances...we can only share our experiences not force or tailor make them for others... “

“even the highest trained psychologist or psychiatrist will tell you that they are a mere steer or guide and that the patient is the complete power and solution...the body! the mind! the conscience and the higher folds of our rhythmic being are all very the same...but only to others it would be disastrous to dominate or apply one fits all solution... “

“i feel no darkness...i intend no darkness...only my truth...yes mine! no other could ever know that...and should never presume to do so either...but merely offer the lightness that is apparent and not absolute... “

“no-one on earth can say they are absolute light...i would question that every me only god/the higher/the divine/the sacred could ever possess such! “

“we are all counterparts to the two matters of life...light and deny one or the other is a self one! no one is born of pure light...we are all original sins... “

“to deny the darkness is to be without your nourishment...if you are truly light you will know what feeds you...the light in you must feed from the give the light strength...but that is the only purpose of darkness in the whole of universal will conclude and prove the same...the excesses and extremes are the evils you should consider life and lights threats! “

“this group is a sharing community...if you read through the threads then you will find this has had many contributions and will have many more to come...

“there are no exclusive starts or gurus here...we are all one...equal and each others guide throughout whatever consciences that there are here... “

“i think... 4:43 pm

life and all in it is a is the biggest dependency...anyone doing so for love is doing it for the fix/addiction/satisfaction of the mind, soul or spirit...

to be self aware is better clarified ...if that is what you stay find oneself that has never been discovered...a pseudo passage is necessary...a natural high like oxygen is mild to the pseudo passages that love...can conjure“

“all death is life...all life is eventually destined to death! “

“as humans our flaws are the child/spirit or self divine...we are invincible and flawless“

“of madness: march 20, 2007 9:44 am

a mad man holds the strength of ten the insane must be unable to carry the weight... “

“a funny thing being mental... march 20, 2007 9:51 am

it is a humorous aspect inside the dimensions of mentality and insanity...we are touching upon the most extremely intricate set of balances in the universe...the head is a tiny space inside this universe...yet the minds capabilities can far outreach universal boundary...

we quote each other to be mental with insulting delight...we course each others sanity as sport...we as humans know not what we do...every thought we may possess is a guess...

if there was no mentality...there would be no mind...if there were no mind...there would be no mentality...insanity would not cease to exist it would flourish and persist...inside us and around us...

how we embrace our mentality is how we cherish our mind...the nurturing of the intimacies of the mind is the nutrient of wisdom...the balance and distinguishing of the mind...without wisdom we are set inside insanity... “

“if denial is the concept of madness...i admit to it“

“insanity besets me...insanity besides!

madness is so becoming!

when it doesn’t hide...

illusions are a creation...creation by design

reflecting deeper vain...

as my obvious gets wise!

sliding! clinging ...the clinging isn’t well

it cast its own aspiration

as i send it to hell... “

“my favourite art subject ... did she fall or was she pushed? i love the way the artists leads to thus impression... “

&ldquo.s. maybe i could use this state i am in to fuse a positive madness through me? hmmm sounds quite good in an eclectic way“

“because he makes the world go round...the candy man can...just helping you we can all play in this shower of madness... “

“if madness leads to genius then send me my diplomas now! “

“..i have zahir presently...silly me contacting dark, handsome strangers“

“...maybe i am getting old...but i want to love divinely...i have only just realised it must be the ultimate experience...and i am one hell of an experience seeker...oh yeah and a total 'thrill digger'“

“, peace and harmony all over you! “

“insanity is so brittle i am too heavy handed to ever hold it completely...i know nothing lasts forever“

“sweet...definitely sweet! so you go sickly dizzy and suddenly and totally dependent...but within that climax...taken and adored...something like that would be nice“

“what if? june 23, 2008 2:02 pm

good question and one that my life is full of...what if i had done this, what if that had happened and too many more to mention...

so what now then? should i chase the maybes, stick with the possibilities or turn the 'what ifs' into when’s? i want to do the latter, i want to turn what into when! i have missed so many opportunities now that i am starting to think that the world has run out of stock!

i am working out my biggest what if at the moment and the main one that dominates the statistics is love! i have had financial and sickly success opportunities all my life...i boo booed them all away from the bank! i have had the luck also to have attracted some deep and intense the time it just was not right...but now i am starting to wonder...i think i maybe a late developer but only now am i facing the tinges of awakening to a deeper! and i mean unconditional and infinite versions!

so what’s your big what if? and what can or would you do to turn it all around? i would really love to know“

“what if? june 25, 2008 3:54 pm

you were faced with the best choice of your life whilst in the worst conditions to accept it? would you risk taking it to possibly doom it from the start because of baggage or complex complications shrouding you? “

“..its very like my own personal philosophy in all spiritual survival...i am on a new dash to procure my ailing opportunities in this spinning place! i have eventually arisen in me a new yearning...eventually!! i have had artist/writers and lovers block for.... ooooh tooo long now! but its all coming back to me...the urges... “

“expression is on the leash but not for long“

“i have discovered something extra... june 26, 2008 10:19 am

even when you break down the fear, anger, distain even hatred...the confusion will always stay! “

“...a 'willing mind' or not... the mind is always on full will...positive or negative in the pull, but always constant... “

“i think also breaking so many barriers in already broken stay to a willing that distracts from reality? “

“what if? june 26, 2008 1:52 pm

in a purely emotional context...your actions could change or steer destiny for others, for the better? would you risk it? what would you risk of your emotional selves? “

“yeah...nice answer...and there's that swear word again...'trust'“

“i cringe more when i hear that 'trust' swear word than a slurry of slanging defamations at top note...but still i jump in like an idiotic fool...i don’t know where i get that from...maybe a long ago bump to the head...

strange too the more i don’t trust in my reasons not real ones...i like them my inhibitions can trust it because they are controlling the depth of reach through the blockage of trust...

i love the inner child theory...i try to promote and pride it well, whilst nurturing its needs...i try to do that in all humanity i see...but i can get like the eldest evil when the inner child is scorned or i think my inner isn’t around any longer...i am brattish enough without it“

“..i have taken your advice to heart, instead of my head, and even though there isn’t much difference feels so much more delightful...the release, freedom and embracing the a cherishable experience“

“haven’t got anywhere still...but getting it all out of my head! and that is such a lighter way to travel“

“that serious moonlight gets me every time... “

“do you know? i have got somewhere...i am starting to communicate with people again...and my artistic temperament is on an inkling of light! the urges! it gives you back the silver lining yet...but pure ambition“

“i keep making new conscious philosophies... february 05, 2008 5:00 pm

but they wont sink into the mental and they must be the wrong ones“

“that’s a precious message from a precious person...i love the way you can share such and that you can share with me and the group very much...i am sure that you are going be fine and your fine spirit will give you all the strength that you need... “

“but i have another conscious philosophy to follow...that of respect...within life and love we can loose respect...within respect we can loose nothing

wow...this is a super challenge...very positive for the self discovery path too, on a realistic level...

i like its philosophy and in you can see where it is going already...self embracing discovery is very good for the spirit...

i do challenge a lot of reality even when it is stood right before is a very good psychological tool to both detach and deter from confrontation or creating an inquisitive channel...a form of control...however deeply developed is the lead the focus by curiosity and challenge...

i will get back to you soon when i meet a fitting challenge and give you an update on what i discovered... “

“..i don’t know how men cope with asking out woman as a general norm...i am quite shy in that domain...but alright and quite chatty and such once the ice has been broken ... i am very confident at reaching out for friendship but i was brought up by more friends than relationships of love...don’t know if that has anything to do with it... i think people like me fear the judgements more than the jury of our fears...

fear is physically the body's method of giving out adrenalin in situations that overwhelm us...the mind then has ability to draw from or give energy to the body...its an amazing device...if we use it as its purpose as a the adrenalin junkie...who faces situations others fear as their energy needs that adrenalin rush...

yes fear can be an amazing challenge or chalice depending upon how we individually draw upon the experiences and lessons...

thank you for the compliment on the picture wild smile! “

“...i don’t think i have feared death since i was a very young child...and that was for seems a waste to fear the inevitable...but i do fear love still...more so gaining it than loosing becomes acclimatised to this world after deep experiences...i know it is week and i am fighting it...unfortunately i chose the biggie emotion to get a complex“

“the fear of death and dying are too separate states of fear death is to fear your total eternity...the after-life or heaven as some still a mystery to us after all our other scientific acquaintances we have made......

the fear of dying can be of dreading pain...loss...or indignity...

fear can be confused with other emotions...panic is both negative and positive upon the body and mind, depending upon the can be both a progression and perpetrator of our preparation...if we have been robbed or done wrong by someone...we instinctively panic on one level or another...we set our mind to collect the best information inside our minds we have to recoil the situation...should we replace locks, keys, bolts...blablabla...become a swirling focus of the mind...ready for the brain to articulate from...

that is where strength of character comes into play... “

“...i like the way you question duplicities inside singular issues...that is a very defining point in self analysis...precision!

death or dying? exactly...the process or the practice? peace or pain?... its not getting a grip of the many aspects that fold into whatever challenges us...that’s what crucifies our intensity or anticipation...

challenging our inner questions are far greater than challenging the exterior to us...that object or issue in front of us is inanimate without our inner resolve...

failure is one of mankind’s biggest fear...but i have noticed that most things we fear also lay inside the same disseminating series of circles...we spin unto can hold failure...failure can hold concern...concern holds love...but inside their own grip they are unified in their own inside itself without the boundaries of any other emotion is ultimate...failure left alone, outside of our concerns, in its own pit of self defeat would not leave the holder so defeated...

we can all deal with fear in our own way...but with all the best creations, designs and plans...there are two side and opposite sides to all...

some better themselves by being ignorant to the issue...distractions are their key...they control their own preferences...others face it full on...challenge it by assembling themselves over and over it...until i think they get sick of it...but these are the two best definitive techniques in my simplistic terminology...i think a better way to ground fear is to take on both develop strengths to distract us whilst we face its turmoil...

i think that living fearlessly involves a simplistic approach...maybe preparation...maybe process or even by apprehension...these are three counterparts of fear i have cherry picked...not all...but three elements of the dysfunctional emotion that take their grip on us...

preparation enables the ability to face or flee...all dependent upon our emotional storage and distribution valves of experience and strength..

process takes us into the dream or the nightmare...the scenario of ongoing process rises different tempos in each we prepared consciously or sub-consciously is process reliant infinitely...

then as we still fuel ourselves inside the experience the apprehensions arrive...leaving the rushes of pleasure or pain...again is depending upon our most simple and basic natures of preparation ...or on how we were prepared...

outside of this is living free...breaking down the days, years, months, years and millennia’s of human teachings and learning’s...smashing their barriers with the free will and flow of higher emotions...

i think that would be a perfect way to live free of and from fear...

as for my working towards living free and it manifesting in my life recently...i have had humble challenges compared to others......but challenges non the less...

of recent i feel it has manifested mainly inside my new wake of approach to fear...not stopping besides it...but strolling past its a contained vision...the choice is now mine to reflect i have gained a self power already... “

“that is a very relevant depth we can unknowingly dismiss...the concept or gratification of value...the realisation to face fear is not the actual front that seals the defeat of this analysis in our awareness of the dysfunction of fear then steers it positively or how we so choose...the assembling of worth...worth unto yourself...i like this reality...

yes in reflective too we are better sighted... than when we suppose from instance...or react on impulse...i myself am a desperate dependent upon such reactions...luckily my reactions are controlled to a point where discipline keeps them around only me on the whole...but that energy is still dispersed and surrounding my whole self...still in effect...and unknowingly effecting others...

your reaction to the emotional confrontation and the objective loss in my opinion is very rational in the context of initial human reaction...our magnitudes rise far greater involving love than mere objects of synthetic production....and is very natural...

nature leaves these states when we leave them without our you re-faced the issues and the values...very inductive insight for expansion on the intricacies we can miss in our conscious striving...thank you...truly inspiring...i appreciate the muse of positive influence and deep healing...

“eliminating what?

objectivity can submerge into the actuality of our can manifest and contrive inside the passages of our self-being...this unhealthy archetype is abundant within modern receive without delivery....the reception of material weighing down the lightness of true delivery of distinguished necessity...

what then do we achieve inside this modern era? and bricks to replace our explorative natures?...paper domination inside natures elimination...what is that? “

the complexities in when!

space is conductive of flexibility. we take its rigorous duplicities and complexities by our limitations and the suppressions we create inside time. the variety we seek is more so inside the deliverance of dimensions without gravity. dynamics in a design besides but also separate to the daily receptors and receivers of stimulation. so simulating energies can combine the fusion of new personification and the matrix of universal grasp.

there are those who do not question when? they are dull of the thirsts of knowledge. lacking lustre they are starting from a debased saturation of arising to truth. they clutch ominously at spangled stretches of anticipation. they are late for their own date! periodicals replacing continuation and consistence.

inner arch is developed through phases of knowledge wise but emotionless. emotionless to sensory and sensual passages with affectionately detached sense. emotive to the splendours of indulgence intricately spontaneous to liberty. freedom should always flow in plenty. “

“that arch then becomes a new grandeur or danger. this is how to create variety. this is sudden success in times establishment of when? “

“conscious philosophies march 22, 2007 10:42 pm

the pandora of why?

the box of pandora’s delightful inquisition has been opened with desire and lust many times by mankind. its treasure trove of little boxes of ill knowledge and illegitimacy of meaning has hungrily cast its dire shadow over the dawning of human conscious awareness. when we question why? are we prepared for the ration or the reasons? will why? change the truth? change any ability? why? should it?

pandora held another secret that we have hidden through the centuries. it is our secret too. the secret cannot be revealed only realised. it is a representative cognitive aspect to the ratio of our wisdom. a residing counterpart to the evils we encounter in our journey to satisfy our search. the counterpart of gratification.

when we instil why? ...we create the lie! so is why? your world of here and also your world away from this place of truth and reality abiding its surrealism and emotional renaissances? relevant to only what you already know and not what you are bound to be wise and aware of?

i enquire in virtuoso and in contradiction to my purer sense…“

“why? is given in words and it is shunned in speech. in any seductive element of the learning practices of our theological impulses they are driven by compulsive deception as they are manipulated by perception. an explanation set inside a single word is as simplistic, conclusive and divisive as a thousand speeches when set without the divisions of why? “

“acceptance is without inquisition is it with learning. lessons can only be taught inside abstinence, discipline and control. abstinence of interest necessary to the levels that create syndromes of synonymous depths in deception. discipline towards this art without condition. control of the balances that occur outside of you, whilst nurturing at the measures and stirrings inside you. no why? no lie! “

“every thing we create on earth we eventually have to be courteous to...searching for some is an evaluating process...for others an endearing one. the choice is ours. “

“collective evil...individual innocence march 13, 2007 9:12 pm

hi scott this is a superb post...very in-depth and focused...

yes mankind is ultimately the greatest of evils in action upon earth...we dismiss our own ultimo in our survivals...our environment and its creatures, our hearts and our souls...

as we have led ourselves into self exploitation ... others have now suppressed us into it and profit greatly from it...we as humans prefer to exploit than explore...we choose to destroy rather than define...that effect is reaching us faster and faster

as collectives whether innocent and pure or evil and corrupt...the mass of human kind is set inside the social restrictions and burdens of a so called modern society...that is both evil and ill-sighted

evil because of the obvious immorality of our collective actions...ill sighted in reflection of our kind’s future...of all creatures futures...

it is a sad fact too that the majority of the worlds problems is the creation from white western males...but i believe that is a coincidental circumstance of abuses of positions set in wealth...rather than a reflection of all white western chaney being the evil, whilst using the american military as his good guise...

again the hierarchy factors coming into the equation again if you bring in chaney (or his asides)...the changing of laws to create this supposed power...the attempt of their own personal perfect state...whilst all others are deprived of basics like rights and dignified lives to live in comfort or peace...

