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May 2, 2009
Satsang Discourse: Tulsi, Devi, Mehi, SantSevi, Bhagirath Baba
Posted on May 2nd, 2009 by SantMat_Mystic_(James) : SpiritualAwakeningRadio.comSantMat_Mystic_(James)


Spiritual Satsang Discourse Featuring the Teachings of Param Sant Tulsi Sahib, Baba Devi Sahab, Maharshi Mehi Paramahans, Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj, and Shri Bhagirath Baba

Sant Mat Fellowship:
Repeat the Name of your Beloved, day and night, again
and again. With care in thought, word and deed, you will
cross to the other shore." -- Sant Dadu Dayal}

Four Shabds (Hymn, Mystic Poems) of Param Saint Tulsi Sahib of Hathras, from the book, Param Sant Tulsi Saheb, S.D. Maheshwari, Agra, India

Shabd 88
Peeping through the latticed screen, I had a glimpse of the Beloved. O friend ! I sacrifice myself before my Sat Guru. (1) He gave me the eyes and took care of my Surat and through His grace I could know of the Abode of the Infinite Being. (2) I proceeded to the unique cave in Gagan where neither the sun nor the moon has any access. (3) Says Tulsi, Surat prepared the Beloved's bed and, lying there, enjoyed great bliss. (4)

Shabd 89
Listen, O friend ! Great is the status of Sants. It is beyond the reach of Yoga and such other methods or practices. (1) In that region of Sants [in the Soundless, Formless Plane Above] there is neither sound nor any form. It is beyond Sunn and Maha-sunn. (2) The Gunas and Nirguna have no access there. Sat Nam is the Beloved's region, which the Jiva should attain. (3) Says Tulsi, he knows the True Name of the Abode of the August, Nameless and Infinite Being. (4)

Shabd 90
O Friend ! My Guru showed me the way through which I could see the Invisible One. When I could recognize the current of spirituality coming from above, I constantly applied my Surat to it. (1) Unique is the spectacle seen on the peak in the sky and I made my Surat participate in the activities going on there, all the time. (2) By lifting the barrier beyond the door on the West, that is, beyond Sunn, I gained access to Sat Lok. (3) Says Tulsi, the Essence resides within the human body, and therein can Atma be found. (4)

Shabd 91
Friend ! I searched further ahead and, after ascending, merged my Surat in Gagan (Trikuti). Proceeding still further I found a path as subtle as a spider's thread, along which, I quickly elevated my Surat. (1) I then beheld Man-sarovar and, taking my seat at the Ghat (bathing place) of Triveni, I bathed in its waters. (2) Withdrawing myself from there and proceeding further within, I saw a unique spectacle of the refulgence of a crore of suns pervading all round. (3) At its middle or centre, I found a door through which I could see a Being who has been described as the Source. (4) Says Tulsi, by applying my Surat to Shabd within, I merged it in the region of Guru. (5) (Param Saint Tulsi Sahib of Hathras)

Sayings of Baba Devi Sahab (Pravesh K. Singh translation)

"Do not live even a single day without inner meditation."

"Such persons who are all the time busy in mundane worldly affairs and are not able to spare even one or two hours a day (for meditation), are not fit to be initiated into inner meditation, for even if these persons get to know about the way to the inner secrets, of what use it would be to them!"

"What is important is not to live a single day in life without practicing meditation, all the experiences of pains & pleasures of the world, one has to go through, notwithstanding."

"The loftiest or the highest outcome of adopting and following the ways of these (Sants) is that it takes one beyond 'aawaagaman' (the repetitive cycles of birth & death)."

"So, we should go to that place where the way to remove these veils is taught. In the terminology of Sants and noble people, such a place is called `satsang' where methods are taught to inculcate bhakti [love and devotion] and remove the veils that keep it under-cover".

"God and bhakti are otherwise one and the same thing".

"In short, bhakti is such a thing without which no worldly or heavenly acts can be accomplished. He alone is a human being (in the true sense) who knows the key to or secret of bhakti. He whose heart is devoid of the spirit of love is not even as good as an animal; he is rather much more inferior to that".

"Bhakti is that essential substance without which any work, either of this world or of the other world, can not be fulfilled; for all such tasks which a man performs with genuine zeal get accomplished well, and all other works in which we do not feel sincerely involved remain incomplete or are only half done".

"What is most significant about bhakti is that is opens up inside man the easy pathway to God, treading on which man reaches his centre or destination from where he never (needs to) return".

"The other Music or Sound is internal and the way to listen to that is by focusing our attention on the internal `Shabd' or Sound which is Ringing within each one of us. Shabd is a highly precious wealth in the life of every human being. So long as this Shabd is present in a man he is alive; as soon as the Shabd exits, it is the end of him.".

