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Nov 2, 2013

"Happy Diwali, and World Vegan Day!" -- Light and Sound on the Path -- Sant Mat Satsang E Newsletter, Nov. 2nd

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This Sant Mat Radhasoami E-Newsletter explores the poetry, prose, spiritual discourses, books, scriptures, letters, prayers, ahimsa ethics, podcasts, videos, philosophy, cosmology, and history of the Masters from a traditional Indian perspective, and might also include quotes from various world religions in harmony with the Way of the Saints, the Path of the Masters and Mystics.

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Posted: Nov 2, 2013 9:48am
Feb 3, 2013

"You are not what others see in you. You are what God sees in you." -- Light and Sound on the Path -- A Digest of Spiritual Quotes and Sant Mat Satsang Discourses (February 3rd, 2013): @ Blogger -- GO TO:

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Posted: Feb 3, 2013 5:19am
Oct 22, 2011

Light and Sound on the Path -- Sant Mat Satsang E Newsletter/Digest/Blog: a new Sant Mat Podcast; Bhajan (Hymn) at Youtube of Tulsi Sahib;
a Youtube video about Tulsi Sahib, Saint of
Hathras and certain guru-lineages;
online map of Hathras at the Gate;
Article: Who Was Tulsi Sahib's Guru?
PDF File of Tulsi Sahib writings in English;
Quotes from: Ravidas, Dalai Lama, Quran, Khalil Gibran, Kirpal Singh, Sant Sevi Ji;
passages from Param Sant Tulsi Sahib,
the great grandfather/modern-day founding father or Adi Guru of Sant Mat lineages;
Shyama, disciple of Tulsi Sahib; Maharshi Mehi, "God is Like a Black Hole or Gravitational Singularity",
and, "The Teachings of Sant Dariya of Bihar",
A Good Introduction to Sant Mat from the
Sant Dariya Mission Website -- GO TO:

May 1, 2011

The Wandering Mind
and the Path of Return - Light and Sound on the Path

Be empty of worrying.
Think of who created thought!
Why do you stay in prison
When the door is so wide open?
-- Rumi

"'The ocean of birth and death' is people's thoughts. Random thoughts come from nowhere in an instant, occurring and passing away, impossible to stop altogether. The recurring of a thought is 'birth,' the passing away of a thought is 'death.' In the space of a single day, we are born and die thousands of times, so transmigration is right in front of us -- no need to wait until we die to experience it." (Chen Yingning, commentary on a Taoist text)

"The individual soul (jiva), bound by illusion (maya), remains in the cycle of death and birth. This is the cause of one's suffering. In order to escape from this cycle of death and rebirth we must experience realization of the Supreme Being." (Maharshi Mehi)

"The mind is your servant, like fire it is a good servant but a bad master, you see. I won't let you go unless you progress." (Kirpal Singh)

Also See, Prisoners of Our Own Habitual Thinking":

In the Book of Amar Mul, Dharam Das
asks how it is that Jivas [souls] fail to realize their
unity with God. Sat Guru Kabir replies:

"All the Jivas came from Satya-Loka [True, Eternal Realm]
undefiled and devoid of Karma.
The clouds lift up the water from the ocean
and rain down pure water,
but in contact with the earth the water becomes impure.
Then is the Jiva embraced by Maya [illusion];
the body at birth is defiled by Karma.
As the air purifies the impure water,
so does Gyan [Gnosis, Spiritual Acquaintance]
remove Karma and the purity of the Jiva is restored.
Knowing itself, it separates itself from the water
and being disembodied
reaches the Durbar [The Abode, Satya Loka].
The Atma [soul] mingles with Paramatma [God],
as the rivers flow into the ocean.
Only in this way
can Paramatma be found.
The Atma [soul] without Shabda* is blind
and cannot find the path.
He who sees Atma-Raam [God, Supreme Soul] is present everywhere;
all he sees is like himself,
there is nought else beside God.
'I am he, I am he; the true, Kabir.'"

* Shabda: The Positive Power, Current of Divine Light and Sound,

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"Love is like a deep sea. Only that lover (of God) who will dive into it fearlessly shall be able to get the pearl of ultimate happiness in it. And one who will not be able to muster up enough courage to dive into it, shall remain sitting at the beach. He will remain without love in this world. How will he get the pearls of ultimate happiness then?" (from the Sakhis of Guru Kabir)

Transcending Mind in Meditation Through the Divine Sound Current

Kabir taught, "Subjugate the mind by finding the inner Sound; this precisely is the sahaj (natural) yoga. The True or Unstruck Sound (Word) is our very essence; this body of ours is otherwise unreal or impermanent."

Sant Charandas Ji further says, "By meditating on the Word, the practitioner becomes the same as God or Brahman. By practising this meditation, all obstacles are removed."

In the Nadabindu Upanishad it is written about the Nada Dhyan [Cosmic Sound Meditation] that, "Sidelining all worries and all effort, one should mainly focus on the exploration of Nada. By experiencing this, the mind gets dissolved into the Nada. The mind thus, absorbed in the Nada, does not crave anymore for the sensory objects."

Nada itself is Brahma [God]. We should absorb our mind in this very Nada. Adi Shankaracharya has stated in the Yogataravali:

"Lord Shiva, the propounder of the Yoga Shastra, has listed 25,000 ways of dissolution of mind. Amongst these, Nadanusandhana (the practice of meditating on the inner Sound) is the best as well as the easiest way.

"I bow to Thee O Nada!
You elevate me on to the highest throne.
It is only with your grace
that my prana-vayu (vital life-air)
and my mind
get dissolved
in the highest echelon
of the Supreme Lord.