it is also true and sad that people are using religion as an issue for any aggression, corruption or evil...but they do...and at no greater price than the cost to religion and directly reflected upon minds that distinguish these lies and deceptions flock elsewhere...into disillusion or total divine rebellion ...

i find it very important to separate the two and distinguish the differences......religious dogma has greatly killed off the basis and crucial energy of the spirit....the free and liberating invisible form that is us...the soul arises...i cannot tolerate this in any religion...and dismiss it totally in any form inside religion...

the religion of whatever domination or devotion should serve the people...not the people serve religion...that is a total disrespect to true true higher is religious treason....a true god is of good and is accepting to any form of pure expression...not ritual or habit...but from genuine emotion and devotion...

yes also true too, is the fact that governments manipulate and exploit for iraq, in africa, in south america and now nearly throughout the whole of the east

besides these wars are the deterioration of our lands, our lives and our futures...people are bombed, polluted, displaced and left in tragedy and grief daily...all because of the evil within government...evil beyond axis...evil beyond tangent!

the devil, dante, anti-christ, beelzebug! yes all facades of overkill and hype...but in the theories of evolution and creation, there is a definite personality and a place for such an entity...within man/woman...and within eternal justice beyond earths law...i can expand on this in another thread, if anyone is interested but its a bit of a biggie issue...

heaven and hell are states...states of grace and disgrace...states of joy and states of pain...evils actions can only follow evils emotion

mankind needs to initially respect themselves...then others...the order is presidency...what can a man/woman endear towards without endearment? “

“evil is a necessary existence that contributes only to chaos

necessary only in chaos“

&ldquoarts of me are evil...i wonder if any members can guess which bits!!! “

“..i have been violent defending someone i love...and in the same situation with someone i didn’t love i was level headed enough to advise them...not dismiss them but stay asserted enough to think clearer...

the law used to accept 'crimes of passion' as a crime...less than murder...i think today they have re-named it 'diminished responsibilities'...the context of love hasn’t changed...through out history there has always been war or murder over deny it is to suppress the aggressions of circumstances surrounding it arises in other arguments...loves hurt guised in other attacks or shuns...

there are two main crimes of love i think...the one we sin into from pity and the ones we loose through fear...

my relationship of love of god is very simple for is unconditional...gods love can represent a parent, a friend, of self or inner if you have a strong faith...but it cannot replace or represent that of a lover...the whole concept inside and outside of our religious founding of a fatherly figure would not even comprehend it... “

“...i believe you speak of the pinnacle of love...the ultimo and peek of its power...

but i also believe that if love where a shape it would not be a mountain but a mountain range...where each climb and slip varies by the path taken...each peak assembled individually as they are intrinsic of each other but intricate to each other each face of each mountain differs and distinguishes itself...each face of love may do the same...

your beautiful and intricate example of the high definition of love is a very fine one ... and one i believe we should take beyond consideration but take it towards total like chaos is its own supreme example“

“march 19, 2007 1:54 pm

of love...

yes people are very defensive of their love/s...a natural surge i find...

instinct is a major player in love...our attraction impulses...our possessive compulsions and many other over-riding factors make haste within this emotion and feeling...

the feeling we may die or something tragic if we loose love/s pushes our edge...

i think the picture is both affectionate and adorning in natural senses and displays a very intimate love...a precious love and one most perceive towards in one gravity or child or as parent

q: would i die for real love?:

a: many times!

..definitely true of love and honesty...they are futile without a siding counterpart of the emotional processes...building strength around trust...

loves energy amounts and surmounts our very entity...even when lost it lingers fond with a founding grip...its severance is pain...its serving is joy...

it truly is a power to open up to love completely...loves feelings adorn loves process...loves process is the reality...that reality needs the breathe of honesty within feelings more so than fact or circumstance...honesty of an open heart and mind to new facts that love brings...loves unity or loves correlation...both reciprocal and unconditional in its new parallel...

i think love may be ever-abundant rather than ever-present...though within the reach of a mere though or notion when not within touch, taste or sight...its energy stronger with your energy... and your energy stronger with the pull of love...

your words regarding always reachable and always attainable and not requiring other very inspiring and reflects my own truth...that phenomenon of this recognition of love...of higher and low forms...of the inner self love....of those close and distant in one connection...of indefinable definite...

love would be in its pure and perfect state if we were to receive it through peace... “

“..yes almost anything for true love is very balanced...

i think i defined my outline of anything after posting because my almost anything can be as extreme as others anything...but not as extreme as some...

i believe if confronted with a challenge to save the life of someone whom i loved partially or deeply...i would be compelled to kill for defend their life...more so than for myself...more so than for someone i didn’t love..even if i defended someone i didn’t love the compelling to save would be of a different level...if there...

so in the balance of it all...i suppose i would still be willing to do anything for real love“

“definition of real love: eternal, strength, light, abundance, flow, contentment, joy, bliss, euphoria, bond...

definition of anything: extremity, cause, revolution, empathy, solution, dastardly, defensively, mercy, calamity... “

“i would do anything for real love...anything! “

“..that was a most concise definition and analysis of incitement, moral and law...i fully agree with all your have stated eloquently the facts and principles behind truth and definition within law and conscience...

also i agree that incitement is a social/personal order or holds no definition that law requires to become resolute, or any total ethics that one could conclude judgement each judgement would differ greatly, not dependent upon actual crime but personal opinion...we cannot define the law by opinion but only by unbiased virtue and dignified righteousness.. hindering or obstructing no other within their rights of movement or expression.. “

“regarding the issue of freedom of speech and expression and the right to protest in the uk and also globally...the facts of individuals and groups forming opinionated or outlandish incitement, doesn’t add up for me...that the word incitement should even be included in the vast appendixes and para phrases of law...and be criminalised...

firstly...the law of incitement itself is outlandishly backdated to ever be able to represent a total culture of liberty and rights...incitement means that you have made a remark or took action to cause stir and rise of others....this is a basic function of most humans... other beings will only enact when they agree or believe...there is no law on earth that can banish or police thoughts or belief, only actions...incitement means to cause or be responsible for...

these laws are clauses in justice that suppress other channels to pursue social values and tolerance...basic equality laws that represent all irrespective of any facts or background...but on the simple value of humanity...incitement laws deprive laws such as deceptive manipulation...abuse of position...these are some of the culprits we all should be chasing!

so to enforce such laws against our effect on others takes way the individual responsibility for their cause or side steps moral and true justice...and its application not only disfigures social law it also breaches universal law...

i have seen flags burnt more vicious than these statements could ever express...i have seen fire thrown that causes more damage...i have seen riots...that is because societies and communities really believe and feel what they are saying...not because someone incited them...with mere words...because they believed!

the charges brought look suspiciously like the old regimes heavy hand on the protest laws...exemplary of disproportion to incite fear...that’s the only context of incitement i can figure into a rational truth...within these laws...governments are insisting on rule, whilst dismissing pure law...

it just gets worse... “

“some see this statement of 'do unto' as a set structure of polite ties and courtesy...but instead it must be emancipated into law to preserve us inside a perfect state...if applying it to law only...if we had committed a crime we would expect the punishment...but with measure and its gravity as the source focus...not individualistic approaches to 'doing unto others' is merely accepting your graces and respecting them onto others...whether carrying their choice or their judgement“

“you certainly hit the dynamics where it hurts there the loopholes of the law! i agree with your golden rule...right through to its total application“

. “..a very precise target and on the mark...those that include their own interests above the interests of the law are the biggest criminals...presiding above us...even today residing to be seated to serve to change further laws. so that they, and only they are above it... “

“the law struggles i find inside the inclines of our social attitudes and reactions to each other...the teachings of tolerance need adequate channels to satisfy full equality...

the war with drugs on the military levels and social scales...have increased the violence and crime in the drug scenes...this has been the most spent on criminalising individuals...lots with no previous conviction or any threat to society ...could be better spent on investing in the true deprivations of society...the class gaps...the political gaps the community displacements...all these are direct effects of serving industry rather than people... “

“the senses we build into our communities always come from within our insight and not our attitudes... “

“i find the most lawful communities stem from those that receive adequate education but parental response...may i add your approach to expanding your daughters understandings are fine...i agree everyone in that community too must be involved at some level...both the lowest and highest level is resisting crime...basic law from the morals we know...if borderline ones ever have to be crossed...this keeps the safest communities secure...

yes, also the detachment of authority in giving a lawful inclusion of the society it represents...creates divides and a certain level of we start to see ourselves as ushered rather than protected...

the conflicts of interest between the people and the politics is also a crazy distraction...there must soon be a basis suitable for that is the finest fundament of laws principles...and what is law or politics if not people representation?

the blinkered effects of overbearing rules and regulations blind out the focus on hitting the true crimes of society...presidency i feel too is missing in law...within the human rights act too...the basis of presidency has been taken out of the law due to the same circumstances of those conflicts of administration and interest from politics... “

“representing the common man? march 02, 2007 6:26 am

the thing about law is merely...what law represents is laws crucial today is nowhere within the confines of authority that it was created for...we first saw law as an enactment of our pursuits of justice and the law creates crimes and not protects those who pay for it....and society has lost respect and disbelieves in its process or application... what we are left with are mere rules...set down by interested and instigating parties/members...i don’t apply this to every individual in the law...just those within its authority“

“yes i don’t think that too many can dispute the ten commandments...but even within this set of order...people don’t believe, until the crimes happen to them... “

“true law should always be made to represent the common man and the common mans principles...not the rich... “

“i can reply in depth soon...just wanted to add my little bit for now...i must say...there are some fantastic comments...looking forward to going deeper into this debate“

“how you have opened not only the scope of law but also its conscious that is a fundamental principle of law...not only for order but for intellect and respect“

“the revised babble edition... november 10, 2007 5:16 pm

the course of extensiveness

learning is a formation of patterns and the repetitious behaviour to instil knowledge. the degrees of each phase are the course. the dynamic of the context is the extensiveness!

extensiveness is something that is much everything of all or any studies!

education is the partiality of sensations within the inner harmony of many vibrating fusions and chaos. orderly liaison becomes amass and the new channel is set in the mind, where chemical bios-mass meets with splendour the pseudo elements of play between grandeur and gross. where then is born the plentiful oneness. its effect is both demurely based and dramatically paced towards sensory awareness!

wise and knowledge not only clinging but adapting and adapting us too, as a changeling into ourselves and then within expression beyond which it was isolated, and then unto others. the change then begins in them and in all. possibly adapted or possibly scrutinized but always for perfection, perfection of necessity!

so as we as humane perceptions tend to tediously tire or aspire to rise with conceptual interest, the absorption is the immense pleasure...or pain!

not from mere existence but also from astonishment comes the climax of innerness. what is within you is a freedom and a liberty to possess and fortitude to endeavour. that is when character and conscience in the up most masquerade of self-initiated honours and selfless refinery desire to be. our accolade becomes us so. it's rhythm more consistent and concerted in enfolding the discipline that is taking and taking from you and consuming you as an offering. only to replace the process again with abundant giving of the lavish and alluring conceptuality, philosophies, fantasies, imagination and then reason!

if our humanity takes hold of this process its true fault is holding on. setting itself in each established way so that true progression from learned and experienced existences cannot be achieved. wise process must free-flow in its own adaptations, its highest possibilities and in all opportunity. it must also be vivacious within its expertise of extensiveness and vicious towards every animosity of it. it cannot be denial. denial of higher awareness puts aside what we know, it becomes what we fear. all we have learned is all our mind has. as we set into ages and seasons passing we may choose to loose our sensations within them too. lost to the extent that this is the new form in the course of extensiveness...extreme extensiveness! “

“by the term or word learning i mean knowledge and wise inside experience of totality versus infinity...every single aspect that is there to be discovered or absorbed, embraced or challenged...the full pastures of the eternal hide and seek...

i believe that one can learn a full revelation within a second’s inner sight...or one may be led to distraction from needing to take in and take on certain obsessive interests...

true learned insight comes from self-perspective analysis...not from ones tutor..though a teacher may present to you an accumulation of any information...and may provide full supportive practise...only the student will determine the outcome...and this outcome will differ with each student...perspective taking the greatest course in this extent...

all we learn is not from what is in front of us but is from what is inside us... “

“the fortitude of wisdom is a mechanical bind “

&ldquorecipitation january 11, 2008 6:43 pm

safe inside our senses we arrive within states that neither oppose or propose essential compulsions...we deliver this device with contemptuous greed over every inside we choose to percept...its precipitation is crucial mass inside any message of tutoring“

“january 16, 2008 1:39 pm

it is very extensive to be wise...but more consorted onto a course whilst using residues of knowledge and not the totality of learned sense. “

“diving into the deep february 19, 2007 10:28 pm

this thread will be covering the amazing depths of euphoria, feeling, ecstasy and sensation!

deep blue dive...

we all have our own methodology and ritual to achieving these successes...what are yours? what stimulus do you use to get there? are you conscious to the process? your harmony through spontaneity?

when we truly question..we find truth! “

“sight by sound february 20, 2007 6:43 pm

hi...there isn’t much to pull apart in things you agree is one of the finest symposiums to deep meaning, expression and release...even relief...i am very intricately drawn to sounds...maybe because i am an artist and most of my work is very visual...i find it easy to be a critique of any true art form but only of its true definition...not to critic but to express and progress inside that awareness besides others...yes i too have been totally taken by music...i have been raised as you to the angels. i have been stilled with beauty and i think we all can say that there isn’t one musical note out there that hasn’t reached a chord in someone’s heart... “

“to the open soul... february 20, 2007 8:05 pm

hi anonymous...i hope by being with this group helps you to become more positive and i hope you stay are quite amazing in that you refer to your child so affectionately...the parental bonding that some can take for granted or sometimes don’t even see...

may i say regarding your emotional pain and the withdrawal that you mentioned...that maybe you need to re-channel your communication to others, if not with those from the past but with those from a new future...that’s what i love about the future, it can be changed...where as the past is lost every second...and within a new future you may again feel closer to those you are now distant must also be a very sensitive character inside if you are so sensitive to others...that is a good thing but keeping that sensitivity and disciplining it is crucial for you...don’t let that element within you go or you may never get it the needs of your sensitivity and for the worlds sake...keep it safe“

“one of my many euphoria’s! february 20, 2007 8:20 pm

i have been know to stand out amongst the freaks sometimes and i am quite diverse of how i express my true feelings...many of the ways i reach a high are outlawed and don’t have to involve substance...i have many channels of euphoria but one that grips me most to be touched by communication...

it is easy to make an imprint of touch upon someone with your hands resting on them...but in communication, let it be by a word, a picture, an expression on a face or even a vision...if i am touched by this i am still within it...not still as in not moving...but rushing and racing inside whilst conjuring it to memory, as the outside of me can be sitting or motionless but still able to respond in basic form...this i find quite deep from its subtle layer that we don’t always register in our hurried or dull can be the most unobvious thing, within the most outstanding effect...but still can give me euphoria“

“another dip... february 24, 2007 8:08 pm

if spontaneous compassion can be a bigger part of the mainframe of the will we all assemble within its confines?...if we do not enact the actions the powerful reaction demands on earth... how will we ever realise its true dimensions? can compassion be the eternal link before even love?

compassion is best derived within by the means of experience, physical gratification of the invisible yearn to make right...but there is also a powerful mind force behind it that is never lost...i believe there is a compound for this with confines but unseen...a total link above and beyond us but belonging to us...a source we as humans fuel from...over stretched compassion leads to lethargy...lethargy leads to the depression of your being...depression can lead to destruction...the only solution to stop this destruction is to annihilate its path to you...enact your compassions...

to realise compassions true dimensions...first experience your own...look deep only where it resides...conclude definitively from that view...

from what we feel we cultivate meaning...without compassion is without a formation of human of of each...that is the primeval love of i attempt to adhere to profusely if not profoundly...from this we link beyond love but besides it... “

“...tranquillity or euphoria...i agree with you...make your own choice... “

“i have had some of my finer euphoria’s on a buzz night...the pinnacle point of no life will never be the same...splendid!

that’s sound advice for anonymous too... “

“do share some of y

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Posted: Aug 9, 2008 7:22pm
Aug 9, 2008

and so on...and so on...