"It is the highest duty of every individual to acquire experiential Knowledge of this Shabd, and to investigate or explore the Origin or Source from where this Shabd flows out".

"Our Lord resides in all (of us). He, our Lord, is so wonderful that though He pervades everything, (yet) He is separate from and transcends everything. It is not possible to see Him (in His true form) without meeting, and learning the secrets from, (the accomplished) Guru. He is blessed and adorable within whose body He reveals Himself."

When Sadguru Baba Devi Sahib was nearing the time of his departure from this ephemeral world for his true destination, satsangis humbly requested him to bless with his parting words. To their request, Baba Devi Sahab had obliged by saying, "Duniyaa waham hai, abhyaas karo", meaning, "This world is an illusion -- practice meditation." (Baba Devi Sahab)

Below is from the Padavali of Maharshi Mehi Paramhans

Inside one’s body, one witnesses unique and most delightful performances,
In the centre of the eyebrows, you fix firmly your Surat [attention-faculty of the soul],
Watch the wonderful light inside your body,
As you see that light try to experience it;
It is difficult to know its reality by describing or hearing it;
It is to be sought inside one’s own body only.
Within the body itself is Sagun [form], Nirgun [formless] and the abode of the Lord;
If you do not believe, you serve Sadguru, abandoning your pride,
Even now is alive in the world Baba Devi Sahib, the light of knowledge,
Who specifically teaches the means of inner worship;
Mehi says, one going to his shelter, gets inexplicable joy inside one’s body.

O devotee! There is a wonderful display within this body,
In the darkness of this body is the sky studded with the stars, the Moon and the Sun,
There is the subtle body within the gross one and in that subtle body is the causal one,
And yet there is the fourth one, that is, the supra-causal body,
The fifth body, that is, Kaivalya (Oneness) is without attributes and full of knowledge,
Mehi says, the Quintessential Word along with the Absolute, is present in one’s body. (Maharshi Mehi)

Couplets of Swami Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj

Begin meditation with internally chanting or repeating the Guru-mantra-incantation (the charged words given by the Guru). And then visualize the radiant form or image of the Satguru in the still darkness of the inner sky (with eyes closed). Follow that with focusing your attention at the seat of the soul within, i.e. at the Third Eye or the Inner Eye or the Til Dwaar, by making the two streams of consciousness in your two eyes converge in a Point.

When the two currents of consciousness meet in a Point, Divine Light appears within. Then, practice Surat Shabd Yoga (Yoga of Divine Sound) i.e., try to shift your attention to listening to the Divine Sounds or myriads of melodies (Anahad Naad) ringing inside. Listening to the Divine Sound destroys all the perversions, agitations and fickleness of the mind.

Ascending beyond or transcending myriads of sounds, try to identify and tune in to the Quintessential Unstruck Melody, called "Saar Shabd" or "Anaahat Naad" which alone is capable of taking you and merging you into oneness with the Supreme Lord; this is the ultimate deliverance, emancipation, welfare, or liberation. (Sant Sevi Ji)

Shri Bhagirath Baba on Manas Jappa - Simran - Name Repetition Done With Devotion and Love (Prem-Bhakti)

There are three layers (coverings) over the Jeevaatmaa (Individual Soul). Those are: darkness, light and sound. Darkness is the shadow of the light. This darkness is the first layer on the Jeeva (individual soul) whom all beings see. One who crosses this layer of darkness through a special kind of meditation sees the inner Light within oneself. This inner Light is called Aatma-Aalok (Light of the self) or Brahma-Prakash (Divine Light), on achieving it, Divya-Drishti (Divine Eye, Third Eye) opens completely. One should repeat (reiterate) the Guru-instructed mantra within the mind, gazing into the darkness that appears while closing the eyes. This process is called Maanas Jap. In doing this process neither lips are oscillated nor the tongue. Instead, the mantra (word or name given by Guru) is repeated within, through the mind. This Jap is actually a kind of meditation. Repeating mantra through the mind is to call the Ishta (the tutelary deity, most beloved, Sadguru) near oneself. So, Jaapak (a practitioner who does Jap) should perform Jap with great love. He (Ishta, Guru) becomes happy/merciful if one does Jap with immense love and devotion, and he appears at will.

The practitioner who does Jap sitting in a secluded place with the right method and immense love, becomes the excellent devotee. Sant Charan Das says:

"Sakal shiromani naam hai, sab dharman ke maahi |
Ananya bhakta wah jaaniye, sumiran bhoolai naahi ||"
[Name (Jap) is the crown of all and has been described in all creeds.
Know that person as the superior devotee who never forgets Jap.]