"Therefore, renouncing all sorts of worries, with an alert and focused mind.... those who yearn for union with the Highest should meditate on the Divine Sound within".

(Yoga of Inner Light and Sound, by Swami Achyutanand Baba,
published by Santmat Satsang Samiti, Chandrapur, India)

When the Mind Wanders During Meditation - Pratyahara - The Art of Refocusing

Swami Achyutanand: The mind is, by its very nature, fickle and prone to frequently straying from manas japa [simran, zikhr, mantra of sacred name or names] and manas dhyan. When this happens during meditation, it should be immediately brought back to focus on its due target. Thus, perseveringly practicing pratyahara (the process of applying the mind back, again and again, every time it drifts away, to the selected target), the mind slowly gains in strength and is able to concentrate on its goal. With the mind getting focused thus, the inner Current: the Current of Light, is subsequently easy to grasp, facilitating the journey ahead [the inward journey]. This is why, Gurudev (Maharshi Mehi Paramhans Ji Maharaj) has stated:

"The mind (while attempting to focus on a fixed target during meditation) often goes astray with numerous thoughts. In all such cases when the mind wanders away from the target (as soon as its flight to objects or subjects other than the target is apparent), immediately bring it back, again and again, and refocus on your target.

"Thus practicing 'pratyahara' (the technique of repeatedly bringing the mind back to focus on its target or goal every time it strays), acquire the state of 'dharana' (the state of mind consisting of being focused on the target for a short duration) [an increment of time spent in quality meditation]."

Move ahead and ascend within yourself, counsels Maharshi Mehi Paramhans, "Holding onto the Current in the Inner Sky, then move further ahead."

We will have to merge into the Current of Light that is there within our own body. Those practitioners who assiduously practice meditation will behold wonderful spectacles within.

(Yoga of Inner Light and Sound, by Swami Achyutanand Baba, Translated Into English by Pravesh K. Singh)

"Through regular and rigorous practice of the Yoga of Light (Drishti Meditation) ... the shaking of the attention would automatically subside as the attention (surat) slowly matures (becomes absolutely fixed or stilled). The Tenth Door (Til Dwara or Third Eye) will break open under the piercing thrust of the focused gaze ... So keep on gazing at it constantly with all your attention, says Maharshi Mehi Paramhans Ji Maharaj." (quoted in, Yoga of Inner Light and Sound, by Swami Achyutanand, translated into English by Pravesh K. Singh)

"Knowledge of the Sar Shabd (True Sound, Essence of Reality) has such power that it can quickly destroy the karmas of the present life. This is indeed very desirable fruit of such knowledge that needs to be thoughtfully considered and understood. Knowledge of the Essence of Reality dawns within and gives enlightenment." (Brahm Nirupan of Kabir)

"Contemplating on the Sat Shabd [True Sound], even for half of a moment, confers much more spiritual merit than living in the holy city of Kashi for millions of years." (Brahm Nirupan of Kabir)

"Listen to the Sound Current every day when you are free, and do Simran even while walking. Then all your worldly work will by done by the Master Himself. Do not worry in any way. The Lord Himself has given you this Way to meet Him, so you should consider this your great good fortune and you should always hold onto the Sound Current. One day it will surely take you to Sach Khand." (Baba Jaimal Singh)

"The morning time is the best for you to practice Bhajan [listening to the Sound Current]." (Huzur Maharaj)

Sar Bachan Radhasoami Poetry, Volume One, by Swami Ji Maharaj, is online, both as a webpage and PDF file: HTML:

Sar Bachan Poetry, Volume Two is available as a PDF file:

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Feb 17, 2011

Gnostic Radio: Spiritual Awakening Radio Podcasts

The Lost Gnostic Spirituality of the West Series, Parts 1, 2, and 3, with Marvin Meyer, Professor of Bible and Christian Studies and Director of the Albert Schweitzer Institute at Chapman University in California. Among his recent books are: The Nag Hammadi Scriptures, The Gospel of Thomas - The Hidden Sayings of Jesus, The Gospel of Judas, The Unknown Sayings of Jesus, The Gospels of Mary (Magdalene), Ancient Christian Magic - Coptic Texts of Ritual Power, and, The Gnostic Bible.

Part One of my conversation with Marvin Meyer, exploring "the Lost Gnostic Spirituality of the West", the very latest information about Gnostic discoveries in Egypt. Program Length: 60 Minutes. Click to Download MP3 and Hear This Edition of Spiritual Awakening Radio:

Part Two of my conversation with Marvin Meyer, exploring "the Lost Gnostic Spirituality of the West", the latest information about the People of the Nag Hammadi Library - those who copied and studied Coptic Gnostic writings during the Second, Third, and Fourth Centuries AD in Egypt. Program Length: 60 Minutes. Click to Download MP3 and Hear This Edition of Spiritual Awakening Radio:

Part Three of my conversation with Marvin Meyer, exploring "the Lost Gnostic Spirituality of the West": A fascinating reflection upon the Gnostic scriptures, those who copied and studied them so long ago near Nag Hammadi, Egypt, along with a tantalizing reference to the newly discovered Al gurna texts. The world awaits their eventual publication. Program Length: 60 Minutes. Click to Download MP3 and Hear This Edition of Spiritual Awakening Radio:

All for the love of wisdom and radio,

Spiritual Awakening Radio

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Feb 16, 2011

Gandhi said we can hear Divine Music in meditation:
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Posted: Feb 16, 2011 8:12pm


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