MORE of my snippets from a public discussion thread!!!

enjoy the experience...

“are all your demons in the right places? february 24, 2007 10:25 am


we denounce evil...we repent sin...we accept the reality from experience or belief...what of our demons?...some believe them to be an outer force...others an inner reeling...i will be around later to expand further...but please feel free to include your own thoughts

...i feel this description as the personality of the demon...the imprint and imposing distorted rationalisation on normal you agree on any level?

so could our demons be already hidden inside us or following us from previous entities we have existed within? “

“yeah i agree a great deal with that...but in my head i argue, if so how are we not protected from them...our dna wiped it out if from within us? why would we even consider hosting such notion or entity...

are we only just aware from another before life? and those demons must be wiped clean before we go to after life? the sacrifice would be a part of us? “

“as myself, being a rancid sceptic fused with being a big believer...i say yeah...totally to that! maybe our invisible experiences are the doorway then to the demon...our thoughts left unattended...

so to fight the demon is fighting yourself... those co-ordinates well with my sacrifice theory...

the self sacrifice that you are left standing forsaking old misguiding...old misgivings or new fascinations and fixations even?

p.s. i think my demons hide out inside my emotion rather than my thoughts...quite precarious of me really! but i need as many of my thoughts as possible! “

“the demon i really dig! february 24, 2007 7:50 pm

we all rise to the notion of the demon of the dark...ominous evil consuming presence that can transform into your whole being

so what in eternity would be your light demon? you think there could be a place for them?...or are we alone in this chalice of the shadows!

i dismiss angels as light demons as they are divine... demons aren’t on that level...

i actually think i have one...deep inside me when i need more than the average magnification of being express is to be divine! or defiant? “

“euphoria is a beautiful name february 25, 2007 6:13 am

definitely in our choices chris...that instance of decision is wrapped up in a pre-swirl of pre-emanated choices...should i, shouldn’t i syndrome...just before any action even one as simple as taking two step forwards or backwards is fused with the minds flow of possibilities, options, necessities and preferences... then we take our choice...two steps is supposed to be in that crest of thought where demons play the most...and beyond that edge we are sole perpetrators...something we definitely have to learn from! if we knew a demons shape or size they would be easy to obliterate!

spiritual guide is a good name for the opposite of a demon...i suppose...i did hear about this once from a soothe seer who had a very long bloodline of spirituality in the form of clairvoyance...she named them something (can’t recall at the mo what) and said that is what brings the messages to us...from other places... “

“i think the thought process is the birth of a new demon.
i think we should change the word demon to guidance/miss-guidance after all, isn’t that what they are there for? maybe like a road sign guiding you in the right or sometimes wrong direction depending on weather you understand what they are trying to tell you. (yes, even i failed my theory a few times)

yeah...demons become real as we summon we embody their image through our actions and bow to their requests in our mental strengths...the mind is a ripe breeding ground for these entities...

i would find it realistic to say too that maybe we are the demons as we misinterpret ate their messages or meanings...from light energies of good...maybe that’s why angels and spirits became such a rare viewing for mankind of the later maybe that’s how we all created the devil/dante/pan...maybe he sneaked down to save us and ended up in a whole load of trouble... “

“that is a great point to make...the exorcising of the demon/s...

we are all expected to carry our own inner shield and spiritual sword as a defensive mechanism...and i think you pointed out the two main advocacies to the demon... insecurity and temptation...

the spiritual sword starts to attack others instead of the temptation...and the inner shield fails defence of our insecurity...

so one definition of the demon is merely a reversal of the true mechanism of inner energies...with the effect of the demon we start to attack our insecurities with the spiritual sword and defend the temptation with the inner shield...

...i am sincerely more so enlightened...on this ominous path of the darker mysteries of the human psyche“

“...i think goodness has a good footing in the world but not a good media coverage...we cant really blame the media as their main objective is to report things that have extreme cause or effect...the human trend seems to perceive the promotion of bad before good...although people need this promotion much more...if they accept that or not...we all collectively use the news as some kind of warning system or a preventative/solution measure...

goodness is so more transparent than bad too...a lot of goodness is expressed in smiles...words and actions that we can take for granted (a mothers/friends love or caring) ...these aren’t things we can wrap up so easy within a media package...goodness seems to stay within the humble too...those who do not wish to be known or promoted..although the promotion of good is very unique and precious when people make these shifts...

the real demons are those apparent without truth and honour...we are being lied to or suppressed globally on one level or another...from the governments and their self interest...although the demon on the other side can seem darker...our own sides are not too light and shinny...therefore they are all the human life quality, liberty...and the finite balance of earths nature and environment...

the world needs equilibrium en mass! “

“the malicious demons food march 03, 2007 12:09 pm

thought is the basic feeding ground for most demons but where do their senses gather them for this feast...contriving and conspiring inside us all are enfolds of instincts and reactions all co-ordinating and compromising to co-exist...their co-existence steers and nutrifies your mind...the brain merely funnels the energy or matter...the thought and food is now inside its pot...but it must be the conscience or super-conscience...the denial to devour our thoughts from this point lead steer to the demons feast upon its it simmers with ostentatious desires“

“...that is also a great reference and comparison to of the most demon luring energies... on has caused as much war as religion...alongside all the good things, oh course...thank you“

“...i have studied a great in-depth on the core principles of both the science and art of dreams and has concluded the outcome of our mind arranging info and displaying to us a kind of theatrical relay...but it still does not specifically know why... or what triggers the flow...

i believe a lot of my dreams and nightmares are an accumulation of my so-called long lost memories as a child...its weird too after analysing my life i noticed a coincidental seven year pattern shift...a sort of circle of similar (not the same) events over and over

give me the child until it is seven...and i will give you the adult! “

&ldquoaranormal culture february 16, 2007 7:02 pm

it seems so that with human paranormal aspects that the ritual identifications of relaxation, sound of chant or rhythm, inner releasing of inhibition and restriction by dance or movement, empower the creation of this energy, towards the instinct and communication of paranormal levels.

before record and after many of these aspects have been met with massacre and persecution over the centuries...still the elements remain...

it is a scientific fact that energy never disappears but merely transforms...what then of mental energy? mankind makes a claim to a force that is of substantial fact if not matter! “

“the mind february 16, 2007 8:11 pm

is the mind a communication link into the unknown and the unexplained aspects of life? we all own a mind and we can all loose one if we do not use it properly...

what are the limits our minds can stretch to? “

“did those feet? february 16, 2007 8:16 pm

there is a poem set within glastonbury abbey, england...that suggests the presence of jesus after his re-incarnation on earth, and that his feet did walk the you believe that those feet did? “

“on high! february 17, 2007 9:34 am

high energy can only be found by the high mind and those conscious to cannot be conscious to you...that is your ego...the strength of rising! “

“dr rudolph steiner february 17, 2007 1:11 pm

dr rudolph steiner - head of the berlin lodge of theosophical society quotes:

"neanderthal man held beliefs in supernatural - not from philosophy as there were none but from experience"“

“supernatural theories: the 4 bodies of one! february 17, 2007 1:19 pm

supernatural theories: the 4 bodies of one!

1. physical body
2. etherised body (aura)
3. astral body
4. ego

after death the astral body and the ego leave behind the physical body, the etherised stays but takes three days to dissolve

during these three days the soul (astral body and ego) enfold in the senses and creations of their life in their physical body...that the etherised body contains for us

then purification by suffering that you have suffered onto others...if you are still of your own strengths after purification then you are free to enter the spirit world...where you are at peace with yourself and others...if you are heavy with the suffering of others then the mysteries will enfold you from the view of the pure and your eternity will be isolated. “

“supernatural theories: the deep of sleep! february 17, 2007 1:22 pm

we encounter the spirits and the dead stronger at the moment of sleep and again at the moment of waking...this is why most spiritualists need the ritual of freeing the mind to a similar state of peace... “

“brain & mind response february 17, 2007 8:32 pm

sad = right

happy + left

frontal lobe = special store of emotion - this develops with evolution

information to the brain is analysed then recognition follows and recall - emotional hijacking from over loading - memories trigger reaction -

frontal lobes play an important part in working memory - dysfunction occurs in the frontal lobe when the limbic system (emotions) is dominant and demands full attention - this in turn increases the degree of emotional arousal

the pivot of the internal self is reliant on emotion

emotion = intelligence = development = sophistication = experience = thoughts = feelings = behaviour = emotion

emotions are pure states - expressive, behavioural, cognitive, perceptive, experimental, compulsive, and non-logical - all are counterparts to a totality or detachment

intense social facilitation increases logic but dormant emotion “

“conscious awakening february 19, 2007 5:17 pm

... all decisions the conscious and sub-conscious make exist as they are created unique...the stimulus that is energized from reaction can come from only one unique place...from the same place as the reaction... our unique force...that is our own to discipline and determine“

“...yes the world of the paranormal is a great mystery still to the days of great reverence to the soothe sayers and psychics...when the notion was backed by the days was never fully understood or agreed upon...maybe this is why science left it aside...there were those sceptic because they were unable to grab it from its natural domain and burn it in a test tube...and there were those in its respect preferred it to become underground or a secret society rather than ripped apart by hype and ridicule...we are still far from the true understandings of our own divinity due to those who still cannot grasp the concepts of physical birth... “

“...the spirit is us and are we...this is my philosophy its self...philosophy the notion belongs to no one...but philosophers of us are within its science or realm...if there are living spirits it is obvious that persona and personality will travel strong with each spirit...that is why they are just like they are us... “

“if we can take our beliefs beyond normal gravity...then we are in flight! when we steer that flight towards the dimensions of breaking normal boundaries...higher levels including 'the paranormal' can be distinguished within you and around you....everywhere...simply believe... “

“...i have read lots about this subject from early century literature, from distinguished and acclaimed biographies of histories greats and in scientific journals... “

“i love the method to prepare for the automated sessions... these methods look suitable for many mind focus exercises...self hypnosis and self discovery or mediation with a focus...they are very channelling...i find their ritual very distinct“

“god is the biggest paranormal experience one could ever encounter by devotion, denomination or even disaster...

i admire these words greatly...

within the profound attributes that relay inside command, it is ones own self-submissive belief of this order that gravitate substance or matter...

a very self-permissive state of being is the perfect state of being...but only permissive to a pure power...that which is god or good...i always greatly, greatly admire that“

“ regarding the effects of paranormal culture upon our societies..every science and art that we have established today, re-branded for tomorrow and hyped for good measure, is an off-spin or an accumulation from the paranormal cultures of our ancestors...

as we still see the stone monuments that celebrate the stars constellations, moon shifts and sun risings, besides it we see space exploration, weather reading, even time on our watches ticking...

as we revere or reject the passions of the afterlife...we still seek these harmonies that balance this life and progressed us from near animal we proclaim non-belief..we still wish upon stars and shout gods name in danger or disgust!

true too that we as modern humans use less and less of our brains and i believe it is starting to show...not specifically but in individual we rely on modern perks of food distribution and transportation for travel blablabla...our natural physical senses of even smell and taste begin to disappear...i think this is a good example to show us what we are doing to our minds as well as our brains...

, it would be wonderful if everyone opened up their minds again...for the sake of humanity if nothing else! “

“...yes a certain paradox...i guess the balance may lay inside the applications of use or abuse...

technology was invented to aid and aside mankind...but as you say we now let it think for us...we have even let it replace could (like medicine) have been used to perfect and protect the human race...instead it is a bracket to profit from...abuse instead of use...

imagine the amounts of ghosts and ghouls there are because of these bad abuses (on a paranormal level) and not good uses of technology! “

“my newest revelation: what i learned yesterday is never gone...but never here...what i know now has stayed but will leave...

so too experience is both taught and established! “

“... just being... being free...being divine to being! “

“..i have had a revealing of the soul...

i created music...therefore i am!

my first delight of inner contentment for many moons...let the music play! “

“rolling on... march 14, 2007 8:08 am

...your input is super...i love the debates you raise...on the subject of the circle i fully agree...and the point you made about looking at it anyway but accepting that circle, sounds quite perfect and lies open to the answers of true divinity...

the constancy of nature alongside its chaos should show us that there are energies and compositions of structure that we must be aware nature fulfils itself and becomes eternal inside physicality, so must we....but the chaos of nature is the spirit we see...its storms, its landscapes, its beauty and its anger...the fusions and collisions of nature should show us our harmonious and disruptive spiritual extremities...and show us where their places are rightly placed and is our strict adhering to goodness that holds and cherishes both nature and ourselves...that is another circle in a circle...

it is the restrictions that mankind has placed on himself that he/she are passing down to their children...their children will pass that down to theirs...these are the circles to break...the circles of spiritual corruption and suppression... “

“q:my alpha has energised omega and my omega feels alpha...who am i?

a: i am a perfect state!”

“q:my alpha dominates omega and my omega immediate alpha...who am i?

a: i am demonstrable only to myself! “

“q:my alpha is over omega and my omega slips alpha...who am i?

a: i am view without restraint inside me! “

“q:my alpha is my omega and my omega sets my alpha...who am i?

a: i am a mere human circle! “

“...the same principle in scientific matter applies to enfold and enfold with in everything and infinity (molecules and cells)...

imagine that on a spiritual field? in perspective it would also generate off spin as everyone has a different view on that too...some would see the principle factor to be of the meaning that it is mirrored so to mirror the matter the spirit must unfold and unfold upon mirrors show reverse

yet others may challenge that the principle is not mirrored but matched and we are to replicate a match must be identical

who is right isn’t important inside this context only what is right...and i love that theory too... “

“i have had another need to reveal! february 24, 2007 8:48 am

that which is love, which is its counterpart, which is touchable by essence or element, is! “

“unlocking the sensation february 21, 2007 3:52 pm

...amazing words...thank you...i really like this concept...the way you have identified the differences of exploration and the exploitation of the those exploring or those explored...fascinating!...the key is within...yes i agree definitively

revelations and the revealing of the soul! february 18, 2007 1:03 pm

the world as we know it starts here

we are all created and abundant within the mysterious attributes of persona, personality and conscience...what do you believe drives and fuses us?

...are your ambitions and experiences unique?...are your supernatural experiences collective? you believe in the revelations?...can you reveal your soul? “

“did you know that the egg came before the chicken?

the egg is the habitat that the chicken evolved inside...therefore it is!.. but it is after! “

“the devil in me... october 26, 2007 4:47 pm

hi members...well i have sauntered around the issues of general womanhood being possessed...and hinted at the devilish attributes of me!

the devil sure is in me...around me and in every other living soul...but that’s just my personal opinion

meeting more than an average amount of people being on the web...i have had some interesting expeditions of discussion and debate and even debauched repertoire...the odd miff i have had a kind of social turbo-boost into the ins and outs of the wonder-web worlds...a turbo-boost my ancestors never experienced...and i say worlds and not world as there are many sets, types and sights to behold on these mass threads of webs...

so back onto the subject of me...inside these new experiences i have met some devilish creatures...not all evil but demonic styled passion and sinful pursuits etc etc...bla bla bla...i now have new devilish web experience there’s one demonic force within me...that my ancestors also escaped...