By doing Jap, the mind and heart become devotionally pure, morale is uplifted, one gets strength in inner meditation. Japaat Siddhi (divine power after getting perfection in Jap) is obtained. By doing Jap, so much sanctity begins to flow within the body and mind of the practitioner (Jaapak) that the vibration or wave of Jap (mantra the practitioner repeats) penetrates (flows into) whatever the practitioner touches. (Gurusevi Shri Bhagirath Baba)
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Posted: May 2, 2009 2:30pm
Oct 6, 2007

Tulsi's Abode of the Beloved -- Tulsi Sahib's Sant Mat

Below are some Shabdavali: mystic verses of Param Sant Tulsi Sahib, the Great Saint of Hathras, India, Adi Guru of many if not most all contemporary Sant Mat guru-lineages, the grandfather or founding-father of modern-day Sant Mat. Since Tulsi serves as a connecting link between the classic Sants of India including earlier Masters in the Kabir lineage, and contemporary Sant Mat, any serious study of Sant Mat teachings must include the hymns and spiritual discourses of Sant Tulsi Sahib.

Some of the Shabdavali of Sant Tulsi Sahib was published in the Hindi edition of Volume Six of the book, Prem Patra Radhaswami, by Huzur Maharaj. In English this is made available in the book, Param Sant Tulsi Saheb, translated by S.D. Maheshwari, published by the Maheshwari family in Agra:

I am hopeful that, between the various satsang centers: Hathras, Maharishi Mehi Ashram, or perhaps Radhaswami sources, more writings of Sant Tulsi Sahib will eventually become available in English including: Ghat Ramayana, Shabdavali, Ratan Sagar, and Padam Sagar, also commentary on those volumes.

In the Love, Light and Sound of the Beloved,

Sant Mat Fellowship

Shabd 27: The ocean of existence is unfathomably vast and without any port of safety. It cannot be crossed. If you meet Sat Guru [True Eternal Light-giver], the boatman, then only will you get across and reach your Abode. The world is a net which Maya [illusion] has cast for the Jiva [unliberated soul]. Says Tulsi that, under the sway of greed and attachment, the Jiva wanders in the transmigratory cycle.

Shabd 28: Concentrating your Surat [attention-faculty of the soul] repeatedly, remain withdrawn towards the region of the eyes [third eye center]. Cleansing the mirror, as it were, of the body and mind, let your Surat proceed on. If you get the opportunity of looking beyond, you will find the truth. Says Tulsi, if you become the dust of the holy feet of Sants [Saints, souls who have reached the Fourth Lok -- fifth plane/heaven or above], you will see Refulgence.

Shabd 29: Whosoever took proper care of his Surat, did not have any fear of Kal [time, the lord of death]. His Surat ascended, and on rushing to Gagan [inner mystic sky] reached her Lord. She met her Beloved on repairing to the Abode of Agam Purush [Inaccessible Being]. Says Tulsi, the illusions, delusions and misery of innumerable lives were thus obliterated.

Shabd 30: Says Tulsi that He will now tell of the Abode, the whereabouts, the seat and the Region of the Beloved. That the Beloved resides beyond Brahm. The region of Sat Nam (who is the Beloved) is Amarpur (Imperishable Region), an Abode of All Happiness. Tulsi says that whoever attains the fourth Lok is called a Sant.

Shabd 31: All Sants say that Sat Nam [True, Eternal Name] is the beginning and the end of all. They enable Jivas to realize within themselves the secrets of the Vedas and the Shastras. There can be no escape without the help of Sants, for, who else can tell of the whereabouts of the Essence (Truth)? Says Tulsi that it is only when Surat ascends and pierces the Sky that it reaches the goal.

Shabd 32: Surat ascends and rushes within, as it beholds visions there. Taking its location at the bedstead of Sukhmana [Royal Vein, central energy current running from the third eye center into higher regions] it makes for the region of the Sunn [the Void]. He alone knows of this, who has had Darshan [Vision] of the Lord on the mirror within. Says Tulsi, the yearning oyster alone recognizes the drops of Swanti rain.

Shabd 33: Listen within day and night; you will hear blissful inner Sounds. Within everyone, reverberates Shabd [Sound Currents], about which no one knows. The Brahmand [cosmos, inner planes] is represented in the body in every respect. Says Tulsi, open your inner eyes, and the Sant will show it to you.

Shabd 34: Glittering Light shines in the region of the Sky, which only a brave one can behold. If one seeks the Truth, one will not go down the transmigratory cycle. If one meets the Merciful Sat Guru, one will come to know of all the secrets from Him. If one renders service to a Sant, he will tell one of the whereabouts of the Abode. Says Tulsi, it is only by being dead whilst alive* that one can find the Perfect Guru.