...people also possess the pan of power when they are representative of their causes...this is not to me evil, but darkly attributed...this is the devil i wish to be...impassioned beyond the point on cause and creation...and i find myself subsiding into the atmosphere of it

i have learned a lot of self-styled techniques of twisted ethics...but the web has excelled this so! ... “

“the devil in man october 26, 2007 1:53 pm

man is the same without the similar of woman...woman are similar within the same as man! do any members see any sense in that statement?

and whilst i am on my female inquisition:

does man co-exist with percentages of the devil greater than his own measures of balance?

and would members say that the devil in woman is a reflection of masculine traits or feminine treason?

and what reflection shows true and deep that man is inclined to the beast or is truly progressed towards more angelic states of co-habitation with ethics and principles? “

“respect!!! october 26, 2007 1:43 pm

definitely r...and if you want respect you can’t just take has to be earned...

my own analogy of myself is: let sleeping dogs lie!

yes it is how you look at or admire woman that gives the impressions back...

i think the devil of mankind is in woman...the way that woman has tried to compete with man has sometimes tried to suppress her...

her strive of liberty may have in part turned to a fight for freedom but ...

until woman searches for her femininity and strides away from her stalking of mans rotten fruits she will live in mans shadow and not woman’s light! “

“..that is a beautiful statement...i admire how you as a male can consider the ultimate of divinity being female...after all the battles of the is people like you who won the war!...i love that deep conscious insight of yours already“

“whatever women choose it should always be drenched inside true principles of flexibility...

not the flexibility of true principles! “

“it is also interesting in the context of modern society...not only woman’s individual expectations inside society have changes but her extensions...motherhood, wifery and sisterhood...

the way modern society pulls and pressures certainly showing inside family values and the new lost and disorientated youth coming through...

whatever women choose it should always be drenched inside true principles of flexibility... “

“...that’s a great set of philosophies... “

“you recognise the equality of both good and bad in each gender...the possibility that we are all collectively responsible...for man failed in his attack on woman...where woman failed in her defence...

very high equilibrium of human sense...may i say... “

“..lots of deep questions there to be thinking are correct that woman can be cruel...although that is the part of woman that i question and where did it come from? you mentioned the bible...although the bible in its true reference states that woman and child hold the same revere in heaven...the bible is one of the biggest tools that have bludgeoned woman, from mans false translations...

there's a devil in that somewhere? “

“..beautiful reflection of the feminine have expressed a lot of masculine reality of your weaker counterparts...your understanding of the female plight puts you high in the masculine standard...and with more men, with your understandings, the angels will flutter in the female again...beautiful expression... “

“...and it is so juicy eve i want to bite it...but here’s a nibble for now to be thinking on...

evil corrupts good...can good corrupt evil and how?

devil breeds devil...can god breed god and why? “

“the devil is a woman! april 03, 2007 12:28 pm

is the devil in woman?

we are all still arguing whether eve did bite that apple...whether woman are equal...if woman will ever achieve the true successes of equality not just the token aspirations...

western woman, although nicely seated in the saddle now, have only rode the liberty horse for the last approx 100 years...mankind has existed for millennia...

'pankhurst the great' got womankind the vote...then it was the turn of woman to get their true the system and in society...

all this history must have had a great sway on true femininity...the aggression on and suppression of woman obviously ripped the living entity out of the sisterhood of once saintly grace...

so is the devil a woman?...are woman now the new devil for man? they say the devil is the one you create!...are men living with the counterparts of feminine truth...from the effect of their masculine fore runners’ activities...i would say yes... “

“..i love your open sentiment...i believe for everyone person that hurts us there are ten people ready to deliver bliss...but how we find and exchange this is down to the ambition of the individual...

after we get hurt we can hide and coil into our hermit states...but that’s natural when it is we prolong these darker periods of our lives is how we prolong hope and bliss being part of our lives... “

“..your perspective is very beautiful...i too am one of those numbers who crave and strive in all measures for love like the deepest fix...only to abuse the substance by my own failings......and yes what a total joy to be in a union of love with the same person and knowing that this is eternal...

yes...true too that love and beauty are in the beholder as to the measures that they would go to...

i believe that staying inside the boundaries to do anything for love necessary inside my own belief of doing anything for hate would bend me from my destiny to reach love inside eternity....unfortunately in this life...i have already failed...but its never too late is another big belief of mine.... “

“back on this crazy thing called love... march 13, 2007 7:40 pm

i have been reading through the threads... reading it again has instilled a kind of new honesty in me...

it is quite a revelation to meet hearts and minds that are as unique and precious as those in this thread...i refer to all the words here a i mull through, they soak in more and more...convincing me of my faults...and the perfections of those members who have contributed...

aside from my obvious negativity and scientism of love...i tried to portion it, as an aside from my something that can be picked at or plundered into at will or need...instead of residing with it...taking it solely as a power of goodness...i didn’t separating its goodness from the badness of actions in love...and that badness is what people do without love... not love itself...

i see love as a clearer energy...but with total sensory awareness...the positive approach and acceptance of this divine gift in this thread is as beautiful as a new religion...a new found i know now in my pursuits of higher love, inner love and deeper love...i will never be alone!

maybe one more question to the group, now on a positive pace...what to do when love is discovered?...

this is the next level...what price love? and would you do anything for it? “

“crazy... march 03, 2007 4:42 pm

but this thread and its contributors have instilled a new high seal in my seeking of the essences of eternal love...the open gestures of truth and expression are earthly loves that will last eternally in and for all“

“eloquent energy! february 27, 2007 1:45 pm truly find the magnitude of meanings of this deep spiritual and physical domain..and you present it so beautifully its sublime and chaotic element...i must admit...i like this one (if i may cherry pick a moment?) “

“love is a tyrant sparing none.--pierre corneille“

“isn’t love connected with instinct in some way?

maybe a primeval instinct that will never die...or a higher instinct that wishes to grow? or the completion is the balance of both? “

“the sadder fact regarding these women are that are ripping themselves off more so than they could any man
i think this comes down to a few factors...confidence, the average humble person finds it harder to reach out in a manner that is displaying their vulnerabilities and so just don’t...the world has aligned into materialism tenfold also..for me status is dignity...not wealth...if you are with someone who is truly loving and that you love...there is no greater wealth on earth...i agree that a lot of sincere and sensitive people don’t get what they deserve...sincerity and sensitivity!
i find macho men so much unnecessary maintenance...a man with strength in his soul can carry you through life for longer“

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Posted: Aug 9, 2008 7:19pm
Aug 9, 2008

and so on...and so on...

my snippets from a public discussion thread!!!

enjoy the experience...

“i like that word… 'oneness'“

“ultimate in that your perception on this gives actual gravity to a counterpart of that action in love that is our reaction..our expectations are expected to last and live longer inside love...our need to reach our expectations can sometimes drive them from us...the strength is inside us individually as we cultivate it and that is the power that attracts our expectations of love... “

“eloquent and elevating...inspiring because it is so true...if we all sought and respected love there would be no sight of hatred... when we all find love we are all again in our true completion...i believe deeply in love...i just find some of its modern trappings a confinement...although within pure love the confinement becomes contentment... “

“ is great to get a different view...reciprocated love causes no pain..but the loss of actual love can...death of a loved one can devastate us...the departure of one we love or fearing their danger can flip us into distraction...i agree yes fully the abuse of love or a lover is tantamount to causing real and damaging pain...regarding lust...i find this a very savoury aspect of love itself and not outside of it...people can mistake lust for basic primal instinct but that is just compulsion rather than lust however powerful...real lust can only take you to a true temperature when the elements of love set it alight... “

“..100%...eternal love has nought in its is infinity of emotion in itself and what greater power than that? there are different loves on earth...i never doubt the eternal love even in my darker instils strength and courage in me up is the other loves on love...of of...i find these rather tricky manoeuvres inside the facts that you have to be complete and content...the many degrees and variants of love demand or desire different measures of yourself and onto others...some seem more like a challenge or a chalice... even competitive sometimes...are all these crazy loves considerable for divinity? “

“...all the words and expressions of love in this post have inspired me with a lot of woman i am fighting the intensities of experience and trying to defend the true concepts...i have to confess that my view (but not deep belief) is that men suppress the expressions and meanings of love more so than woman...but all of these words from real men...have thankfully helped to shatter that illusion...the depth of your expressions surpass you all have a free flow and ambition of loves power...whilst i am still amidst the calamity of awaking to it...

i see woman or man without the true convictions to the higher beliefs of love as week, when based solely on adult other experiences of love can leave a very dark and deep void too...intense childhood recollections of love left me running to the library to reference the facts...i have no recall of these facts in my own reality...parental love...self love...

i know and have survived on the facts that we all have our own inner love...but i was actually physically convinced that i would be always unloved and unable to love...deeply imprinted in my conscience by others close to me...i have felt my own sense of love beyond that and no longer believe all the nonsense i was fed... but still the fabrications that were left have dissembled my true inner self into a mere counterpart of what i should be...

i hope this doesn’t sound too i feel no depression or grief on these facts...they were just facts of the past...but the fact that there are voids to fill will never stop consuming me...and i know there are a great many others on the same trip to enlightenment!

i will be able to reply to each post in more depth when i log back on...

finally...blessed be the true men on earth...and theirs is the true love! “

“the joy! the pain! february 26, 2007 9:27 am

we all have our own senses of love....each with unique needs and desires...some basic and compounding, some ballistic and contradictory...if we accept this or not...we still have this inside us all...

the fact about love is that we do not present so well the pain...we are wrapped in the notion of joy! love breads and conceives only is easy to lure us into this security but we aside the other extremity of love...the pain...

we feel love inside us, we replicate it outside of is both physical and has been put on the pedestal of solution to pain but it can sometimes cause this grief...

basically then we have to accept both sides of this powerful force...this maybe the fear that grips some most ominously...experience...good and bad experiences will breed good and bad opinion...but inside that basic trap we have only two solutions...when love should be limitless of concept, expression and exploring...

so the concepts of promoting love as ultimate joy contributes to its own promotion to cure the failings of recognition of its total effect upon you...maybe so many of us fall pray to the downside as we are so hooked up on its high...

love therefore should be taken for the good and the bad...not just good and bad experiences but feelings too...the bad experiences also held good therefore the experiences of love are useless...but their feelings priceless and precious...this fact should be promoted more we all know what we are diving into“

“the beautiful storm... february 24, 2007 8:20 am

your piece is very deep...we share a lot of beliefs...that energy is never ending and transforming and it can travel...i love your concept of quantum love!..that binding...for mankind more so than other creatures...but i feel my passage of love and my passage of life have never co-existed intricate love...where i embody unto a higher divine than divinity itself but not of the height of the source/god...that is where i question...if my accumulation of quenched hopes will count in that place where we meet ourselves?...will it emerge for me? it is not present in any other form in existence?...i feel therefore i am...for me is: i feel therefore i am high...

yes...i recognise this notion too...i just don’t have a real physical link...i have no in-depth generational background to my existence...i was raised separate from my blood i have no link in that region...i have two very sincere and close friends...but you cant rely your whole universe on that... i don’t feel less on earth for this, in fact i feel liberated in many emotional ways...but in the perspective of ultimatum...and quantum...i may not be apart of that

again i can totally relate...these words encourage me a risk of sounding arrogant...i have been greatly needed and greatly wanted in life but not greatly loved...yet i strive on love as the ultimate solution...whatever i feel love may be...high, joy..pain...frill...grief blablabla...i cannot disrespect its power or pull

your words fill me...this is the point of love where i crux all my hopes...that which is boundless in me will be the same energy surrounding me within my salvation

i do believe also that it is possible to have to catch that possibility of loves existence throughout the levels and planes of spirituality and life. void actually gives a great counter-part to that seeking...from very young i was in own secret vision of my hero love...mine! maybe this has helped destroy every relationship i have ever encountered ...but it is still strong and it wasn’t the only maybe this is my subliminal guide to lead me to the eternal crazy love and away from the many lost plots disguised as love? or maybe i have merely summarised a defence? either way it is powerful so it is real...
you make incredible sense and have given a lighter perspective to my ominous clinging at loves edges“

“..true...that’s why i started this love is the one thing that always condemns me/i condemns...fails me/i fail it...blablabla...yet i keep on back for more...maybe because i set my own trials???? “

“..thinking on more about your also explains more meaning into that theory of eternal is surrounding, unseen and suffices a form of and love the oxygen of the next life we are to live? have my head bouncing now on good theories... “

“mysterious expectations february 21, 2007 9:08 pm

i do genuinely feel a similar process...if ram and hard disk being representative of the soul and spirit...i often challenge which one would appropriate to the other...

it is a great similar the computer as it is the nearest dynamic of comparison to the human body and mind...all the physical counterparts run off the electrical impulses beyond our general scope...but then there is bios and other rams that you can add...maybe this is where(if comparing to a human eternity) we as humans maybe miss other certainties of ourselves beyond the brain and mind and even sub/conscience...our need to discover higher expression and understanding of ourselves is highly suppressed...we have reached so far as the sub/conscious and are still playing around its we are left dangling by the rope we left lying around somewhere...if you know what i mean?

then there is the analysis and breakdown of love to bring into the other intricacies..


in love

love of

these are a competitive element to each other in physical love is a force and therefore a demand...but each in a spiritual place resides well...this is the point of confusion to the energy we all abound to only suited in the next place (for some if not all)

secondly the compounding of these energies into the passage of eternity...if the experience of love on earth is as perspective as its is actually a contradiction of total purity one may have to attain to reside on high or in peace...saying that i think i just found my own choice of either or both of 'on high' or 'in peace' i think i want it all!

i would love to expand this further but the diving into my own head just now has babbled me out...time to seek another solace/subject for the evening... “

“crazy love eternal!!! february 21, 2007 11:29 am

all the ways of love...its meaning and the contradictions of this unconditional force!

by a question...i may be answering it if i can build any logic around it and you may too!

q: if love is eternal...if we are cleansed to be pure in each incarnation...does the eternal love follow and how? “

&ldquoerplexity... december 12, 2007 6:07 am

i think about deep intense passion...fired from desire...i lust over moments of pleasure, bound inside my senses...of naked skin...aroused senses and of lingering thoughts...

i see limbs entwined and me consuming and devouring the gorgeous and delicious sights...

i want the moments so hot and so loving and so immensely beautiful“

“script? august 02, 2007 3:35 pm

erotic are my thoughts now

erotic with the deep touches of the images of you

i am naked

i am alone but in the company of your warmth

my body is alive as my mind drifts

my body is hot and my mind is fixed

my mind drifts and then floats

my mind leads my hand to touch me

i am in a state of readiness

i am

ready for your erotic and hot taste

ready to sip on the juices of our desire

i am ready!

i am“

“erotic sense april 29, 2007 5:20 pm

lingering with licks

and a swallowing sigh

my heat does rise...

stroking the sensitivity

in bemused delight

the sound, the feel, the sight...

the moans are penetration

the skin glistens

our passion listen...

the eruption inside and out

it is deep and warming

it is sheer with all senses coming“

“reading it in a split context of male and female erotica...i don’t know if its just me or is someone else sensing a pattern...

the female is very concerned about the emotional and tender erotic...

whilst the male in instance is focused on the flesh and superficial aspects in action...their words (poetry) lets slip to a subtle affection through poetry and verse...???

or is it just me? “

. “..what you said about 'when you grow up'...i had such a sad childhood that was my famous statement...i always conjured the most amazing set if circumstances in my head to live up have me flash backing superbly...although i never remember thinking of a perfect partner...i always thought about a perfect me...thank you for helping me focus on the importance of things besides reality and others...myself... “

“...i find tranquillity in the inner state of being totally me...ambience then accentuates that mood...

i love the ambient scenes of the dance world...the dance culture is a very erotic place...the music is so sensually uprising and the movements of dance inside this branch of the dance scene is so deep...the atmosphere of totally letting go adds to that erotica too...

its not really the affection of a man that impresses we are all capable but not all willing to express this emotion...its the respect...the concentration of attention really makes my chest rise in a deep wanton sigh...

i suppose i must need a good warming into being passionately that’s why i am getting “

&ldquout that way chris i would also have a different answer...i choose passion drive for my own personal mr perfect as i am quite a shallow orientated type...sigh...i must learn to raise my expectations...

but looking at and admiring others it has to be the sentiment of a man...his intense can see the quality shine when it is there...the grace they give to their love or lover is of deeper respect from eye contact, tone of voice and the way they accompany their love, slight touches in crowded public places guiding them...cuddles when they shiver...the finer things in life! “

“..don’t be shy! sharing is part of learning! “

“finding your erotic path march 24, 2007 12:34 pm

our journey into the erotic arenas and destinies of our inner selves is the pathway we take continually...whether aware or humans we are still surrender able to our erotic compulsions and senses...intricate physical systems ride continuously and merge into our other magnetic forces...we are physically designed to enhance these properties and endear them into our natural strive.. “.

“fantasy and erotica march 13, 2007 8:35 pm

there are two main ingredients to any arousal ... (amongst many other things) ... fantasy and consent! is chaos the other control...the balance of extremities is what perfects erotica...

like taking uppers and downers in one...and the sensations penetrate somewhere amidst or mid-stream...without the two extremities of fantasy and consent....there is no true erotica...

fantasies don’t come in one size fits all... fantasies are where we fling ourselves wide open...its where we coyly seduce...its in the the play...but it is never in the dreary fades in rebuke...even if the arousal stays the erotic goes...

so erotica is for those beyond the average hunger...beyond the suppressed is without courtesy but is with total grace... it endears to hold tight whilst letting us is release within arouses whilst climaxes way before the orgasm...erotica is beyond sex!

it feels very feminine...just the though of being lay...awaiting the crest of the overtaking masculine elements...both covering and flooding over the feminine being taken totally by two of the most beautiful power that co-exists besides each eternal and constant arrival... “

“sci-fi erotica march 10, 2007 8:40 pm

a lot of erotica is founded from the sci-fi culture...alongside the boundary-less scripts came the visuals...the vision and design to take our explore the gravity of the erotica in the universal and conceptual gratifications... “

“higher senses of erotica... march 04, 2007 6:42 pm

mirror sense

our stimuli and our senses are crucial compounds to erotica...the inner spirit seeks continuously through each of all the senses we have...those who recognise this are within the vision of divine pleasures... those who are aware become higher on each awakening of each sense...those who explore this primitive alignment surpass those who don’t...those who do not stay asleep to their own needs... are far from wrong associating your senses with intimacy...i believe that is part of their purpose...i would agree with all your suggestions...the sex on the beach...dirty dancing...the secluded forest sounds spectacular...and the others very enjoyable are a rare persona not a strange one...unique and highly sensitive to higher and spiritual sides to arousal...that is precious...

i would say you are finely sculptured rather than twisted...did i say...i love your posts? “

“..yes there are synthetic properties dominating most levels of human life...these fuse within the inner can directly affect our mental psyche we survive can define our desires...and how we desire merely leads us“

“that is a very acute observation regarding sex and food...(some may also include drugs)...

but sex and arousal like food cannot be controlled in some (probably myself included) can be disciplined though...i think a lot of people have to discipline how far they dive into that complexity

regarding man and animals...i regard both as basic creatures...regulated by survival and experience... “

“.regarding your piece on sounds like primal instincts left with us in our senses...and some trigger that generates the reaction“

“.i must admit i lull inside delicious food...the ethereal dance theory...yeah, i can say i have had some deeply sensual moments of satisfaction devouring a gorgeous plate of food...the pace of each sip or chew...even glow to the experience... “

“on the context of femininity... march 03, 2007 8:09 pm

i declare i am an avid feminist...not the traditional type or the post modern theorist...but my own unique creation...i have intentionally moulded my opinion of liberty and expression...i have witnessed the later parts of woman’s liberation and personal trophies are inclusive of personal, social and political stances...but that is all very radical...all a bit masculin-ised...

i wanted to be more feminine..almost feline to the extreme...that’s where i found the cross-roads for any and all devote feminist...the militant front of woman’s rights had splayed the obstructions and laid down new law...i felt it a personal responsibility to set back inside these victories...higher values that woman had been robbed of inside the pillaging of her virtues in equality...

it was slightly apparent in the woman who had transported themselves into the present...elements were a miss...inside themselves and inside the society they had been let loose in...

one of these senses were woman’s erotica...their freedom to be satisfied and even gratified within their natural charms and unique attributes...their needs and desired catered for and accessorised...

men had enjoyed their own versions of erotic delight but it was not consensual...harems and multi-brides...woman slavery and deprived conditions all below their feet...the realisation of woman’s equality pruned at their so-called liberties...

an atmospheric shift in global art scenes and cultures helped woman again surge to be firstly aroused to themselves and then by others...woman started to promote their own unique orgasms...they were now also able to pick and choose their own sexual partners...

woman began to expose themselves to the arts before ever truly being able to be confident with were being designed into new predators of their own sexual re-identification too...erotic stimuli was ripening into new exotic fruits for woman and men...

i personally think that the erotic realisation in woman have promoted more of the feminine objectives than obstructed them...the personal and intense concepts of human inner beyond any physical liberty“

“total consciousness... march 03, 2007 7:47 pm

...i am really interested in all the elements of herbs...although i haven’t practised its therapies and tonics for many is lovely the way it associates the finer qualities of herbs and fusions their value within their erotic properties...really have given me many ideas to indulge in...i believe also in the higher properties of aphrodisiacs, a siding their sexual properties...the total stimulation of the senses...that opening of inner sensuality to be acutely aware of inner reactions...this is a fine piece of stimuli... “

“erotica! the femme crux or crucifixion march 03, 2007 5:13 pm

do you believe that erotica has helped or confined woman’s true expressions in life...woman’s deep femininity? “

“...i actually appreciate lots of the finer classic nudes and the naked fantasy arts...they don’t arise sexual fantasy but i admit do lead a sway to escapism fantasy...liberty even...there are lots of appreciations within art and expression to satisfy all and any type...

what you say about the dance scene is so true...i don’t know if you chilled in any of the same cultures in the dance scene like pasha and loveland and such...these are classic examples too of extremity in innocence and erotica...a physical playing ground for fantasy and erotic expression...not sex...erotica!...there are lots of other fantasy elements to the dance scene too, as its main fundament of establishment was based on the fantasy realms... “

“...with such beautiful thoughts and dreams...surely they will come true to reality...and replenish the world’s need of such beauty“

“on the inside? february 27, 2007 11:39 am

inside us all is an erotic mirror...we do not see the reflection...we create it... “

“a magic or a mystery february 27, 2007 11:33 am

as adults we are the magic that summons our erotica... “

“the erotic primitive february 27, 2007 12:15 am


as primitives it would have taken war to finally challenge mankind to get dressed...i suppose... “

“the senses of erotica! february 25, 2007 7:14 pm

...yes it is quite fascinating...the total concept of the emancipates us more than we as humans are fully aware of...there is a pseudo and a psychological element within erotica that i am seeking in this thread...we are all obvious to the pleasure factors...but i want to delve into the finer functions and even obsessions within erotica... “

“transcending light... february 26, 2007 9:57 pm

here’s my first summary:

transcending light is the highest aspiration within energy that cannot be seen but can be felt...this stimulation triggers the inner visions and first let the feelings go free to travel...when the feelings return and reach you then the transcending has completed and you are then within the vision of the highest light... “

“to arise! february 26, 2007 10:39 pm is a philosophy...the science of mental and emotional discovery as all this group is...the reference to transcending light in a more objective description could be changing into goodness...arising and arousing into unseen energy or overwhelming energy...hope this clears it a little... “

“movement is energy!!! february 27, 2007 8:22 am

...a perfect way!...vibration represents movement...all movement is energy and all energy is life...i believe our physical counterpart of us arrived through vibration...the chaos and collision of space that then gave to us sight from the huge dark abysses of the universe...after the first sounds and movements that caused vibrations and explosions we saw light!

the vibration inside us...the unseen movement...that is a perfect place to start.... “

“further expansions into the light february 27, 2007 9:18 am

hi...i wanted to expand from my first summary of my philosophy on transcending light...i first wrote:

transcending light is the highest aspiration within energy that cannot be seen but can be felt...

the transcending inside us is without a physical boundary...a form of becoming without actual action...only subliminal reaction...a form of power to conjure, conceive and then complete...the conjuring is the thought process..the links and chains of thinking that eventually arrive into a state that it may conceive...this conceiving then becomes the strive or ultimate force to complete or become complete within that strive...

my summary continued onto:

this stimulation triggers the inner visions and first let the feelings go free to travel...

at this point the transcending is the journey and the light is the destination...the transcending is within you...your perception your power...the light is that which you wish to achieve an element that has yet to be fabricated into make you new or aware or whatever your perception is seeking...that is where the journey restarts...but this journey is not the one inside is the one yet to be apart of you...that is where it must run free...inhibited and unrestricted...

when the feelings return and reach you then the transcending has completed and you are then within the vision of the highest light...

after the experimentation within the journey and the free roams on exploring the return and/or acceptance of this journey completes your are now within its higher light/ness“

“curious.. february 27, 2007 10:09 am

to alter perception one must alter the perspective. that the perspective inside us or the perspective created outside of us? i ask as i am curious to both notions“

“you of great mind... march 03, 2007 4:38 pm

...your statement on perspective is eloquent...that eloquence led me to my question as i did agree and it did get me thinking and tinkering with ideas...i should have been more descriptive so i will give you my answer...

based on the inner perception...we enhance by control...inner control...based on outer perception, this can be controlled by others so it is more confined... i prefer to play with the inner perception personally“

“just thinking...

when we seek more from ourselves...we reach towards the need...we sanctify the want....we strive to achieve...we achieve to transcend...

if transcendence was a physical process is would be much like evolution...the mental disparity and the physical discourse to adapt...but very unlike too...history is then as an abstract to create the illusions of time for the ourselves to fully transcend...we must attune into that nature...with our nature...and channel that focus upon ourselves whilst projecting this magnitude upon others...

powers of will and vision are as powerful as they are strong as they are too is transcendence“

“religion in the context of spirit february 18, 2007 8:42 pm

if god exists then so do the divine!

gods favourite creation

if god exists then we are all flimsy within a realm that our present physical form could never take to witness...our frequencies could never reach the sensations and senses of release and expression if in direct communication with god. this instils my believe of mortal entities earning such an adulated event...of god and of a divinity higher than ourselves on an etherised and celesta plane...and we do meet with those who are divine...

in our own concept of beauty we feel energy that can not be physically touched...we believe it is there because we allow it to build, we access it into our primitive and intellectual instincts and we let it become a part of us, if only for a moment or some sudden is an untouchable but tangible essence that imprints in us and becomes part of our eternity...

this energy is still a mystery...but we is one of the last of the invisible human forces in existence that stirs great power, other than we have developed our earthly intellects we have denounced our heavenly wisdoms...we believe in love on the mass and total scale because it is the one mystery that served a basic and unquestionable conceive, breed and survive the human race...that leaves mankind only one objective of survival left...mere is the one invisible energy we feed from because we are in places that allow us only that...if one power can be so strong and so great...we are euphoric within all

so what other energies can we conceive to live beyond survival?... without religion the collective behaviours of spiritual and celestial practices and beliefs would have become extinct by this age...left to the average conscious...the gathering and disciplining of mortals to be connected to an higher source and respect natures force would not have been protected...we would have never conceived the basic ideas of respect, virtue, conscience and higher human attributes...we would have never met with philosophy and our psychologies would have never been discovered...ironically in these days religions passion is tempered with war, the power of hatred!

as our philosophies developed mankind linked into the processes we have today ...courtesy... strive... affection and consideration...and these were achieved from the re-fining of our religious devotions into philosophical experimentation on our behaviours and therefore qualities of life...our sophistication led us to load these attributes into our mental make-up...the awareness then drove us to delve into psychology...we recognised for the first time, the higher planes and the existence of the mind...

the divine then arrive as masters of our pre-conditions and progressive and applied attributes...they are those who have tempered and disciplined the higher graces and messages to us all...we call them messiahs, prophets, soothe Sayers and saints...we are challenged to deliver them our attention to hear the messages we pray for or acclaim to refrain from...

religion is a circle of the vivacious or the vicious... dependent upon purity or prejudice... “

“god the source! february 18, 2007 8:44 pm

shine on

the source/god is so vast and elemental...the basis of our physical existence (planets and gravity of which our comprehensions could never measure)...and our spiritual force that is boundless as it is not suppressed by time and space. “

“high in belief february 19, 2007 5:12 pm

everyone...i love your posts....the concepts of god and divinity have fascinated me intensely in the last decade...i have always been attuned to higher nature and high spirit...but from experience i feel that i have not yet gratified my belief of/in god but i am still exploring it...

i do believe in/of god but i feel there are different questions to ask other than 'why are we here' as an example...i would choose to question 'what am i here for?'...i wish to expand beyond present texts and histories...into my own unique and unmistakable source and beliefs will differ from others too and i want to fully enshrine the true virtues of respect within this truth... other than that of what is presently on earth

i admit with enthusiasm that i shall enjoy up most the discussions to come “

“creation control! february 19, 2007 7:21 pm

this is one of the purest paths towards divinity...i feel...liberation and discipline...liberation as in achieving goal or purpose and discipline in being of the strength or state to do so

i believe from a personal perspective that total existence is always aligned in a dual channel or path (chaos/order - good/bad) i feel this is what holds back a lot of people in expressing their true attain the order they seek they have to reap the chaos, so i find your philosophy to be in true spiritual strength as in to create our day sometimes it has to be destroyed first...and that challenge is where some fail“

“if all would realise...all would have deep salvation of their own higher existence could respect less...apart from that respect of intention...a circle or ironic? “

“qoud libet...12:33 pm

...excellent probe into the rigours of religious repertoire and pomp...if we treat religion as a mere education, rigid and without definitive liberty to progress, surely our souls stay within that suppression too! and therefore our true destiny...much of what is true of religion suffers ridicule...ridicule without reason is a self-treason to those who serve it...and pity those who loose enlightenment but show no sympathy! “

“..hi this is very similar to my personal philosophy on the 'me, myself and' personas of people...the me as you see...myself, that you don’t see...and i, the compound of the me and myself...beyond this i also seek the philosophies of me, myself and i/high ..the high representing that which is above me and sees down onto me...

very interested in your post, i hope you can expand with me any of the above philosophies and thoughts“

“...yes i feel what you mean in your reference to me... and to your question of my words:

my beliefs will differ from others too and i want to fully enshrine the true virtues of respect within this truth... other than that of what is presently on earth

all religions have been founded from purity but have been built on fabrications and acts that represent anti-religion...

what any religion is, to me personally, is a written set of collective wisdom, that did not exist before eternity or mankind but only from when and by whom it was written...the true acts of religion are still important though

that collective wisdom is what should be allowed free flow...this should always be what religion is built upon and no their structure...the structuring comes in by the establishment and conviction to the founding purity of religion...therefore i believe our religions are in denial or being denied true devotion“

“god in science february 19, 2007 9:51 pm

yes science has been delivered both contradictory and conclusive refining for the last years gone...from the point where outside bias and interests prevail over analysis and solution...the focus in science has shifted as though it were the arts (like minds)...the critique and creative processes taking presidency over the fundaments of explore!

i find it slightly non-progressive too how science can only fathom at the invisible forces on earth like a levitational spindle...adapting into higher science the seeking of scientifically analysing philosophy donates solutions from the mental to the has sussed the seen and the unseen, forsaking the unseen as irrelevant...until we see how both of these evolve we never see what binds them...the bridge of matter to element

i feel that is where people become one dimensional... lost in only one counterpart“

“your fusing of einstein and ghandi is an outstanding concept...if dreams do apparition i will be dreaming with you “

“i believe in reaching the higher conscience that it matters not that you rise in earth drenched intoxication or in your own inner long as the mind is focused, willing and open then it is ready... people achieve that in their own way...but then to put that religion into your own life takes your own way...but it is vital that you are always aware of your physicality and their limits of tolerance in seeking spiritual levels...

for every philosophy that you make your own becomes that day you create...and you have already created at least a week! “

&ldquoeace out! february 19, 2007 10:00 pm

...i love what you are saying about the karma and destruction...the essential wisdom that so many our physical lives began in the destruction followed by chaos must our inner selves...our unseen power...

dance, dance who ever you may be! for the living spirit lives free!

peace and love“

“sight is up most in achieving balance...your words are true...focus is lost inside a directionless position...the big picture is no bigger than the totality it is inside...but everyone’s picture is painted differently...i think your focus is acute... “

“some of the best views are from within the you never get a good look until you get close up... “

“..i believe there is a balance...but as yet on this earth we have not achieved it...with or without society...

the days of harmony have yet to come!

but we are replenished in heaven, we are cleansed and purified and reside in this the notion we strive to whilst having to be tested on earth...??? “

“yes it seems man is a permanent pupil to the teachings of spirituality and even our own senses...this i think is a good and bad think...depending on how each individual attends these lessons...

we definitely are the creatures of perception...i really relate to the correlation of truth inside perception...that once we register something as truth, we usually dismiss all proceeding factors and facts...we nip progressive awareness at the root...

the machine should serve should not serve the machine!

judgement is a great part of perception....the concluding perception should be the only essence of reality we choose...leaving the truth to subside in the invisible gravities of the mind...we all have and need truths...they are the fabric of moral and honesty....but the place of truth should be inside the cold light of day...not the warm seasons of the inner mind...the ever changing wisdom...

emotions are the main mechanics of the we feel and release emotion...emotion increases both its physical and conscious levels...emotion itself is a self-fulfilling element...let that be the truth of the mind...

pre-occupations of the mind fill us all daily....whether good or bad, they can consume us...the distraction from pre-occupation is inside the mind...the mind is inside is a deep dive into the emotional perceptions of ourselves...but it is also a deep pool to take a serene or sensual dip too...

the serenity and sensuality of the mind and spirit each have their own unique attributes....but together in the exceptional pleasure valves of the brain....the mind and perception should always dance to their own tunes and truths...ever changing truths to suit the ever changing human...our spirit is sense persona...let it play! “

Visibility: Everyone
Posted: Aug 9, 2008 7:08pm
Aug 9, 2008

and so on...and so on...