*Note: "being dead whilst alive" or "death before dying", a popular saying used by Sants and Sufi poets espousing the view that rising above body-consciousness or soul travel during meditation practice is a preparation or rehearsal for the afterlife. Hazrat Sultan Bahu: "Let us die before dying, O Bahu, only then is the Lord attained."

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Posted: Oct 6, 2007 7:42am
Dec 20, 2006
My Heart's Desire Is That My Soul May Meet the Beloved

Sant Mat Fellowship:
Sant Mat Fellowship
{The one who has purity of character, who practices diligently the Yoga of Sound, and who can explain *clearly* Sant Mat (the complete Path of the Masters with nothing missing), can be accepted and trusted as Satguru/Teacher.}

JPG Image of Param Sant Tulsi Sahib, Saint of Hathras 1:

My Heart's Desire Is That My Soul May Meet the Beloved

Shabd of Param Sant Tulsi Sahib from, "Shabdavali"

My Beloved has left me in an alien region. I have been separated from Him. Alas! Wretched sleep is not coming to me, nor, 0 friend, am I blessed with the advent of the dawn. Weeping all night, tears have been flowing from my eyes, and I have been sighing and bemoaning. Waves of yearning keep on biting me like a cobra and, without the Beloved, my restlessness is intense. Like one struck by lightning, I smart in pain and agony and my heart palpitates. A great fire rages in my heart, although it does not give out any smoke. I lie alone on my bed as though my separation had been preordained. From whom shall I try to know of my Beloved's whereabouts and where to shall I write letters enquiring of him? I shall smear my body with ashes, and put on the garb of a Jogin (female ascetic). On having found the Sat Guru, I shall adopt His Saran (refuge), and I shall follow the path to my Beloved's abode. My heart's desire, says Tulsi, is that my Surat ** may meet the Beloved.

Beware That the Vision Within You Be Not Darkness --
Light-givers Guide Souls Into the Experience of Light Within the Temple of the Body

Shabd of Param Sant Tulsi Sahib from, "Shabdavali"

The sun has set. It is all dark. Pitch dark pervades the body. If the Guru is met, He alone can show the path and darkness will be dispelled from the body. Then only can you understand what Sants say. Your eyes will open if you apply the collyrium * of Surat **. The lock will open and you will witness illumination there if you discard the key, as it were, of the hold and sway of the world on you. Surat ** will then rush to the abode in the Sky and then you will know the secret of the Inaccessible State.

Whosoever has concentrated his soul has been redeemed from the fear of Death. She has ascended the firmament with force, and has found refuge at the feet of the Lord. She has taken abode in the infinite region and has attained union with the Beloved. Indeed, 0 Tulsi, she has been delivered from delusion, suffering and fever of countless lives.


*"Collyrium" is a liquid wash used as a cleanser for the eyes.

** "Surat" or Soul, soul consciousness, the attention of the soul; surat refers to the ability of the soul to concentrate within and experience the bliss of inner regions. It refers particularly to the faculty of the soul to hear within, whereas nirat refers to the faculty of the soul to see within.

JPG Image of Param Sant Tulsi Sahib, Saint of Hathras 2:

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Posted: Dec 20, 2006 6:45pm
Nov 11, 2006
Do not live even a single day without inner meditation

I pay homage in all humility at the feet of my Master, whose grace has revealed the Mystery of Light (Nirat) and Sound (Surat). (Param Sant Tulsi Sahib, "Ghat Ramayana")

The Yoga of Sound is the highest and final practice of Sant Mat. In Sufism this is known as Sultanulajakar. By practicing this form of meditation the practitioner realizes the Supreme Lord and becomes united with the Divine. (Sant Sevi Ji Maharaj, "The Harmony of All Religions")

Do not live even a single day without inner meditation. (from, The Last Words of Baba Devi Sahab)

Moment by moment gather thy soul and hold it at the eye center. Cleanse thou the mirror of thy mind and catch the Divine Melody with thy soul. If thy longing is keen, thou shalt pierce the veil and attain the quintessence. Indeed, 0 Tulsi, thou shalt then behold the radiant dust of the lotus feet of thy Master. (Param Sant Tulsi Sahib)

Lightning flashed in my eye, 0 friend, and brightly did shine the Light of the moon. I got a glimpse of the Invisible within. Thirst and longing for the Lord were aroused. My ears received the boon of Unstruck Music. And Knowledge came like the explosion of Light, 0 friend. Dark clouds began to scatter and the sight Of the Divine Abode was revealed unto me. Beyond the sun, the moon and the tunnel, I Tulsi beheld the Abode of the Lord Almighty. (Param Sant Tulsi Sahib, "Shabdavali")

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Posted: Nov 11, 2006 12:31am


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