MY PROTEST statements from public discussion threads!

enjoy the experience...

“i think the biggest fear mankind should keep is the instinct that leads us all to facing true realisation...the landscapes of the world are drastically fragile from the pillaging of mankind and the skies are filling with our after effects...

besides all this nature is a volatile force and always will be!”

”...what if this place is infinite? has existed aside all its planetary partners in space far greater than the others...and it does have its own way of getting rid of infestation/germ effects of its environment...quakes, floods, volcanoes, tornados, hurricanes, tsunami, and so on...maybe that’s its secret? doesn’t take exodus from no_one!”

”...the brainwashing we receive today is mainly in the interest of something or other and not us...we need sound science and industry to trust again...
but as you say...can we wait?”

”by constitutional law throughout europe... a crime cannot be deemed so, or evidence used towards such, in any legal matter, unless the proofs are provided from the date the new law is established...this legal technicality can serve to release any defendant!”

“tear down the boundaries:
living inside an expressive and emotive society or nation in the west is a sensory overload from birth...we are artists without knowing it and surviving it without seeing it...our personal expressions have many options but mainly two further or fester!

if we choose to further our expression we are deciding on new dynamics, ultimate dynamics and of course crucial dynamics...we are not led, we are leaders of our own progression...already we are tearing and breaking at boundaries...we are super-evolving!

if we fester our expression we fester a great part of our souls...we give into the boundaries...we can even become slave to and dependent upon these suppressions...we are creations without creativity!

so do you choose to further or fester? can you se ?beyond and see the boundaries...and dare you tear them down...??”

”i once thought i was well hard sneaking up to the sacred mounds (a no-go area) at stonehenge when the security staff were there...i thought i had retrieved my heritage rights at free stepping! i thought i had tore down something of a boundary in my own courage...i thought i was rebellious because i partook in a bubble bath attack on the local authorities water fountains...

i now see the amateurish attempt at my supposed wild, free liberties...for if i could steer my stubborn inclinations into a braver front...i would have tore more boundaries down for others and their much more needed liberties...

i believe there is lot of injustice on freedom...persecution upon braveries are now brimming to oppose these rules within non-violent methods of course...this is going to be my next next berlin wall !!!”

”..there are some very true and realistic solutions inside this piece...the balance of embracing what we have been and had in our world , as humans...and what we will all need to create our futures...

there are some great facts to about old and new fuels too...

here in the uk we are islands surrounded by shores but we don’t develop off shore wave power...the east has one of the easiest power!...but with the west bombarding it constantly, the options are too could suffice and flourish with solar technologies and powers structured into their societies...

i believe the full industrial spectrum needs to look at all their processing and production methods...from how they source their they distribute goods...minimal chemical usage and their fuel resources...the list is too long to write...but unfortunately the way governments keep industry in their own will be a fight...a challenge and a near war to gain any successes!

there were a lot of facts in the piece too that rang reality alarms on the environmental front...the scales of disasters are creeping to their own momentum as we, humans, degrade all its balance...”

”this is a terrible set of events for the is the same globally now...the one resource that humans cannot live without (food) is treated like a low grade commodity...and when it is cultivated more money goes into pesticides than the farmers wages...

it is similar in the uk too...the farmers and fisheries of the uk have suffered great blows with the opening of markets, and were left in dire straights by their own government at the without a lot of the eu grants, farming is becoming a rarer and less sustainable industry than ever in history...

the governments should wake up to the real issues, the real causes and give precedence where it is necessary”

”..this is an astoundingly chilling account of global political facts...

the details spoken of in the film reside very accurately in the coinciding of events and strategies of both the second world war and the near coming third world war...

we see camps, we see war, we see political greed and corruption, we see the hype and propaganda...these facts seal the truth and should be an eye opener for the world...are we all so complacent now as to let this kind of political evil run rule over humanity?”

“it seems war time has benefited the few from the sufferance of the many!”

”maybe its time for all the independents unsigned to get themselves together? and blast them all out...web radio is a powerful tool...its holds audiences and viewers by the million...if the quality is there in will attract the discerning surfers and seekers”

” is so sad in this day and age that such hatred could exist...we have been educated and articulate to be above base pre-historic crimes...

there are so many real evils out there...if mankind in totality could focus and distinguish better...we would all have a better place to live”

”the global approach to south america is diabolical...from the bases of the american stock citizens all tally in there investments and interests at the costs of these is a blessing to see chavez and his counterparts back in these countries...the people greedy for the profits are too full to distribute the wealth...and instead gloat gluttony over these deprived and plundered nations...

the bush administration has put another nail in the crucifixion of these countries by intensifying the onslaught of drug and social wars across these nations...and by helping to enforce american laws that do not serve the culture, climate or people of these places...

the way to control population and end abortion is with contraceptives...preventative measures...even if that entails teaching the basics of the word no...and to men that no means no! but family and social planning need support to establish effect...they need finances and dedication...

i say don’t hold your breathe for the bush administration to distribute too many services like that! ”

”the governments are still refusing to face responsibility and facts...the people need to keep educating them”

”love, light and peace 3:50 pm

i don’t know about the rest of this group...but i am horrified by burma...i am not easily shocked though very emotional...

this image posted above, following the build up of indecent and disgraceful images from burma of the not only brutal but blatant displays and actions from the burma regime of supposed leaders, is indescribable to express how not only obviously evil this is but it is also definite global regression...

not only burma is in effect from this period of disgrace but we as supposed civilised nations and citizens are without honour...may i emphasize the word blatant as used above...

emphasized in respect of the words ***** you all!

not only their nation but us! we have heard of but not seen scenes as such since prehistoric existence of the human rights act, humankind, and spirit and soul...prehistoric as we are regressed in ourselves, our nations and our planet until we enact goodness over any bad!

we are all encompassed in taking and making from not only burma but countries like this...shares and profits flow thick and quick from such places as we sip from their sickly cups...we pale at the notions of this ever happening to us...well wake up because it is...we as is happening to us!

burma like so many other countries is a slave nation to other richer states...states still dependent upon them as they are all still as corrupt as they day these companies bred their global incest and interactions to establish themselves...

i don’t know about you all...but i know i am aware of this circumstance...

i hope any member reading this is in agreement when i write that if this revolution of the burmese people is allowed to be massacred....and allowed to be forgotten, despite all other climates of human politics...hope for mankind and the human race may as well shred the constitutions so eloquently written in all forms of politics, religion and any human creatures out there who would call themselves civilised above the animals...

it is a dire climate...we as people change and shift our own atmospheres...actions speak louder than my little attempt here may never blow louder than a brief glimpse from musing browsers...but if anything rings true to you in this post, then that is the sound of your consciences banging on your souls! love, light and peace to all creatures can only be delivered by the burma regime loose their honour do we now allow other humans to exist, that this may be our coming future? the cost is our honour too! ”

”thanks for that is hard to get the full jist of us politics living in the sounds like a similar set up but with different the uk our constitution is separated by sovereign, commons and lords...each one is supposed to be independent from but answerable to the others...unfortunately like in the us we have a prime minister who changes any law he cannot over ride...and it is as obvious as watching pop stars that it all isn’t very real and one big set up...the war in iraq was determined by the pm and his close members...all usual referral to the houses of commons for debate were simply denied...the public were put under new rules of security in effect to give him a free and unquestionable position to ride in any direction he chose...this also pulled him free from parliamentary scrutiny........aghast we all find out that the reasons for going to war and endangering uk and us citizens was flawed...the more disturbing facts to arise from this is that since these measures set by the pm the uk now is being sold, quartered and sectioned and being sold to the same industry liaised governments that were set and invested in the war...i know it is the same in the us too...

we now are threatened with id cards (communists/dictators and fascist accessories)...our freedom of expression laws crushed...our civil liberties on hold and to top it all economy that is creating a gap between the rich and poor to match france before the revolution...

we are being governed by reverts whose actions no longer need prediction as we see the effect daily in solders dying and injured...iraq and afghanistans people in turmoil, grief and revengeful aggressions...national terror threats and an environmental impact report that would have mother nature turning in her near dug grave... ”

”...there are many corruptions in the drug worlds and wars...thank you for these exposures”

”...yeah africa has suffered a lot at the hands of western banking systems...and from old loans set by the west as the west sold arms, wars and chaos besides it...

many african leaders are forced into debts that don’t even suffice the country...let alone survive it...the world banks must by now be seeing the short comings of this...

loans were only allocated for specified resource that the west could further profit from...alongside the build up from decades of the old system of buying land and subsidising the farmers and locals...then forcing foreign imports...controlled price and domination too...and has left africa in a dire state...

no loans to build roads and for social value resource were allowed...this is capitalism at its up most suppressive-contradiction of a free market...more like a free for all willing to be corrupt stall... ”

”the levels of difference in social equality and balance of the widening gap is a destiny in dire for all...not only the poor

the rich will be left with poor and sallow pickings then chaos! ”

” is encouraged on cheeky.freaky to get the full facts and debate from every issue and all sides of opinion...this is very informative and is a great contribution for context...i have browsed through and it is an in-depth account...i would love to discuss further with you in the near future”

” is very defined and a very factual account...i see the point you are making here...and yes alarm bells are ringing for me too...i have read up on the east but never seen before in one account of the vast dangers in this this i mean reading through the paragraphs the biggest chill i got was seeing the similarities of the two eastern and eastern enemies in government...i have researched the western modern history to a decent extent and have become aware of its layers and how it was fabricated...the west actually mirrors the dimensions of how the east is now preparing for the west in its failed examples have really given success to that failures expand further i have taken some quotes to express the similarities i found chilling and to be the wake up call for both sides and all citizens on each side...there is like a religious pseudo political strain rushing around global politics (thankfully a siding europe) and we as citizens cant see the sudden devastation or implication to our lives if either side win...please let me expand...

...a lot of modern western governments embroiled in war today are conservative/right wing christian...set from the post war departments such as cia & mi5...after the overturning of royal/sovereign political power

..although the western governments are legally barred from such activities of torture in their own lands...this action happens to detainees under their responsibility by the same foreign bodies designed for torture and has been proved in africa, saudi arabia and such places...of innocent western citizens...although the numbers of people assassinated in direct military order are little if any...the military order of war does the same trick...kills thousands of people

...this fact i find mirrors america in uniting its states and even britain uniting its kingdom...sorely the main objective of all dominant lusting leaders on earth...not just a east west issue....china, russia...blablabla”

”..another sign of strategy but the similarities again found over here in the west...these are the facts that directly affect the power of the person versus the power of the the west now we are as citizens set in the power that we gave away, and become abstract of representation and information...the reality check on the west is now that our actions need no terrorist leader to channel us under dictatorship as our own governments do it for us...label us, re-identify our cultures, aside our voices blablabla”

” my view if the same report of george bush and his administration were published in the would receive a lot of the same appraisal”

”. . although in the west we don’t prove very well there is always compelling evidences of political corruption and assassination...dr david kelly being of one...from the modern earlier example with too many to mention are the irish home rule days...and if we nip over to america then the kennedy assassination is still on-going...same tactics i think but with a different level of sophistication...and surveillance? most of the western streets now have cctv...most cities have linked in video calls can be monitored blablabla...and soon your whole identity will be flat packed into an id card

sorry if i babbled through out any of that but the conscious point i was really making in all of this is i feel it is time to take the truth of both sides and demand the new truth of honesty...the best hope from all of the wisdom we gather is to apply it into the correct intellect...and not let any side win over people without the true victory for all levels in society and the world...a very chilling piece in the context of the present climate

thank you again i would love it if you could gather the same level of info on the western governments development and pin point out to us that fabrication too...then we have them all sitting at the table of truth? ”

” your version of history the same as those around the world?...what education did your country give you? are issues on global wars and threats represented the same in all countries? or do the national policies affect our education and access to it? ”

”...a very intricate piece, i hope you can continue posting with your vast hit the nail on the head with the 'kingdom' theory...the pre-historic values to us are their cultural inheritance...we start our rights of judgement in their attempts to apply democracy (a very western theme) still serving to their historic values...this is where the contradiction and their accumulated problems for all other we enshrined democracy our historic theories were dispersed or distributed into other sections of social order like religion, heritage and art/culture scenes...the lack of willing for governments to respect these distributions in certain parts of the globe have erupted in civil disturbance and war...the compromise of democracy versus history needs we see with the buddist their governments enforce new ways the old are under attack...this is the pin issue of most wars and civil violence throughout the world...even though the excuses have been change, the reasons remain the same... ”

”..we keep hearing in the news of the 'though police' and people being jailed for their belief or opinion...does anybody agree that this is right? do you think that an intellectual rights based society should police thoughts, feelings and all verbal expressions of history...or do you believe there is another gender going on here? like the suppression of the true history of mankind and the world at war! ”

”..i have heard that quote before...and the connection to the other speeches by american politicians...there are two fundamental differences though....although the two sets of comparisons have both been responsible for horrendous onslaughts and atrocities...the german onslaught stemmed from the credit hitler gained because of sanctions and restrictions on germany from other countries (america included)...the american atrocities have stemmed from sanctions and restrictions of bush, chaney and so on, onto others and their own... ”

”these two systematic differences and similarities finite a reflection of the present time as the same issues are still at stake...even after the global pledges made world wide...and the willing of peoples restraints to hold back hatred and put forgiveness at the forefront of any personal and global ambition...we have none of us as nations changed...never before in history has this change been so necessary...not only in the arenas of war but also our environment and our hearts

you have picked a fine example, as this is one of the biggest issues that have played or swayed national and global agendas in human history...the conspiracy of one agenda above all others...the dis-information we receive at school and in education, unless steered at combating failings of the past will only serve to re-create them in other forms and guises... ”

”i would say a lot of the near past events... since the present administration have entered into power... defines all you are saying...the abuses of power have been the biggest threat to all citizens since 9/11...once you set a climate...from a point of power it can be turned up or down to suit...and the heat on the public, their resources and lives has been turned up by politicians...not terrorists... ”

”..the bigger bombs we or our enemies make...the bigger the impact on the whole world...environmentally and morally... ”

”i think the government have been trying for some time now to go to war with iran...after the profits this administration has sucked from iraq and the american public...its all profits ahead for them...if they do...but i believe also that a war like this will be the total undoing of society and the world as we know and ever hoped for! ”

”the government ripped the constitutional laws to shreds so they get a free run...using the guise of the terrorism and national security veil...we wouldn’t need national security procedures if these guys in politics could communicate with diplomacy in the name of representing their nations...instead we have an inheritance hand-me-down set of individuals who are capable of only stirring aggression with other nations and stealing from their own!...power to the people! ”

hi people...

this issue is big...the bomb is presently the biggest threat to mankind’s harmony and existence than ever! close behind are the climate of social dis-placement, pollution and atmospheric disaster caused by the development of 'the bomb'...

the threat is heightened now at a point that is a threat to country can play on the theory that with them they are safe from attack. 911 is one of the most horrific incidents and example of the threat of not only the bomb...but of those who use bombs as a solution to global safety in foreign lands without the consideration of realistic backlash as we live in a physically volatile society...we live beside power stations that could wipe half our lands out...we buy and consume chemicals and bleaches that are processed in places that under attack can leave long and lasting environmental/human impact...what nuclear bomb can save us from these attack? there is no longer an excuse for the nuclear bomb other than for those who fail to administer and ambassador nations adequately!

social dis-placement in countries like africa, asia and south america are not a new phenomena of the effects of the bomb and war...wars are still armed in these regions to the benefit of no-one but the industries that sell and profit from dis-placement doesn’t just cause caused disease, death and further non-harmonious environmental development...clean water and social living conditions are severely deprived because of the bomb!

pollution from the bomb is consuming natural earth more so than we can sustain in the amounting of a real future boundless by time or over loaded resource dependency...river and oceans are delivering us mammal life deformed and mal-developed as the sc-fi theories become reality...ozone’s have depleted and natural seasons have been seriously disturbed... ”

”atmospheric disaster applies to the physical and conscious levels of life on the qualities deteriorate so do our lives and our minds...death and distortion cannot and should not serve mankind as a solution...we are own miracle in the waiting of release...mankind cannot deny his collective identity or interest any longer! it is in the interest of the earth and of human and animal kind that we all now focus a solution...a concise focus and establishment on new or re-newed global treaties and law...the citizen’s treaty...if citizens build together and gather co-ordinating intellects! governments loose their opportunity to carry on destroying the 'old' global treaties and law and our lives! ”

”you are welcome to contribute to this thread if you want to contribute to a solution, contribute in-sight on harmonious law and ethical balance, add informative news and issues or simply express your feelings on this matter! ”

”...this is quite embarrassing for the uk ...picking on pensioners and grannies ...liberty is choice...not crime...liberty hurts no other as this lady didn’t...crime wonder the uk cells are over crowded...not exactly worlds most wanted is it? ”

&rdquolan b:you hack into the medical system of the world leaders: you prescribe them love drugs according to their physical state: set the world conference: spike them before talks and signing:

chaney: stoned

bush on ecstasy

rice on cocaine

blair tripping

or all on a cocktail

'the spy who spiked me' by the 'love branch'

imagine the treaties:

korea is to be sent a dozen red roses

iran is to be invited to the american dream

group hug days in iraq

the debt dropped in africa and free love centres to replace embassies

the homeless are to be accommodated in the empire state building

...the opportunities are endless!!!! ”

”..yes definitely...comparing the effects of marijuana versus alcohol...we are all being ripped off!

that makes me concerned about the drugs we have offered us legally...there is a strong culture of drugs in america on the official the uk for decades we promoted therapy for america it scares me for these children that they are being prescribed drugs the average junkie couldn’t react to...its getting a bit like that in the uk too”

”..the tax issue is corrupt in the law and on the streets...there are a lot of people on the streets who don’t want it legalised because they may loose out...or politicians gain those outside of their own interest... ”

”..i've been studying drugs for over a decade now...the acid is so sharp and sometimes rabid on the head because the acid tab is dipped in a synthetic production/extract compound of the strongest part of the drug...mushrooms have all the natural calmers beside the trip that makes you mellow...that’s why the two love decades (1960s & 1980s) were the same magnitude but different experiences...

the 1960s were mainly mushroom and led to mass love movements...the 1980 acid years were led by synthetic trippers which led to a more active movement...

i believe in freedom of choice for all adults...studying the established brews and brands...i prefer to take my chances on the street if it came to it...the who keep bending and burying that many reports on the true stats of drugs that i don’t trust what they offer...a lot of banned substances are better quality/effect than the medical health systems... ”

”yes i have met someone with a gadget sewn into their body, that denies the compulsion but it only works when it is in the body...personally i think i would have given up drinking by that stage...but alcohol is also supposed to be the most addictive substance abuse...causes more violence than any other drug and also causes more irreparable physical damage...but is legal in most civilised societies... ”

”but the mind is in control of and in production of these chemicals...the mind will only release a pleasure chemical and make you feel good when it finds something pleasurable...choice from experience or preference! ”

”maybe that’s why some people are more addictive than others? very interesting...i don’t like all the gene and cell manipulation sciences though...i believe the true strength of cure is in the are never fully recovered physically or mentally until the mind is convinced...addicts can come in many forms from the drug taker to the credit card shopping housewife, addicted to shoes...the addiction to other compulsions cannot be cured by gene manipulation because it all stems from choice...i think the mind would overload by the mere cravings left behind without the channel of loosing an arm but still thinking (deep sub consciously) it is there and trying to use it...if you put that context into a mental state that the brain is without sufficient release of...i think there could be some mentally mal-formed individuals on the way with the vulnerability of triple psychosis!!! just my theory...the fight of addiction like all other illnesses i think has a missing link...”

”the truth is if we like it or not..addicts are addicted because it gives them pleasure...their minds and bodies have accepted it as a normal function like food that if they don’t get they starve! mentally or physically...most addicts i have ever met usually state that the problem is not giving up but wanting to give up by replacing that energy overload or under load...until that has been achieved they will never be cured ..resistance isn’t the cure residing in another need that is good for you... ”

”fortunately the extremities of addiction are associated with the harder drugs like cocaine, heroin and acid...the higher the high the lower they go...

another factor about addiction that does it no respect is that people/institutions cannot separate addiction from mentality from psychosis...they are two different levels! hype and propaganda contributing to the problem and not solving it!... ”

”it is not drugs that hold is the mind! ”

”africa: in union

as the world is diverted into the focus of wars in the middle east...the wars in africa are still emerging...the focus on peace in africa and helping those in need is a live issue... ”

”i am a staunch advocate for human rights and for compliance to global treaties in these respects...i find this issue the worst scenario of the abolishment of humanity since the second world war...from a point of position and in the context of abuse of position...

the world has not many other darker secrets or conspiracies...upon not only foreign citizens but global citizens...when the facts are presented, it doesn’t just get more gets more inhumane! we are being led by animals as we are treated like farmable stock! ”

”terrorism within the centuries

terrorism!!!...fear is instigated at the word...ration and reason loose their states of conscience and we give way to the bedlam. as politicians sit and try to clarify its meaning, it grows deeper besides them. as is of all on earth it grows in the movements of human plight and rights abused...twisted ethics perplex true morals, as we sanctify war we nurture new breeds of terrorism.

terrorism is not a new phenomenon...all rebels and terrorists are the realities created from our civil wars and misconstrued global wars over the many years of human existence. as we try to label terrorism and re-define its meaning, we let go of former notions and even celebrate them!

jesus christ, brave heart, robin hood and many other iconic figures in history, would in fact have been labelled a rebel or terrorist in their days. people seeking justice never loose that sense only its application changes...and changes as we cultivate it...only the implications differ.

jesus christ came as a total inhalation to our perceptions, our prejudices and our base religions and politics. he sought to define our souls, in a time of little conception towards such spiritual assumptions. we took him to be a common criminal and displayed degradation throughout his death. we took our hope and crucified we beg, deny or await his return...but one thing is mutual...we have all heard his name!

sir robin loxely and brave heart are some of englands greatest heroes and national treasures...yet if they existed today they would be arrested under the terrorism act...they spilt blood and honour to show us of the corruptions that threatened they would be extradited! what has changed mankind or honour?

to imply the word terrorist is to imply that one exists for the sole role and purpose to terrorise...this notion applied to those who fight under a different perspective only fuses and feeds the assumed aggression and terror.

let us take some unconventional terrorists within power...we need mention no names as they will differ for each reading this text...think now as you conj our their image that these people stand above others who apply the same vision upon your leader...terrorism isn’t real it is merely a perception...a convenient title used by governments to shroud impending truths and details...these acts of terrorism from governments are protected within national normalisation techniques..

we have a higher and more crucial focus than that of terrorism...we must now take it upon all ourselves to fight with intellect, strike with concept and deliver peace. ”

”the thing about terrorism is that it is a defined war (i am anti-war by the way) you know the territory, the enemy and you have contained hostilities to a specific we break down our global treaties of prisoner of war status, bombing of civilian areas and denial of human rights...we as intellects should expect the obvious outcome of the uk, the ira co-ordinated a bombing campaign that even from the smallest explosion caused the biggest out cry...home rule encouraged this, as it didn’t give way to their representation or status as citizens with rights...politics and people have seen sense now and have opened up the doors to democracy and the bombing has stopped...margarate thatcher served us one of the biggest blows to minimalise terrorism damage in the embassy siege in london...before her orders to 'not negotiate with terrorists, we witnessed only kidnappings and hijacks with we see planes getting blown out of the sky to get the messages that were once diplomatically sorted...and as other countries embrace the same strategy...terrorists are increasing theirs...we aren’t innocent in the west of contributing to terrorism by our contradictive actions we are all to blame...we cannot demand human rights for ourselves whilst denying it for others... ”

”...yes i a major part...the abuses are definitely allowed from the manipulating of religion...but it is the politics that sends out the armies and create the wars ...a few wars in history have also occurred because of love also... ”

”free to be?

the world is not free from the visions of war or grief in any country...escalation of global aggressions are increasing...the most intensely in the middle east...

there are more issues at stake than right or wrong here...there is human life lost and in danger, there are intense military assaults in one region or another daily, there is dis-placement, there is humanitarian crisis and there are threats that could destabilise or devastate the world...

the world is reliant on peace...more so today than when we first started our human wars...our industries, societies and global consciousness and futures rely on it...where ever or what ever you are!

it is too late to turn a blind eye when the dangers or devastations are in your face...we have to face them now!

a solution and respect of peace from all...for all! as we are one united earth in cause if not in conscience! ”

”acquaintance and familiarity both coincide with conscience”

”.i am guilty too...i spend boundless hours sat besides my pc...striving to help save the world...there are two ironic contrasts i is i am helping sign petitions, hopefully spreading awareness and communicating with people on the same level for peace and environment...on the other hand the electricity i use sitting here does contribute to the environment...if i got out to more activities i could make a difference! i guess it’s about balance and considering the possible achievement...does the ends justify the means?

a world where reality and make believe mesh into one where there are no consequences that cannot be solved by simply turning it off.

i like this statement! but again ironically there are two scales to judge...the intent of the net was to emerge people into global communication and unleash the imagination...but david as you shrewdly pointed out this effect has only really been taken on by those with initiative (care2 and its members) a lot of it is used for pure entertainment sad reflection on mankind’s obvious responses? ”

”earths worth

saving the environment and achieving an harmonious sustaining of its balance is an effort in need of intellect, science and commitment! planet earth need stimulation not simulation of a solution!

this thread is for the intellects and sciences for saving the planet and environment from mans mistakes... ”

”bush, blair and those they front are attempting to finite bedlam and disturbed chaos by conjuring to their own public and the world the old fashioned 'illusion and confusion' strategies...

they actually market to us the adulation of crisis and fear and use medias to promote and advertise it...the wars in the middle east have combusted of the later years...the wars in africa are still smouldering from this same strategy from decades of was debunked by the supply of weapons supplied by the western governments that are now invested in the middle east wars...the profits that were accumulated from the supplies to africa were then buried within the saving schemes for the present middle east crisis..unfortunately for them africa suffered drought and famine and dis-placements that the war mongrels could not control or enact to make profit in...human rights watches were gaining credibility too...and the hidden modern day slave trading was coming to an abrupt end with anti-apartheid and such...

so africa was shunned and an intense focus was then set on the middle east...where industry and war was always on a simmering scale...which leads us to today... ”

”the 'confusion and illusion' of both peace and war...for there is no complexity in any solution to peace other than bringing those to justice or account who condemn peace and choose war...there is no end or start of war without the same ethics to shatter the 'confusion and illusion' and build 'truth and order'”

”a sure sign of the governments trying to bolster hype and propaganda whilst causing conflict and corruption...whilst getting the us citizens to pay for it...wouldn’t be surprised if the old 'support the troops' emotional and patriotic blackmail card gets played...the troops need more than support they need a total strategy! ”

”i have to admit before i carry on that i eat meat...i was a vegetarian for about five years and that was about eight years ago...near poverty changed my feeding habits back to meat...

i first became a vegetarian after seeing the factory farm conditions, mad cow disease and the drugs and additives that are put into meat...the factory farms are not only inhumane but have proved to have caused detrimental and near irreversible damages to animals health and welfare...i believe a lot of the modern meat and animal diseases have stemmed from the mass production and farming of livestock...the drugs at the end of this rancid chain is even more dangerous to our bodies...

i am totally and emotionally violent towards animal testing...and the way that animals are near extinct in their own habitats is very upsetting and alarming... ”

”...this site is loaded with radical truths...again...thanks...this site is a channel of its own!

much decent viewing ahead”

Visibility: Everyone
Posted: Aug 9, 2008 7:03pm
Aug 9, 2008

and so on...and so on...

MY MADNESS from a public discussion thread!!!

enjoy the experience...

“i don’t practice enough of my fantasies...reality keeps getting in my way...there should be a fantasy council that preserves and protects the basic fundaments and liberties of our imaginations! yes ranty, rant, rant...rant!”

”welcome it seems you have to let it all out...let me join you...aaaaaarrrrrrhhhhhhrrrr”

”well that is a double edged you mean men of woe or is that your outlook on the opposite

1. are men of woe all the same? yes i think so for a man of woe is filled with the senses of all other men of woe...replicas of bad-lessons in life and love...

2. are all woe-man (woman) the we are not...we just all fall into the same social and love as to escape our similar instincts then arise and we all appear to be the”

”i feel humble even unbefitting for such endearing expression...i feel through words and you words stir me i am enticed by your thoughts and allured to your depth...”

”yes balance like all things if a fine we tip it is always our choice...”

”so that’s where you get your opinion of woman from...cant say i blame you if those were the reasons...i have never been married because when i do its forever! so i understand your animosity towards the she-males of this i have emulated most of my opinions from bad experiences...

its a phenomenon throughout mankind to accumulate and concentrate the badness as our experience to crucial memory...i too fall into this human trap...its like its so easy to do so...or maybe its just better for our egos to put down the other we feel no remorse for ourselves...for our own failings...that’s how it feels for me anyway...


will i ever find the mr. right-for-me?”

”excellent...that’s the best summary of what you just stated...

true...very true!...we are trying to live inside the mess rather than clearing it up...

we try to adapt or re-invent the mess instead of living clean...we attempt to repackage the lies instead of delivering truths... humans, nations and one big world”

“the corporate media and their transparent walls of deception...and that’s why they attack the internet sooooo much....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrhhhhh they better stop it...because the net is the only wire with truth running live that is left”

“one thing i have noticed is the negative campaigning...we used to love all that over here in the uk...gossip and gore and all!!! but we sort of clued up when it backfired and we realised we weren’t taking notice of the important issues...the policies and not the post thanks”

“a voice like such could never be lost...and you really were saying something...i don’t understand why the us hasn’t already adopted such a universal approach to medical and health care when they are amongst the most richest and scientific countries in the world...”

“true too...the disease of those who profit off the cure...mankind’s cure...people paid for these cures by their taxes...establishing societies and services...people have worked inside these industries and created these mammoth wealth’s...but people don’t see the true benefits of pure science inside society...

aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh why not?????????”

”and i thank you and welcome you here in this screaming gallery...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

“! not those piddly minded randoms that perch their attitudes besides our neat atmospheres...every day of our hour slaying careers...hate them...power snivelling, drivel fuelling idiots all of them...i prefer work-mates any day! the ones that send you those hysterical emails when your boss is being an *** ... they get you a coffee when they are going for one...and they even offer to car-pool...screaming shame on you baaaaaaaaaahhhhd-co-workers... the governments kiss *** industries now so that real workers rights are neglected...the governments of the west have squandered the earnings of prosperous and progressive work forces and adamantly refuse to rectify things..."

"the crisis is only created by those corrupting chances and national interests a sided for personal and family gains of the certain shadowy figures in the financial higher-arch’s...

eco-technologies and progressive industries around the world have existed for decades...the warnings besides the present dangerous and polluted industries have co-existed besides them in parallel too...

all warning signs from science now threats to us through nature...whatever their conspiracy is...there isn’t a plan super man could conj our that could save mankind from the constancy and man-stimulated extremities of nature and reign power above it...their plans would not only take societies down but the heads of those societies especially...

the new eco-technologies not only save the planet, they also save money too...another edge the industries don’t want the consumers to have...their whole systems are based on greed to gather hoarding satisfy the investors...

get on your soap box anytime please...and scream at them like it is


“its probably all that social research techniques the western governments did in the 1950's...they have probably devised perfected methods of distractions upon the nations...

really, really complicated tax schemes and such...

alongside this the damn governments have taken their ride all over our (the global people) rights now that their is barely room for expression, let alone freedom to protest...


”really ****ed off scream coming at you all”

”the corporate bastards have taken over the asylum...but the lunatics are on the loose...i see myself as a lunatic because they drive me mad too...lets spend 2008 putting some protesting and petitioning spanners in their works...fully peaceful and non-violent of course...

welcome and scream out to the world “

“the dissent we show today discerns what we have tomorrow

each drop that falls

each drop we drink

each drop we know

is each drop we think!”

”we are all absolutely either usk'd or uks'd

because we are all in the same boat now!”

”today i have perfected a whole system of silent screams...they are now harmonic echoes...

and i feel great!”

”a psychedelic scream all over me”

”with such a voluptuous and beautiful scream...”

”your taste is implicit with fusion style...thank you
lets get going on this thing called expression...”

”there is undeniably wide scope for the charges against the reality of our human rights...freedom of speech and freedom of expression must be screaming at us and rolling over in their near dug us...have we forsaken them?”

“so lets analyse this situation a little.... 6:37 pm

are all in agreement that the obvious causes of social insanity stem from:

1. corrupt politics

2. corrupt religion

3. corrupt industry

4. conscious less individuals

the corruption spreads when:

1. personal liberty and rights start to get battered

2. taxes rise

3. inflation follows

4. war starts erupting

positive impact arrives when:

1. we all become aware of precedence and not preference?”

”my mind as a mushroom?

if you make mine a mushroom?

you can fry the memories in one swoon!

and the energy couldn’t come too soon?

you could bend all the spoons!

turn up the heat in the back room?

as i grew under the moon!

if my mind was a mushroom... “

”the whole identity thing and the social interactivities on offer...they simply bind us blindly away from our true mental make-up...the way we are without supposed and presumed social standards and 'norms'...humans are a world away from their own senses...they contrive the replication of commercial supply and adhere it into their domestic demands...”

”i do believe though that other explorations of our mental and conscious destinies sometimes need a little tweek or two...and what better than sincerity and understanding from fellow humans...failing that! i personally found self-exploration a fascinating progression...but an exploration not only of me but of other minds...great minds...distorted minds...disciplined minds...blablabla! not comparing but fusing these invisible elements of the most extreme mentalities...”

”thank you...your perspective is as ever amazing!”

”are you naturally a screamer or a schemer? january 19, 2008 5:40 pm

i have sort of narrowed my inner frustrations into two categories...screaming (usually because i cannot satisfy them) or scheming (typically because i have to satisfy them)...

naturally i am a screamer...i have this thing i have labelled scorched is a mental device that self ignites upon any frustrating concept, issue or circumstance...

i would love to be a schemer...a conniving, manipulative and divisive robot...lurching and lurking on the catch...but no i get the pangs of guilt or pity...i get moral god-damn conscience! why! i need to satisfy my frustrations just like the next person...but i always scream them away!


”yeah...ecstasy! do you know i almost forgot about that you know that the feeling of ecstasy is created when the mind is pleased, aroused or satisfied and triggers your natural chemical compound called seratonium...this then fills your whole body with the totality of all senses in harmony...we are all loaded!!!


how was that?”

”what kind of things in life do you find dangerous or weird?...which way do you cope and deal with them?...what weird or dangerous stuff do you partake in?”

”the more dangerous sides of human nature always come out in the weirdest strangeness is an opposition rather than a mere you know what i mean?”

”what is weirder is how we then become strangers to ourselves when ever we play with danger...for good or bad!”

”i see myself as a roaring lion most of the time...but i have only just realised its because i get treated like a push over pussy cat sooooo much...

i am creating ways now to stop my first i have to stop all the pushing! it’s going to be hard but i want to make it fun too...i will post all my innovation in this thread

what are you? the lion? or the pussy cat? what do you prefer to be...or what do you prefer your friends and family to be?”

”i have been treated like a push over pussy today again!!! well my respects were anyway...and i am roaring mad...but don’t worry i contained it...i let out a growl and went to lick my paws else where...these kittens are going to sit for me one day...i swear!


”why is it i don’t want to be a push over pussy kitten but i want one all to i can roll not push of course...


”i think men are all the same only at different times and places...if you know what i mean? i haven’t been hitched yet from a fear of getting divorced...i have been through some things but i think a divorce may throttle me over the edge of equilibrium...and i am on my nervous threshold as it is...

part of my personal therapy after one tedious relationship was to stop myself not scream out...but it turned me into a shell of expression and when i did eventually try to get back to connecting with people and let out my feelings...they were seriously ****ed...

i am practicing to perfect a state of higher expression now whether it be rage or rapture”

”it is great that you came to personify your independent spirit here...or should i say it would be great if you personify your independent spirit here”

”and if any bad tom kitties crossed you, i could imagine your swift reply to their tom kittie it!”

”i used to be really into the mental discipline concepts...mind control and mind expansion...i have absorbed half of the uk's knowledge base in the public libraries on these subjects too...

i find it amazing when you do peak...the arrival at the pinnacle of mind flight...unfortunately i have forgotten a lot of the rituals that used to get me there...nice reminder...i need some new mental refreshment”

”i am presently sub-servant to circumstances...instead of a free roaming pussy cat, i am a caged roaring lion....”

”my persona is presently balancing unbearable roars...this kitty needs to come out and play”

”oh pussy cat, pussy cat where have you been?

said the would not believe what i have seen

oh pussy cat, pussy cat what do you mean?

said the kitty quite witty...i saw all your dreams

oh pussy cat, pussy cat did you hear all the screams?

the kitty said nothing but kitty's eyes did gleam!

by moi just now!”

”roar too your hearts content...let the rrrraaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhrrrr just roll off your tongue!!!

go on! try it! rrrraaaaaaaaaahhhhh, rrrooooaaaarrrrr, rrrraaahh, rrroooooaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr!!!

gosh now i feel a whole load better too!”

”there was a prime lion who lived free

too little around him to set natural steed

he flew into a rage on the falling trees

he bit at the annoyance of human species

taking his land and killing his breed

the prime lion took the droughts as a place to feed

the lion hunted around devoured the glee

there was an prime lion with needs like me”

”i sort of believe you...but only in must be getting too deep to dangerously or falling to swift into safety...depends on how you look upon it...use the roar you put into your career and get a roar or too out...

i must admit i can be a little feisty but i too prefer to have a lion doing all the dirty growls...


”i have found that... january 16, 2008 2:08 pm

madness can be a very great and creative tool of escapism...of self-distraction and blurred inner vision towards others...but like too much of a good thing it can stick... sanity can be a stimuli to bring the chemical balances back...or is that clarity?”

”hahahahahahahah january 30, 2008 11:11 am

madness comes best...

to those who deserve it!

madness rests best...

on those unaware of it!

madness besets no more...

than all of us!”

“does anybody else feel demonic? january 09, 2008 10:16 am

i know there are a lot of spiritual groups and angels groups on care2 and plenty of religious gatherings too...but what about the anti-possessive demon busting squad...i feel totally demonic...

the last years of me living in the uk has riddled me...i feel totally submerged in toxin psyche and polluted hype...not only in politics but in the streets, in the kids, the food even my own head now...

i am full of the bile of etiquette...i am wrenching on the stenches of polite and courteous deliberation...yet i glide on...i am half insane with the humour of it snarl has turned into a monstrous grin and my growl has a hysterical laughter to it...what has happened to me do you i possessed with a demonic self-force now that contrives to exist beyond and besides the trivia that surrounds me...a lion amongst the jackals...

so do any other members have any similar experiences or are they full on angelic forces?

your truly aaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha aaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha”

”so me and my demons are going to bed


missing you all. already

sweet demons...i mean dreams”

”the devil and the demon january 10, 2008 1:56 pm

i met the devil walking out under a raging sun

it was before the dawn coming and before the day done

in a vile repute and distained manner he offered me the demon

i ushered back in unusual slack that there was no more on offer than treason

i said first i will drink the waters

where the purest blood has dripped

and quench the stains that pour with pain

and where souls were shredded and ripped

and second i will spit on your flames

and release the spirits you gripped

the holy water now runs free

pouring where it once dripped

the devil and the demon were soon on their putrid way

each discussing of what to offer in the debut of their final day”

”this is a terrible set of circumstances and echoes and mirrors the old attitudes before a constitution...the governments have this divide and conquer routine...they set a focus on what they want to abolish and then start the divide...within and around the object/s of focus...i am very sure that this is an issue for most americans at the present time...i only hope that everyone bridges and repairs their divides and then they can focus back on their conquering!”

”when you summarise the histories of guns (aside from the fact that they were created to hunt with and then industrially evolved to murder in wars with)...their introduction to society have always been promoted as a positive product for hunt, to protect and to sport with...hhhmmmmm something went drastically wrong with mankind and not the warfare...”

”here in the uk it is totally illegal to carry, own or discharge a gun or a knife...although the uk histories of violence have always been around knives, a lot of guns and associated crimes have risen too...i don’t think i could envisage the british with arms again...look what happened last time...!!!

talking of imagining...i don’t think i could imagine the us without is so normal to see or own would be as drastic as banning cars to some...i couldn’t imagine it in the present political climate anyway...

saying that i also believe inside the vast victims of gun crime is the only the numbers of victims and their families rise...i believe so too will the intellect to remove guns out from american society

it is realities like this that bring home the seriousness of the issue...and worse is those who don’t walk away from those moments, for their families and loved ones”

”and i don’t miss the right to carry an offensive weapon (as we say in the uk)...

certain rights are granted to clubs and professions that need fire arms...and the penalties for an offensive weapon is really stiff now...

i remember in the early eighties...knives and incident related crimes were rife...then in the nineties the surge of guns kicked in...i think the governments were right to act how they did...

of course our civil peace agreement between irish and english/british parties that were at war for hundreds of years did help the curbing and access of guns on the british isles...”

”its bad enough getting bullied from one individual...a group of people badgering you can really get you upset...but political harassment can be devastating...

i was raised by two extremes of class...i have had a good perspective and a slight insight on most issues inside harassment and its effects...

the most disturbing of harassment is the political type...we read in the papers of others and about huge concerns being 'tired out' by governments and authorities...but what about us individuals? i know i have had my share of being harassed from certain authorities...

do any members know of individuals or active groups that have had a target from government or authority? are you going to suffer in silence or share with others...are you going to let others suffer alone or let people know?”

”ambition: screaming your way to the top january 21, 2008 9:58 am

ambition is quite a big word! not only in the aspects of communication but also and especially in the concepts of application...

we can all scream our way to the top...some may purr yeah but i am talking about ambition now and not the casting how do you scream your way there?

do you go all blazing or do you take more subtle tones and play on the emotional and mental aspects of the scream...would you make others scream just to get there?

personally my ambition is presently without the molecule of a cute meow let alone a roar so i don’t think i could make others scream (maybe shout a lot) here i go on my merry travels’s to ambition and here’s to success”

”yeah...i used to be fired with expressions of achieving and succeeding...i think it came from not only a slightly opportunity deprived childhood but also from being female in the new social eras...

my former female peers were very predictable as either mothers and housewives or standard or general employment...suddenly all the doors opened and my female generation were accelerated into success and personal ambition over-drive...

seeing not only woman but men lacking opportunity around me too, did shake my cage slightly too...

but now? now i seem to be in a personal shift towards venting my screams else where...i managed to educate myself and build up actually took me decades to realise the high standard i had achieved as it was 75% self-tutoring...until i took that knowledge and applied it into the real world i didn’t recognise my own potential...i think maybe that may have been my soul ambition without realising so...not the rewards that we may claim with our knowledge like employment or money but the simple power of wisdom!”

“my big ambition... january 27, 2008 12:20 pm

it is said its a woman’s prerogative to change her mind...well i certainly take that philosophy to the max!!!

one minute i am going to climb the stairs of success and dazzling satisfaction...then i am going to bound around the world saving sea and souls...and then! it’s gone!

if you knew would know me would know that my whole mental instinct is architected around ambition...big ambition...but it is a blinkered is the version you succeed towards as a naive the perfect world...

then enters reality...rationality...reason!!! then exits the ambition...

what i am trying to say in summary is my ambitions don’t actually fit or fluctuate inside this world...they live inside my imagination...fuelling my feelings and my energy when reality is at its most sullen or staunch...

so what place for ambition as such? obviously in me! not another place in the world that i know...”

”i do gets lots of those niggling little doubts...but i sometimes get so defiant that i would challenge my own personality...maybe that’s the ingredient i need it invigorate my ambition...some pure defiance...with a clue if not a

i think too that ambition is the sweetest driving force...i love the consuming effect it takes upon me...i have had some vast and lingering ambitions and i have also had them shattered...i think solace in re-assembling the pieces...taking every experience into a new dynamic...of course when my ambition drive does kick in again i may just let it surge...

i think this is a king pin in both accumulating success and consoling failures...there are sayings that we loose the present moment by living to far in the past or present...but your point highlights finely how we must orchestrate that we are never stuck in the present...gelled by inferior emotion or emotive...”

&ldquolease can you give me a tip how to set mine?”

”determination is a very acute counterpart of ambition...i believe that is confession persona...”

”i imagine that you will fuel your lucky man with much calibre and candid passions...i have spoken to your x...i know! viva!”

”would you make someone else scream to get there?...only in a scenario of consensual ann i have ambitions too!”

”watching the american democracy system in play...i bet there are more than a fair share of political individuals, groups and candidates all been making others make their way to the top!”

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Sep 24, 2007
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Sep 24, 2007
BAN THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sep 24, 2007
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Sep 24, 2007
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